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List of Blake's 7 planets

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This is a list of notable planets that have appeared in the BBC science fiction television series Blake's 7.


61 Cygni
A star system ~11 light years from Earth that lies in the "Darkling Zone," an area of space near Earth that was never fully explored. The Liberator encounters an ancient Earth exploration ship "K-47" that was reportedly lost near 61 Cygni over 700 years ago, and which carried an alien virus to planet Fosforon. Blake theorized that 61 Cygni was home to a xenophobic race of aliens that set the virus loose in order to kill any would-be intruders into their territory.[1]


Planet along with Mecron II where the valuable Feldon crystal was mined. Agravo's mining facilities were destroyed in a series of explosions caused by lack of safety concerns and over-mining. Avon mentions the facility would have been destroyed eventually as the Feldon mines were running dry and the Federation would have wanted to "cover up" the illegal operation.[2]
A frigid planet in the midst of an ice age, with a population of 6 million – all living near the equator which is the only habitable region. Federation officer, Space Major Provine, was tracked here by Blake and his crew. Provine was one of the individuals who supposedly knew details regarding the location of Star One. The inhabitants were resisting Federation occupation when Blake arrived. During a battle, Provine slips past Blake disguised as a resistance soldier and activates a radiation bomb that will kill everyone on the planet, yet leave the infrastructure intact. Avon and a former associate, Del Grant, track down the bomb which was hidden in a bunker at one of the planet's poles to deactivate it.[3] Note: The name "Albion" is the oldest known name for Great Britain.
Altern V
A planet in a star system heavily patrolled by the Federation, although the reason for this was never discussed. The crew of Scorpio try to go there to get an ore that will make fuel crystals, and tried to sneak into the system by shadowing an asteroid, but instead they collided with it.[4]
Retreat world for the hermit genius Ensor and visited by Blake and Cally. The Orac computer was hidden on Aristo with Ensor in his underground laboratory. From space, the planet appeared to be primarily covered by water with only a few island chains providing dry land. Lizard-like biped creatures lurked in the tunnel system that led to Ensor's lab.[5]
Location of a political meeting venue for Federation governors where the defectors Ven Glynd, and LeGrand were to present evidence of Federation atrocities. Upon arrival, they are captured by Servalan and executed as traitors. Blake discovers Travis had disguised himself as Shevon, one of resistance leaders.[6]
Homeworld of Cally and her telepathic, cloned race, the Auronar. The Auronar were highly advanced, and ahead technologically in many areas than the Federation. It was mentioned many times that Auronar weren't fully human and possibly the result of genetic manipulation. The Liberator crew go to Auron to stop Servalan who unleashes a deadly virus upon the Auronar in order to capture their cloning facilities.[7]
Travis was suspended from duty for ordering the massacre of unarmed civilians on Auros. Later Travis is tried for the massacre of 1,417 people on the planet Zircaster suggesting that two different massacres took place, or that Auros and Zircaster are possibly the same planet.[8]
Planet where Del Grant led a revolt against the Federation at some point before his activities on Albion.[3]


Beta V
A remote and uninhabited planet that Avon picks as a rendezvous point for Keiller's meeting with an unknown buyer for a stolen shipment of black gold. Black gold is in fact normal gold, altered at the molecular level to be made absolutely worthless during shipment to deter theft. It can only be converted back to real gold though a secret process controlled by an encoded computer system. Keiller makes contact with the black gold's owner, who knows the code and secret conversion process, and Avon decides to hold the shipment for ransom. Since the gold is atomically altered, it is unstable and cannot be teleported or it will turn to dust. Because of this, Scorpio lands on Beta V so the black gold can be manually taken off the ship.[9]
A planet said to be bathed in eternal daylight. The planet was ruled by the warlord Zukan who Avon hoped would join the alliance and lead them against the Federation. Instead, Zukon worked as a saboteur for Servalan and planted bombs that destroyed Avon's base at Xenon.[10]
Bucol II
A misty jungle planet and home to the scientist Justin who was once a colleague of Dayna's father Hal and apparently a love interest of Dayna as well. Justin created a race of genetically engineered satyr-like creatures, (whose leader was called "Og"), as part of a Federation experiment to create genetic super-soldiers. The experiment was so classified that not even Servalan knew about it.[11]


