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List of Star Trek planets (T–Z)

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The fictional universe of the Star Trek canon, which evolved out of the 1966–69 TV series Star Trek, is a vast complex of planets, organizations, and peoples that together comprise an example of the science fiction practice of worldbuilding.


T'Khut – Volcanic planet that shares an orbit with Vulcan.[1]

T'Lani Prime – Homeworld of the T'Lani species.[2]

T'Lani III – World belonging to the T'Lani species which was wiped out in 2370 in a war against the Kellerun species.[2]

T'lli Beta – Destination of the USS Enterprise-D before it became trapped in a cosmic string anomaly.[3]

T-Rogoran – Home of the Dominion allied T-Rogoran species in the Gamma Quadrant.[4]

Tagra IV – The dying homeworld of the Tagran species, whose careless industrialization began destroying the atmosphere. On stardate 46192.3, the USS Enterprise-D undertakes a clean up mission of the atmosphere which proves fruitless. However, young intern crewmember Amanda Rogers (who was unknowingly a member of the Q) uses her godlike powers to save the planet.[5]

Tagus III – Homeworld of the secretive Taguan species who have a rich historic culture studied by the Vulcans (the only species the Taguans allow to visit their world). The Federation Archaeology Council holds an annual symposium in orbit above the planet.[6]

Takar II – Delta Quadrant homeworld of the Takarians species that laid at one end of the Barzan Wormhole.[7]

Takara – Homeworld of the Takaran species (not to be confused with the Takarians), the planet has an inhospitable environment to most humanoid life.[8]

Talarian homeworld – Home of the Talarian species.[9] The Enterprise encounters a disabled Talarian ship adrift in the Neutral Zone. (At one point in the episode, Capt. Picard describes the ship as "Taralian," but the subtitle track spells the name "Talarian.")[10]

Talax – Homeworld of the Talaxian species.[11][12] The Talaxians were known as the Talax-ilzay in their "old tongue."[13]

Tallonian homeworld – Quark is accused of dealing with Markalian smugglers to acquire Tallonian crystals, illegal anywhere away from the Tallonian homeworld.[14]

Talos IV – Quarantined homeworld of the Talosian species, strange humanoids who can create realistic illusions.[15][16] Star Fleet General Order 7 quarantines the entire region against any and all contact under penalty of death because of the Talosians' abilities; any communication supposedly originating from the region is to be assumed false, without exceptions.

Tamar – Homeworld of the metaphoric speaking Children of Tamar species.[17]

Tandar Prime – Planet in the 39 Tauri system. Homeworld of the Tandarian species.[18]

Tantalus – A Federation prison colony where the warden, Dr. Tristan Adams, is discovered conducting cruel psychological experiments on the inmates. The planet is also referred to as Tantalus V.[19]

Tanuga IV – The cloudy homeworld of the Tanugan species, who have a harsh "guilty until proven innocent" justice system. Commander Riker was accused of murdering the Tanugan physicist Dr. Nel Apgar, who was experimenting on converting Krieger waves and had hoped to sell his Krieger-wave converter to Federation enemies as a weapon; the UFP's interest in the Krieger-wave converter had been primarily as a power source.[20]

Tarakis – Delta Quadrant planet once settled by Nakan colonists. The planet was to be evacuated, but the colonists were instead slaughtered by the rescue forces sent to help them leave. A memorial to the massacre remains on the surface which contains a synaptic generator and causes those who stand near it to receive flashes of images and the intense emotions of the event.[21]

Taranko colony – System with a Federation colony. In 2370, the USS Enterprise-D took on medical supplies destined for the system from the USS Lexington.[22]

Tarchannen III – A swampy planet with a thick atmosphere visited by the USS Victory in 2362, to investigate the disappearance of 49 scientists from a Federation research station. Geordi La Forge was part of the investigating team. In 2367, La Forge and members of his search team were mysteriously drawn back to the planet and underwent a strange metamorphosis, turning into invisible amphibious beings that are native to the planet. The beings reproduce by infecting other races with a genetic parasite.[23]

Tarellia – The former homeworld of the Tarellian species who fought a civil war with biological weapons that wiped out nearly all of them. Some escaped into space looking for a cure.[24]

Taresia – Class M homeworld of the Taresian species. The Planet is located in the Delta Quadrant and is populated by 90% females.[25]

Tarkalea – Homeworld of the Tarkaleans.[26][27][28][29]

Tarlac homeworld – Home of the Tarlac species. It is one of three planets ruled over by the Son'a Solidarity.[30]

