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Antonio T. Smith, Jr.
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Antonio T. Smith, Jr.
BornAntonio Theodore Smith, Jr
Galveston, Texas
🏳️ NationalityUnited States
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Antonio Theodore Smith, Jr. [1] (born July 20, 1981) from Galveston, TX, is an American businessman, top motivational speaker, investor, innovator, and educator.

He is the co-founder and CEO of KodeInc Tech[2] and the ATS JR Companies[3]; Founder and CEO of Brook Kerith University; Director of Business Development and Operations at the Les Brown Unlimited[4]; Co-founder and CEO of the Plant Better Conferences and Plant Better University[5]; founder and CEO of Make A Legacy, Inc; CEO of ATS Publishing[6], CEO of Without An Umbrella Records; and CEO of ATS Media Company. Smith has stated that the goals of Brook Kerith University and Plant Better Conferences, and Plant Better University revolve around his vision to change the world through education and raise the level of awareness of humanity. His goals include reducing the cost of education for every country in the world, through a unique system of education he has devised[7]. In addition to his primary business pursuits, he has also envisioned a recording label and a distribution company to fulfill the dreams of his closest friends who perform music and write their own books, as well as the rest of the world.

Early life[edit]

Smith was born on July 20, 1981, in Galveston, Texas, America, the son of Antonio Theodore Smith, Sr., a struggling construction worker and army veteran; and Linda Faye Smith, a small-town homemaker and semi-professional baseball player. His parents could not afford to keep him, became addicted to crack-cocaine, and sometime during his sixth year, Smith was given up by both his parents and would spend the next eight years of his childhood homeless and raising himself. During his childhood, Smith was an avid reader. At age 10, Smith developed a strong interest in poetry and writing and became obsessed with science and psychology. He taught himself complex math at the age of 13, and begin to observe his homelessness, and the reasons why, through only the lens of mathematics, classical quantum physics, and psychology. From the age of 13, Smith would teach himself self-development, and the complexities of human behavior. Smith was severely bullied throughout his childhood, and often escaped his reality by living inside his head. He would eventually find shelter in a dumpster, not too far away from his parent’s home, before their drug addictions, and would sleep in this trash can until he was eventually adopted at 14. Smith was educated in public schools, but failed the 5th and 6th grade, due to being homeless and forging his mom’s signature to get accepted in school. During this time of constant homelessness, Smith would be raped and molested. Smith would later find an outlet in school sports. In high school, he became a triple threat in football, basketball, and track[8], and was adopted by Lorraine Temple Smith (now deceased) and would be cared for by Lucy Smith, whom he considers his mother. During high school at Galveston Ball, Smith would join the speech and debate team under the encouragement of his favorite teacher Michael Merritte[9] /</ref>, a veteran speech and debate coach. Eventually, Smith would eventually become undefeated for over two years and earn a spot in Texas’ State Speech and Debate Tournament, in the year 2000.


Smith did not become a college freshman until 2011, in which he was 29 years old. However, Smith wasted no time and in 3 years he graduated as the President of the Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society for Theology and Religious Studies[10] with a bachelors in Christianity. Smith fell short of a minor in biblical languages by 6 credits in Hebrew. Smith decided not to take a break and enrolled in the Master's program at Houston Baptist University[11] the following semester and finished a 3-year program in exactly one and a half years and graduated in 2015 with the highest GPA of all theology students. Upon graduating, Smith became a scholar of Old Testament and Jewish Covenants. 2011. In 2015, Smith started the Brook Keith University but has been super private about all details concerning its students and school direction and business matters. In 2016, Smith was applying to Rice University to become a Quantum Physicists but canceled the process after two days to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations in the areas of the Internet, Education, and Computer Programming.


Public Speaking[edit]

Antonio T. Smith, Jr. is a prolific public speaker[12] who speaks 300 times a year and has delivered over 3000 keynotes at events such as the University of Houston[13], University of Wisconsin[14], The United States Army, Wiley College, Les Brown University, California Association for the Gifted[15], and more, which you can listen to on his top-ranked business podcast. Antonio is an internationally recognized trainer and speaker, and best-selling author in self-help and religious categories. He specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Business and Strength Training, Leadership, Teleconference Presentations, Personal Breakthroughs, Prosperity Consciousness, Mindset Training, and all levels of effective marketing, as well as scholarship in the Old Testament and Jewish Covenants, and he owns one of the most successful technology companies in Texas.

