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List of Joseph & Lindsey characters

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Every single main character from the adult animates series Joseph & Lindsey are depicted.
All of the main characters of Joseph & Lindsey, in blue background; from left to right. Row 1: Jeremy, Richard, Claude, Tariq, T.Q., Joseph, Lindsey, Lyndale, Illtyd, Illanipey and Van. Row 2: Lyndon, Hannah, Leonardo, Minelli, Wayne, Donny, Cameron, Avery, Isaias and Basher. Lucius, Mike, Cornelius, and Anna are not seen in this photo because they haven't been the main characters before season 39.

Joseph & Lindsey is an American adult animated web series created by Ernie Brown, Patrick Smith and Jay Randolf using Plotagon. There are a lot of characters in the program, some nice and others terrible.[1] All of the main characters are part of "Joseph's Crew", a crew consisting of adults who live in Joseph's house. Twenty-three main characters are present, however nineteen of them have featured in more episodes than the remaining four combined.

The story centers on two people who are dating: Joseph, a wealthy attorney, and Lindsey, a former fashion designer. Joseph's brother Claude, Jeremy the dinosaur, and T.Q., who is also one of Joseph's brothers, are among the other key characters. A wide cast of characters also appear in the program.

Main characters[edit]

Joseph Ramirez[edit]

Joseph Caleb Elliott-Latrell Marcellus-Nathaniel Ramirez (born May 17, 1983) is the main protagonist who is Plotagon City's richest and most influential individual, and Lindsey's boyfriend. He appears in every episode of the show. He is a competent comedian, an attorney, a cook, an artist, a bodybuilder, a writer, and a comedian. He's most known for co-starring with his Lindsey in his favorite television show, "Love Birds." He has applied for a job as a cook at Dada's diner, his favorite eatery, in the episode "Chef Joseph."[2] Of his four siblings—Theodore "T.Q.", Claude, Gabrielle, and Abigail—Joseph is the oldest. He is the cousin of Lucius Lilly and Richard Macleod-Robertson. He is the founder of an unknown company. Painting, sketching, and story writing were all part of Joseph's artistic repertoire. He avoids meeting his jealous ex-girlfriend, Beryl, who has a history of going to jail and escaping. He will not associate with her because she lied to him. The opening segment of the episode "Time Machine" reveals that Joseph, out of all the key characters on the program, is the smartest since he invented a time machine that he and his friend Joseph Bernard developed when they were still in high school. In accordance with the "Tariq's Mother Returns" episode, he has a safe that is secured by a combination lock with the proper combination "51783," which stands for his birthday, May 17, 1983. Despite the fact that Joseph is 13 years older than Lindsey, they both have the same birthday. His great-grandmother Camila Ramirez, with whom he only shares 12.5% of DNA, is of Dominican descent.[3][4] It was found that Joseph's poor conduct and verbal difficulties caused him to be pushed back a grade in 1988, when he was only 5 years old. In middle school, Tariq and Joseph got to know one another and grew close. In middle school, they were close friends, and in high school, they were the best of friends. In high school, their classes would be nearly identical. Tariq and Joseph were both honor roll students, popular kids, party animals, and class clowns. They also played basketball and football, where they became outstanding players of the sports. It was discovered that Joseph worked at the restaurant Green Curry Plotagon, also known as GCP, in May 2011 following his brother Claude's graduation from Plotagon High School. However, he left the company in October of the same year, citing unequal pay and treatment.

Lindsey Wright[edit]

Lindsey Eliana Marie Wright (born May 17, 1996) is the second richest resident of Plotagon City and Joseph's boyfriend. She was also a successful former fashion designer at a young age, but she left her work four years later. She is one of the three primary female characters of the show. She is most known for co-starring with Joseph in her favorite television show, "Love Birds." Joseph and Lindsey share the same birthday, which is May 17, although Lindsey was born in 1996, thirteen years after Joseph, who was born in 1983. Just like Joseph, Lindsey is the oldest of her four siblings, named Lynne, Rebecca "Becky", Jeffrey and Hailey.