A Federation penal colony mentioned to be relatively close to Sardos. Six prisoners were brought to Sardos from Calcos aboard a transport ship that Tarrant and Vila teleport over in order to sneak down to Sardos.[12]
Planet where the Liberator was headed before Avon altered course for Terminal. Avon later told the crew to go there if he lost contact with them, and Zen was programmed to automatically take the Liberator there after twelve hours of Avon's teleporting down, unless he returned earlier.[13]
Jenna was once "asked" by the criminal organization Terra Nostra to smuggle a shipment of the narcotic Shadow from Callisto to Earth. She refused and was set up to be arrested shortly after. In the episode "The Way Back," Jenna mentions doing smuggling runs on the "near worlds" — suggested to be Federation colonies established relatively close to Earth, and thus suggesting that the Callisto she mentions is the moon of Jupiter.[14]
Federation world mentioned as suffering severe climate control problems after the sabotage of Star One. A brief video clip of the world showed palm trees battered by a hurricane-like storm.[15]
A possible planet, mentioned by Vila as the site of a "swamp fever" that killed millions.[1]
Remote planet used by a gang of pirates called the "Space Rats" as a home base. Among them was a brilliant engineer and Federation defector named Plaxton who developed an advanced space propulsion system that Avon wanted to use for Scorpio.[4]
One of the worlds marked on a star chart of places considered as an option to take Gan for medical treatment when his limiter implant malfunctioned. Although it had sufficient medical facilities it was mentioned to be a Federation stronghold.[16]
Location of a Federation communications base where Blake steals a cypher machine so that his team can monitor Federation transmissions. During the raid Cally is left behind, and Travis uses coded messages to set a trap for Blake.[8]
A barren planet with slightly heavier gravity than Earth and constantly bathed in radiation which can be deadly after prolonged exposure. The natives of the planet are Neanderthal-like primitives, apparently immune to the effects of the radiation. Avon, Vila and Gan learn that Cephlon was once home to a more advanced civilization that destroyed themselves in an apocalyptic war. They encounter a woman named Meeget, the last of her species, who requests they help activate an ancient colony sleeper ship that was headed to a new world in hopes her ancient people could start again.[17]
A planet Vila lands on after the battle of Star One and the abandonment of the Liberator. It appears to be home to two groups of humans – one living in jungle caves who have abandoned technology, while the other "The Hi-Techs" remain more advanced. The Hi-Techs hunt the primitives in order to harvest their organs for spare part surgery. The Hi-Techs were also in space searching for survivors after the Intergalactic War in order to harvest their organs as well.[18]
Cygnus Alpha
A barren, desolate world used as a penal colony by the Federation. It took the London prisoner transport eight months to get there from Earth. Blake and his associates are sent there at the beginning of the series as punishment for their crimes. The penal colony was controlled by a strange cult leader named Vargas who worshipped a pagan god that demanded human sacrifice and absolute devotion. Vargas also maintained control of a serum needed to survive "The Curse of Cygnus" a deadly medical condition brought on prolonged exposure to the planet's atmosphere. [19] Note: The name could be a switch of Alpha Cygni, also known as the star Deneb, which is approximately 3,200 light years from Earth.
Star system shown on a star chart along with Aristo and Exiton on the Liberator flight deck as Blake journeyed to meet Ensor.[5]
Frontier system mentioned by Avon as being threatened by the Federation Pacification Programme.[10]


Planet where a pleasure resort is located. Described by Vila as having beautiful mountains, but gravity "so low you can practically fly". Its atmosphere contained energy particles that were apparently therapeutic, however the existence of an atmosphere seems to contradict reasoning that a planet with such low gravity could support one. Del-10 was the destination of the Liberator until Blake makes an unexpected course change to asteroid PK-118.[6]
A distant agricultural planet apparently terraformed to sustain Earth crops. Over time, the crops became plagued by a fungal contamination said to be caused because the central star was deficient in certain wavelengths of energy. Blake tries to help the crew of the sabotaged freighter Ortega whose mission was to bring the rare and expensive substance "neutrotope" there to help fight the contamination. A traitorous member of the crew planned to steal the valuable substance which set up an elaborate murder mystery Avon and Cally had to solve.[20]
Populated planet mentioned by Zen during Liberator's journey to Terminal.[13]
A remote planet used by a gang of slavers. Avon goes to Domo to find the assassin named Cancer who has been hired by Servalan to kill him and his associates.[21]