US Army[edit]

Smith went into the army immediately upon high school graduation. He finally began to understand his superior intellect when he excelled past his peers in Military Intelligence Advanced Individual Training. After scoring a 76 on the ASVAB, which is nearly unheard of (passing score of 31 was the norm). Obviously, the military was thrilled to have him among their ranks. He was recruited directly into Military Intelligence.

Smith served from 2000 to 2004 and as his confidence grew, he excelled rapidly. He graduated Military Intelligence Training First in his class. He was also #1 in hand to hand combat and #1marksmanship. He extended his education in the military with 3 additional languages, Spanish, Russian, and a Top Secret coding language taught in his Military Occupational Specialty. Smith was found to be an extraordinary leader; this allowed him to advance to E-5 in exactly 2 years. The odds of someone achieving this goal in 2 years are nearly impossible.

With his intellect and high ranking, Smith was shifted into the position of Sgt. of Intelligence Analysts. Smith’s primary responsibility as an Intelligence Analyst was to analyze processes and distribute strategic and tactical intelligence. Smith was integral to providing Army personnel with information about enemy forces and potential battle areas. Additional IA duties were to prepare all-source intelligence products to support the combat commander, assess the significance and reliability of incoming information with current intelligence, and establish and maintain systematic, cross-reference intelligence records and files.

PaypaChasing Records[edit]

In July 2005, Smith founded PaypaChasing Records, the largest and most successful record company in Galveston County, in its day. He wrote and performed under the stage name Paypa the Ghost and became an award-winning songwriter by winning the 11th Annual U.S. Song Writing Competition, in the Hip Hop Category. In 2005, Smith sold over 6,000 copies of his first album within 3 months. In 2006, Smith released a major recording album under his own company named "My Life, My Tears, My Pen. Vol 1"[16]. The reception of this album was felt worldwide and quickly became a constant seller on iTunes in 2007. From the success of this album, Smith was offered a major record deal in May of 2008, but walked away from the deal because he felt like his life was going in a different direction. Seven months later he announced his calling to preach. By the end of 2014, Tony released 6 Christian Rap Albums in less that three years, five of which have been available for free download. His music has won two Black Essence Grammy Awards, and a Prayze Factor Award. Without Umbrella Records in was founded 2013 by Antonio T Smith Jr, with his two best friends Pierce and Limos Hill, cousins. Together, in the 90s they formed a popular Hip Hop group. Now, all three are dedicated to the church and to bringing as many people to the kingdom as possible.

Make A Legacy, Inc[edit]

In 2001, Smith founded Make a Legacy Inc, a company that would own many other businesses: such as real estate company, marketing company, technology company, personal development and training company. Smith has always believed in education, but never believed that it had to come from college. Nearly a decade before he would make his mark on the world in Education, Smith built the company that would house all his businesses, including the businesses that would house his plans to change the world of education. Make A Legacy, Inc. has now been incorporated into The ATS Jr Companies. "[17]

Without An Umbrella Records[edit]

In 2013, Smith founded Without An Umbrella Records, a recording label that was meant to release positive music. Smith would release 6 Christian Rap Albums in less than three years, five of which have been available for free download. Together, all of the albums have moved over 75,000 units and earned Smith two Black Essence Grammy Awards.

By the end of 2014, Tony released 6 Christian Rap Albums in less than three years, five of which have been available for free download. His music has won two Black Essence Grammy Awards, one in 2012 and one in 2013, and a Prayze Factor Award"[18].

Today, Without An Umbrella Records has two hit recording artists/group. One is a solo artist named Bam Bam Da Voice. The other is a group called Souljah’s 4 Christ. Currently, both Bam Bam and S4C are experiencing massive amounts of success under Smith’s business leadership.

