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Deberah Bringelson

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Deberah Bringelson is an author and speaker born in Orlando, Florida[1] on August 30, 1962, the only child of Dennis Bringelson and Annie Joyce Bringelson. Six months after her birth, her parents moved back to their hometown, Manteno, Illinois[2] where Deberah grew up in the small town of 3000 people. In 1982, at the age of 19, she ran for office as a Republican and is one of youngest people elected to office in the state of Illinois.

Early Years[edit]

After college she worked with State Senator Ed McBroom. She also founded the Kankakee County Young Republicans.

In 1982, while studying Political Science at Bradley University from which she received her Bachelor of Arts degree, Bringelson, worked with Congressman Edward Madigan in his Washington D.C. office.

Completing her BA at Bradley University in three years, Deberah graduated in 1983. Immediately after graduation, Bringelson taught Political Science at Kankakee Community College, before moving to California to pursue law studies.

Public Service[edit]

She quit law school and went on to work with Robert Noyce the inventor of the integrated circuit and founder of Intel, Stanford Professor Tom Campbell who later served as California’s State Senator and U. S Congressman.

When the Legal Reform Project moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Sacramento, Bringelson, went to work for then State Senator Becky Morgan, first as a District Representative and later has her Chief of Staff, speechwriter and press secretary.

During her six years working for the California Senate, Deberah was an advocate for child and domestic violence victims and a champion of the environmental protection, working to implement bans on and user fees for new to the market, disposable products.

File:DB and President Ronald Reagan.jpg
Photo of Deberah Bringelson with former President Ronald Reagan

As a member of the California Marine Debris Task Force, Bringelson worked alongside the Center for Marine Conservation, the Nature Conservancy[3] and other concerned environmental groups to protect the California coastline, coastal businesses, and many endangered species from the hazards of water pollution.[4] During that time, Bringelson contributed to the California Marine Debris Protection Act, which was carried by Senator Morgan[5]

In 1992, Bringelson became involved with California's Open Primary ballot initiative campaign, championed by former President Ronald Reagan and which later appeared as California Proposition 198, the Open Primary Act (1996)[6].

Coincidentally, Reagan and Bringelson's grandmother, Lucy Carr had been friends in the late 1920s and early 1930s when Reagan was a lifeguard in Dixon Illinois[7]

Criminal Justice Reform[edit]

In 1993, Bringelson joined the Public policy group SAMCEDA which she left in October 2006[8]

File:Congressional record 5.jpg
Bringelson was honoured by the United States Congress and the California Senate and Assembly in recognition of her tireless work.

Following the State of California’s passage of Proposition 10, the new "First 5" Early Childhood Cigarette Tax,[9][10] an effort lead by actor Rob Reiner, Bringelson was asked to lead the Children and Families First Commission[11] in developing the first ever Strategic Action Plan[12][13] for spending the new revenue for the benefit of the State’s prenatal to five year old. In March, 1999, Bringelson was honoured by the United States Congress and the California Senate and Assembly[14] in recognition of her tireless work on behalf of abused children, domestic violence survivors, animals and the environment. She was further recognized for bringing her energies and expertise to the issues of civil justice reform, child protection, toxic cleanup, as well as water and land use policies. Noting her significant contributions in the field of criminal and juvenile justice reform, reforming the system and creating inefficiencies of operation, speaking to Congress,[15] Congresswoman Anna Eshoo[16] honoured Deberah’s commitment to the issues of drug abuse and violence, which arose arise from her own personal experiences as an abuse and violence survivor.

Deberah was further recognized for creating and funding: Adult[17][18] and Juvenile Drug Courts, and designing comprehensive life skills treatment programs focused on mothers in the criminal justice system. A Middle School volleyball and basketball coach for several years, Deberah was recognized for her commitment to mentoring young girls. She's been honored for overcoming the personal trauma and violence of her childhood and for bringing her talents, compassion and energy to our community.[19]

United States Congressional Record[20]

Strategic Business Development[edit]

In early, 2000, hearing of her successful turn-around accomplishments, San Francisco – Silicon Valley business leaders[21][22] reached out to Bringelson, seeking her help with the region’s exploding business growth and numerous problems;[23] primarily the severe shortage of employee housing,[24][25] freeways choked with traffic congestion, and the resulting environmental impact caused by rapid growth and minimal urban planning.[26]

Immediately discovering that both the issue[27] and region were rife with conflict;[28] environmentalists on one side, labor leaders on another, Silicon Valley businesses[29] on yet still another and political entities from 26 different government agencies all competing to protect their unique interests,[30][31] Bringelson embarked on a nine-month fact-finding and strategic planning effort[32] to understand the concerns of residents as well as all of the conflicting interested parties.[33] Nine months later, on May 18, 2001, more than 250 Labor, Environmental, Business, Transportation,[34][35] Political and Community Leaders came together to adopt a plan "Moving From Talk To Action".[36][37] The plan committed to preserving and protecting open space,[38] while creating sustainable, vibrant communities along the Caltrain[39][40] transit corridor.[41] Standing on the Oracle Headquarters'[42] stage in Redwood City, CA,[43] the Grande Dame of the San Francisco Peninsula environmental community, Lennie Roberts[44] spoke to the gathering saying that in her long history working to protect and save the Silicon Valley environment and sensitive ecosystem;[45] the strategic planning process that led to the Grand Boulevard initiative[46] was the first time she had ever been invited by the business community to participate in building a plan[47] that both protects the environment and invested in smart development.[48] She went to say that it was also the first time in her long career that leaders from both the business and environmental communities were together standing on the same stage, supporting a project.[49][50]

Several months later, the Grand Boulevard Initiative[51] was born.[52]

Virgin America[edit]

In September 2003 Bringelson began a 30-day effort to convince Sir Richard Branson to locate the headquarters[53][54] for his New Virgin America Airline at San Francisco International Airport in San Mateo County, CA.[55][56]

What was to be a 30-day project,[57] with a final decision by Branson in October, 2003, turned into a 9-month saga with Bringelson leading volunteer teams of transit officials, business leaders, and politicians[58] in a coordinated campaign to woo the airline.[59]

The effort concluded with a 3-day "Virgin Sees Red" extravaganza that along with hours of negotiation, included ballerinas, a contingent of actors and even school children. Finally, more than 50 of the region's Fortune 100 and 500[60] CEOs gathered at the home of Senator Jackie Speier[61] in a final pitch culminating in a performance by Beach Blanket Babylon.[62][63]

In May 2004, the decision was announced that Branson would locate the Virgin America Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area.[64][65] It was later learned that before beginning the location search for the new headquarters,[66] Branson was firm in his decision that he would not locate in California due to the political turmoil and business climate.[67][68] The impressive turn-around of his decision, prompted the San Francisco Business Times[69] to Award Bringelson the "Steal of the Year" award for the deals that never should have happened.[70]

International Business[edit]

On the heels of her Virgin America win, Bringelson, a single mom looking for quieter surroundings in which to raise her daughter, abruptly left the Bay Area in 2006. After taking a few years off to recharge, she joined forces with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes,.[71]

Re-entering the business world in 2008 and building on her experience in Silicon Valley,[72] Bringelson, a 30-year student of quantum theory and shamanism, combined that knowledge with her proven business strategies and success tools into her Power of 3 Formula. Using that formula, she quickly developed a reputation for being one of the most profit-producing Business Growth[73] and Empowerment Experts in the world, with clients regularly achieving results of 100% to more than 3,500 percent growth.



  • 3 Time Most Influential Woman in Business, San Francisco Silicon Valley
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Official Website[75]


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