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Benjamin Charles
Benjamin Lemaire attends to Cabourg Festival 2016.jpg Benjamin_Lemaire_attends_to_Cabourg_Festival_2016.jpg
Charles at Cabourg Festival in June 2016
Born (1985-07-15) 15 July 1985 (age 36)
Sedan, Ardennes, France
🏡 ResidenceSaint-Etienne, France
🏳️ Nationalityfrench
QuoVadis, Sedanais
💼 Occupation
Director, photographer, writer, poet, blogger
📆 Years active  2005-now
Notable workDifferent
🏡 Home townParis, France

Benjamin Charles born in Sedan on 15 July 1985 is a French blogger, writer and director[1].


Born in a musician family (his father is trumpet player, his grand-father was chief of a brass band created by his own father etc.), Benjamin Charles was born in Sedan. He left the Ardennes to live in Montluçon during two years before going back in Sedan for middle school. Gymnast during all his childhood, he wrote his first poems in middle school, published in local newspapers. Lemaire was in class with Élise Bussaglia. He left home at 17 to study communications and cinema in Troyes before getting graduated from Paris Descartes University.


Charles started his career in 2006 as a talent agent before working as a child coach on various film sets[2][3]. He was first agent of Léo Legrand, Pierre Perrier, Gil Alma, Djena Tsimba... He was also personal assistant of French producer Jean-François Catton for his production No7 on commercials directed by Darren Arronosky or Michel Gondry.

He directed his first movie, Clair Obscur in 2005 as a student project and got his first awards and created production company Act'ivia to produce his own movies. After some movies he started directing commercials and musicvideo. He also directed 300+ out-of-stage sessions on websites, including Justin Bieber[4], Texas, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars[5], Asaf Avidan[6] or The Script. In 2013 he directed his first movie for cinéma produced by Pathé. [7]

He shot 3000+ concerts and festivals since 2005. His collaborations includes artists like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Texas, The Script, Florence and the Machine and festivals Dour Festival[8], Paléo Festival, Cabaret Vert[9].

In 2015, he founded Neverland Editions to republish all J.M. Barrie works.

In 2017, he directed Different about a transgender teen selected and awarded to many festivals[10]. Rights were sold to Amazon Video for USA, UK and Germany and Viddsee but the rest of the world. The movie is distributed by Aug&Ohr. Movie was shown to Brussels Film Festival[11], International Film Festival of India and many others. [12][13]

Since 2018, he's in artistic residence in Saint-Etienne.


One of the first French blogger[14], he started writing online in 2003 on his own blog Quo Vadis? before joining satyrical blog Megaconnard with a weekly opinion piece[15] [16]. Some of his articles were commented in majors medias[17]. Militant during Same-sex marriage in France, his articles about opponents Christine Boutin and Frigide Barjot won him legal actions. Boutin was rejected for freedom of speech, and Barjot finally give up pursuing his ex-friend who coming out her husband. In 2013, Gilles Bourdouleix complained against Charles after his article 'Heil Gilles!' where he revealed that the French deputy said about romani people « Hitler didn’t do enough ». Same year he revealed a picture of French TV star Yann Barthes doing a gesture support for Dieudonné M’bala M’bala called quenelle whereas he was denouncing his antisemitism every night on Canal +. Mostly known as a music blogger, he was one of the first to talk about artists like Justin Bieber[18], Lana Del Rey, Shaka Ponk or Orelsan. After contributing to various platforms in created in 2009 website Soul Kitchen before selling it to create Le Transistor with French activist Agnès Bayou from Jeudi Noir.

Related to some medias where's he's often quoted[19][20][21][22][23], he worked as a press photographer for France Télévisions[24][25], Télérama[26], Le Matin[27] L'Express[28][29], Les Échos[30], Libération or Rock&Folk, and was columnist or Radio Néo[31][32] and Virgin Radio.[33][34]. He's also a premium wedding photographer[35].


After advising brands like Nokia, Danone, Renault, Heineken or Les cinémas Gaumont Pathé[36] he councils since 2016, movie stars like JoeyStarr, Sophie Marceau, Emmanuelle Béart or Juliette Binoche on their communications[37][38] . His work with Sophie Marceau was often commentated in medias. He was often invited on medias to talk about celebrities communications [39]. He's also a youtuber agent[40]. In january 2018, he was communication advisor for two victims during the JeremstarGate involving Jeremstar[41][42].


Writing since he is a kid, Benjamin Charles published his first poems in local newspapers L'Union. Fan of Arthur Rimbaud, his poetry his committed, powerful and symbolistic. He published his childhood poem in his first poetry book, Enfance poétique in 2012. Influenced by surrealist group like André Breton, he joined Oulipo in 2014 working on on generative art.