Homeworld of humanity and the capital planet of the Terran Federation. Almost all of the human population lives in vast domed cities which they are forbidden to leave without clearance. Outside of the cities, nature has reclaimed the landscape and vegetation is in abundance, often overrunning the ruins of pre-Federation habitation sites.[22] Certain facilities still exist outside the domes however, such as Servalan's Presidential Palace and the bunker complex for Federation Control.[23]
One of the worlds, with a sufficient level of technology, considered as an option to take Gan for medical treatment when his limiter implant malfunctioned, but was mentioned by Jenna as having inhabitants that were hostile to humanoid life - and "Homo sapiens in particular." At the time it was 200 hours from Liberator's position.[16]
After Avon returns to the Liberator from the Battle of Star One, Zen informs him that Blake was on his way to the planet Epheron in the Loritol system. It was stated that the world supported only "primitive" lifeforms.[24]
A former penal colony for low-grade offenders, one of whom was Blake's uncle, Ushton. Otherwise Exbar was an unremarkable planet with a thin but breathable atmosphere. Blake was lured to Exbar by Travis who had kidnapped Blake's cousin Inga and threatened to kill her if Blake didn't come there to surrender himself.[25]
Star system shown on a star chart along with Aristo and Cynra on the Liberator flight deck as Blake journeyed to meet Ensor.[5]


A Federation planet home to a communications relay and scientific station known as Q-Base. Following an alien virus contamination, the planet was put under a medical quarantine.[1]
Freedom City
A backwater colony located on an unidentified planet and mentioned as a haven outside the clutches of the Federation. Blake and his associates go there to find the cyber-surgeon Docholli who supposedly knows the location of Star One.[26]


Planet whereupon Vila wished to retire to a lakeside retreat after collecting his share of the stolen kairopan crystal harvest. He mentioned it had three moons.[27]
Gauda Prime
A former agricultural and logging planet, now overrun with criminal lawlessness, but whose inhabitants wish to return it to normality — by way of the Federation if necessary. It was the home planet of Soolin whose parents were murdered there when she was a child and she struggled to survive on her own. She indicates the locals simply call their planet "GP". Orac had calculated the high probability that Blake was still alive and on Gauda Prime, and Avon decides to go there to find him. Blake, who was posing as a bounty hunter, had hoped to use Gauda Prime's reputation to help conceal a new base of operations for the resistance and round up others to his cause.[28]
A possible planet, mentioned by Practor as to where Servalan had been killed "in the rear-guard action at Gedden."[29]
A possible planet; Tok, a proxy bidder on Domo, took bids for Avon during a slave auction from "Natratof of Gourimpest."[21]
A planet inhabited by feudal and superstitious people seemingly similar to Vikings. The Sharl's (king's) Fool had the location of Star One hidden in his subconscious.[30]


A swampy industrialized planet whose populace, called the Helots, were quickly annexed by the Federation by means of the pacification drug Pylene-50. The drug was administered via a "medical laser" that appeared function like a hand-held beam weapon. Some of the un-pacified Helots formed a resistance group led by a man named Hunda who helps Tarrant and Dayna track down Forbus, a chemist who was forced by Servalan to create the drug along with the antidote to neutralise it.[29]
Planet mentioned to have suffered climate control problems after the sabotage of Star One.[15]
Star system represented in Avon's alliance of local warlords by Lod.[10]
Federation code name for the planet Silmareno, a jungle planet at the edge of the galaxy that was under Federation control. The planet was protected by an intense magnetic field that could only be traversed by ships equipped with special magnetic baffling. Liberator barely survived entering orbit with the force wall activated. The natives of Horizon were a pre-industrial civilization whom the Federation used as slaves to mine the planet's rich resources. Blake was able to convince their leader that the Federation was exploiting his people.[31]
"Host Planet"
An unidentified world believed by Orac to be a single living entity in itself that feeds on its surface life-forms. Blake goes to this planet to "think" after the death of Gan, and meets a curious native creature named Zil. Zil warns Blake that the Host will find him — that being the very ground itself which tries to swallow him up.[32]


Planet where Blake had reportedly died, and subsequently cremated, a year before the Liberator is destroyed over Terminal. Although this turned out not to be true.[13]


