Ashraf bin Ahmed

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Ashraf bin Ahmed
BornSylhet Division, Bangladesh
OriginSouth Baluchor, Sylhet
Died9 June 2020
Mount Adora Hospital, Sylhet
  • Nasheeds
Years active2018-2020
  • Holy Music
WebsiteAshraf The TuneBird's channel on YouTube

Hafiz Ashraf bin Ahmed, also known as Ashraf The TuneBird, was a young Bangladeshi nasheed artist and sound designer. He produced countless Islamic songs for prominent nasheed artists such as Ahmod Abdullah.


Ashraf was born in Bangladesh's Sylhet Division and his father was Ahmed. They resided in the South Baluchor area of Sylhet city. Ashraf was also a student at the Clemon Surma Cricket Academy. He started his career as sound designer in 2018.

Following the February 2019 Dhaka fire, Ashraf, as a sound designer, collaborated with the Invite nasheed group to produce a dedicated song for the victims, titled Agun (Fire).[1]

In 2020, Ashraf graduated with Dakhil Level from Darul Azhar Cadet Madrasa in Dhaka. On April 2020, he started his YouTube channel where he posted cover videos. He released his first single on 3 May 2020 as a duet with Afrid Presents. Titled "Ramadan", it was written by Abdullah Jarir and released via Katib TV.

On 20 May 2020, Ashraf put up a Facebook post: "আমি চলে গেলে যদি কেউ না কাঁদে তবে আমার অস্তিত্বের কোন মূল্য নেই।". Translated, this means "If I go away (pass away) and no one cries, then my presence has no worth".[2]

Suffering from a headache, Ashraf was taken to the intensive care unit at Mount Adora Hospital on June 2020. On the morning of Tuesday 9 June, Ashraf passed away due to brain stroke. His janazah (funeral prayer) was done after Asr prayer at the Senpara Jame Masjid.[3]

On 18 June 2020, Ali Mortuza bin Amin released a song titled Hridoye Ashraf (Ashraf in our hearts) dedicated to Ashraf and his family. It was written by Abdul Basit Nuyed and released via Zamzam Tune. Ashraf's peers published Ashraf's unreleased covers such as Tora Dekhe Ja and Oi Nil Akash on his YouTube channel in his memory.

Discography as a singer[edit]


Title Date Artists Writer
Ramadan 3/5/2020 Afrid & Ashraf bin Ahmed Abdullah Jarir


Title Date Original Artist Notes
Firee Ashi Bare Bare 30/4/2020 Badruzzaman
Romjanul Mubarak 1/5/2020 Kalarab
Somadhan Caw Jodi 13/5/2020 Aynuddin Al-Azad
Salatullah Salamullah 24/5/2020 Islamic culture
Tora Dekhe Ja 22/6/2020 Kazi Nazrul Islam This was an unreleased track that was published after Ashraf's death on his YouTube channel by his peers.
Oi Nil Akash 10/9/2020 Rashed Hizbullah This was an unreleased track that was published after Ashraf's death on his YouTube channel by his peers.



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