List of Star Trek planets (A–B)

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The fictional universe of the Star Trek canon, which evolved out of the 1966–69 TV series Star Trek, is a vast complex of planets, organizations, and peoples that together comprise an example of the science fiction practice of worldbuilding.


  • Aaamazzara – Homeworld of the Aaamazzarite species.[1]
  • Acamar III – Homeworld of the humanoid Acamarians, who finally reunited the marauding Gatherers into their world's mainstream with Capt. Picard's help in 2366.[2]
  • Achrady VII – Site of a conference supposedly attended by Lwaxana Troi before she changed her plans to visit Enterprise-D. This is likely a ruse by Deanna Troi to get Capt. Picard off-ship for a vacation.[3]
  • Adarak Prime – Planet in Cardassian space and location of a weapons depot.[4]
  • Adelphous IV – Destination of the USS Enterprise-D at the time Worf handed over the conn to Data for the night watch after O'Brien's wedding in 2368.[5]
  • Adigeon Prime – Planet where young Julian Bashir was genetically modified by his parents to enhance his mental and physical skills.[6]
  • Agaron – Planet whose government was allied to Vulcan in the 22nd century.
  • Ajilon Prime – Lone Class-M planet of Ajilon in the disputed Archanis sector, three days' warp from Deep Space Nine, and home to a Federation colony. Half the residents were trapped after Klingons captured two settlements in the northern hemisphere. Kalanda's besieged hospital was located at one end of a peninsula near a Starfleet base at Tananda Bay.[7]
  • Akaali homeworld – The third planet of the Omega Sagittarii star system. Minshara-class homeworld of the Akaali species, visited by the Enterprise NX-01 in 2151.[8]
  • Akritiri – Delta Quadrant planet with a fascist police state that maintained a prison satellite in 2373.[9]
  • Alastria – A Delta Quadrant planet with a binary star about 40,000 light-years from Sikaris, accessed via the spatial trajector.[10]
  • Aldea – A supposedly mythical world in the Epsilon Mynos system whose inhabitants constructed a planet-wide cloaking device to hide their planet from marauders. The cloak effect deteriorated the ozone layer and, over time, rendered the Aldeans sterile with radiation poisoning.[11]
  • Aldebaran III – Third planet in the Aldebaran system; a longtime Federation member planet on which Janet and Theodore Wallace performed experiments using carbohydrate compounds to slow the aging of plants.[12] It is the location of the Aldebaran Music School.[13] Grand Nagus Zek's nephew Belongo was once detained on Aldebaran III by Starfleet.[14] Dr. Ira Graves, who attempted to cheat death by uploading his consciousness into Lt. Cmdr. Data, wanted to flee to a location in the Aldebaran system, so he could live on with his love, Kareen Brianon.[15] The Aldebaran system is the home of a particularly tight-mouthed creature called the Aldebaran Shellmouth.[16] Scott and Picard share a bottle of Aldebaran whiskey.[17]
  • Alderaan – In 2135, HMS New Zealand was on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.[18] The Bajoran criminal Ibudan, chartered a space flight out of Alderaan.[19]
  • Alfa 177 – Class-M planet geo-surveyed by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 on stardate 1672.1, when a transporter malfunction trapped Lt. Sulu's landing party on the surface overnight during freezing cold that left some suffering severe frostbite.[20]
  • Algeron IV – Destination of the Enterprise-D after leaving Relva VII in 2364. It is near the Romulan Star Empire and the namesake of the Romulan-Federation "Treaty of Algeron" which banned the UFP from developing cloaking technology.[21]
  • Alondra – an uninhabited planet in the remote Federation system of Pallas 14. It was engulfed by a matter-energy cloud on star date 5371.[22]
  • Alpha III – Planet where a code of law ethics known as the "Statues of Alpha III" were written.[23]
  • Alpha Carinae II – Class-M planet on which Dr. Daystrom's M-5 computer was tested in 2268.[24] Note: In Bayer-system nomenclature, Alpha Carinae is the technical catalog name for Canopus.[citation needed]
  • Alpha Carinae V – The home planet of the Drella, an entity that absorbs in love it senses around it.[25]
  • Alpha Centauri – Alpha Centauri is the closest inhabitable world to Earth and was thus one of the earliest planets to be colonized by Humans. In the late 22nd century, Earth-born Zephram Cochrane took up residence on Alpha Centauri and lived there, in retirement, until his mysterious disappearance.