Jeremy the Dinosaur[edit]

Jeremiah Ezequiel "Jeremy" Bishop (born June 5, 1983) is one of the world's surviving dinosaurs. As a gift from his late father, he possesses the capacity to reappear and vanish. Jarrett, Jerald, Johnny, Victoria, and Heaven are his five dinosaur siblings, and he is the oldest of them all. He is one of the bodyguards of Joseph's house to protect him from Joseph's ex-girlfriend, Beryl. Since Beryl is in jail, it is unknown if Jeremy is still guarding the house. Jeremy is dating a white dinosaur named Amanda "Mandy" Porter.

Claude Ramirez[edit]

Claude Benjamin Ramirez (born April 23, 1993) is the younger brother of Joseph and T.Q., the cousin of Lucius and Richard, and the older brother of twins Gabrielle and Abigail. It was rumored that he had to move away from Joseph and T.Q. in 2010, and he came back to them in 2020, however, the rumors are not true. He is the middle child of Joseph's parents. He is also a wealthy resident of Plotagon City. Claude worked at an unidentified job in 2014, but resigned a year later and opted to work as a bartender at Joe's. He resigned from Joe's in 2017. Claude dated Miranda in high school and started dating Carmen in February 2022, while still dating Miranda and in a polyamorous relationship. Claude, his brothers, Lindsey, and others have appeared on the Love Birds program. Only 12.5% of his DNA is shared with his great-grandmother Camila Ramirez, who is Dominican.

Donny the Skeleton[edit]

Donatello Richard "Donny" Marshall (born Donovan Richard Marshall, June 12, 1983) is a talking skeleton and one of Plotagon City's three skeletons. On occasion, he is seen to be strict. Truett, Mike Jr., Blaire "Gerald", Hilda, and Dani are his siblings who have not been featured in any episodes but have been mentioned. In the episode "Donny", Abigail and Claude poke fun at Donny when they encounter him, which causes the three of them to fight. After the episode, they have became friends. It is revealed in the episode "Endeavoring to Fight", that Abigail has a crush on Donny despite the age gap between them. He is dating a woman named Jocelyn.


Dwayne Cleveland James-Clayton Johnson (born Dwayne Kenyatta Jamal Parr, June 21, 1983), better known as Basher, is a well-known superhero who used to solve crimes alone, but now has a team consisting of his siblings and girlfriend Courtney "Masher" Carter. He sometimes talks, either due to his shyness or seriousness, although he speaks more in later episodes. In the episode "So serious!" it is revealed that a child who was inspired by Basher created a book about him. Jeremy granted vanishing powers to him and his siblings in the episode "Basher's Akin Team." He has five known younger brothers named Lamont "Slasher", Martin "Flasher", Jaylen "Clasher", Latrell "Crusher" and Daniel "Rasher", and a sister named Rosalina "Lasher". At some point in his life, his full name was changed.

T.Q. Ramirez[edit]

Theodore Quincy "T.Q." Ramirez (born February 29, 1988) is Joseph's younger brother, the older brother of Claude, Gabrielle and Abigail, and the cousin of Lucius and Richard. He wishes to become a co-founder of an unknown company Joseph founded. He is the second oldest of Joseph's parents. He was a former football and a basketball player like his brother, Joseph. He is in a relationship with Eleanor Riggs. He was previously in a relationship with Lindsey Wright, but because of familial troubles, they split up. He was falsely arrested in the episode "I'll find a way to get outta here", because he was suspected of causing a vehicle collision that injured a woman and claimed the lives of two individuals. He and Van were both born on a leap year day since they were both born on February 29, 1988, the same day and year as each other. It was revealed T.Q. is older than Van. They both celebrate their birthdays on February 28 or March 1 because they were both born in a leap year. Just 12.5% of his DNA is shared with his great-grandmother Camila Ramirez, who is Dominican.

Lyndon the Alien[edit]

Lyndon Julius Jordan Bennett (born June 24, 1983) is one of Plotagon City's aliens and Hannah's boyfriend. He has four brothers named Rene, William Jr., Ezekiel "Zeke" and Aubrey, and four sisters named Lucille "Lucy", Gianna "Gigi", Audrey, and Madeline. Lyndon's two sisters, Lucy and Gigi, are his adoptive human sisters. Lyndon and Hannah's five-year relationship ended at the start of season 16 after she suspected him of dating another woman. After settling their disagreements at the end of the season, they reconnected and began dating.

