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The First Mobile and Free Pijarowski Republic and Kingdom

Flag of PijarowskiRealm
Motto: Miłość i pokój dla wszystkich.
Love & Peace 4 All.
Anthem: PijarowskiKraj Hymn
Official languagesPolglish (a mixture of English and Polish)
Organizational structureRepublic and Realm
Jarosław Pijarowski
• Declared
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)

PijarowskiRealm (pl:PijarowskiKraj) – The First Mobile and Free Pijarowski Republic and Kingdom, i.e. the world's first mobile micronation located within the human body. It is an artistic project by the Polish avant-garde artist Jarosław Pijarowski, aiming to demonstrate the self-awareness of an individual in the surrounding reality of the physical world.

The idea behind PijarowskiRealm as the First Mobile and Free Pijarowski Republic and Kingdom allows it to travel, move and change its location and become part or representative of other countries, continents or planets, without any limitations in time and space.

Basic information[edit]

Flag and Anthem[edit]

Official anthem with the flag
  • The flag was designed by Jarosław Pijarowski. It consists of two triangular planes filled with colors red and blue (signifying love and peace) limited by two geometric figures of Pythagoreanorigin, divided by a white stripe as well as a white airborne creature, according to the national legend called Great Ptak, placed in the middle field, portrayed in flight.
  • The anthem of PijarowskiRealm was composed by Krzysztof Toczko, arranged by Jarosław Pijarowski, with additional sound engineering by Jakub Pacanowski and Jarosław Pijarowski. Lyrics, mix and production - Jarosław Pijarowski; vocal performance by Professor Wojciech Dyngosz.

The premiere of the instrumental version took place during the proclamation (December 18th, 2021). In the vocal form, it has been made available pro publico bono on social and electronic media, throughout the international community, as well as to the representatives of the academy.

Form of Government[edit]

Pijarowski with the honorary diploma (State President/Prince) Manila 2019
  • In accordance with the life motto and the idea of its founder - the basic values on which the existence of the micronation relies, are ″Love and Peace 4 All″, which is also its official media slogan. The political system demonstrates some influence by republican values with democratic foundations, as well as a number of features of absolute monarchy (referring to the titles and honors that the Head of State received during his activities and international travels).

Official language[edit]

  • Polglish (a mixture of English and Polish)


The above-mentioned life form was brought to life by Eugenia, née Wiśniewska and Leszek, né Pijarowski and delivered to the outside world on the 18th day of the 12th month of the year 1971 A.D. of the Gregorian calendar, in the form of a living organism, in Bydgoszcz, Poland.


  • P!-Ricardium of Jarosław Pijarowski.

Time unit of PijarowskiRealm[edit]

In terms of time, PijarowskiRealm operates according to the Gregorian calendar, as well as its derivatives observed on Planet Earth.

Micronational holidays[edit]

Main holiday:

  • The Day of Doing the Right Thing (type: a movable holiday) – it may be celebrated on any given day according to the official time, i.e. the Gregorian calendar;
    • Examples of activities carried out by the National Bard on Days of Doing the Right Thing, carried out during his life:
      • A musical CD The Man from the High Castle, donated to the center for the blind and visually impaired “Society for the Care of the Blind” in Laski near Warsaw, Poland. It was produced in cooperation with Józef Skrzek, among others.
      • A musical mini disc (“Proteins (the Father's Right), donated to fathers' rights activists (recorded with Marek Piekarczyk, among others)
      • A music video: 365 days - (charity video action) We Are Together, created with the goal of highlighting the social problem related to children with malformative syndrome, and Down syndrome in particular.
      • A poster and a sound form, produced in cooperation with Damian Pietrasik, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian branch of the Polish Association of the Blind.

Many other activities in the field of supporting health care and educational institutions in the field of socialization, as well as various other charities.

Other Holidays[edit]

  • Milk or Water Sharing Day (type: suggested holiday) - established to quench each other's thirst,
  • A Holiday of Avoiding the Self-Centeredness of the Nation of PijarowskiRealm (type: permanent holiday) (every 18th day of the month),
  • Holiday of Holidays (type: movable holiday), i.e. holidays of other countries, nations and micronations, as well as of creatures inhabiting a given planet, continent, country, or city where the First Mobile and Free Pijarowski Republic and Kingdom currently resides.

