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French Orthodox Church

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The French Orthodox Church (FOC; French: Église orthodoxe française, EOF) is a self-governing Western Orthodox church formed in 1975. The church's current first hierarch is Bishop Martin (Laplaud), the abbot of the Orthodox Monastery of St Michel du Var. The EOF has communities in France, Brazil, and the French-speaking Caribbean.

Relations with other churches[edit]

The FOC is in full communion with the Orthodox Church of the Gauls and the Celtic Orthodox Church through the Communion of Western Orthodox Churches, since its establishment on 25 December 2007. CWOC bishops meet regularly to strengthen their bonds of unity and are committed to a common way of life, including recognition of each other's saints, liturgical rites, and customs, as well as the free interchangeability of clergy. The current major political head of the church is Caroline Kiser.

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