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Matt in cubicle attire.

Mattowarrior is a musician and social media personality from Madison, Wisconsin.

Recordings (Internet Bad Boys)[edit]

title role
All Or Nothing guitarist, co-writer
'Cause Your Wife Said So co-writer
College Candy co-writer
Cubicle Drone writer, vocalist, guitarist
Electrobilly Zulu co-guitarist, co-writer
High School Delight guitarist, co-vocalist, co-writer
In A Nightmare With Me co-guitarist, co-vocalist, co-writer
Livin' It Up On Unemployment co-writer
Seduced To The Grave co-guitarist, co-writer

Setlist (Internet Bad Boys)[edit]

song year instrument
All American Slut 2013 guitar
All Or Nothing 2012-2013 guitar
College Candy 2012-2013 guitar, vox
Electrobilly Zulu 2012-2013 guitar, vox
Graveyard Gal 2013 guitar, vox
High School Delight 2012-2013 guitar, vox
Hillbilly Cruisin' 2012-2013 guitar
In A Nightmare With Me 2012-2013 guitar, vox
Livin' It Up On Unemployment 2013 guitar
Lucid Dream 2013 gutiar
Pillage Your Lego Village 2013 guitar
Sauk City To Wisconsin Dells 2013 guitar, vox
Seduced To The Grave 2012-2013 guitar

Musical Projects[edit]

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