Culture and art (basic information)[edit]

portrait of Pijarowski by I. Bulla
Cover art of music and book ″OFF - Life without Subsidies″
Portrait painted by W. Walega
String art portrait by J. Karas
  • The National Bard: Jarosław Krzysztof Pijarowski
  • Music: a synesthetic form of the realization of musical notations related to the National Bard.
  • Myths, Facts and Legends of PijarowskiRealm (assorted):
    • The Legend of the Grejt Ptak (Great Bird) - a flying creature, immortalized on the micronation's flag due to its achievements in the outside world.
    • Facts and Myths, including documents, referring to the ancestors of the micronation, specifically:
      • The Family Tree, no matter how short its branches had been cut;
      • The fact regarding the heroic defense of the capital, i.e. P!-Ricardium, by the representatives of academic medicine from neighboring nations;
      • The facts pertaining to accomplishments accomplished;
      • The myth of great procreation in the outside world.

Art and culture as represented in marketing and public relations activities promoting the entire micronation, its founder, or his fragments.[edit]

  • PR initiatives in the form acceptable for PijarowskiRealm
    • National promotion of the Bard, including:
      • voluntary reading of literary forms written by the above-mentioned in every available language and on every medium functioning in the sphere of public communication,
      • voluntary listening to sound recordings as well as viewing of facts and myths related to the above-mentioned.
  • Promotion of the image of the Head of State:
    • Official portraits made by such artists as: I. Bulla, W. Wałęga, Łukasz Wodyński, Leszek Goldyszewicz, Jacek Karaś, Anna Osińska, Maciek Salamon, Ryszard Czajkowski
  • Official photo sessions (already held): Marek Hofman.

Literary forms related to the micronation, including:

  • Official publications containing information about the founder of the micronation:
    • books, albums and other publications:
      • OFF - Life without Subsidies
      • a book by Hungarian authors: A panda ölelése ISBN 978-963-468-052-9 Search this book on .
      • an anthology published in China: Empyrean Stones of Eagle Wings ISBN 978-7-5409-71-39-7 Search this book on .
      • an anthology published in the USA: Polish Poetry Issue ISBN 978-1-7330285-1-6 Search this book on .
    • poems:
      • a poem by the American poet, Denis Mair, Let Us Admire The Lonely Dolphin.[1]

National Media[edit]

  • Twój Skarb (“Your Treasure”) - the newsletter of PijarowskiRealm - an official publication created by the artist, published by DWRB publishing house and the artist's own label Brain Active Records (for many years now releasing records with the music of his creation, including: The dream Off Penderecki, A Requiem for Moments Past, and Living After Life)

The timeline of important events related to the micronation of PijarowskiRealm[edit]


Proclamation of the PijarowskiRealm 2021

The PijarowskiRealm micronation was proclaimed as an artistic project on December 18th, 2021 by the Polish avant-garde artist Jarosław Pijarowski on his 50th birthday, in the presence of a number of public figures, artists, members of academic community and media representatives at the (Cuyvaian-Pommeranian Center for Culture) in Bydgoszcz, Poland [2] Jarosław Pijarowski was unanimously recognized as Head of Sate for life, while all individuals of established identity were granted the titles of honorary ambassadors, as confirmed by trustees present during the proclamation of the First Mobile and Free Pijarowski Republic and Kingdom, hereinafter referred to as PijarowskiRealm. The following individuals should be mentioned from among those present at the time of the proclamation:

To add, Piotr Danielewicz, Maciej Langner, Anna and Jarosław Nawrocki and Jowita Woszczyńska with her husband were also present.

The event was hosted by the veteran Polish Radio broadcaster, Zdzisław Pająk, who played the role of the herald of the event.

Handing over the cast of the heart of the Head of State[edit]

On the day of the proclamation of the micronation, the local representatives of culture and the arts received a plaster cast of the heart of the Head of State of PijarowskiRealm in order to embed it and commemorate the moment as it was taking place at the Cuyvaian-Pommeranian Center for Culture [3]

The Marriage of the Sea[edit]

The Baltic Sea was the first one to be included within the borders of PijarowskiRealm. It took place on January 3rd, 2022, on the Polish coast of the aforementioned sea, at the Bay of Gdańsk near the beach of Brzeźno, which was to serve as an analogy and artistic digression to historical and patriotic events from the history of Poland (Marriage of the Sea), as well as direct contact with a body of water.

Medical and pro-social achievements[edit]

  • On January 18, 2022, the Head of State of PijarowskiRealm was vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 with the third dose of Comirnaty mRNA vaccine at the Antoni Jurasz University Hospital in Bydgoszcz, Poland which clearly proves that ours is the first fully vaccinated nation on Planet Earth.

External links[edit]

[1] - description and multimedia documentation of activities aimed at highlighting the social problem related to children with malformative syndrome;

[2] - description and multimedia documentation of activities undertaken to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Polish Association of the Blind.


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