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St. Bear's Town

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St. Bear’s Town is a American-Australian-Canadian-Denmark children's television series in co-production with YTV Canada, PBS Kids, ABC Kids of ABC and Treehouse TV, which first aired since January 1, 2004 and filmed in Silvercup Studios in New York.


Children love playing doctor and nurse. They also love their dolls, teddies, and toys. In the emergency room at St. Bear's Dolls Hospital in St. Bear’s Town, doctors and nurses nurture, mend, and cheer up the doll, teddy, and toy patients who arrive from all over the world - and they have lots of fun, too.

Starring Nicole, Miss Chamomile, Snorer, Professor Teddy, Vanessa Fox, Nurse Penny, Bob the crash test dummy, Pins and Needles the Russian engineers, and Professor Teddy. This series filmed in Kaufman Astoria Studios.


Name Sung by Character Sung by Voice Actor
Teamwork Nurse Penny Cillin and Miss Chamomile Gina Joplin and Shane McNamara
Penny’s Lullaby Nurse Penny Cillin Gina Joplin
What’s News Today? Vanessa Fox Taylor Owynns


Voice Cast[edit]

Name Voice Actor Puppeteer
Miss Chamomile Shane McNamara Frank Meschkuleit
Professor Teddy Tim Gosley Tim Gosley
Nurse Penny Cillin Gina Joplin Jennifer Barnhart and Gina Joplin
Bob Mary-Ann Henshaw Wendy Welch
Snorer Tim Gosley Matt Vogel
Pins Stephanie D'Abruzzo Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Needles Tim Lagasse Tim Lagasse
Vanessa Fox Taylor Owynns Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
Boo Boo the Ferret Jeremy Scrivener Jennifer Barnhart
Ms. Chamomile Jeremy Scrivener Tim Lagasse

Portray Cast[edit]

Name Portray Actor
Nicole Victoria Joplin
Little Jenny Gina Joplin
B1 Ken Radley
B2 Nicholas Opolski
Amy Mary-Ann Henshaw
Morgan Jeremy Scrivener
Lulu Taylor Owynns
Rat in the Hat Shane McNamara