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Tim Abell

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Tim Abell
BornTimothy Shawn Abell
(1958-07-01) July 1, 1958 (age 65)[1]
Manassas, Virginia, U.S.[1]
💼 Occupation
voice actor
film producer
📆 Years active  1990–present
Known forSoldier of Fortune, Inc.
Sniper: Special Ops
Curse of the Komodo
👩 Spouse(s)Georgia Lambron
🥚 TwitterTwitter=
label65 = 👍 Facebook

Tim Abell (born July 1, 1958 in Manassas, Virginia) is an American actor,[1][2][3][4] and former Army Ranger.[5][6][7] He has appeared in over fifty movies and TV shows, including Desert Thunder (1998), The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option (2001), Curse of the Komodo (2004), Super Shark (2011), and Sniper: Special Ops (2016).[8][9][2][10][11] His most famous role was as Benny Ray Riddle in the action-adventure television series Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (1997–1998) created by Dan Gordon.[12] Many of his movies have been directed or headed by Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski.[13][14]


Abell grew up in Maryland and Virginia. As a young boy, he participated in martial arts and boxing. At the age of 17, he joined the United States Army and eventually served in the Army Rangers.[15] While at Fort Benning, he completed Advanced Infantry Training, Airborne School, and Ranger School. He was assigned to the 2nd Ranger Battalion. At the end of his military career he served in the 3rd US infantry "The Old Guard", Caisson Platoon. After five years in the Rangers, he was honorably discharged. Abell began training at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, where he started performing in theatre. He has been in a second marriage with actress and producer Georgia Lambron.[citation needed]



Year Title Role Director Notes
1990 Elliot Fauman, PhD[16] Doug Ric Klass Acting debut
1995 Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold Mark Fred Olen Ray
1996 Masseuse Jack Fred Olen Ray
1996 Fugitive Rage James O'Keefe Fred Olen Ray
1997 Illicit Dreams 2 Jeff Fred Olen Ray
1997 Strategic Command Dino Rick Jacobson
1997 Sexual Roulette Jed Wills Fred Olen Ray
1997 Steel Sharks Cord Rodney McDonald
1997 Rapid Assault[17] James Decker Fred Olen Ray Lead role with Jeff Rector.
1997 Hybrid McQueen Fred Olen Ray Co-starred with Brinke Stevens and J. J. North.
1998 Storm Trooper Officer Randall Tolson Jim Wynorski
1998 Desert Thunder Bobby "Jet" Burkett Jim Wynorski
1999 The Base[18] Sergeant Michael S. Gammon Mark L. Lester
1999 Active Stealth Lieutenant Rab Carter Fred Olen Ray Written by Steve Latshaw
2001 The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option Devlin Robert Radler
2001 Viva Las Nowhere Merle Jason Bloom
2001 Instinct to Kill[19] Jim Beckett Gustavo Graef Marino Lead role with Mark Dacascos and Kadeem Hardison.
2001 Raptor Captain Connellly Jim Wynorski
2001 Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man[20] Jeb Bucknell Anthony Pullen Shaw
2002 We Were Soldiers Army Intelligence Officer Randall Wallace Brief role with Mel Gibson
2003 Special Forces Jess Isaac Florentine
2004 Curse of the Komodo Jack Jim Wynorski Written by Steve Latshaw
2004 Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness Lucian "Lex The Slayer" Slavati Jim Wynorski
2005 Miracle at Sage Creek[21] John James Intveld Lead role with David Carradine and Wes Studi
Also associate producer
2005 The Marksman Lieutenant Carter Marcus Adams Lead role with David Carradine and Wes Studi
Also associate producer
2005 Soldier of God[22] Rene W.D. Hogan Lead role
Also co-producer
2007 Devil Girl Fay's Father Vanessa Kay
2010 American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James[23] Frank James Fred Olen Ray Co-starred with George Stults and George Stults
2011 Battle of Los Angeles Colonel Macon Mark Atkins
2011 InSight Head Surgeon Richard Gabai
2011 Cross "Riot" Patrick Durham
2011 Super Shark[24] Skipper Chuck Fred Olen Ray
2012 Snow White: A Deadly Summer Hunter David DeCoteau
2012 Collision Course[2] Ned Hatch Fred Olen Ray
2012 Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood[25] Jim Vance Fred Olen Ray
2013 Summoned George Harris Peter Sullivan
2013 Clubhouse[26] Robert Yuri Shapochka Lead role with Leslie Easterbrook and Dimitri Diatchenko.
Alao co-producer
2014 Road to the Open[27] Tournament Umpire Cole Claassen
2014 Fatal Acquittal[28] Luke Miller Sam Irvin Co-starred with Joely Fisher and Patrick Muldoon.
2014 Mercenaries[29] Grigori Babishkov Christopher Olen Ray
2014 After Midnight[30] John Fred Olen Ray
2014 Subconscious Peter Williams Georgia Hilton Lead role
2015 Mega Shark vs. Kolossus Ivan Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray
2015 Rodeo & Juliet[31] Hugh Anderson Thadd Turner Lead role with Krista Allen
2016 Sniper: Special Ops[32] Sergeant Vic Mosby Fred Olen Ray Lead role with Steven Seagal and Rob Van Dam
2016 The Happys[27] The Cinematographer Tom Gould and John Serpe
2017 Cross Wars[33] "Riot" Tom Gould and John Serpe Sequel of 2011 film Cross.
Co-starred with Vinnie Jones, Brian Austin Green and Danny Trejo.
Also producer
2017 Inheritance[34][35] Frank Morse Tyler Savage Co-starred with Drew Powell and Dale Dickey.
2017 Circus Kane[36][37][6] Balthazar Kane Christopher Olen Ray Lead role with Jonathan Lipnicki and Victoria Konefal.
2019 Princess of the Row[27] Junk Yard Owner Max Carlson
2019 MBF: Man's Best Friend[38] Robert Landings Anthony Hornus Co-starred with DJ Perry and Don Most.
2019 Cross: Rise of the Villains[39] "Riot" Patrick Durham Sequel to Cross Wars (2017) and Cross (2011)
TBA American Desert[40] Jason Adrian Bartol Co-starred with Ruby Modine and Michael Ironside.


Year Title Role Notes
1997–1998 Soldier of Fortune, Inc.[41][12] Benny Ray Riddle Lead role
1999 Seven Days[42] Sergeant Higgins Season: 2, Episode: 4 (Guest role)
2000 JAG[43] Lieutenant Jenarette Season: 5, Episode: 14 (Guest role)
2004 NCIS[44] Jack D. Curtin Season: 1, Episode: 1 (Guest role)
2004 CSI: Miami[45] Donny Slater Season: 3, Episode: 4 (Guest role)
2006 CSI: NY[46] Jeb Bucknell Season: 3, Episode: 10 (Guest role)
2013 Sons of Anarchy[47] Sheriff Hayes Season: 6, Episode: 11 (Guest role)
2015–2018 Grateful Nation[7] Himself (Host) 22 Episodes
2016 Criminal Minds[48] Earl Roy Everton Season: 12, Episode: 18 (Guest role)
2018 Z Nation[49] George Mason Season: 5, Episode: 7 (Guest role)

Voice acting[edit]

Tim has also done voice acting for various productions including Greenland, Bright, Suicide Squad, Fury, Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, The Good Wife, Warm Bodies, and Zero Dark Thirty.[50]


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