Church For The Unchurched[edit]

Smith provided the initial concept and financial support for a brand-new type of church, at least in the Bible Belt, USA, called the Church for the Unchurched. Smith wanted this church to mainly target people who did not like church or were separated from the church, or who had never been to church. The idea was not received well by many but proved to be a game changer in south-east Texas. With over 70% of its church members being first-time church members, the Church for the Unchurched would reach more than 100 members in less than 9 months. Today, the church reaches more than 50,000 people a week, through social media, and is the only church of its kind. Founded in 2012, the church is in its 6th year with Smith leading the way into more uncharted territories. Antonio T. Smith, Jr., started his ministry at First Union Baptist Church from 2006 to 2011 as the Associate Minister. He was ordained in 2012. While studying at Houston Baptist University, he was blessed with the opportunity to intern and Lakewood church from June 2012- September 2014 in the Men’s Ministry under Pastor John Bowman[19]. During his internship, Antonio planted and is still Pastor of the Brook Cherith Baptist Church"[20], affectionately known as Church for the Unchurched. Over the years, Antonio has led revival services and conferences in several states across the country. He is the youngest pastor in Galveston and has served for nearly a decade. In recent years, he has dedicated his time to the Church for the Unchurched and several churches in his community.

ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Antonio graduated undergrad as the president of the National Honor Society of Theology and Religious Studies in 2014. He graduated #1 in his class with his Masters of Arts in Theological Studies with a 3.7GPA. Antonio ended his time at Houston Baptist University as a professor teaching Intro Old Testament, Intro New Testament and Eschatology. He became a Best Selling Author [21] in 2014 when he released his first book, “Keep Walking: How God Worked Through My Logic” and twice in 2017 when he released his second book, “God At War” and re-released “Keep Walking” under his own publishing company, making him a three-time Best Selling Arthur. From 2012 – 2015 he had a radio show on 100.7 FM Radio called “Keep Walking Show” which was a 30 Min Show featuring his sermons. He is currently a Lecturer and Greek Professor for the American Baptist General Association of Texas, Baptist Ministers Association and the American Baptist General Convention of Texas.

HIS FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE Matthew 25:23 “His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” This is his favorite because, for Antonio, it takes all the guesswork out of being prosperous and making God pleased with his life. For Antonio, he understands being faithful to God and the things of God is the sure fire way to enter into the joy of God

KodeInc Tech[edit]

KodeInc Tech[22], cofounded in 2015, by Antonio Smith and his executive assistant, Tempestt Smith, is first and foremost an artificial intelligence-driven tech company that is passionate about the mobile app world. There’s an enormous shift in mobile. With 1.6M+ apps, we’re fatigued in discovering and downloading apps. Even with the right apps, they don’t communicate with each other, and the way we search, and share is encumbered by switching from app to app or mobile web. It’s no wonder why people are talking about integrated app platforms and we are developing the solution to this major problem every day. We are a product team seeking to be a leader in artificial intelligence, and being the Lead Developer, Antonio T. Smith, Jr. is one of the few people in the world attempting to create the “Master Algorithm”. We are also a product team for hire that makes life better… one app at a time. We develop apps for both iOS and Android. Individually, KodeInc products are best-in-class. Together, they’re the most powerful solution for empowering people. We are also a mobile-focused software development company that can take on the ideas of startups and businesses requirements to build quality products that push companies to the next level. We work with companies to understand their users and to shape and guide their mobile strategy. We love what we do, and our passion is what keeps our customers coming back. When it comes to big brands for app development work, KodeInc will always be signified among the best.

ATS Publishing[edit]

Faced with a need to distribute his own material, books, compact discs, and movies on his own terms, Smith founded ATS Publishing, in 2016. The company now publishes authors’ dream works. Whether it is their first, second or 50th book, ATS Publishing helps authors’ reach their publishing goals. The company provides publishing worldwide in every format: Softcover, Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Book, and distributes through the Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, iTunes and more. Our global eBook distribution network encompasses over 100 countries, 31 online retailers, and 10,000 libraries. It is the only company of its kind in south-east Texas.

The ATS JR Companies[edit]

Smith founded The ATS Jr. Companies in 2016 with his executive assistant and business partner, Tempestt Smith. The ATS Jr. Companies is a top personal development, and training company that offers people from small business owners, to managers, to entrepreneurs, to stay-at-home moms, and college students reliable, high-quality resources through coaching, motivational speaking, and free and paid resources.