Tarod IX – Site of a Federation post near the Neutral Zone, which Capt. Picard believed was destroyed by Romulans.[31]

Tarok – M-class moon of a Delta quadrant gas giant, used as a training site by the Ogla sect of the Kazon. Chakotay and a Kazon boy named Kar were marooned there.[32]

Tarquin's Planet – Planet whose sole inhabitant is the alien named Tarquin.[33]

Tarsus III – Location of Starbase 74, where the Enterprise-D drydocks for a computer upgrade.[34]

Tarsus IV – Federation colony that was home to some members of James Kirk's family, who were killed in a mass genocide ordered by the colony's ruler Kodos.[35] Kevin Thomas Riley (Bruce Hyde), one of James Kirk's junior personnel, was born there and lost his family in the massacre.

Tartarus V – Planet where Vash goes off to explore the ruins.[36]

Tau Alpha C – Star system of the home to an enigmatic race of beings which includes one known only as The Traveler. At maximum warp speeds it would take over 120 days to reach the planet from Starbase 133.[37]

Tau Ceti Prime – Planet in the Tau Ceti system. In 2368, Vice Admiral Janeway, (Capt. Janeway's father), drowned on the planet.[38]

Tau Ceti III – Planet where Picard first met his friend Captain Keel.[39]

Tau Ceti IV – Home port planet of the simulation ship Kobayashi Maru. Planet's name was indicated on a readout screen.[40]

Tau Cygna V – Colony where in 2274, the SS Artemis crashed on the surface and the survivors started a new civilization. In 2366, the Enterprise-D was assigned to remove the lost colony of humans against their will when the planet was annexed from the Federation by the Sheliak species. The planet is bathed in radiation harmful to humans but the colonists developed a natural resistance over time. To handle the relocation effort, Lt. Cmdr. Data was sent to planet since he was immune to the radiation effects.[41]

Taurean II – Homeworld of a race of female "Sirens" who have been drawing starship crews to their deaths for at least 150 years. On star date 5483, the male crew members of the Enterprise are lured to this planet, but escape when Scottie transports them back with modified transporter circuitry.[42]

Taurus Ceti IV – Planet where Captain Janeway got her dog, Molly, as a puppy from a pound. Note: The planet most likely should have been Tau Ceti IV since Janeway's father was from Tau Ceti Prime.[43]

Taurus II – A desolate planet near the Murasaki 312 quasar where the Galileo shuttle crashed. The planet is inhabited by primitive hostile giant humanoids.[44]

Taurus III – Location of Jem'Hadar facilities.[45]

Tavela Minor – Recreational planet.[46]

Tazna - There is a frozen dessert on Tazna named Darmok..[17]

Teerza Prime – World colonized by Denobulans.[47]

Telemarius IV – Data offers flowers from this world to Jenna D'Sora, with whom he is pursuing a romantic relationship.[48]

Tellar Prime – Homeworld of the Tellarite species.[49] Non-canonical resources equate the primary of this planet with 61 Cygni.

Telsius – Delta Quadrant planet and home of the Telsian species. In 2376, a mine on the planet was robbed by con artists disguised as USS Voyager personnel.[50]

Teluridian IV – Planet near where Maquis members Chakotay and B'Elanna Torres destroyed two Federation Runabouts who answered their fake distress call.[51]

Tendara colony – Federation colony.[52]

Teplan system – Kira, Dax and Bashir answer a distress signal coming from one of the planets in the Teplan system in the Gamma Quadrant.[53]

Terlina III – Uninhabited planet where Dr. Noonien Soong and his wife Juliana O'Donnell fled after the destruction of Omicron Theta colony to continue their work on androids.[54]

Terosa Prime – Planet visited by Dr. Gideon Seyetik and his wife Nidell. An accident there caused Nidell to lose control of her psychic powers and an alter ego, Fenna, was created. Fenna caused problems aboard DS9.[55]

Terra Nova – also known as Eta Cassiopeia III, was one of the first Earth-colonized planets. Terra Nova was Earth's "great experiment," and was an early human colonization mission, which set its sights on the closest habitable planet from Earth. The world was 20 light-years from Earth, and the early warp drive colony ship heading there took 9 years to reach it.[56] All adults from the original colony were killed after a radioactive asteroid struck the planet. The children survived by going underground and living in caves.