  • Alpha Cygnus IX – Ninth planet of Alpha Cygni, the classical Bayer-format name for the star more commonly known as Deneb. It lends its name to an historic yet otherwise unspecified treaty negotiated by Ambassador Sarek.[26]
  • Alpha Eridani II – Planet where the Redjac entity may have been responsible for various murders in the city of Heliopolis.[25] Note: In Bayer-system nomenclature, Alpha Eridani is the technical catalog name for Achernar.
  • Alpha Laputa IV – Planet on which the USS Zhukov makes cultural observations.[27]
  • Alpha Leonis system – The Enterprise-D is ordered to take medical supplies from Starbase 343 to an unspecified planet in the Alpha Leonis system.[2] Note: In Bayer-system nomenclature, Alpha Leonis is the technical catalog name for Regulus.
  • Alpha Majoris I – Short form for the first planet orbiting Alpha Ursae Majoris. Homeworld of a lifeform known as the Mellitus, which is gaseous in transit but becomes solid when still.[25] Note: In Bayer-system nomenclature, Alpha Ursae Majoris is the technical catalog name for Dubhe.[citation needed]
  • Alpha Omicron VII – A Jupiter-like gas giant where a large space-faring alien was found and unintentionally killed. It was discovered that the alien was pregnant and its baby was birthed post-mortem. The baby was then reunited with other adults.[28]
  • Alpha Onias III – A barren yet light blue Class-M planet with hazy clouds, considered uninhabited until Barash's species was discovered there in 2367. One large cavern 2 km below the surface contains stalactites, stalagmites, and volcanic gases including methane, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.[29]
  • Alpha Proxima II – One of several planets where female residents were brutally stabbed to death in the style of Jack the Ripper. A lifeform that fed off terror and fear was responsible.[25]
  • Alpha V – An Earth colony that was home to some of Charles Evans' relatives in 2266.[30]
  • Alpha-441 – Planetoid which was home to a Maquis munitions base in or near the Demilitarized Zone. It was the original programmed target of the Cardassian Dreadnought missile.[31]
  • Alsaurian homeworld – Inhabited Delta Quadrant planet ruled by the Mokra Order, a military dictatorship suppressing its Alsaurian population while claiming to be helping its self-defense.[citation needed]
  • Altair III – Third planet located in the Alpha Aquilae star system; where Lt. Cmdr. Riker refused to let his commanding officer on the USS Hood, Captain Robert DeSoto, beam down due to a potentially dangerous situation.[32][33] The Hood transported Tam Elbrun to the Enterprise-D after DeSoto had communicated with by-then CDR Will Riker.
  • Altair IV – Fourth planet located in the Alpha Aquilae star system; LT Darien Wallace was born on Altair IV.[34] In 2371, Dr. Henri Roget, of the Central Hospital of Altair IV, was awarded the prestigious Carrington Award for his work in medicine.[35]
  • Altair VI – Center of the Altair system, the planet was recovering from a longtime intersystem war when the USS Enterprise was ordered to attend its new president's inauguration ceremony in 2267.[16] In the Kobayashi Maru scenario, the ship was nineteen periods out of Altair VI.[36] (Inspired the name of the Altair 8800.)[citation needed]
  • Altamid – A Class-M planet within the Necro Cloud Nebula, beyond the edge of Federation space. In 2164, the USS Franklin crash-landed on Altamid, where Captain Balthazar Edison used abandoned technology left by the extinct natives to survive, mutating in the process and becoming known as Krall. Krall woould later launch an attack on the Federation from the planet in the Kelvin Timeline.[37][circular reference]
  • Althos IV – Homeworld of the Bzzit Khaht species.[38]
  • Alture VII – Planet whose protein baths and meditation chambers were simulated by Quark's holosuite. Dr. Crusher wanted to try the program when the Enterprise-D visited Deep Space 9 in 2369.[39]
  • Amargosa – System where the Amargosa Observatory was located. In 2371, Dr. Tolian Soren used a trilithium missile to destroy the Amargosa star in an attempt to redirect the Nexus Energy Ribbon.[40]
  • "Amerind" homeworld – A Class-M planet, otherwise unnamed, located in a dense asteroid belt and home to a colony of Native American Indians that were transported there from Earth by an ancient race known as the Preservers centuries ago. The planet, first surveyed by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2269, was protected from the asteroids by a defense shield obelisk created by the Preservers.[41]
  • Amleth Prime – Location of a Cardassian base in the Amleth Nebula. The nebula's emissions rendered cloaking devices inoperable making a sneak attack on the base difficult.[42]
  • Andevian II – Vacation planet known for its moons and breathtaking landscapes.[43]
  • Andoria – The Andorian homeworld, a frozen M-class moon orbiting the blue gas giant Andor (Procyon VIII), is a longtime member of the Federation whose inhabitants are distinguished by their blue skin, white hair and antennae. Andoria is near the Vulcan homeworld, and the Vulcans and Andorians are (perceived to be) traditional enemies. Andoria is also host to an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, who live in isolation from the rest of their world. The albino Aenar are blind but strongly telepathic.[44][45][46][47] Vulcan ambassador V'Lar negotiated the first treaty between Andoria and Vulcan.[48] According to Data, Andorian marriages require groups of four.[5] It is not known whether the Andor/Andoria system is located in the Epsilon Indi star system (Star Trek: The Original Series) or Procyon system (Star Trek: Star Charts).
