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Blood-Club Dolls - Part 1

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Blood-Club Dolls 1
Directed byShutaro Oku
Produced by
  • Sennosuke Okumura
  • Seiichi Horiguchi
Screenplay by
Based onBlood-C
by Production I.G and CLAMP
Music byKōsuke Nishimoto
CinematographyKentaro Kishi
Distributed byNEGA
Release date
October 13, 2018 (2018-10-13)
Running time
85 minutes[1]

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Blood-Club Dolls 1[lower-alpha 1] is a 2018 Japanese action horror film based on the 2011 anime series Blood-C co-created by studio Production I.G and manga artist group CLAMP. The film is a first part of the two-part film and was followed by Blood-Club Dolls 2 in 2020. The film is directed and written by Shutaro Oku, with Junichi Fujisaku as a co-writer, distributed by NEGA, and stars Ryūnosuke Matsumura, Ryō Kitazano, Kanon Miyahara, Keisuke Minami, and Maon Kurosaki. The film was released in Japanese theaters on October 13, 2018.

Blood-Club Dolls 1 is set before the events of Blood-C: The Last Dark anime film (2012), as Saya Kisaragi is continuing her pursuit to find Fumito Nanahara; in the universe Blood-C, humanity is secretly preyed upon a race called the Elder Bairns,[lower-alpha 2] whose feeding is kept under control by an ancient agreement called Shrovetide. The film focuses on Sōen (who was introduced in Blood-C: The Last Mind stage play), and his underground fightclub called "Blood-Club".[2]

The film marks the second live-action film adaptation for Blood-C series following Asura Girl: Blood-C Another Story (2017), and a third for the Blood franchise since Blood: The Last Vampire (2009).[3]


"Winners' wishes are granted and losers die in the underground fights at 'Blood-Club', which gets shuttered only to spring up in a new spot. The fighters include megastar idols, and big wigs from politics and the underworld frequent the VIP room. But then a police investigation reaches the associates vying for massive power.

Sōen, the leader of the arena and governor Fumito Nanahara's shadows flicker. Michiru, the daughter of the Arisugawa family, who is the center of power, explores their trend in planning something, while strengthening ties with the political world. Soen is fascinated by Michiru, but her eyes gaze at a fight challenger, Aiba.

Saya arrives to Tokyo in a pursuit to find Fumito, but the minions of the Nanahara-clan already have spotted her. Which is the true face of Saya, the obedience or repulsion? The police are also in search of Aiba, a missing person who is obsessed with the blood of the Elder Bairns...."[2]


  • Ryūnosuke Matsumura as Sōen, the mafia-boss who's running an underground fight club called "Blood-Club" in Tokyo. The character was first introduced in The Last Mind stage play.
  • Ryō Kitazano as Aiba, a young man who went missing, later seen participating in "Blood-Club" underground event.
  • Kanon Miyahara as Saya Kisaragi, a humanoid Elder Bairn that wears a sailor-suited school uniform with a katana that is currently hunting down Fumito in Tokyo. The character was first introduced in the anime series.
  • Keisuke Minami as Fumito Nanahara, Saya's arch-nemesis and governor of Tokyo. The character was first introduced in the anime series.
  • Asami Yoshikawa as Yūka Amino, a woman who works with Fumito in order to gain political power. The character was first introduced in the anime series.
  • Maon Kurosaki as Michiru Arisugawa, the daughter of the Arisugawa family.
  • Tomohito Yashima as Detective Mito, a detective who's investigating "Blood-Club", and searching for Aiba.
  • Aki Asakura as Mana, Aiba's little sister who is searching for her brother.

Other cast includes Takuya Kawahara as Melody, Judai Shirakashi as Kisanuki, Naoya Gomoto as Ginroku, Junji Shimizu as Higawa Mizunashi, Rie Sakurai as Yumi, Kō Hosokawa as Karajishi, Ren Yagami as Sogabe, Shōta Takasaki as Kōhan, Taishi Sugie as Reiji, Ryosei Tanaka as Kuroda, Yuya Asato as Sukegawa, Dai Hasegawa as Kada, and Yōji Tanaka as Kuzū.



In February 2018, NEGA announced that a new live-action film adaptation for Blood-C is in the works with a new story. Shutaro Oku returned from Blood-C: The Last Mind stage play and Asura Girl to direct the film, and co-writing the screenplay with Junichi Fujisaku, who was involved in majority of Blood-C series. Kentaro Kishi acted as a cinematographer and Sennosuke Okumura also returned with Seiichi Horiguchi co-producing the film.[4][5] On August of that year, the website announced that the film will be a two-part film project.[6][7][8]


The majority of the actors from The Last Mind stage play and Asura Girl returned for Blood-Club Dolls 1, with Ryūnosuke Matsumura, Kanon Miyahara, Keisuki Minami, and Asami Yoshikawa reprising their respective roles as Sōen, Saya Kisaragi, Fumito Nanahara and Yūka Amino. Ryō Kitazano and singer Maon Kurosaki joined the cast for the film as Aiba and Michiru Arisugawa respectively.[4][5][9]


The principle photography for this film was done in various areas of Tokyo, Japan.[10]


Kōsuke Nishimoto composed the music for Blood-Club Dolls 1, replacing Kentarō Nakao from Asura Girl.[4][5] Maon Kurasaki provided the theme song for the film, titled "Hazy Moon".[6]


The film was screened in Japanese theaters on October 13, 2018.[6]


Critical reception[edit]

Don Anelli of Asian Movie Pulse gave the film a mixed review, stating "Despite having plenty of potentially likable elements, Blood-Club Dolls 1 suffers from a confusing storyline and a lack of action that really holds the film back. Fans of the anime who are willing to see a live-action version are really the only ones to give this a chance as it's other flaws will be a detriment to other viewers overall."[11]


  1. Stylized as BLOOD-CLUB DOLLS 1
  2. Furukimono (古きもの, lit. "The Old things/Ancient Ones")


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