Hannah the Alien[edit]

Hannah Frida Ross (née Anderson; born July 31, 1996) is one of the aliens in Plotagon City and Lyndon's girlfriend. She and Lyndon's five-year relationship ended at the start of season 16 after she suspected him of dating another woman. After settling their disagreements at the end of the season, they reconnected and began dating. Alongside Lindsey and Anna, she is one of the three primary female characters. She doesn't appear in much episodes as a main character. At some point, her last name was changed from Anderson to Ross due to familial troubles, but this has not been mentioned in any episodes. Hannah is the second oldest of her unknown siblings.

Officer Tariq Pierce[edit]

Tariq Michael JuJu Pierce II (born May 1, 1984) is a long time police officer, and officer Semaj Smith, Michelle Way, and Juliana Patton's employer, and a friend of Joseph. He despises his job most of the time due to a lack of labor from his officers and unjust compensation. He has been an officer since October 2016. He became romantically linked with Anastasia White. He became a substitute instructor at the suggestion of his rookie officer, Officer Smith at Plotagon High School. His time there goes well, and the pupils adore him, notably Officer Smith's sister, Blake, who develops a crush on him but is unable to date him because of the big age difference. Some of the students he meets there begin to irritate him. Tariq attended middle school and high school with Joseph, and the two of them grew close in middle school before becoming best friends in high school. He and Joseph are shown as being the closest of friends. They were the best and most proficient football and basketball players in high school. His name was Tariq Michael JuJu Pierce Jr., however as he was named after his father Tariq Michael JuJu Pierce I, who was murdered by a cellmate in 2020, Tariq Michael JuJu Pierce II is his given name and he is no longer a "Jr." Tariq's father was a "Sr." Despite his father being deceased, his mother Andrea still addresses him as T.J. or Junior. Tariq is the eldest of his eight siblings. Although four of his younger siblings are named Baron, Adelaide, Tallulah, and Lori, the identities of the other siblings are unknown. He is cousins to women named Bethany "Beth", Mike's girlfriend, and Lydia.

Lyndale Bell[edit]

Lyndale Joshua Terrell Bell (born August 7, 1988), also known as Mr. Red or Red, is the younger half-brother of Avery Price, and the cousin of Leonardo Junior-Justice, childhood friend of Joseph, and the high school friend of Illtyd and Illanipey. He is also the cousin of Johansen and Johnathan. Lyndale is the creator and the host of "Love Birds", Joseph and Lindsey's favorite TV show. He is also a good buddy of Joseph and the whole crew. He and Claude are in a polyamorous relationship, with the both of them having two girlfriends. Lyndale is in a relationship with Audrey "A.J." Erickson and Vanessa Brown. It was established that Lyndale and Avery are not full brothers but rather half-brothers; Herschel Bell and Diana Price were Avery's parents, while Herschel and Angela Bell (née Joseph) were Lyndale's parents. Avery and Lyndale's father Herschel was in a polyamorous relationship with Diana and Angela. Since Avery was born in March 1988 and Lyndale was born in August of the same year, they are half-brothers. They have a half-sister called Noelle. Herschel was polyamorous with both Avery's mother, Diana, and Lyndale's mother, Angela, prior to the birth of Noelle, to him and a woman named Sandra. Both Avery and Lyndale were born during the period when Herschel was polyamorous with them. It was revealed that Lyndale has been having problems with his girlfriend Vanessa because of her past actions, and he's been striving to get away from her, but it ends up not working. Avery and Lyndale's father Herschel is also the father of seven children by seven different women, who are other younger half-siblings of Avery and Lyndale. They are:

  • Jemontè Bell (son born to Lavinia Chapman)
  • Jay Simmons (son born to Kimberly Simmons)
  • Herschel Bell Jr. (son born to Samantha Whittington)
  • Marquell Smith (son born to Penelope Smith)
  • Naomi Watkins (daughter born to Beatrice Watkins)
  • Noelle Bell (daughter born to Tiana Bell (née Ross))
  • Jaidyn Spencer (daughter born to Willow Spencer)
  • Andrea Bell (daughter born to Rochelle Bell (née McMahon))

Illtyd Marquis[edit]

Illtyd LaMarion Marquis (born Janaury 17, 1989) is the older twin brother of Illanipey, being older than him by ten minutes. He was one of the workers at Dada's diner. His face is mostly shown, as he is wearing an alien head. In subsequent episodes, Illtyd's alien head was removed, revealing his true face. Out of their five siblings, Illtyd and Illanipey are the oldest; nevertheless, Illtyd is the oldest. He is older than Illanipey by ten minutes. They have a younger brother named Irving, a younger sister named Iris, and a 3-year old baby sister named Kyla. Their other two siblings remain unnamed. They have a step-sister named Charity. Illtyd is in a relationship with officer Kelly Kelly, Tariq's rookie officer.