  • Andros III – Home of Dr. Bathkin.[49]
  • Angel I – A remote Class-M planet orbiting Alpha Gruis, located near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Targeted as a potential Federation member, no doubt due to its strategic location. Its humanoid matriarchy was visited by a UFP ship in 2302 before the USS Enterprise-D came looking for a disabled freighter's survivors 62 years later. It has no traces of naturally occurring platinum.[50]
  • Angosia III – Homeworld of the Angosian species, who emerged victorious from its war with the Tarsians. In 2366, the Angosians's bid to join the Federation was jeopardized after Capt. Picard discovered that the native authorities had imprisoned its bio-altered veterans on a lunar colony once the war was over.[51]
  • Antede III – Homeworld of the fish-like Antedean species.[52]
  • Antica – A planet in the Beta Renner system and homeworld to a canine-like carnivorous race who are deadly enemies of their system neighbors, the Selay.[53]
  • Antos IV – Home to both a species of giant energy-generating worms and an intelligent species who have perfected the techniques of cellular metamorphosis. Captain Garth learned the ability while convalescing on this planet; it undermined his sanity.[54]
  • AR-558 – Planet in the Chin'toka system of the Alpha Quadrant which is inhospitable to humanoid life. It was the location of a Dominion communications array. During the Dominion-Federation War, AR-558 was invaded by Federation troops and held for five months without relief forces and minimal supplies.[55]
  • Archanis IV – Federation colony world which Gowron wanted evacuated in 2372-73; Sisko says it's "a long way from [DS9]".[56][57] While under the power of a hostile entity, Pavel Chekov once claimed that the research outpost on this planet was the site of an attack on his non-existent brother, Piotr.[58]
  • Archer IV – The fourth planet in the 61 Ursae Majoris system, and the first habitable M-class planet discovered and explored by the Enterprise (NX-01). In the 22nd Century, the pollen of plants on this planet had a powerful hallucinogenic effect that nearly caused Commander Trip Tucker to murder Science Officer T'Pol on suspicion of colluding with imaginary aliens against the Enterprise crew.[59] By the 23rd Century, this problem was solved, and the planet became the home of a thriving Federation colony and was named after Captain Jonathan Archer.[60] In the 24th Century, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) was en route to Archer IV when it encountered a temporal rift; in the alternate timeline created by this incursion, the planet was the location of a major battle in which Federation forces defeated those of the Klingon Empire.[61]
  • Archer's Comet – Not a planet, but the largest comet ever discovered and large enough for an away team to land on it with a shuttlecraft and collect core samples.[62] Note: Proper reference to it should be to "Comet Archer".[original research?]
