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Shahrez Hayder
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Lahore, Pakistan
🏡 ResidenceToronto, Canada
🏳️ NationalityCanadian
💼 Occupation
Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Human Rights Activist
🏢 OrganizationHayder Enterprises
King of Systems
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Shahrez Hayder, also known as the ‘King of Systems’ is a Canadian serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and human rights activist. He is the founder of Hayder Enterprises - a company known to build profitable businesses in record times using advanced business-marketing systems and applied psychology.


Shahrez Hayder was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2000 at the age of one. Growing up, Hayder did not display signs of becoming an entrepreneur. He identified basketball as a top passion during his adolescence and his early adulthood, when he began playing at the national preparatory level against multiple NBA stars such as Deandre Ayton of the Phoenix Suns and Josh Green of the Dallas Mavericks.

His basketball career was cut short in late 2017 as Hayder suffered a career-ending hip injury that would lead him to conduct out-of-ordinary behavior that would involve minor drug and alcohol use.

Realizing that he had to face reality and let go of his dream of professional basketball, this depressive and out-of-character behavior didn't last long as he found his pursuit of entrepreneurship.

In 2018, Hayder had just embarked on a new journey into entrepreneurship when he heard the tragic news of one of his previous classmates shot dead at a popular local event, Midnight Madness, held every summer in Oakville, Ontario.

His former high school classmate, Keegan Parkinson, was murdered on July 13th, 2018 as a result of gang-related violence. Earlier that year, two other deaths had occurred in Hayder’s highschool network, both of which rooted from drug overdose or driving under influence.[1] [2]

The transpiring of said events raised alarm for Shahrez, as the town he resided in was recognised for safety and thus awarded the title of ‘Most Livable Town in Canada that same year.[3]

Human Rights Activism & 2018 Candidacy In Oakville Municipal Election[edit]

Determined to spark change and create awareness of social issues, Hayder declared that he would run for local office in 2018 at the age of 19, becoming the youngest Regional Councillor Candidate in all of Canada.

Having a campaign vision motivated by his recent loss of three former classmates, Hayder was in a political race against four other candidates who were all decades ahead in age.

However, Shahrez saw his age as a strength and not a weakness, and by his understanding, a campaign is driven by purpose. “My purpose is to make sure that no young life would be taken by the hands of gang violence, drug abuse, or drunk driving ever again.”

Election Results & Fraudulent Voting[edit]

On October 22nd, 2018, Hayder was the runner-up in a closely contested election race. He received 502 votes, 24.58% of the total ballot cast.

Weeks after the election, speculations of fraudulent voting began spreading regarding the 2018 Municipal Election (Oakville, Ward 7, Regional Councillor Seat)

Oakville municipal election, 2018: Ward 7
Candidate Votes %
Pavan PARMAR 570 27.91
Shahrez Daniyal HAYDER 502 24.58
Nav NANDA 491 24.05
Amir HENRY 371 18.17
Shahab KHAN 108 5.29
TOTAL 2,042 100.00

In January 2019, the Ontario Provincial Police anti-rackets branch received Halton police's request concerning recent allegations of improprieties involving the 2018 regional councilor election for Ward 7.

In May 2019, the OPP announced that with the cooperation of Halton Police, the investigation has resulted in three Oakville residents being charged.

Nirmal and Nanak Parmar, the mothers and father-in-law of Oakville Ward 7 town and regional Councillor, Pavan Parmar (Hayder's winning opponent in the election) had been charged with corrupt practice under the Municipal Elections Act.

These charges ignited a discussion of Hayder possibly being the legitimate winner of the race had fraudulent voting not taken place.[4]

In multiple interviews, Hayder stated that his motivation to run in the 2018 election was to solve underlying issues faced by adolescents which led to the loss of his classmates and that he has never had a political agenda.

OptemaGOLD Marketing[edit]

In April 2019, Hayder officially founded his new company, OptemaGOLD Marketing.

He originally started the company to render digital marketing services to small businesses.

Hayder and his team have since been featured on Yahoo Finance, Fox News, Market Watch, and Digital Journal for their achievements.

As of 2021, OptemaGOLD Marketing is known to build businesses that are focused on elite business-marketing and branding systems to fuel revenue growth.

Hayder’s team partnered with industry leaders seeking to advance their business strategy.

Hayder Enterprises[edit]

As of 2021, Hayder established Hayder Enterprises, a company that is known to build businesses that are focused on elite business-marketing and branding systems to fuel revenue growth. Hayder uses his marketing team at OptemaGOLD Marketing to drive growth and branding to his company, while additionally having several different profitable companies such his publishing company, Authority Sharks.

The King of Systems[edit]

In December 2020, an article by SAS and Yahoo Finance introduced Hayder as the #1 Marketing Expert in their writing "SAS: Top 10 Marketing Experts That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level.".

In the article, Hayder was dubbed the 'King of Systems,' building 8 figure businesses from scratch.

The article also mentions that Hayder is well connected and able to create introductions to authoritative publications including Forbes and Inc.

Hayder does not claim the term himself.|url=}}</ref>

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