Illanipey Marquis[edit]

Illanipey Rashad Marquis (born January 17, 1989) is the younger twin brother of Illtyd, being younger than him by ten minutes. Just like his twin brother Illtyd, his face is also mostly shown, as he is wearing a red skeleton head. He is shown wearing a blue tuxedo with sequins. Illanipey stopped wearing his red skeleton head in later episodes of the show. Out of their siblings, he and Illtyd are the oldest, but Illanipey is ten minutes younger than Illtyd, which makes Illtyd the true oldest sibling. They both have a younger brother named Irving, a younger sister named Iris, and a 3-year old baby sister named Kyla, in addition to them having a step-sister named Charity. Their other two siblings remain unnamed. Illanipey is dating a woman named Jessie Wallace.

Wayne Davis[edit]

Wayne Chauncey Michael Davis Jr. (born January 12, 1989) is an employed friend of Joseph's who, along with Tariq, despises his work at Plotant most of the time and wishes to leave, but wants to make more money. He formerly worked at The Plotagon Tech Store. He has six brothers, two named Bellamy "B.J." and Justin, and two sisters, one named Jacqueline, and another one, who is adopted. He was previously in a relationship with Wendy, who suspected him of dating his sister Jacqueline, and broke up with him as a consequence. He is now dating Marie Brown, his former work buddy.

Richard Macleod-Robertson[edit]

Richard McKinley Macleod-Robertson (born April 5, 1988) is one of Joseph's cousins who is a good friend to Officer Pierce, as he has asked him about the concern regarding Boris and Doris's divorce agreement. He is dating two women named Cynthia Rhodes and Zoe Kennedy, making him involved in a polyamorous relationship. He is the oldest of his siblings, he has two brothers named Omarion and Tirell Jr. "T.J." and a sister named Keyondra, the rest of his three siblings are not named yet. He also appeared in an unknown TV show. When Richard was just ten years old, his mother Natasha perished in a car accident. He has an adoptive mother named Stephanie. He is also the cousin of T.Q., Claude, Gabrielle and Abigail, who are Joseph's younger siblings. He is also the cousin of Lucius.

Avery Price[edit]

Avery Jarrett Price (born March 17, 1988) is Joseph and Lindsey's longtime good friend who is a comedian and who had discovered over-priced bread in the episode "Cold Cases". He is the older half-brother of Lyndale and the cousin of Leonardo, Johansen and Johnathan. It was established that Avery and Lyndale are not complete brothers but rather half-brothers; Herschel Bell and Diana Price gave birth to Avery, while Herschel and Angela Bell (née Joseph) gave birth to Lyndale. When Avery's parents got married, Diana decided not to adopt her husband Herschel's last name, Bell, but to continue using Price as her surname. Given that Lyndale was born in August 1988 and Avery was born in March 1988, they are half-brothers. They have a half-sister named Naomi. Herschel had an extramarital affair with both Diana, the mother of Avery, and Angela, the mother of Lyndale, prior to the birth of Naomi, who was born to him and Sandra. Both Avery and Lyndale were born during the period when Herschel was polyamorous with them. Avery and Lyndale have other half-siblings; four half-brothers named Jemontè, Jay, Herschel Jr., and Marquell, and four half-sisters named Naomi, Noelle, Jaidyn and Andrea. Avery is shown to also be good friends with Wayne, as both he and him, along with Minelli, who Avery is also good friends with, work together at Plotant. Jahmireon "J.J." Cunningham and Tiffany Adams, students at Plotagon High School, are distant relatives of him, Lyndale, and Leonardo. He made his debut in Joseph & Lindsey's premiere episode, introducing himself as well as Joseph and Lindsey. Later on, he started appearing often, and during season 21, he was one of the main characters. Courtney is an ex-girlfriend of Avery's that he broke up with because she flirted with his younger half-brother Lyndale, who disapproved of her actions. He is dating two women named Chanel Brown and Joann Anderson. He appears in the first scene of the pilot episode of Joseph & Lindsey.