  • Archer's Planet – Planet in the Gamma Trianguli sector. Not to be confused with Archer IV which is a different planet. It was the Enterprise-D's destination when it encounters a temporal rift.[61]
  • Arcturus IV – Homeworld of the Arcturian species.[63]
  • Ardana – Third planet orbiting the star Rasalas (Mu Leonis A). A Federation member in 2268, despite then supporting two widely disparate castes; the privileged upper-class lived in the city of Stratos, considered the finest example of sustained anti-gravity elevation in the galaxy, while the lower-class "troglytes" were forced to stay on the surface and mine zenite. James Kirk helped end years of mistrust between the two in 2269 while retrieving zenite to stop a plague, and the caste differences were eliminated at Federation request.[64]
  • Argana II – The Enterprise's destination as they leave Eminiar VII for their next assignment.[65]
  • Argelius II – Planet strategically important for its port for space-faring races, especially thanks to its hedonistic and hospitable humanoid natives. It was beset by the murdering Redjac entity in 2267.[25] His stateroom on the Enterprise-D is so spacious that Scotty says it reminds him of a hotel room on Argelius.[17]
  • Argratha – Gamma Quadrant homeworld of the Argrathi species.[66]
  • Argus X – Planet surveyed by the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 where they encounter a vampiric entity.[67]
  • Ariannus – A planet threatened by a bacterial invasion in 2268, until the Enterprise conducted an orbital decontamination.[68]
  • Arkaria – Inhabited planet and the site of a support base for the orbital Remmler Array, where would-be terrorists and local administrators tried to hijack trilithium resin waste from the Enterprise-D's warp drive during a baryon sweep.[69]
  • Arloff IX – Geordi mentions that the starship USS Charleston will make an extended stop at Arloff IX.[70]
  • Armus IX – Riker wore an outfit during a diplomatic conference made of ceremonial feathers from Armus IX.[50]
  • Arret – Counterpart of Earth ("Terra" spelled backwards) in the alternate universe where time flows backward.[71]
  • Arvada III – Site of a tragic disaster where a young Beverly Crusher and her grandmother were two of the few surviving colonists. The elder woman's knowledge of medicinal roots saved them when medical ships were late.[72]
  • Aschelan V – A Cardassian fuel depot in the DMZ near the Badlands. It was the target of the Cardassian Dreadnought weapon which was reprogrammed by the Maquis. The weapon was intercepted first by the Caretaker Array and sent to the Delta Quadrant where it targeted the inhabited planet Rakosa V.[31]
  • Astral V – Federation colony with a museum dedicated to spacecraft.[73]
  • Atalia VII – Site of a diplomatic conference delayed by the Enterprise-D's involvement in Dr. Galen's genetic puzzle.[74]
  • Atbar Prime – Cardassian planet, site of the Cardassian Liberation Front's headquarters. The base was destroyed by Dominion forces in 2375.[75]
  • Athos IV – Planet which was the location of the last pocket of the Maquis resistance who hid below the surface. The group was wiped out in 2373 by Dominion forces.[76]
  • Atifs IV – Planet where the ruling Oligarchy employs a stone-knocking ritual of thanks during mealtime, echoing that of the Betazoid and Oolan cultures' meal chimes.[52]
  • Atlec – Planet located in the Omega Sagitta system. Along with the people of Straleb, its population makes up the Coalition of Madena. War between the planets almost broke out in 2362, when the rogue freighter captain Thadiun Okona was accused of stealing the Straleb "Jewel of Thesia" for Yadar, the daughter of Atlec's leader Debin.[77]
  • Atrea IV – This planet's cooling core magma was reheated by the Enterprise-D while working with its native scientist, Dr. Pran Tainer, and his wife, Juliana, onetime wife of Dr. Soong and co-creator of Data.[78]
  • 'Aucdet IX – Planet with a Federation medical facility visited by the Enterprise-D. (It is spelled with an apostrophe and a small a in the subtitle track.)[79]
  • Aurelia – Homeworld of the Aurelians and a member of the United Federation of Planets.[citation needed]
  • Avenal VII – Planet in Cardassian space that Klingon ruler Gowron ordered a disastrous attack upon in 2375, where all Klingon ships were destroyed.[80]
  • Avery III – Planet in the Delta Quadrant within the Vidiian Sodality. It was the location of a hidden Vidiian base.[81]
  • Axanar – Located in the well-known Epsilon Eridani system. Homeworld of the Axanar species.[82] It was also the site of a historic mission led by Garth of Izar.[54]


  • B'Saari II – Homeworld of the B'Saari species.[83]
  • Ba'ku – Class-M planet hidden inside a region of space called The Briar Patch. The planet had unique metaphasic particle rings that generate a rejuvenation effect on its inhabitants, a lost colony of Son'a who settled there sometime in the 21st Century. In 2375, an attempt to strip the rings of its particles by the Son'a commander Ru'afo and the recently widowed Vice Admiral Matthew Dougherty of Star Fleet was foiled by the crew of the Enterprise-E.[84]
