Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj

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Yug Chetana Purush

Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj
A Sadgurudev Ji
Dharmshmrat Yug chatana Purush Paramhans Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj
Other namesShri Ramvaran Shukla
Shri Ramvaran Shukla

(1960-12-09) 9 December 1960 (age 61)
Vill-Bhadrawash (Bhadwa), Dist-Fatehpur,
State-Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Home townBhadrawash (Bhadwa)
SpouseSmt. Manorama Shukla Ji
ChildrenThree Daughters
1- Smt. Puja Shukla Ji
2- Smt. Sandhya Shukla Ji
3- Shushri Jyoti Shukla Ji
  • Shri Rambali Shukla Ji (father)
  • Smt. Ramkali Devi Ji (mother)
DenominationShukla (Brahmin)
Notable work(s)Spiritual, Social and Political Welfare
Known forA Truth and omnipotent Rishi
Yug Chetana Purush
Kundalini jagran
Avatari Purush
Other namesShri Ramvaran Shukla
Dharma namesShri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj
Military service
TempleAkhand Shri Durga Chalisa Path Temple
Founder of01- Panchjyoti Shaktitirth Siddhashram
02- Bhagwati Manav Kalyan Sangthan
03- Bharteeya Shakti Chetana Party
Senior posting
GuruMata Adishakti Jagajjanani Jagdamba
Based inPanchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram, post-Mau, Tehsil-Beohari, District-Shahdol (MP), Pin-484774
ReincarnationSwami Sachchidanand Ji Logo.png Search Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj on Amazon.Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj is Hindu Spiritual Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj who has done very complicated adoration of Mata Adishakti Jagajjanani Jagdamba and decided in front of Her to being our society pure vegetarian, intoxicationfree and chaste. Due to this He has founded Bhagwati Manav Kalyan Sangthan, A spiritual organization, Panchjyoti Shktiteerth Siddhashram, A holy and energetic place and Bharteeya Shakti Chetana Party, A political party for nation service.

He has started his working in three way such as Religion service, Nation Service and Service of Humanity.

Early Life[edit]

Shri Shaktiputra ji Maharaj was born in a religious agriculturalist Brahmin family on December 09, 1960 in Bhadrawas (Bhadawa) village, Fatehpur district in Uttar Pradesh. His birth name was Shri Ramvaran Shukla. He was the youngest of all his five brothers and two sisters.

His father, Shri Rambali Shukla, renounced his household after fulfilling his duties of domestic life and spent the rest of his life in Varanasi as Dandi Sanyasi and his sobriquet name Param Poojya Dandi Sanyasi Swami Ramprasad Ashram Ji Maharaj. He had passed away and found place in Samadhi space at Panchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram dham on March 1, 2007 at early morting 4’o clock in situation of meditation.

He was drawn to spirituality since childhood and adored Durga.

Marriage and Devotion towards Aadishakti In 1984 he married Sushri ManoramaTripathi and opened a business which he chose to close in 1987. At that point he decided to dedicate his whole time to spiritual devotion towards Maa Durga ji.

Spiritual Life[edit]

He then took a resolve of accomplishing 108 Mahashaktiyagyas, out of which eight have already been conducted at various places in India and the rest 100 will be performed at his Panchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram.

This Panchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram was founded on 23 January, 1997, where uninterrupted recitation of Akhand Shri Durga Chalisa Path has been going on since 15 April, 1997 till eternity. This holy place will also witness ignition of five divine flames by the power of yoga (yoga-agni) in future.

He has started a crusade against devilish forces and for this, he founded Bhagawati Manav Kalyan Sangathan (BMKS), A spiritual and social welfare organization. Which is works to prohibited intoxication and non-veg from our society and country as well as. This organization is also work on to stability and deviation of Maa Adishakti Jagajjanani Durga Ji to each and every heart of our society. Due to this created the humanity and national unity in our society and everyone live with brotherhood and without caste partiality and touchability.

