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Proposed City Flag of Cahokia
Monk's Mound at the Cahokia Mounds UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cahokia is the unoffical geographical name given to the a portion of St. Louis' Metro East. The name originates from the ancient city of Cahokia which its historical site can be found in this area. A proposed merged Cahokian metropolis would contain approximately contain 62,005 people. It would be the 20th largest city in the state of Illinois.

Proposed merger concept[edit]

To solidify the Metro East being called Cahokia, I have proposed a merger that would merge several towns and cities into one officially recognized Cahokian central area. This proposed area would include

  • Collinsville, IL (25,579)
    • Hollywood Heights, IL (Collinsville suburb)
  • Sauget, IL (159)
  • Cahokia Heights, IL (22,552)
    • Cahokia, IL (15,241)
    • Alorton, IL (2,002)
    • Centreville, IL (5,309)
  • Brooklyn, IL (749)
  • Fairmont City, IL (2,635)
    • National City, IL (Closed company town)
  • Washington Park, IL (4,196)
  • Caseyville, IL (4,245)
  • Venice, IL (1,890)
  • State Park Place, IL (Population unknown)