  • Babel – Neutral planet where the Federation Council met in 2267 to determine the admission of the Coridian planets to the Federation. The Articles of Federation were signed on this planet in 2161.[85] Babel orbits Wolf 424, close to Sol & Earth.[citation needed]
  • Bajor – Homeworld of the Bajoran species. It is the 7th planet in the B'hava'el system. The system is known for being near the Bajoran Wormhole which provides access to the Gamma Quadrant. The space station Deep Space Nine orbits near the system.[39]
  • Bajor VIII – Eighth planet in the Bajoran star system with six colonies containing several thousand Bajoran settlers. Its proper name is Andros and it has at least two moons. Terrorist Tahna Los, after picking up the explosive bilitrium from the Duras sisters behind the "lower" moon, threatened to blow up the planet's colonists in 2369 if Major Kira did not take him to Deep Space Nine.[86]
  • Balancar – Alpha Quadrant planet and the source of "syrup of swill".[87]
  • Balosnee VI – A vacation planet (pronounced "BOWEL-us-nee") where the soothing harmonies of the tides can cause stimulating hallucinations. The world was one of Zek's two choices for his first vacation in 85 years after his short-lived "retirement" as Grand Nagus, but he eventually opted for Risa and its "voluptuous females" before faking his death.[88]
  • Banean homeworld – Delta Quadrant homeworld to the Banea, an independent spacefaring culture in competition with its rival neighbor, the militaristic Numiri. During a stop by the USS Voyager in 2371 to repair a damaged collimator, Paris was convicted of murder and forced to relive the act repeatedly through memory implants, the Banean penal method, until a Numiri spy was revealed to be the true killer.[89]
  • Barisa Prime – Federation colony located near Tzenkethi space. In 2371, the USS Defiant answers a faked distress call from Barisa indicating the world was attacked by Tzenkethi forces.[90]
  • Barkon IV – Alpha Quadrant homeworld to a Renaissance-level culture[91] ruled by village elders and a magistrate. A downed probe was retrieved by Data, who suffered memory loss on the mission and subsequently contaminated the inhabitants of a nearby village with radioactive material. He later found a way to cure the inhabitants of the resulting radiation sickness.[92]
  • Barradas III – Planet where Riker was captured by mercenaries led by Arctus Baran while searching for Capt. Picard's killers. Riker discovers Picard posing as one of the mercenaries to infiltrate their theft of artifacts.[93]
  • Barson II – Planet where the Enterprise-D transported medical supplies to fight a viral outbreak.[34]
  • Barzan – An independent Alpha Quadrant planet that is home to a poor but proud race whose hopes for progress based on a nearby wormhole were dashed in 2366 when it was discovered to be unstable.[94]
  • Beltane IX – A trading planet of some merchant marine repute within a shuttlecraft's range of Relva VII. Jake Kurland, a rejected Starfleet Academy finalist, intended to "run away" from the Enterprise-D and sign on aboard a freighter there.[21]
  • Benecia Colony – A young Federation colony with only minimal medical facilities in 2269, when Dr. Janice Lester used them to hide her life-energy transfer with James T. Kirk.[95] Also, presumably, the location of the rehabilitation colony where the Karidian Company was slated to perform, but where Lenore Karidian herself was instead treated for a psychotic break after killing her father Anton.[96]
  • Benthos – Homeworld of the Benthan species.[97]
  • Benzar – homeworld of the Benzite species, in orbit of Securis, better known as Delta Pavonis. One native, Ensign Mendon, served on the Enterprise-D as part of an exchange program. Another, Mordock, became the first of his race to be admitted to Starfleet Academy.[21] In 2374, Benzar was conquered by the Dominion during the Dominion War, and later liberated by Romulan forces.[98][99]
  • Berengaria VII – A planet known for its dragon-like lifeforms.[100] In 2151, the Enterprise NX-01 scouted the planet as a proposed site for one of the Federation's first starbases.[101] In 2373, Winn Adami asked Captain Benjamin Sisko rhetorically whether the Federation would sacrifice Berengaria to protect Bajor from the Dominion.[49]
  • Bersallis III – Planet with renowned firestorms, which occur every seven years. In 2369, the storms forced the Enterprise-D to evacuate the Federation outpost there.[102]
  • Beta III – Planet whose society is ruled over by a computer called Landru.[103]
  • Beta VI – Federation colony and destination of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, before crew were abducted by the entity Trelane to his planet Gothos.[104]
  • Beta XII-A – Location of a Federation agricultural colony. In 2268, an alien entity sent a fake distress call the Enterprise NCC-1701 claiming the world was attacked by the Klingons. It was all an elaborate ruse to get the crew of the ship to fight the Klingons so the entity could feed off their negative energy of hatred and anger.[58]
  • Beta Agni II – Federation colony whose water supply was contaminated with tricyanate by trader Kivas Fajo as a diversion to kidnap Lt. Cmdr. Data.[105]