In retaliation for Cally's supposed death on Centero, Blake planned to attack "planet listing K-14," a resupply and repair facility for Federation deep space cruisers.[8]
An Earth-like, but uninhabited planet, where gene stocks from the Auronar replication programme were taken.[7]
One of the neutral worlds considered as an option to take Gan for medical treatment when his limiter implant malfunctioned. It was mentioned to have a population of 7 million. At the time it was 600 hours from Liberator's position.[16]
Fourth planet in the Xymines system, of the Lypterion constellation, and the source of the precious crystal Kairopan. It can only be visited during brief periods because during most of the seasons on Kairos the air is poisonous to human life. Massive insects that feed on the Kairopan also pose another threat to visitors. Tarrant and the others become stranded on Kairos but find an ancient and still functional Earth space module to escape the planet.[27]
Possibly a planet, or a settlement on a planet. The space liner Nova Queen was in communication with Keldan Control and requested a course change of an unmanned ore carrier directly in their approach path. Control denied the request saying the ship would move clear on its own, but instead it collided with and destroyed the Nova Queen. After the collision, the "neutron power unit" of the "Nova Queen" tore itself free and crashed down in the middle of Keldan City and half of the population was "killed outright" The disaster, along with others that were occurring galaxy-wide, was blamed on the failure of Star One.
The planet where Vila is captured by a notorious criminal named "Bayban the Butcher" who uses Vila's lock-picking skills to open a complex vault door. The door however, is really a gateway to another planet, dubbed "Vilaworld," that the native people of Kezarn were destined to colonize.[33]
A mysterious planet controlled by a being of Auronar legend named Thaarn who plans to rule the universe. Krandor resided at the centre of a black hole – or what appeared to be a black hole, as it was discovered the planet projected a strong gravity field that captured hundreds of ships that were later stripped down and the material used as fuel Krandor's power systems.[34]


An independent planet whose President, Sarkoff, lost an election that was rigged by the Federation. Sarkoff and his daughter went into seclusion on another unidentified planet, but were convinced by Blake to return to Lindor and keep its independence after Blake revealed the Federation's involvement in his defeat.[35]
Star system represented by Mida at Avon's conference of warlords.[10]
Star system mentioned by Dayna, along with Porthia Major, as having been re-annexed by the Federation within three weeks, presumably by Commissioner Sleer's Pacification Programme.[29]
See Kairos.


Magdalen Alpha
Star system that was mentioned as the final destination of the rocket ship launched by Avon that was carrying genetic material to repopulate the human civilization elsewhere that once existed on Cephlon. Zen indicates the rocket would take 500 years to reach the system which had four planets, all suitable for human life.[17]
A remote and frigid planet with a non-breathable atmosphere. It had a surface temperature reading of -100 degrees (but whether this was Celsius or Fahrenheit was not stated). It was home of the renegade scientist Egrorian and his bumbling assistant Pinder who suffered from rapid aging after exposure to Hofel's Radiation. Egrorian created a super-weapon called a "Tachyon Funnel" which he tries to trade for Orac.[36]
Planet in the same star system as Earth, and was mentioned twice in the series. Mars was mentioned when the London transport passed the "Mars Beacon."[37] It was also mentioned that the artificial planet Terminal was originally built in an orbit "outward toward Mars."[13]
Mecron II
A planet, along with Agravo, that was used by the Federation to mine Feldon crystal which has unlimited potential as a power source and has become more valuable than diamond. The planet is inhabited by a deadly people who are experienced assassins. A Federation mining coordinator, Belkov, tries to steal crystals from Servalan by pinning the crime on Avon.[2]
After Avon returns to the Liberator from the Battle of Star One, Zen informs him that Jenna was on a neutral cargo ship headed towards Morphenniel.[24]


A volcanic planet where Avon had hoped to set up a secret base of operations for the resistance. Servalan sets up a trap in an attempt to ambush the Liberator crew and take over the ship.[38]
One of the neutral worlds considered as an option to take Gan for medical treatment when his limiter implant malfunctioned, but ruled out on the grounds that they had "third level" technology. At the time, the world was 350 hours from the Liberator's position.[16]'


Planet mentioned to have suffered climate control problems after the sabotage of Star One. It was also described as the Federation's main supplier of tropical fruit.[15]
Planet where Tarrant picks up the cybernetics expert Dr. Muller who Avon hopes to recruit to their cause.[39]
An asteroid which contained an abandoned mining station used by the resistance leader Ven Glynd as a meeting place.[6]
Porthia Major
Star system mentioned by Dayna, along with Lubus, as having been re-annexed by the Federation within three weeks, presumably by Commissioner Sleer's Pacification Programme.[29]
A planet whose moon was destroyed by Egrorian's Tachyon Funnel weapon as a demonstration of its power. Egrorian indicated the moon was 17 light years from Malodar.[36]
A possible planet; Tok, a proxy bidder on Domo, took bids for Avon during a slave auction from "Valeria of Prim."[21]