Terrellian homeworld – Chakotay spars with a Terrellian on the holodeck.[57]

Tessen III – Planet threatened by an asteroid that the Enterprise-D tries to push off course with a new tractor beam system.[58]

Tessik Prime – Planet visited by the Enterprise NX-01 in 2152, where a crewman contracted Rigellian Fever and started an epidemic forcing Dr. Phlox to inoculate the entire crew.[59]

Tethys III – A gas giant planet in the Tethys system. Data faked information regarding the system to hide the existence of the xenophobic isolationist Paxan species, a race who did not want to be known by outsiders. The Paxans erased the crew's memories save for Data, because he was inorganic, but made him vow to never reveal their existence.[60]

Thalos IV – Planet known for its black market activity.[61]

Thalos VII – Homeworld of the Thalian species. Known for their unique chocolate mousse, a delicacy made from centuries-old cacao beans.[62]

Thanatos VII – Planet where in 2073, a defective warp core conduit installed aboard the Enterprise-D was manufactured. Unfortunately, the conduit was infested with interphasic organisms which caused the warp core to fail.[63]

Thasus – Homeworld of the discorporate Thasian species and inhospitable to most other races. The crew of the USS Antares finds a teenage boy named Charles Evans (Robert Walker Jr.) stranded on the planet. The Thasians had granted him psycho-energetic powers for survival, which, because of his lack of maturity and the fact that he was going through adolescence—and its corresponding identity crisis—when they were discovered, proved to be as dangerous as if he had been a child with a fully loaded handgun.[64] Because the Thasians were discorporate, Evans lamented, just before being taken back to Thasus, "I-I can't even TOUCH them!!!"

Thelka IV – Planet from which comes a special dessert Picard wanted to serve to Nella Daren, a Commander he was "dating" for a time aboard the Enterprise.[65]

Thera – Homeworld of the Xyrillian species. The Xyrillian female Ah'len took Trip to an image of Thera on her ship's holodeck.[66]

Theta 116 VIII – Gas giant planet investigated by the Enterprise-D after having traced the ancient NASA spacecraft Charybdis here. An unknown alien intelligence recreated a 20th-century hotel/casino from a novel called The Hotel Royale on a plane of frozen methane for the craft's only surviving crewmember.[67]

Theta VII – The Enterprise is scheduled to meet the USS Yorktown to carry perishable drugs to the Federation colony on Theta VII.[68]

Theta Cygni XII – a Federation colony.[69]

Theta Kiokis II – The homeworld of the xenophobic Melkotian species visited by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701.[70]

Theta Omicron IV[71]

Tholia – Class Y Homeworld of the Tholian species.[72] Benjamin Sisko gives Kasidy Yates a gift of Tholian silk which he got from the Tholian ambassador.[73] Data relates that Will Riker calculated a sensory blind spot on a Tholian vessel and hid within it during a battle simulation.[74]

Thurasia – Planet where it only rains twice a year, producing Thurasian Rain Water, a delightful drink which Guinan served Counselor Deanna Troi.[75]

Ti'Acor – Klingon asteroid belt containing a military base.[76]

Tiburon – Planet mentioned as the homeworld of Dr. Sevrin. It is the homeworld of the Tiburonians whose name for the planet is Simeran. It is in the Omega Fornacis A star system.[77]

Tilonus IV – A planet fallen into anarchy that Riker is ordered to infiltrate.[78]

Time Planet – An unnamed planet that had been deserted by an advanced species who created a doughnut-shaped device, a sapient time portal calling itself "The Guardian of Forever," that would transport a being to any place and time they desired. It was first discovered by Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise at an unknown stardate in which Dr. Leonard McCoy accidentally stumbled in, sending him to 1930s Earth. They retrieved McCoy, and left the planet with no definite coordinates so that no ship could repeat any accidents.[79] TAS, however, said that in the animated installment "Yesteryear," strictly regulated historical research was conducted there; but when Spock accidentally erased his own existence, he had to use the Guardian of Forever to undo that erasure, and finally contact with the Time Planet was banned altogether.