  • Beta Antares IV – World mentioned as the home of a confusing, and terribly complicated, card game called fizzbin made up by James Kirk in a ruse to escape captors on Sigma Iota II in 2268.[106]
  • Beta Aurigae – The USS Enterprise was to rendezvous with the USS Potemkin at Beta Aurigae, but Dr. Janice Lester, in Kirk's body, diverted the Enterprise to the Benecia Colony.[95] Note: In Bayer-system nomenclature, Beta Aurigae is the technical catalog name for Menkalinan.[citation needed]
  • Beta Aquilae II – Second planet in the Beta Aquilae star system. Location of a Starfleet Academy annex.[34] Note: In Bayer-system nomenclature, Beta Aquilae is the technical catalog name for Alshain.[citation needed]
  • Beta Cassius – another name for the Class M planet Haven.[107]
  • Beta Kupsic – Destination of the Enterprise-D after leaving Starbase Montgomery.[108]
  • Beta Niobe I – Also known as Sarpeidon, this class M planet was visited by the USS Enterprise in 2269 hours before its star Beta Niobe went supernova. The Enterprise crew discovered the natives of the world had escaped their fate by time traveling to their world's past.[109]
  • Beta Stromgren – Star system claimed to be in Romulan territory where a red supergiant was on the verge of going supernova. It is the system where the Vega Nine probe found the living spaceship "Tin Man" (a.k.a. Gomtuu) orbiting near the star. The ancient living ship, apparently the last of its kind, was lonely and ready to accept its suicidal destruction before joining with the Betazed prodigy Tam Elbrun who had been in psychic contact with it.[110]
  • Beta Ursae Minoris II – Location of a Starfleet Academy annex.[34] Note: Beta Ursae Minoris is the Bayer designation for Kochab.[111]
  • Betazed – Also called Beta Zeta V, Betazed is the homeworld of the Betazoid species, and member of the United Federation of Planets. It is the homeworld of Counselor Deanna Troi, and her mother Ambassador Lwaxana Troi.[52][63][112] In 2374, Dominion forces took over Betazed, but it was liberated by the Federation's Tenth Fleet.[113]
  • Betelgeuse II – Homeworld of the Betelgeusan species.[114]
  • Beth Delta I – Planet where Dr. Paul Stubbs offered to take Counselor Troi to see the city of New Manhattan over champagne.[115]
  • Bilana III – Planet where a science institute served as the base of operations for an experimental type of propulsion called a Soliton Wave. The wave was generated by field coils on Bilana III and pushed a test vessel toward Lemma II at warp speeds without the ship itself generating the warp field. At Lemma II, a dispersion field would stop the wave and the ship would exit warp.[116]
  • Bilaren – System with a Federation colony. Amanda Rodgers' adoptive parents were stationed at Bilaren.[117]
  • Blue Horizon – Terraformed planet, the site of a Federation colony. The planet was visited by Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake on a vacation trip.[118]
  • Bokara VI – Planet and site of a neuropsychology seminar attended by Deanna Troi in 2369. Troi was abducted from Borkar VI by the Romulan underground, who used her in a plan to help M'Ret defect to the Federation.[119]
  • Bolarus IX – Federation planet and home to the Bolian species. The planet has an uneasy truce with the Moropa. It sent at least two delegates to the biennial Trade Agreements Conference on Betazed.[120][121][122]
  • Bopak III – Uninhabited Class-M world in the Gamma Quadrant where Bashir and O'Brien encountered Jem'Hadar trying to break their Ketracel-white addiction. Its plants have a high degree of chlorophyll for the planet of a red giant star.[123]
  • Boraal II – Homeworld of the medieval Boraalan species. Its atmosphere suddenly began a catastrophic dissipation in 2370. The Enterprise-D answered the distress signal sent by Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko, Worf's foster brother, who fell in love with a native woman while disguised as a cultural observer and broke the Prime Directive to save her village.[124]
  • Boradis III – Site of the first Federation outpost in the Boradis system founded in 2331, and the first of 13 that have since been settled in the sector as of late 2365. Julian Bashir recalls the time he cured a plague on Boradis III.[125][126]
  • Boreal III – Planetary home port or residence of the non-Starfleet transport ship Kallisko, destroyed by the Crystalline Entity.[127]
  • Boreth – The most sacred place of Klingons (pronounced "bore-OTH") where Kahless was supposed to return. It hosted a monastery for clerics keeping watch until his return and was maintained after their cloned version became Emperor in 2369. Worf went to Boreth to seek the return of Kahless and found a clone version instead.[128] Worf visited Boreth again after the destruction of the Enterprise-D.[129] DS9 had several artistic depictions of Borath on the promenade deck and in the replimat eatery.[130]
  • Borg Prime – The homeworld of the Borg (speculative). The exact location is unknown, but most likely deep in the Delta Quadrant where the Borg control a huge empire, however it is not the center of governance, that is located in their unicomplex.[original research?]