Saurian Major
A Federation controlled planet containing an outpost and communications relay station. Blake and Avon encounter Cally there as she was part of a resistance group planning to attack the facilities.[40]
A world that was hidden behind an invisibility screen. It was considered to be a meteoroid, however it had an atmosphere and gravity to sustain humanoid life on the surface. The inhabitants possessed advanced matter replication technology to which Servalan goes there with an offer to build a new fleet of warships using her one remaining cruiser as a model. However, the planet was discovered to be controlled by a machine intelligence named Moloch which had its own plans for Federation rule.[12]
Planet where Avon and Orac land after abandoning the Liberator which suffered severe damage during the attack on Star One. The planet was home of Dr. Hal Mellanby, his daughter Dayna and adopted daughter Lauren, the latter a child of Sarran origin. Servalan is also stranded on Sarran and she tries to steal Orac and call for help before Avon can capture her. Sarran is populated by tribes of savage, barbarian-like humans led by a hostile chieftain named Chel[18]
Frontier system mentioned by Avon as being threatened by the Federation Pacification Programme.[10]
See Horizon.
"Sinofar's world"
An unidentified world where two powerful beings calling themselves "Sinofar the Guardian" and "Giroc the Keeper" resided. When Blake and Travis have a ship-to-ship battle above the planet, Sinofar summons them against their will to the surface of the world to duel to the death. Note: In his novelisation "Seek, Locate, Destroy," Trevor Hoyle names the planet "Amersat."[41]
Space City
Also known as the "Satellite of Sin" was an enormous space station and one of the last refuges of freedom at the outskirts of Federation territory. The station however is controlled by the criminal organization Terra Nostra who pushes their narcotic "shadow" on the city's people. Blake and company go there in hopes that Terra Nostra would become resistance allies. Instead, the organization was just another front for the Federation who really controlled shadow production.[14]
A gigantic space station used by "The System" androids as their central control complex which oversaw the rule of three inhabitable planets. It was later destroyed by Orac who took over their main computer system. The facility had a hangar bay large enough to enclose the Liberator inside. The System leader, Norm-1, claimed the three planets were once at war with each other and that The System androids were built by one world to fight the war for them. Instead, The System turned against their creators, conquered all three worlds and turned the biological inhabitants into slaves.[42]
Star One
A planetoid in orbit of a white dwarf that holds the Federation's main computer complex. The location of Star One was the ultimate secret, but it was discovered to be situated in the void of space between the Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. From space, Star One appeared to be a metallic sphere that was artificially constructed and covered in geometric shapes. The surface however, appeared naturally rocky. There was also a breathable atmosphere. Various bunkers led underground.[15] Star One's planet, or at least the Federation base there, was destroyed in an intergalactic war.[18]
Federation world plagued with environmental disasters after the sabotage of Star One. It was mentioned that the average temperature rose by 20 degrees, (presumably Celsius), and there was no rainfall for 60 days.[15]


Star system represented at Avon's alliance of local warlords by Boorva.[10]
One of the planets mentioned as having been taken under Federation control through Commissioner Sleer's Pacification Programme.[29]
A planet at war with a neighbouring world of Vandor. Both worlds fight their war through proxies, men chosen from each world who duel to the death in a computer-simulated combat arena. Tarrant learns his brother Deeta had volunteered to fight for Teal in a recent battle, but Servalan has rigged the combat so a conventional war will be unleashed that could kill millions of people. The Federation will then step in and annex both worlds with a so-called "peacekeeping" force.[43]
A bizarre, artificial planet that was constructed over 400 years prior to the series storyline. It was placed in the Sol system near Mars and was supposedly destroyed after it served its classified purpose. Somehow the latter didn't happen and the planet found its way into a region of space referred to as Sector 6 where it was discovered orbiting a star called Delta 714. Servalan stated Terminal's function was an experiment in the accelerated evolution of Earth life. The planet was inhabited by hominid creatures called "Links" which Servalan described as not what humans evolved from, but what humans will evolve into. Another native was a dangerous snake-like creature that lurked at the bottom of a pit. From space, Terminal appeared oval shaped rather than a sphere. Due to its artificial origins, Zen does not refer to Terminal as a planet, but rather an "object". [13]


An artificial planet overseen by a group of blue humanoids known as the Ultra. It is later revealed that the whole planet is one gigantic computer. The crew of the Liberator are forced to land on Ultraworld and serve its computer.[44]
Ursa Prime
Servalan threatened to send Travis to "the slave pits of Ursa Prime."[45]