Van Ramsbottom[edit]

Van Alvin Leonidas Ramsbottom (né Bennett, born February 29, 1988) is one of the main characters seen in The Plotagon Lobby in the episode "The Most Powerful & Dangerous Computer Virus". Joseph, Lindsey, and Avery are his good friends. He became the seventh richest inhabitant of Plotagon City after appearing on the Love Birds show with Chloe, his girlfriend. His catchphrase is "We just might never know." As stated in the episode "Hannah's First Day," he has a fondness for Cajun fries and Green Curry Plotagon. He and T.Q. were both born on a leap year day since they were both born on February 29, 1988, the same day and year as each other. They both celebrate their birthdays on February 28 or March 1 because they were both born in a leap year. His birth name may be DeVanté Leonard Matthias Bennett, but this was neither confirmed nor mentioned. Having six younger brothers, Darnell, John, Reginald "Reggie", JaQuan "Quan," Victor, and Oscar, and six sisters, Grace, Reign, Jaliyah and the adopted Arianna, Brianna, and Abrianna, Van is the eldest of his siblings.

Isaias Lowe[edit]

Isaias J.R. Lowe (born Isaiah Jabari Rashad Lowe, June 18, 1988) is Cameron and Van's childhood friend and is also the friend of Joseph's. He has appeared on the Love Birds show with his ex-girlfriend, Cadence Lowe. He started playing football in his junior year but has struggled to find job since then. He obtained a job as a bartender at Joe's following graduating, but he left in early 2018. Isaias is the eldest of his siblings, he has two known siblings, a younger brother named Isaac and a younger sister named Jalissa. The rest of his siblings remain unnamed. He is well-known for his appearance on the Love Birds show with his girlfriend Cadence. Isaias and Cadence had to split up in late 2021 due to familial concerns with Cadence, which resulted in her moving. The two have began dating.

Cameron Hill[edit]

Cameron Dwayne Hill (born January 1, 1986) is known as being the childhood friend of Isaias and Van. He is a good friend of Joseph and his crew. He has once applied for a job at Green Curry Plotagon when he was 20, but due to racist slurs from customers, he had quit. His siblings include twins Percy and Perry Hill, three brothers named Kenyatta, James "J.T.", and Aiden, and a known younger sister named Leah. He is the eldest of his siblings. Cameron was in the hospital from episodes "The Weird "Bully"" to "The New Student" because after his nameless cousin accidentally shot him in the leg and the chest. He is romantically involved with Josephine Smith, a lady whose name is similar to Joseph's and who bears the same appearance.

Minelli Garrison[edit]

Minelli Ronald Cornell Garrison (born May 4, 1988) is one of the good friends of Joseph and the whole crew. He is one of the workers at Plotant who works with Wayne and Avery. His father Gregory "Greg" was a soldier in the Plotagon War, that occured in February 1998, when Minelli was only nine. A year later in 1999, his mother Carolyn had a miscarriage. He is the oldest of his siblings. He has three brothers named Raheem, Gregory Jr., and Jaleel, and a sister named Edith, the rest of his two siblings remain unnamed. Minelli is the cousin of John Parker and LaJuan Robertson, students at Plotagon College. He is also the cousin of Pamela Briggs, the step-sister of Cornelius. He is in a relationship with Tessa Davies, who has a daughter named Kelsie. Minelli became the new step-father of Kelsie.

Leonardo Junior-Justice[edit]

Leonardo Christopher Junior-Justice (born June 17, 1988) is one of the good friends of Joseph and the crew, and is the cousin of Avery and Lyndale. Since season 28, he has appeared in almost every episode. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has lost his job as a bartender at Joe's and struggled to find a job. He is also distantly related to Johnasen and Johnathan McClain, two twins, and he is also related to Plotagon High School students Jahmireon "J.J." Cunningham and Tiffany Adams. While Douglas "Doug" is Leonardo's younger brother and Didra is his younger sister, the other siblings are unidentified. Leonardo is the eldest of his siblings. Leonardo is in a relationship with Harmony Wilkins, the mother of Abraham "Abe" Wilkins, a serial murderer from Plotagon City who is currently jailed. Leonardo became the step father of Abe.