Personal life[edit]

Charles was diagnostic with asperger syndrome. He is openly gay. He's close friend with actors Damien Jouillerot, Jules Sitruk, Léo Legrand, Diane Rouxel, Alice Isaaz and australian singer Troye Sivan. Lemaire is a CS Sedan Ardennes supporter. Charles also performs as a DJ[43][44][45].

Non profit[edit]

He created the first syndicate in France to protect young talents, Clap Avenir, renammed Imag'in[46]. He was jury member at the Young Artist Award and still member of Victoires de la Musique[47]. He was engaged alongside SOS Homophobie for years and worked with french non profit Observatoire international des prisons



  • 2018 - Requiem
  • 2013 - Lilly Wood and the Prick au Trianon

Short movies[edit]

  • 2018 - Different [48] [49][50]
  • 2017 – A nightmare
  • 2015 – A Woman
  • 2011 – Attention
  • 2005 - Clair Obscur
  • 2004 – Esprit es-tu là?
  • 2003 – Sous le lit


  • 2017 – 30 seconds in Paris
  • 2016 – Trendy5 (starring Wesley Krid and Sparkdise)
  • 2012 – Saint Zak
  • 2011 – The We Pop Sessions
  • 2010-2016 – The Transistor Sessions (starring The Script, Texas, Conor Maynard, Olly Murs, Random Recipe, Ben Howard, Karkwa, Soap&Skin, GiedRé, Fallulah, Skip The Use, Nneka, Jimmy Hunt (musician), Cyril Mokaiesh, Plain White T's, K's Choice, Camélia Jordana, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Merwan Rim, Tom Frager, Avril Lavigne,Example, Robert Francis, Chew Lips, We Have Band...)
  • 2010-2011 – P20ris (starring Asaf Avidan, Selah Sue, Caro Emerald, The Wombats, Tété, Shaka Ponk, Twin Twin...)[51][52][53][54][55]
  • 2011 – The We Pop Sessions (starring Adanowsky, Lilly Wood and the Prick, Gush, Puggy,
  • 2010 – The SK*wat Sessions (starring The Puppini Sisters...)
  • 2009-2010 – The SK* Sessions (starring Justin Bieber, Hocus Pocus, Sarah Blasko, Angus & Julia Stone, Dominique A, Bernhoft, Etienne Daho, Imany, James Vincent McMorrow, Sly Johnson, Pierre Souchon, Mickey Green, Amy Macdonald, Pony Pony Run Run, Salif Keita, VV Brown, Hindi Zahra, Florence and The Machine ...)


  • 2015 – Wigwam Squaw: Eye
  • 2014 – Ben Mazué: Vivant
  • 2014 – Wigwam Squaw: Sam's revolver
  • 2013 – Wigwam Squaw: Armchair
  • 2012 – Wigwam Squaw: Set You on Fire
  • 2011 – Wigwam Squaw: NFM
  • 2011 – Wigwam Squaw: Intro
  • 2011 – Les Rois de la Suède: Ta liberté de voler
  • 2010 – Yules: Absolute Believer
  • 2006 – Salut à toi

Live concert[edit]

  • 2014 – Wigwam Squaw
  • 2013 – Stuck in The Sound: live à l'EMB Sannois
  • 2011 – Cheers: Live à La Clef
  • 2010 – AaRON: live at Casino de Paris
  • 2010 – Rococo à La Maroquinerie
  • 2010 – Corinne Bailey Rae
  • 2010 – Grand Corps Malade
  • 2009 – Sacha Page au Gibus
  • 2009 – Dan Deacon live at Villette Sonique


  • 2015 – Les cinémas Gaumont Pathé
  • 2014 – Redbull
  • 2013 – Orange
  • 2013 – Playtex, starring Mathilda May
  • 2009 – Doctissimo
  • 2006 – Les Deux Choses
  • 2004 – Dust Buster
  • 2004 – TDS 2004

Child coach[edit]

  • 2008 – Ça va bientôt faire 15 ans..., by Coline Pagoda starring Tilly Mandelbrot
  • 2007 – Un autre jour de Maxence Hayek (vocal coach)
  • 2006 – Les Yeux Bandés, by Thomas Lilti starring Léo Legrand
  • 2006 – Jacquou Le Croquant, by Laurent Boutonnat starring Léo Legrand
  • 2006 – Salut à toi (vocal coach)
  • 2005 – Online et + si..., by Mizapart
  • 2005 – Effrayant, by Alexandre Richard
  • 2005 – Voyage à travers l'énergie (vocal coach)
  • 2004 – Esprit es-tu là?, by Sonia Fernandes
  • 2004 – Problématique, by Sonia Fernandes