Timor II – Planet where the fifth-largest Ferengi controlled pergium mine resides.[80]

Titan – Colonized moon of Saturn.[81]

Titus IV – Planet where Miles O'Brien almost stepped on a Lycosa Tarantula. He takes the spider as his pet Christina.[82]

Tohvun III – A neutral planet near Cardassian space. Captain Picard went there in 2366 to negotiate a Federation-Cardassian peace treaty, but instead, he was abducted and interrogated by Gul Madred.[83]

Torad V – Destination of Miles O'Brien and his wife pregnant Keiko for a botanical study, during which their runabout is damaged, and Keiko injured. The fetus of Keiko's unborn son is transferred to Major Kira by Dr. Bashir and Kira carries the child to full term.[84]

Toranius Prime – While reliving a massacre on Tarakis under the influence of a synaptic generator, Chakotay is promised a week's R&R on Toranius Prime after he completes the mission.[21]

Torga IV – Uninhabited Gamma Quadrant planet rich in valuable "cormaline" deposits. Captain Sisko leads a team there to determine the feasibility of establishing a mining colony so far from Federation space.[85]

Torman V – Planet near Cardassian space where Captain Picard hires a Ferengi smuggler to take him and Dr. Crusher to Celtris III.[86]

Torna IV – Planet where the Klingon Kor became drunk in a tavern and revealed he knew the whereabouts of the ancient "Sword of Kahless."[87]

Torona IV – Homeworld of the insectoid Jarada species.[88]

Toroth – A desert Beta Quadrant planet. Homeworld of the Torothan species visited by the Enterprise NX-01 in 2152. Captain Archer meets Zobral, a terrorist leader, who tries to force Archer to help him fight his political enemies.[89]

Torros III – Planet in Cardassian space where a Cardassian-Dominion shipyard was located.[45]

Tracken II – Maquis colony. In 2373 Captain Sisko threatened to render the planet uninhabitable unless Maquis agents hiding there surrendered themselves and their weapons.[90]

Tranome Sar – Site of a famous Klingon battle.[91]

Trebus – World destroyed by Cardassians.[92]

Trelka V – Location of Cardassian starbase.[93]

Trelkis III – Ringed planet.[94]

Triacus – A planet with a small Federation archeology team stationed there to investigate ancient ruins of an extinct civilization.[95]

Trialas IV – Planet where Dr. Arik Soong fled after stealing augmented human embryos to raise on his own.[96][97]

Triannon – Homeworld of the Triannon species located in the Delphic Expanse.[98]

Trill – (a.k.a. Trillius Prime) Homeworld of the symbiotic Trill species.[99] Ensign Mayweather's family resided there for a time.[100]

Triona – Location of a Federation colony and outpost.[101]

Triskelion – Planet in the M-24 Alpha system, with three suns, controlled by at least three once-humanoid beings, now existing as disembodied entities in subsurface vaults, who once captured slaves ("Thralls") from other worlds and made them fight in gladiatorial games for their entertainment.[102]

Troyius – Planet visited by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 whose people sought peace with a warring neighbor world, Elas, through an arranged marriage.[103]

Turkana IV – Site of a failed Federation colony that fell into anarchy and eventually severed ties to the Federation. Birthplace of Natasha and Ishara Yar.[104]

Tycho IV – An uninhabited planet where Captain Kirk chases an incorporeal vampiric entity down to kill it.[68]

Tyree – Desolate, uninhabited planet where the Prophet's "Orb of the Emissary" artifact was hidden.[105]

Tyrellia – Homeworld of the Tyrellian species and one of the few planets known for lacking magnetic poles. It has no atmosphere.[106]

Tyrus VII-A – Site of the experimental "particle fountain" mining technology.[107]

Tzenketh – Homeworld of the Tzenkethi species, whose Autarch is overturned in a coup d'état.[108][109]


Udala Prime[110]

Ufandi III – Planet near which the Duras Sisters tried to sell illegally mined magnasite to a Yridian smuggler.[111]

Ullian homeworld – Homeworld of the telepathic Ullian species.[112]

Ultima Thule – Planet used by Valerians smuggling weapon materials to the Cardassians.[113]

Umoth VIII – Former Federation colony in the Cardassian DMZ. It was believed Cardassian saboteurs fouled food replicators in an attempt to poison colonists who refused to leave.[114]

Unefra III – Cardassian planet where a secret Obsidian Order safehouse was located.[115]

Uxal – Delta Quadrant planet inhabited by a pre-warp civilization. At the turn of the 23rd Century, the first Earth, warp-capable, unmanned probe Friendship 1 landed on Uxal whose inhabitants reverse engineered its technology and developed their own warp drive as well as antimatter weapons. Rival factions on the planet went to war over technology rights until an antimatter bomb was detonated which destroyed the planet's ecosystem. In 2377, the USS Voyager came upon Uxal and helped the remaining survivors to clean up the atmosphere, thus restoring Uxal's environment.[116]


Vaadwaur homeworld – Planet in the Delta Quadrant, home of the Vaadwaur species.[117] The Vaadwaur were a warrior race, nearly exterminated in a war with the Turei and their allies 900 years earlier.[13]