A world at war with a neighbouring planet called Teal. (see Teal above) [43]
The name Kerril jokingly gives to the unnamed planet on the other side of a space gateway that leads from the planet Kezarn. The people on Kezarn were conditioned after every 35 generations, (roughly 750 years), to seek out someone to open the gateway and lead them to the new home planet on the other side. The gateway led to an ancient spaceship that landed on the world at least 750 years ago. The planet was apparently a Garden of Eden, filled with lush vegetation, fresh water and ground littered with valuable crystals — the later needed for Liberator's weapon systems.[46]
One of the Federation worlds affected by severe weather when environmental systems failed after the sabotage of Star One. [15]
A strange planet covered in a desert of "living" green sand. Servalan goes there to search for a group of missing scientists, (one of which was a past lover), in hopes of learning their fate. The team had just uncovered an unlimited power source before contact was lost.[47]


The next planet, after Helotrix, on a list of worlds to come under Federation control through Sleer's Pacification Programme.[29]
"Web planet"
An unidentified world surrounded by a cloud of sticky web-like strands that trapped the Liberator. Blake goes down to the surface where he encounters an entity known as "The Lost" and his two underlings, Novara and Gila, who have created a genetically engineered species they call the Decimas that they sought to destroy. Blake refuses to help the Lost kill an entire species. Eventually the creatures overran the Lost's base and killed their creators.[48]


Federation controlled planet known as a survey ship construction yard and the training of crews. It was the destination of the Liberator after escaping Krandor.[34]
A remote world which lies outside Federation space. It features deep canyons and ravines. The planet is the location of the underground base formerly used by the salvager Dorian, but later appropriated by Avon and the others. The base consisted of a deep chasm with a landing platform for Dorian's freighter Scorpio.[49] The planet was inhabited by two tribes of humans, the primitive male-dominated Hommicks, and the intelligent, all-female Seska, the latter of which possessed telepathic powers enhanced by rare crystals native to the planet.[50] Near the base was an abandoned hydro-electric facility and a steel bridge that crossed a river. Tarrant and Avon use the power plant and bridge in a trap to destroy an android created by a man named Muller.[39] Avon holds a conference at the base for a group of warlords whom he wishes to enlist in the rebellion against the Federation. The Warlord Zukan betrays Avon and sets up explosives to destroy the base.[10] Avon and the others are later forced to abandon the facility and leave Xenon for good.[28]
Not a planet, but a space research station financed by a neutral consortium. The crew of the Liberator sought medical assistance for Gan whose limiter chip had malfunctioned. XK-72 was destroyed accidentally during a skirmish between the Liberator and Federation pursuit ships.[16]
See Kairos.


Zeigler V
Planet mentioned by Blake as to where he believed his brother and sister were living, but in reality they had been executed by the Federation.[22]
The planet Olag Gan claimed he was from.
A formerly independent frontier planet rumoured to be the last source of gold in the known galaxy. It was described as being somewhat technologically backward by Vila. Avon and company hijack a shipment of black gold from the Space Princess where an anonymous buyer awaits possession of it on Beta V. The buyer happens to Servalan and Avon forces her to give him 10 billion credits in exchange for the loot. She pays them with notes from the Zerok banking system, but soon Orac reports Zerok had fallen under Federation rule making the bank notes completely worthless.[9]
Planet mentioned during Travis' trial by the "Judgment Program" as the location of a massacre of 1,417 unarmed civilians by Travis' command.[32]
Zolat IV
Planet mentioned by Jenna where she and Tarvin, (her partner at the time), hid from 300 customs guards.[35]
Zondar is a world outside of Federation control which appears as an arid desert planet and is the only place where a strange species of plant called Moondiscs grow. The criminal organization Terra Nostra harvested the Moondiscs to make the narcotic Shadow. In dialog, the planet was said to orbit between two stars and thus experienced only daylight.[14]
Planet under Federation control. Avon shows video footage of Federation soldiers on Zondor gunning down random drug-pacified citizens as just one example of Federation atrocities. Avon hoped the video would persuade a group of warlords to join the rebellion against Federation rule. Citizens of Zondor appeared to be identified by a series of numbers tattooed on their foreheads.[10]

Shooting Locations[edit]

Blake's 7 included location filming in England, mostly in quarries and industrialized areas in and around London and the Home Counties.

See also[edit]

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