Lucius Lilly[edit]

Lucius Julius Darnell Lilly (born September 7, 1988) is an enterpreneur, and the cousin of Joseph, T.Q., Claude, Richard, Gabrielle and Abigail Ramirez. He is the childhood friend of Cornelius. He first appeared in the episode "The Secret". He was to appear in the pilot episode of Joseph & Lindsey, but a scene of him arguing with a civilian was deleted. He featured with Cornelius in the cancelled Jay Randolf-produced show World o' Fictional Plots season one trailer, which was also created with Plotagon. He was seen kissing Belle in the teaser for the television program "Love Birds". Belle could be a former girlfriend of his. In no episode has Lucius brought her up. Lucius has four brothers, twins named Matthias and Mathis, Till, one remains unnamed. He has three younger sisters, one named Temperance, two remain unnamed. He is part of a polyamorous relationship, dating two women named Didra Justice, Leonardo's sister, and Anna Johnson, who had a crush on Joseph, Wayne and Lucius.

Cornelius Rodgers-Beasley[edit]

Cornelius Marcus Emmanuel Keenan Rodgers-Beasley (born September 20, 1988) is the childhood friend of Lucius and a good friend of Joseph. He is the ex-boyfriend of Sharon, who he claims to be crazy. He is now romantically linked with Arielle Jenkins. He is part of the camera crew for Plot News 10, a news channel, and became a main character since the episode "Cornelius Stays". It is unknown if Cornelius is still part of the camera crew for Plot News 10. Cornelius and Lucius appeared in the trailer of the first season of the cancelled Jay Randolf-produced show World o' Fictional Plots, which was also made using Plotagon. He appears in the trailer as an irritable man using the elevator. Cornelius is the oldest of his unknown siblings, he has a known younger brother named Josiah and two known younger sisters named Colleen and Cora. He is the step-brother of Pamela Briggs, Minelli's cousin.

Mike Cates[edit]

Michael Latrell Rasheed Jedidiah "Mike" Cates (born December 18, 1987) is a chef, an entrepreneur, and the close friend of Joseph and most of the crew. He works at DaDa's Diner alongside Van and Jerrod the Chicken. Since the "Anna's Best Friend" episode, he has been in every episode. He was dismissed from Joe's, where he had worked before, due to a fabricated complaint. He, however, does not mention this in any episodes. He shares a last name with one of the writers of the Joseph & Lindsey series, Damien Cates. Alongside his ex-girlfriend Brittney Tyler, he made an appearance on "Love Birds," Lindsey and Joseph's favorite TV program. Mike was born in 1987, a year earlier than 1988, as was previously believed. Mike is the oldest of his siblings. He has two known younger brothers named Martin and Marcus, the rest of his siblings are not known. It was revealed Mike is the uncle of a girl named Jaylene; his younger brother Martin is her father. Mike is in a relationship with Bethany "Beth" Giles-Parker, Anna's best friend.

Anna Johnson[edit]