Vacca VI – An M-class planet in the Cabral sector chosen to transplant a community of Boraalans whose original home, Boraal II, became uninhabitable.[118]

Vadris III – Gamma Quadrant planet where an isolated race resides who believe they are the only intelligent species in the universe.[36]

Vagra II – An otherwise uninhabited planet in the Zed Lapis sector, home of Armus, who holds Deanna Troi and a shuttle pilot captive and kills Tasha Yar.[119]

Valo II – Site of Bajoran rebel camp.[120]

Valo III[120]

Valt Minor – Krios and Valt Minor are two warring planets.[121]

Vanden Prime – Cardassian controlled planet.[122]

Vandor IV – A planetoid in elliptical orbit around binary stars where Dr. Paul Manheim built a secret laboratory to conduct his dimensional time experiments in private.[123]

Vandros IV – Dominion allied planet in the Gamma Quadrant.[124]

Varala – Homeworld of the Varalan species.[125]

Vega IX – A Federation colony whose inhabitants, as James Kirk discovered, were murdered by his mirror-universe counterpart.[126] It is unclear whether Vega IX also exists in our James Kirk's universe. In TNG episode "Tin Man" a Vega IX probe is mentioned which passed through the Beta Stromgren system, but it is not clear if this refers to the planet Vega IX or if this is merely the name of the probe.

Vega Reticuli – Homeworld of the long-lived Vega Reticuli species.[127]

Velara III – A lifeless planet where the Federation had set up a terraforming station. It was revealed that Velara III already had silicon-based life and the terraforming operation was unknowingly destroying them. Apparently close to the Pleiades cluster, since that was what Enterprise D was mapping, before arriving.[128]

Velos VII – Cardassian controlled planet where a Bajoran internment camp was located.[129]

Veloz Prime – Cardassian planet attacked by the Maquis in 2373, who used a nerve agent to drive the Cardassians from the planet. The Maquis later took the planet over.[90]

Vendikar – Planet whose people were engaged in a simulated war with the people of Eminiar VII.[130]

Vendor – Home of the Vendorians, a shape-shifting race. The interplanetary trader Carter Winston crash landed on Vendor, and a Vendorian took over his identity. The Vendorian forced Capt. Kirk to take the Enterprise to Vendor on star date 5148.[131]

Ventani II – Planet believed to be the birthplace of Tret Akleen, "father" of the Cardassian Union.[132]

Ventax II – Home of the Ventaxians, who signed a contract with the mythical demon Ardra. Capt. Picard proved that Ardra was a hoax, impersonated by a woman in a cloaked ship in orbit above the planet.[133]

Verex III – Planet used by the Orions as a processing station for their slave trade.[96]

Veridian III – An unsettled Class M planet. It is the world where Captain Kirk is killed after helping Captain Picard stop the renegade scientist Dr. Tolian Soran from his rendezvous with the Nexus energy ribbon. After a stealth attack by the Klingon Duras sisters, the Enterprise-D suffered a warp core breach and was destroyed in orbit of Veridian III. However, the saucer section managed to separate, and survived a crash landing on the planet's surface. The crew were later rescued.[134]

Veridian IV – Sister planet to Veridian III which supports a pre-industrial humanoid society, the lives of which were threatened by Dr. Tolian Soran's star destroying weapon.[134]

Vico V – Planet known for having a "wildest sky in the Alpha Quadrant".[135]

Vilmoran II – Site of the final genetic clue in Dr. Galen's search for the origin of humanoid species.[136]

Vissia – Homeworld of the Vissian species.[137]

Volan II – Former Federation colony given up to the Cardassians, several colonists rebelled and attacked the Cardassian freighter Bok'Nor.[138]

Volan III – Sister planet to Volan II and a former Federation colony handed over to the Cardassians. Like the settlers of Volan II, some resisted the Cardassian take over and formed the Maquis rebellion.[138]

Volchok Prime – Planet in Ferengi space.[139]

Vulcan – A dry, hostile planet in the 40 Eridani A system that is the homeworld of the Vulcan people,[1][140][141][142] who are also known as Vulcanians.[130]


Wadi – Gamma Quadrant homeworld of the Wadi people, the first Gamma Quadrant species with which the crew of DS9 makes first contact.[143]

Wolf 359 – Uninhabited system close to Earth consisting of a red dwarf star, and location of the Battle of Wolf 359 between the Borg and the United Federation of Planets.[144] Dr. Riley Frazier, former science officer of the Roosevelt, was assimilated at Wolf 359,[145] and Jennifer Sisko was killed in the battle.