To balance and pure politics He has founded a political Party name as Bharteeya Shakti Chetana Party on June 7, 2013. By which lacks of people are joining this party to clean our country and fight against corruption, immorality, injustice and unrightousness.


No regular congregations for discources. Only once a year, a three-day camp is organised, whereby most venerated Shri Gurudev ji Maharaj awakens Durga consciousness amongst public at large.

Shri Gurudev ji Maharaj indoctrinates a purely vegetarian, intoxication-free and chaste life. He has made lacks of families completely intoxication-free and purely vegetarian by his spiritual power without using any medicine.

He also wants everybody to rise above the discrimination of caste, creed and gender. He is deadly against the offering of animal slaughter and liquor to so-called deities.

He also wants people to remain celibate before marriage and after procreation of atmost two children. He wants each person to raise voice against immorality, injustice and unrighteousness. His disciples are middle class and poor belonging to all religions and castes.

Organizations Founded
01- Panchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhahsram Dham
Dharmsmrat Yug Chetana Purush Sadgurudev Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj founded a very divine energetic place name as Panchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram dham at 23rd January, 1997 which is fulfilled with blessing of Adishakti Jagajjanani Jagdambe Maa.
1. Location: Situated in Beohari tehsil of Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh state of India, the ashram is surrounded by natural scenic Maikal mountain ranges and river Samadhin lends a serenity and natural beauty to the venue.
2. Daily adoration: The ashram’s daily schedule of worship includes offering of aarti at dawn and dusk, wherein Shri Sadgurudev ji Maharaj personally visits Shri Durga Chalisa Bhawan and Mooldhwaj Mandir(Prime Flag Temple) for the same. Apart from these aartis, an uninterrupted recitation of Shri Durga Chalisa (Eulogy to divine Mother Durga Ji) has been going on from April 15, 1997 till eternity.
3. Mahashaktiyagyas: Shri Sadgurudev ji Maharaj has resolved to perform 108 Mahashaktiagyas to infuse positive energy among humanity at large. In each of these yagyas, he has to sit in front of holy fire for eleven consecutive days. Everyday, He sits in one posture for eight hours, offering oblations in the holy fire pit. He also asserts that at the completion of every yagya, it will surely rain. This fact has already been testified in all the eight previous yagyas performed at various places. The rest one hundred yagyas will be conducted at the Panchjyoti Mahashakti Yagyasthal Temple of Panchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram.
4. Awakening of vital energies (Kundalini Jagaran): Shri Sadgurudev ji Maharaj emphasizes that in today’s environment, it is not possible to awaken complete vital energies (Kundalini Shakti) before seven years of dedicated and exclusive practices.
5. Crusade against superstition: Shri Sadgurudev ji Maharaj is deadly against offering liquor or hemp to so-called deities. He prohibits killing of any creature in order to gain favour of any purported god or goddess. He also says that nobody is ever obsessed by any god or goddess. If someone claims so, he/she is either mentally sick or creating a scene.
6. Lead a purely vegetarian, intoxication-free and chaste life: Anybody desirous of becoming a disciple of Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj has to mandatorily become purely vegetarian, intoxication-free and lead a chaste life.
7. Test of truth for protection of righteousness: Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj has called for the test of truth of worthiness of the realized ascetics by putting forth a challenge on the following points:
a. who has the suitability of going into Dhyan and Samadhi.
b. as to who has achieved his causative body (Karan Shareer) after awakening his subtle body.
c. as to who has awakened his complete Kundalini Consciousness.
d. as to who has the ability to do any type of work whatsoever through his adorative power in the midst of the society.
e. as to who has become one with the Supreme authority, the creator of this world after having His glance.

At the present time, Science has the ability to test the truth. The Lie Detector easily detects whether one is telling the truth or a lie. Similarly, there are other scientific equipments, which can record and evaluate mental waves and meditational abilities.

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