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Joseph M. Lenard

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Joseph M. Lenard
AuthorPhoto.png AuthorPhoto.png
BornAugust 1962
Wyandotte, Michigan, United States
🏳️ NationalityAmerican
🏫 EducationWyandotte Roosevelt High School, Wayne County Community College, Hillsdale College
💼 Occupation
Author, blogger, podcaster, political activist, speaker, vlogger
Height5' 8" (176cm)
🥚 TwitterTwitter=JLenardDetroit

Joseph Martin Lenard[1][2] is an American author[3][4], blogger[5], cancer survivor[6], podcaster[7][8][9], political activist[10], speaker[11], social media influencer[12][13][2], spokesperson / affiliate for American Hartford Gold IRA group[14][15], and vlogger[16] known for writing and publishing the #1 Amazon bestseller[4] historical fiction thriller Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You.[17][18][19] He also released in December 2022 a book called How To Write A Book And Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques[20][21][22], to help writers fulfil their dream of becoming an internationally published author, and his third Internationally available fare dropped August 2023 titled ChristiTutionalist TM Politics[23][24] as a companion (written piece) to his ChristiTutionalist TM Politics podcast[25][26] of same name began airing in June 2023.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Joseph M. Lenard[2][3] is a lifelong resident of Wyandotte, Michigan (not to be confused with Joseph Lenard [NC author][27] or Joseph Leonard [Artist][28]). He was born in August 1962[29] to Thaddeus “Ted” M. Lenard Jr., a musician and founder of the musical group The Polka Kings,[30][31][32][33][34] and Donna Jean Lenard (née Kieler).[35][36] He has a sister named Michelle.[36]

Lenard attended Wyandotte Roosevelt High School, where he played hockey. He also studied at Wayne County Community College and Hillsdale College.


In 1984, Lenard[2] won the CJOM (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) radio contest with his radio play The Adventures of Detective Idle, which was inspired by the Billy Idol song “Eyes Without a Face.”[37]

Lenard has published short stories in genres such as science fiction (“Watchful Eyes”), political thriller (“Blue Monday”), and horror (“Funhouse of Terror”)[29] and holds more than 3 dozen copyrights.

Lenard published the novel Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You in April 2022.[38] After its release, Terror Strikes reached the #1 spot on the Amazon Kindle Store’s bestseller list in the categories Terrorism Thrillers and Political Fiction. It also became #1 in the category of Political Thrillers on Amazon Books.[39] The novel was also featured in the “Babylon’s Best” section of The Babylon Bee’s newsletter.[40]

In addition to Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You[17][18][19], Lenard has also published The Gestapo Kidnap File,[29] How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques[3], ChristiTutionalist TM Politics[23], and more.

As a political activist, Lenard has written blogs for publications such as The Liberty Beacon,[41] Before It’s News,[42] and RedState.[43] He has also been interviewed on podcasts such as Chat and Spin (UK), The Patriot Angle USA (which rebranded in 2022 to Savaged Unfiltered, which Joseph joined as a Monday/Wednesday[8] cohost),[44] The Research Show (USA), Navigating Cancer Together (USA),[6] The Authors Show,[45] PSI-TV, and ActiveFM (Johannesburg, South Africa), Subject Matter Pros (Canada), Utterly Unscripted (Australia), and others[46], as well as cohosting Savaged Unfiltered[8][9] podcast and creation of his own ChristiTutionalist Politics[7] podcast in 2023. He is also an editor for the Wayne-12CDRC’s newsletter[47] and the webmaster for the MI 12CDRC[48] and the Taylor (MI) Republican’s Club[49], and UDMI-RTL[50].


Cover of the book Terror Strikes.

Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You[51][52][4] follows Marten, a newspaper journalist investigating terrorism for his book Terrorist Tracks.[53] The book explores themes such as foreign and domestic terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism[54] (aka: GIJIAS[55]) It is partly structured as a “book within a book” as Marten’s writings are presented to readers. Marten discovers a terrorist plot to strike the American heartland and must deal with the fallout from his discovery.[56]

Author Ed Temple[57] called the book “historically accurate and compelling.”[58] The Contra Radio[59] Network commented, "The book has The Jeffers Brief[59] seal of approval.”[58] Michael Gardner, host of The Patriot Angle Podcast,[44]called the book “a must buy,” saying, “The title and timing of the publication is a key component in the world that we live in today. As sick as it is, Joseph gets into heated, unfiltered political content.”[58]

How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques.[20][21][22] Have you written some poems? Put them together in a collection. Have you written some short stories? Put those too in a collection. How about a novel, do you have a story in you waiting to come out? Have a collection of blogs? Get them a larger/broader audience! Advance your career by writing a fiction or non-fiction book about your business/industry.

How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques can/will help you get your writing to the masses. Don McCauley[60] of The Authors Show[60][46] and Free Publicity Group[61] marketing expert and publicist[61] praised the book as "There are many 'how to publish with Amazon [only/specific]' books but Joseph’s goes way beyond that and a must read if you’re considering 'assisted-publishing' (as he calls the upper echelon services), but especially with lower-end self-publishing firms/outlets" and Ed Bonderenka[62], blogger[63], "Your American Heritage" radio show (WAAMradio Sat's 2pET)[64] host, and former editor/publisher of "The Courant" Michigan newspaper[65] adds "If I ever finally write the book, I regularly put off writing, I will be sure to heed the advice presented by Joe in this book."

ChristiTutionalist TM Politics[23][24], his 3rd Internationally available book, dropped August of 2023 - as the title would suggest aimed at a Christian audience. The book description: "ChristiTutionalist TM Politics (Christian based U. S. Constitutionalism). Voting Biblically through a Christian based U. S. Constitutionalism lens - ChristiTutionalist TM Politics! The Jefferson letter about "Separation of Church and State" was/is just about that the United States Federal Government shall never officially adopt a particular Church over others. PERIOD! It does not mean "Freedom From Religion" as some want a "Separation From Church To State" and indeed that as John Adams said "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” and therefore U. S. Christian need be involved in Government and Politics in general or as Reagan said "Freedom is but one generation from extinction" and we must remain "The Shining City on a Hill."  Voting Biblically through a Christian based U. S. Constitutionalism lens - ChristiTutionalist TM Politics! The ChristiTutionalist TM Politics podcast drops weekly on Saturdays[25])."

May 2024 Joseph released Podcasting: Quick-Start Guide[26] book, exclusively (Kindle and Softcopy) available via Amazon. An inside look at how virtually anyone can inexpensively join the ranks of podcasting. How to start slow and low-key and build, grow, upgrade, become more "high-end" as your own time and budget allow. The keys to starting out for aspiring podcasters - the must haves, and the "like to have," choices/decisions to plan before diving in with both feet. The definitive Guide, just as Joseph's How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques[20] [21][22] is for aspiring authors.

Released June 2024 (Amazon, Kindle and Softcopy, exclusive[66]) ChristiTutionalist TM Politics 2[66] book.

Autographed copies of most of his books are available to U. S. Households via his Terror Strikes book site shop[67].


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