Wolf 424 – See Babel.

Wrigley's Pleasure Planet – Planet dedicated to "adult entertainment."[146]

Wysanti – Homeworld of the Wysanti species, in the Delta Quadrant.[147]


Xanthan homeworld – Watery home planet of the Xanthan species, known for its numerous floating bazaars.[148]

Xanthras III – Destination of the USS Enterprise-D.[149]

Xantoras – Homeworld of the Xantorian species.[150]

Xendi Sabu – Star system where Jean-Luc Picard receives the USS Stargazer from the Ferengi[151] and where Picard later searches for Daimon Bok.[152]

Xendi Starbase 9 – A starship repair facility near the Xendi Sabu system, possibly under control of private corporations. In 2364, the Enterprise-D towed the derelict USS Stargazer to the station.[151]

Xerxes VII – Rumored to have a mythological city called Neinman, akin to the legends of Earth's Atlantis.[153]

Xindi Council Planet – Top secret planetary home of the Xindi Council.[154]

XindusXindi homeworld. Was destroyed during the Xindi Civil War.[155]


Yadalla Prime[110]

Yadera Prime – Dominion-allied planet and homeworld of the Yaderian species, in the Gamma Quadrant.[156]

Yadera II – Planet that some Yaderians fled to when the Dominion invaded their planet, Yadera Prime.[156]

Yalidian homeworld – Home of the Yalidian species and supposedly rich in dilithium deposits.[157]

Yalosian homeworld – Home of the Yalosian species, who breathe a highly corrosive hydrogen fluoride atmosphere. A Yalosian ambassador visited DS9.[115]

Yonada – Asteroid with a habitable hollow core and an entire civilization living inside.[158]

Yridian homeworld – Beta Quadrant homeworld of the Yridian species, who are known for their smuggling[138] and illicit trade businesses, as well as the selling and trading of sensitive information.[159] Garak suspects that a Yridian whom he owes money may be responsible for the attempt on his life.[115] After playing darts with Morn, Bashir tells him he couldn't hit the side of an Yridian Yak.[160] The Yridians, whom Seven of Nine describes as species 6291, were considered extinct until rediscovered by Captain Rudy Ransom.[161]


Zadar IV – Federation colony, young Harry Bernard grew up on the planet where his father raised dolphins.[153]

Zahl homeworld – The Zahl homeworld is in spatial grid 005 of the Delta Quadrant. The Zahl are enemies of the Krenim.[162]

Zakdorn – Homeworld of the Zakdorn species.[74]

Zalkon – Homeworld of the militaristic Zalkonian species. Members of the Zalkonian race were undergoing an evolutionary metamorphosis, shedding their physical bodies and becoming entities of pure energy. Fearful of this fact, the Zalkonian government was evilly hunting down and killing those showing any signs of change—unfortunately for their villainy, one such Zalkonian did indeed survive and succeed in so metamorphosing completely.[163]

Zaran II – Homeworld of the Zaranite species, members of the UFP and who were seen briefly in the movies, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The beings appear to wear gas masks.[1]

Zayra IV – Location of a starbase where Chief Miles O'Brien once served and from when O'Brien recalls his encounter with Talarian Hook Spiders which infested a Jeffries Tube he had to work in.[82]

Zed Lapis – Star system being surveyed by the USS Enterprise D when it gets an emergency call from Deanna Troi's shuttle, which has crashed on Vagra II.[119]

Zeon – "Outer" planet of its system, whose apparently peaceful inhabitants, the Zeons, were attacked by the "inner" planet, Ekos.[164]

Zeta Alpha II – A remote Federation colony.[165]

Zeta Boötis III – Also known as Neural, is a planet featured in the TOS episode "A Private Little War" where The Klingons are caught influencing the technological development of the planet's primitive inhabitants.

Zetar – Former homeworld of the Zetarians, beings of energy whose planet was destroyed in a cataclysm. Those Zetarians who survived became patterns of noncorporeal energy who wandered through space in search of a living body they could inhabit.[166]

Zibalia – The home planet of the Zibalian race, of whom trader/smuggler Kivas Fajo, who kidnaps Data is a member. Defending his greed and immorality, he blames the traits on a desperate youth "wasted on the streets of Zibalia".[167]

Zytchin III – A planet where Jean-Luc Picard once sought shore leave.[168]

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