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Abram Jones

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Abram Jones
Personal details
Political partyPhilosopher Guard

Not to be confused with solo musician Abram Jones.

Abram Jones, or Abe Jones, is a socioeconomic and geopolitical savant.[1] He is the founder of the Philosopher Guard, League of International Team Sports, and a musical group. He has also designed a variety of games. In 2003 he began suffering from health issues, but wasn't diagnosed until 2018 with kidney disease and necrosis.


Year Title Type
1989 MicroCiv LARP
1991 Grass Hockey sport
2006 Laser War Games sports league
2007 Tactical Friction tabletop
2008 Snowball Hostilities tabletop
2009 Heckonomics tabletop
2009 Culture Forge video game
2010 Tactical Overload video game
2011 Micronations tabletop
2012 Micronations video game
2013 Heckonomics video game
2018 Neighborhood Conflict tabletop
2018 Merchant Adventurer tabletop
2019 Monopolization tabletop
2019 New World Football sport
2020 Monopolization video game
2022 Neighborhood Conflict video game
2022 Merchant Adventurer video game
2022 Fallen Flags tabletop game
2023 Abe's Chaturanga tabletop game
2023 Fallen Flags (Digital Tabletop Game) video game
TBD Medieval Stakeholder tabletop game
TBD Merchant Adventurer (Digital Tabletop Game) video game
TBD Neighborhood Conflict Sequel video game
TBD Colonial Aeon video game
TBD Fallen Flags video game
TBD Dynastic Investors video game
TBD Vintage Company video game
TBD Ancient Economies video game
TBD Gift Economy tabletop game
TBD Closely Held Incorporated video game
TBD Final Business Frontier video game
TBD Wagonway tabletop game