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  • CHN: November 1, 2018
  • EN: February 28, 2019
Genre(s)TPS,Survival, Simulation, MMORPG
Mode(s)Gathering, PVP, PVE, Quest, Camp
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LifeAfter (Chinese: 明日之后) is a Third-person shooter survival mmorpg mobile game developed, and released by publisher Netease in 2018.[1][2]. It is a survival game set in an alternate world where the zombie apocalypse occurs and the a player is tasked to survive through gathering resources to craft equipment and building homes to establish their place in the fictional world. Other gameplay elements include, trading with other players, establishing camps, faction wars, and building relationships exist within the game.

LifeAfter was first launched in China in November 1st 2018, and due to the commercial success in China,[3][4] the English version was released in English on February 28th 2019.[5]


Lifeafter is a Third-person shooter survival simulation mmorpg. Players compete to gather resources within various locations throughout the world to craft equipment and build homes while tasked to deal with the ongoing threat of nature, and the zombie apocalypse. Players, referred to as survivors within the game are introduced to the zombie threat, which remains the main threat to survival. However, as they begin to grow stronger this threat becomes less ever-present, other worries arise such as the threat of other survivors who similarly are competing for resources.


The game’s main game mode is exploration and gathering, this means players are introduced to various zones which are separated as Pact Zones (PVE) zones, and War Zones (PVP).

In Pact zones, they are tasked to gather resources, do daily missions and interact with NPCs. Each zone holds their respective resources and subjects the individual to different environments. Such as the Fall Forest zone, which is a rainforest and frequently subjects the individual to rain. This environment would lead to the player having a fever if exposed to the rain for too long. Similarly, the other zones also offer unique environmental challenges. There is a limit on the number of resources transported in every zone as they have to be disinfected and transported through caravans. Players work on a level progression system where they must raise their gathering level in the introductory maps as a prerequisite to entering zones with harsher conditions.

War Zones PVP refer to any map which the individual can be killed by another player at any time. These include resource gathering zones such as Farstar City, and Charles Town where they can gather additional resources beyond that of regular pact zones and Camp zones which involve raiding the bases of other player camps.

Upon reaching a certain stage in their newbie diary, players are prompted to choose an area of expertise, in relations to gathering they may specialise in becoming a miner, woodcutter, or hemp gathering.


Combat in the game is in the third-person, where players can use their equipment to attack animals, and the infected in Pact Zones. They cannot attack other players in Pact zones due to treaties, however, they may freely attack players in War Zones. Players use a virtual joystick to control their characters to run, crouch and jump to dodge attacks from the animals, infected, and other players. They can also shoot through two different shooting functions, static shooting which involves shooting that is fixed in front of the character and non-static shooting which allows for players to pan their view and shoot. Each piece of equipment such as weapons, armours and tools have their respective durability whereupon losing all the durability they can either fix it or recycled if it cannot be patched. A player cannot continue to use their weapon if it has 0 durability remaining, but they may choose to keep it or repair it through other means.

Each gun also has their respective amount of ammo capacity, which when empty must be refilled with portable ammo containers or at any ammunition box available for use. A gun cannot be fired if there are no bullets remaining. When battling and the player's health depletes to 0, they will temporarily enter a state of bleeding where they will bleed out and die if they do not bandage themselves but can still operate their characters like usual. If damage is taken in this state, they will bleed out faster leading to a quicker death.

Upon dying, players cannot talk to other players or operate their character. They will lose 10 durability in both their armour and their weapon then they’ll be prompted two methods of revival, one is resuscitation and the other is respawning back in their spawn point. As a result, they will lose some of their gathered resources in their backpack which has not been treated.

Upon reaching a certain stage in their newbie diary, players are prompted to choose an area of expertise, in relations to combat they may specialise in becoming a soldier, sniper, or cold-weapons specialist.


The game revolves heavily around the “crafting” feature, which allows for players to craft equipment, and building resources using the raw materials they’ve gathered up to their respective crafting proficiency level. Typically, this follows the format of processing raw goods gathered from zones into Intermediary Goods, then finally into finished products. More intricate equipment requires higher levels of crafting proficiency. Players can level their crafting proficiency through crafting equipment and completing their daily missions.

Upon reaching a certain stage in their newbie diary, players are prompted to choose an area of expertise, in relations to crafting they may specialise in textiles manufacturing, gunsmithing or house building.

House Building and Camp[edit]

This game has a house building feature, they may either choose to reside within the Hope 101’s newbie zone or reside in a Camp with other players. Players must construct the infrastructure necessary to produce furniture, cook food, fix equipment, processing materials, and crafting materials. They will also be tasked to reinforce their houses to prevent a possible zombie hoard or player raid from damaging their storage, and important furniture or repair their houses in the case it has occurred.

Players may also operate a farm which they can use to grow animals, tend to trees and to operate drills for resources. They may obtain farm specific resources that may only be acquired through this activity. This vital as another source of resources for the player due to the limitation on the number of infected goods they may receive a day.

Through residing in a camp, a player may receive additional benefits from cohabitating with other players such as researching technological improvements to be made to the camp, receive protection from other players in the case of their house being attacked, and acquire camp-specific missions or zones such as taking down unique infected monsters, and exploring new territories. Working in a group also makes it easier to find players to complete various daily missions.


On the continent known as the "Northern Plateau", there appears to be an outbreak of an unknown virus which result in people turning aggressive to others and exhibiting zombie-like symptoms. The start of the game begins with the player travelling on a truck in Hope Valley to escape from an infected filled area, where they encounter many zombies attracted to the noise of the truck which the player is tasked to kill. This results in the truck skidding off the road and crashing. Upon waking up the player finds that they are the sole survivor, shortly after the surviving zombies assaults the player. They are then rescued by a stranger. The game then lets the player encounter various infected, until they are rescued by the friendly survivor camp known as “Hope 101”. From this point on, they’re given the choice to freely explore the town, build their homes, join camps, and explore various biomes such as Woodlands, Deserts, Tundra, Wetlands and more.


The game was first launched on November 1st 2018 in China, through the publisher NetEase. Following it's success NetEase on February 28th 2019 officially released the English version of the game. The game's initial success was evident as it ranked No.1 at Chinese iOS Top Free Games for 10 consecutive days,[6] and had an estimated peak DAU (Daily Active Users) of 7 million according to the report by People's Daily.[7]


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