  • Boslic – Homeworld of the Boslic species.[131]
  • Bracas V – A planet where La Forge has skin-dived among coral reefs.[132]
  • Braslota – System with three with planets Totoro (Braslota I), Yuri (Braslota II) and Kei (Braslota III), which were fictitious codenames used in "Operation Lovely Angel", a battle simulation between the USS Enterprise-D and the 80-year-old USS Hathaway.[133] Note: The names were only seen on a computer screen and come from the anime series Dirty Pair.
  • Brax – Planet in the Gamma Quadrant whose inhabitants call Q the "God of Lies". Vash visited Brax while in Q's company, though they were not particularly welcome.[134]
  • Brechtian cluster – System with two inhabited planets threatened by the Crystalline Entity.[127]
  • Bre'el IV – An inhabited world facing the planetwide chaos of quakes, massive tidal waves, and climate-altering dust clouds when its asteroidal moon threatened to fall out of orbit, (until Q helped out).[135]
  • Breen homeworld – The frozen wasteland home of the Dominion-allied Breen species, who must use armored pressure suits when living on many Class-M worlds. Its climate is well-known to off-worlders. Cardassia, for one, has an embassy there.[4][42][136][137][138]
  • Brekka – Native name for Delos IV, the Class-M home of felicium, an organic narcotic used by its natives to keep prosperous after they kept system neighbor Ornara secretly addicted to it for 200 years.[139] Note: This Delos IV should not be confused with the planet of another system, commonly called Delos, that is the site of an established Federation-world medical facility.
  • Brentalia – A planet where endangered lifeforms from different worlds can be brought for refuge. Two of the last fourteen surviving gilvos of Corvan II were transported by the Enterprise-D here for refuge breeding.[116] Worf took Alexander to see the planet's zoo.[140]
  • Brinda V – Inhabited planet where half the population of a small planet was reported to have been transported away by Orion traders to work as slave labor in their mining camps. Constable Odo had read of the incident and initially compared it to the situation on the Yadera colony.[13]
  • Bringloid V – Class-M planet endangered by increasing stellar flares and instability in 2365, home to the 223 descendants of the mostly forgotten Neo-Transcendentalists dropped off by the S.S. Mariposa colony ship that left Earth in 2123. Anachronisms even then, the people took refuge 30 meters below the surface but repeatedly refused to develop advanced technology.[18]
  • Browder IV – Planetary site of a terraforming effort by the USS Hood in 2366, to which the Enterprise-D was bound after helping end a plague on Cor Caroli V. Picard's kidnapping by aliens as part of a bizarre study on authority delayed that mission.[120]
  • Brunali homeworld – Homeworld of the Brunali species.[141]
  • Bryma – A former Cardassian colony site in the Demilitarized Zone where the Deep Space 9 runabouts held off a Maquis attack on a confirmed illegal arms depot amid the civilian center. The system included an Oort Cloud. Commander Sisko worried that a forced Cardassian response to the attack would destroy the fragile peace treaty with the UFP.[142]
  • Bynaus – A planet orbiting Beta Magellan and home to the Bynar race, a computer-dependent culture threatened by a nearby supernova's electro-magnetic pulse. In 2364, natives commandeered the Enterprise-D, the only mobile computer large enough to store their master banks.[143]

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