Its mission is to help clients develop the strategy, motivation, and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.

The ATS Jr. Companies provide personal development and training through one-on-one coaching services, group coaching services, personal development and empowerment courses, seminars, conferences, mindset calls, books and more. We aim to teach people how to plant better seeds into their lives in order to reap better harvests.

Smith is known throughout the country for his speaking ability and is known as the “Greatest Transformational Coach In Texas”. Smith masters topics like leadership inside of a church setting and the corporate world to speaking to young teens on the importance of overcoming obstacles.

He is a member of the Les Brown Unlimited and is certified in motivational speaking by Les Brown himself.

Les Brown Unlimited[edit]

Due to his remarkable skills as a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Smith was offered the position of Director of Business Development and Operations at the Les Brown Unlimited in January 2018.

After accepting the position, Smith has assisted in implementing several wonderful programs and has assisted in polishing the current programs that the institute has to offer.

Smith also trains at the Institute’s tri-annual trainings and does one-on-one coaching and training for the members of the institute.

Smith has planted Les Brown Romania for Mr. Les Brown, and with his leadership, it is now the number one professional training company in Romania. Smith is now looking towards doing taking Les Brown and his University into India.

He is also well known as Mr. Brown’s Business Advisor.

The ATS Business University[edit]

In January 2018, Smith created the ATS Sales University to help companies increase their productivity in sales. After listening to his audience and finding out what is they were truly needing, in April of 2018, Smith launched the ATS Business University to help make profitable companies more profitable. His goal is to make 100,000 millionaires by 2020 and he is using the ATS Business University to do just that. As of today, he has currently created 7 millionaires and they are actively assisting him in helping created the next set of millionaires.


In 2014, Smith wrote his first book, “Keep Walking: How God Worked Through My Logic”. It quickly became a bestseller on Amazon. Keep Walking focuses on Antonio's 13 rules of he made for himself to serve homelessness from 6-14 years old. He raised himself and spent many years sleeping in a dumpster not too far from his neighborhood. Antonio did not live a good childhood and one day he decided to think his way out of a horrible situation. Antonio still believes power lives inside of his thirteen rules of logic, and he believes even stronger, anyone who reads these rules will be extended the same courtesy from that power. Yesterday he was an unpopular homeless kid; today he is a well-known celebrity. Antonio is a graduate of Houston Baptist University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Christianity and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies.

In September 2017, Smith released his second Amazon Bestseller, “God At War: The Day God Decided To Flex His Muscles”. Smith’s second book became a best seller in under 10 hours after its release. God At War focuses on Elijah, and a person who is given no introduction, who is a new prophet, who is a new character in God's narrative, who becomes the instrument of God's war-hand against a local god "in power." A body of water that shouldn't exist, surrounded by believers who are trying to only exist in comfort, is where you will find God at war. Enter God rearranging his narrative for people to understand that He has no real need to rearrange anything. Yet He does. In God At War, you will find every character in the story being tested, tried, and placed into a submissive stance towards God. God At War is an exegetical observation of 1 Kings 17. Every character- human, deity, nature, and animals will be weighed and found matchless against a war with the One True and Living God. You will find yourself mesmerized by the details uncovered in this book and you will have no choice but to find yourself matchless against the God of 1 Kings 17. Smith's God At War is short, powerful, and humbling.

Smith has two highly anticipated series coming in 2018!


Antonio T. Smith, Jr. was requested to write the forward for Dr. Patrick Businge[23] for his 2017 release, “7 Steps to Greatness, Vol. 1”.

In this page-turner, Dr. Patrick Businge shares with you the strategies he has learned from his mentors such Les Brown: the world's number one motivational speaker, Ona Brown: expert in personal transformation, Brian Tracy: bestselling author and world's top success coach, and Omar Periu: world leading wealth coach. Read and discover how Dr. Patrick Businge has been unstoppable in pursuing his dreams in the face of war and gone on to achieve his personal, academic, and business goals. You have something special. There is greatness within you. Don't let fear become your standard. Follow the 7 Steps to Greatness masterplan and take your life, studies, relationship, and business to the next level.

Smith has also written forwards for the books of several members of the ATS Business University.


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