Me and You - The Israeli People's Party

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Me and you

אני ואתה - מפלגת העם הישראלית
FounderDr. Alon Giladi
HeadquartersTel Aviv
IdeologySocial-Liberal Democracy , Zionism

Me and You (Hebrew: אֲנִי וְאַתָּה‬, translit. Ani ve ata), officially Me and you - The Israeli People's Party, is a Social-Liberal party political party in Israel. It was founded in 2017[1] by Dr. Alon Giladi, a lawyer and doctor for political science[2], with the stated purpose to replace the ruling party in Israel and its ideology.

According to Me and You, it was founded as a response to the lack of a real alternative in Israel to the ruling Likud party in all the fields of government, In lack of a political alternative, as a response to a severe deterioration of the working and middle classes, and as a response for Ultra-nationalism in israel. Therefore, it aims to presents a wide platform on different issues: on social-economic inequality, on foreign policy, etc.[3][4][5]


In 2008, Alon Giladi, a lawyer, published a Phd dissertation in the field of political science by the name of The Fourth Authority: Why is a Social-Independent Authority in The Liberal-Democratic state necessary?.[6] The thesis discussed a theoretical and practical solution to Neo-Liberalism and its consequences, the essence of which is a modern separation of powers in the modern state for the sustentation of liberty and social-economic equality in an equal status – an Institutional change in the state, which will establish checks and balances counter to big corporations and business magnates. Giladi authored the thesis Against the background of a social-economic deterioration, which according to him exists in the working and middle classes, especially because of the privatization of the state in Israel, and it being made incompetent as a defender of large parts of the public against the business magnates.[7]

Giladi had claimed that there had been no party in Israel which offers the public an alternative to the ruling party, in ideology and in practice, in all areas: in the social-economic field, in the field of security and in others, and that crony capitalism is rooted too deeply in existing parties, and does not allow real change from inside them. This had led, according to him, to social-economic deterioration of most of the public, to a rise in anti-democratic nationalism, which he claims sustains the ruling party and jeopardizes Israeli society, and to a creation of an ideological and political vacuum in Israel. Therefore, he decided a new movement needs to be established, the platform of which will, among other things, be based on the ideas of his works, The Fourth Authority and The New Deal.[8]

Giladi was a member of the Israeli labor party and run in the party's preliminary elections in 2008[9], in 2013 and in 2015[10]. In these elections he tried to convince the party to adopt the ideas of freedom and social-economic equality in equal status through a new deal, which would have meant a separation of the party from business magnets and the celebrities, which, according to him, represent those businessman, but was elected to an unrealistic seat. In 2013, he presented his candidacy to the labor party's Chairmanship Against the former chairmen, who represented, in his opinion, the rule of a wealth-newspaper cartel and the degeneration and deterioration of the Israeli labor movement, as was Occurring in other parties as well.[11][12]

In October 2015, Giladi founded Ani ve ata – tnu'at ha'am ha'israelit, which formed the basis for the me and you party. In the framework of the movement, Giladi endeavored to spread the soon-to-be-founded party's ideas, to promote it, and to sign the founders required to establish it. Giladi started to give speeches in the streets of different cities in Israel, which served as events to sign in founders. In these speeches he discussed the problems he sees plaguing the Israeli society, explained how the party is going to solve them, and called for people so sign in. In March 26, 2017, the preparations to sign the party were completed, and the party was established.[13][14]

Me and You states that channels of government, in which the press and the different political parties are included, are blocked to the public, because of the existence of heavily rooted crony capitalism in Israel, in particular, and in the world, in general; Therefore, it supports directly approaching the public and harnessing it, to improve its life and to replace government. In practice, the party endeavors to inform the public directly by holding speeches, demonstration and rallies. For example, street speeches are regularly performed by the party's Secretary-General, Dr. Alon Giladi, which are aired on-live in the party's Facebook page. In these speeches he speaks about the recent events and states the party's position on them.[15][16]


Social-economic field[edit]

Me and You is a Democratic Social-Liberal party, whose platform is the replacement of Neo-Liberalism with a new middle ground ideology which places the values of freedom and equality on an equal footing[17]. Social-liberalism, as promoted by the party, is a practical implementation of the Forth authority dissertation. The principles of the ideology consist of a legal and constitutional replacement of State Privatization and reliance on tycoons, with a modern Separation of Powers, with a constant process of checking and balancing Freedom and Social-Economic equality between governmental bodies and between them and business magnets. The purpose of this separation of powers is to make the state another actor in vital and social fields, counter to the business magnets, and to move towards a social-free market, through a procedural middle ground way, which will act for a proper balance in every issue, towards equal opportunity, the closing of social gaps, and free enterprise for the general public.

Me and You believes that the decline of the middle class and working class is the product of Neo-Liberalism and a lack of a political ideology counter to it; a decline made possible by the placement of a nationalistic ideology which supports it. therefore, according to the party, there is a need to place counter to the system of Crony Capitalism, which it claims it to be, and counter to Extreme Nationalism, an ideological and political alternative from the from the people, for the people, by the people.[7]

Security and Peace[edit]

In matters of security and foreign policy, Me and You sees a vital and urgent need to place an alternative to Ultra-Nationalism in Israel. The party endeavors to promote original and bold initiatives which stress the need for both peace and security. Its stance is that such Israeli initiatives must be implemented with careful reflection on the achievements and failures of the past, as well as on the regional and global situation.[18]

Me and You has stated that the government policy which aims at getting Iran out of all of Syria at all costs, as well as the attacks in all of Syria, is a blunder which will lead to embroilment, and has suggested to focus on establishing a certain Security line that Israel will defend, in which there is no Iranian presence. The party calls for focus on preparing the Israeli Defense Force and the Israeli home front for the danger of war, whilst continuing the efforts to prevent a nuclear armed Iran, and whilst keeping a careful balance with regards to the geopolitical situation in Syria and in general.[19][20]

Me and You's stance is that Israel should preserve and deepen relations with moderate arab countries, out of a realization that without a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and because most of the regimes in these arab countries are undemocratic, a danger to these regimes might be created, and therefore, a danger to Israeli interests along its borders. The Israeli initiative in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, according to the party, must take into consideration the events of the past, which include the second intifada and the rise of Hamas into power, as well as the fact that the Palestinian authority is generally autocratic, and is run out of nationalistic and even fundamentalist interests, which preserve its being in power. The party states that any such initiatives must be done in an original manner, and not necessarily with respect to the Palestinian leadership in question.[21]

internal party structure[edit]

According to the party platform, in the first stage before the establishment of its institutions, the manner of its conduct shall be determined by the party Secretary-General, with respect to its constitution and treaty. After its institutions' establishment, the manner of its conduct shall be determined by democratic institutions which will operate with internal separation of powers, the purpose of which will be to allow contest, influence, and a platform for discussion for every man and woman, and especially, to the people of the working and middle classes.[22]


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