Anna Renee Johnson (born March 15, 2002) is a good friend of Joseph, Lindsey, and the crew. Along with Lindsey and Hannah, she is one of the three primary female characters on the program. She's one of the ladies William has developed feelings for; she also had feelings for Wayne in the past, but their ages prevented them from dating. She said that she started to have feelings for Wayne, Lucius, and Joseph. Later on, she enters into a polyamorous relationship with Lucius. After the "Anna Confronts William" episode, she received a complete makeover; she wore a dark green shirt with the Aries sign on it, white flip-flops, medium pink hair, and dark blue glasses. Her voice grew deeper in the episode "Anna Comes Back". She reappears with a white dress, longer pink hair, heavy eyeshadow, no glasses and pink lipstick. On the other hand, she didn't change her lower body. She became romantically linked with Lucius Lilly, who is also dating Didra Justice, one of Leonardo's sisters. Anna is the oldest of her siblings. She has a brother named Kevin, and a sister named Danielle, who is her second youngest sister.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Gabrielle — Abigail's older twin sister, younger sister of Joseph, T.Q. and Claude, and the cousins of Lucius and Richard.
  • Jarrett the Dinosaur — One of Jeremy's brothers and the second oldest of his siblings. He is a yellow dinosaur.
  • Jerald the Dinosaur — Jeremy's middle brother and the third eldest of his siblings, as well as a cyan dinosaur.
  • Johnny the Dinosaur — Jeremy's third and youngest brother. He's a red dinosaur.
  • Victoria the Dinosaur — Heaven's older sister and Jeremy's second youngest sibling. She's a dinosaur with a peach-colored skin.
  • Heaven the Dinosaur — Jeremy's youngest sibling and sister. She's a dinosaur that's blue in color.
  • Abigail — Gabrielle's younger twin sister, youngest sister of Joseph, T.Q. and Claude, and the cousin of Lucius and Richard.
  • Beryl — Joseph's crazed ex-girlfriend who mostly everyone hates. She is currently incarcerated at the Plot County Jail for a variety of offenses, including violating Joseph's restraining order, theft, robbery, fraud, breaking into people's homes, and attempted murder.
  • Randall the Robot — A friendly robot who dates Wanda. He is the best friend of Joseph, T.Q. and Claude.
  • Officer Semaj Smith — Officer Tariq Pierce's assistant, one of the rookie police officers.
  • Boris — Caillou, Rosie, Cody, Daisy, Agnes, and Amanda's father. He has been a long-time anchor for Plot News 10, which is widely regarded as the top news station in his area. He was seen in the Love Birds show with his wife, Doris.
  • Wanda the Android — Arthur's younger sister, who labels him as frequently untrustworthy.
  • Oliver — A 14-year-old spoilt youngster who is despised by Joseph due to his immature and spoiled conduct.
  • Officer Michelle Way — A long time police officer whose boss is officer Tariq Pierce.
  • Arthur the Android — The older brother of Wanda, labeled as untrustworthy.
  • Carrie — A friend of Joseph and Lindsey who works at The Plotagon Café. In the episode "I need some advice," it is revealed that she has a crush on Joseph. Lindsey, on the other hand, didn't get furious at her for having a crush on him since she and Carrie are closest friends.
  • Caillou — Boris and Doris's eldest son. Rosie, Cody, Daisy, Agnes, and Amanda are his siblings.
  • Doris — Caillou, Rosie, Cody, Daisy, Agnes, and Amanda's mother. She was seen with her husband, Boris, on the Love Birds show.
  • Officer Juliana Patton — Female rookie police officer who is the superior of officer Tariq Pierce.
  • William — Kristen's elder brother, who may be a bit conceited at times. He has a thing for Lindsey and Joseph's step-sister Penny, but they don't like him and despise him for his pretentious manner. Because of that, Joseph dislikes him as well.
  • Rosie — Boris and Doris's second oldest child and first daughter. She has a habit of being obnoxious and inconsiderate. Caillou's younger sister, and the elder sister of Cody, Daisy, Agnes, and Amanda, she is Caillou's younger sister.
  • Penny — Joseph's step-sister, who William falls for in "Attractive Step-Sister." Penny, on the other hand, rejects him, and when he refuses to acknowledge that he has been rejected, she smacks him.