As an author[edit]

  • 2018 - Cahier A : illusions submergées, ISBN 9781986038584 Search this book on Logo.png. (co-written with Julien Dujardin, as Ben Charles)
  • 2017 - connivences, ISBN 978-1981614585 Search this book on Logo.png. (co-written with Julien Dujardin, as Ben Charles)
  • 2017 - Renaissances, ISBN 9781981617838 Search this book on Logo.png.
  • 2017 - Randomness [56], ISBN 9781979691833 Search this book on Logo.png. (written with an algorithm, passed Turing Test) (in english)
  • 2016 - Divagations surréalistes, ISBN 9781539164838 Search this book on Logo.png.
  • 2016 - Recyclage: Textes ratés et oubliés, ISBN 9781537737447 Search this book on Logo.png.
  • 2015 - Effluves, ISBN 9781537772172 Search this book on Logo.png.
  • 2014 - Aléas: Une œuvre intégralement écrite par un ordinateur, ISBN 9781537771922 Search this book on Logo.png. (written with an algorithm)
  • 2013 - Etudes du Néant, ISBN 9781981617838 Search this book on Logo.png.
  • 2012 - Enfance poétique

As a collaborator[edit]

  • 2012 - Enfances célèbres by Louise Colet, foreword (tredition)
  • 2012 - L’Histoire d’une jeune fille sauvage trouvée dans les bois à l’âge de dix ans by Marie-Catherine Hecquet, foreword (Hachette Livre BNF)

As a publisher[edit]

  • Une saison en enfer by Arthur Rimbaud (2017, Neverland Editions)
  • Jean-Luc persécuté by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz (2017, Neverland Editions)
  • Humiliés et offensés by Fiodor Dostoïevski (2017, Neverland Editions)
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, in gregg shorthand (2017, Neverland Editions)
  • L'oeuvre du divin Arétin by Guillaume Apollinaire (2016, Neverland Editions)
  • Anon: a play (Peter Pan's premise) by J. M. Barrie (2016, Neverland Editions)
  • Walker, London by J. M. Barrie (2015, Neverland Editions)
  • A tillyloss scandal by J. M. Barrie (2015, Neverland Editions)
  • Jane Annie by J. M. Barrie and Arthur Conan Doyle (2014, Neverland Editions)
  • Two of them by J. M. Barrie (2014, Neverland Editions)
  • Ibsen's Ghost by J. M. Barrie (2013, Neverland Editions)
  • The Greenwood Hat: Being a memoir of James Anon by J. M. Barrie (2013, Neverland Editions)


  • 2016 - Skate my life, Cité de la Jarry, Vincennes
  • 2015 - Belleville, night, La Villa Belleville, Paris
  • 2012 - Rap me, Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen
  • 2011 - EMB Sannois, exhibition after one year or artistic residency, Sannois
  • 2011 - Benjamin Charles, live photographer, L'International, Paris
  • 2010 - Take your time, Paris
  • 2009 - 0+0, La Cassine, Charleville-Mézières
  • 2009 - 40 years after Woodstock – Dour, Vertical Gallery, Chicago



  • 2018 : best short film (Transgender Film Festival), jury award (Tous Courts festival)[57] for Different [58]
  • 2017 : jury award (Lake View festival) for Different [59]
  • 2016 : best crime short novel (Eclipse, city of Lièges), best novel (Realities Inc), best poem (Poetika 17), best poetry book (Académie Florimontane), best short novel (Clair de Plume)
  • 2015 : best short novel (Plumes des Monts d'Or for Les démêlés des sentiments), best short story (Entre rêve et réalité : Voyage au pays des vieux livres)
  • 2006 : best movie (Troyes Premières Marches)[60], best actor (Montélimar Festival), best music (Astoria Festival), best screenplay (Sarajevo Festival) for Clair Obscur


  • 2017 : official selection at Direct Short Online Film Festival[61], Barcelona Planet Film Festival[62], Paris & San-Francisco International LGBTQ Coming Of Age[63], Frankfurt Transgender Film Festival[64], Wicked Queer[65], Sydney Festival[66], Museum of Fine Arts, Boston festival [67], Boston Film Festival[68], Nikon Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Leeds Queer Film Festival, Videonale, International Film Festival of India, CinemQ Shanghai for Different
  • 2016 : official selection at Berlin Experimental, Manchester Film Festival for A nightmare
  • 2015 : officiel selection at Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Klex Film Festival, Bogotá Experimental Film Festival (CineAutopsia) for A woman


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