  • Bella — A girl who Lyndon tried to ask out but didn't since she isn't old enough to date him, as seen in the episode, "The Perfect One".
  • Cindy — A woman who is enamored with Joseph and wishes to date him, shown in the episode "Unrequited Love".
  • Officer Katrina Davidson — Another female rookie police officer who is the superior of officer Tariq Pierce, and is one of the security guards in Plotant.
  • Kelsey — A 20-year-old lady who is Joseph's strongest supporter. It's unclear whether she still has feelings for him.
  • Issac — A 12-year-old boy who is shown to be fearless on occasion. He refuses to heed to orders to stay indoors after The Halloween Killer began killing people around Halloween and decides to go trick-or-treating. After being tracked down by The Halloween Killer, he was murdered.
  • Kirk — One of the cookers at Green Curry Plotagon, Joseph and Lindsey's second most favorite eatery.
  • Emily — Lily's twin sister, who is 5 minutes younger than her. Emily's other siblings are Caillou, Rosie, Cody, Daisy, Agnes, and Amanda.
  • Hermine — Joseph's first secret admirer, who frustrates Joseph by imitating him the majority of the time she is with him. Despite the fact that she is 24, she develops a crush on him. Hermine no longer has feelings for Joseph, after it is discovered that they are cousins.
  • Noah — Rebekah's goth lover, who, like his girlfriend, writes poetry, and appeared on the Love Birds show. Because they resemble each other and seem like they appear to be twin siblings, there have been incorrect beliefs that the two are siblings.
  • Rebekah — Noah's goth girlfriend, who developed an interest in poetry writing. She gets a bit irritated when others mistake them for siblings since they appear so similar.
  • Connie — Jonathan's wife, as well as Lindsey's mother. She was seen with him on the Love Birds program.
  • Jonathan — Connie's husband and Lindsey's father. He was seen with her on the Love Birds show.
  • A.J.
  • Gene
  • Miranda
  • Madeline
  • Aubrey
  • Zeke
  • Rene
  • Audrey
  • Brittney
  • William Jr.
  • Xzavier
  • Astronaut
  • Lionel the Chicken
  • Astro the Chicken
  • Charlie the Chicken
  • D.J. the Chicken
  • Jerrod the Chicken
  • Tina the Chicken
  • Jayda the Chicken
  • Veronica the Chicken
  • Lorenzo
  • Lucille B.
  • Gigi
  • Astronaut
  • Milo
  • Charlie
  • John
  • Judith
  • Ulysses
  • Random Car Seat
  • Hanna
  • Blake
  • Parker
  • Jasmine
  • Lamar
  • Vincent
  • Philip D.
  • Cornelius
  • Andrea
  • Joanne ‘JoJo’
  • Cadence
  • Till
  • Tavion
  • Dwayne
  • Adrian
  • Xavier
  • DaDa
  • Perry
  • Percy
  • The Halloween Killer
  • The Halloween Killer Number 2
  • Tyrone
  • Marcus
  • Chris
  • Anna
  • Robert the Elf
  • Earl
  • Tucker
  • Lia
  • Robert
  • Redman
  • Redwoman
  • Tommy
  • Darrius
  • Destiny
  • Damaris
  • Addison
  • Blueman
  • Bluewoman
  • Ms. Paris
  • Vanessa
  • Daemon
  • Jahmireon
  • LaJuan
  • Demetrius
  • Maurice
  • Camille
  • Dalontae
  • Nicholas
  • Scott
  • Jaycee
  • Tiffany
  • Mr. Glover
  • Mr. Hernandez
  • Mar'Cel
  • Henry
  • Jessica
  • Pierre
  • Evelyn
  • Beau
  • Lizzie
  • Katie
  • Matthew
  • Luther
  • Sean
  • Omari
  • Orion
  • Dwight
  • Namir
  • Jackson
  • Kenny
  • Duncan
  • Quincy Theodore
  • Elliott
  • Ann
  • Rosemary the Astronaut
  • Rachel
  • Alex
  • Kenyon
  • Julius
  • Leona
  • Diamond
  • Draymond
  • André
  • Johansen
  • Jazz
  • The Kid Snatcher
  • Peyton
  • Darnell
  • Dorian
  • Gavin
  • Arianna
  • Brianna
  • Nadine
  • The Clown
  • Landis
  • August
  • Jensen
  • Thief Number 1
  • Thief Number 2
  • Thief Number 3
  • Karen Number 1
  • Karen Number 2
  • Karen Number 3
  • Karen Number 4
  • Karen Number 5
  • Karen Number 6
  • Karen Number 7
  • Karen Number 8
  • Karen Number 9
  • Philip
  • Gwen
  • Ms. Crawford
  • M. Russell
  • Lucille ‘Lucy’ R.
  • Oakleigh
  • Georgia
  • Chase
  • Melinda
  • Cody
  • Lewis
  • Carmen
  • Lily
  • B.J.
  • Adam
  • DeMarcus
  • George
  • Serena
  • Samantha
  • Justin
  • J.P.
  • Courtney
  • Bill the Homeless Man
  • Chloe
  • Jade
  • Trevor
  • Victoria
  • Garrett
  • Harold
  • Jerald
  • Tiana
  • Jenna
  • Jordan
  • Valerie
  • Flasher
  • Tina
  • Eleanor
  • Shaun
  • Brittney
  • Jayson
  • Wendy
  • Jameson
  • Delilah
  • Eric
  • Forrest
  • Sylvester
  • Floyd