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Yaron Meiri

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Yaron Meiri
File:Yaron Meiri 2 (2).jpg
Born (1963-10-23) October 23, 1963 (age 60)
Rehovot, Israel
🏳️ NationalityIsraeli
🏳️ CitizenshipIsrael
💼 Occupation
Artist, Director, Choreographer, Musician & Artistic advisor
Known forOwner and CEO of Orpan Group

Yaron Meiri (born October 23, 1963) is an Israeli artist, director, choreographer, musician and artistic advisor.[1] He is known for designing and establishing several museums, visitor centers and tourist attractions in Israel and around the world.[1] He is the current owner and CEO of Orpan Group an arts designing company.[2][3]

Early Life[edit]

Meiri was born to Iraqi parents who migrated to Israel. He grew up and was educated in the city of Rehovot, Israel. As a child he was active in the Boy Scout movement, initially as an apprentice and then also as a mentor and elected for a representative band for the 4-month tour of the United States. He also learned music and how to play various types of musical instruments, including accordion, piano, guitar and drums. At the same time, he experimented with the performing arts, like drama, theater and all kinds of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, folk and modern ballet).

Education and military service[edit]

Meiri graduated from Tel Aviv University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree while still serving in the Israel Defense Forces. After completing his degree, he served as an intelligence officer from 1981-1989 within the Israel Defense Forces. Later, he studied for his PhD after majoring in the fields of Middle East studies, Arab literature and history.[4]

As part of his training and studies for PhD in Middle Eastern history, Meiri taught in many educational settings and developed multiple educational programs for both schools and educational television channels.[4] After the military service, he continued to study television subjects and went on to explore other languages, such as German, Italian and Persian.[4]


Music and entertainment[edit]

In the late 1980s, Meiri entered the entertainment business: directing various entertainment shows, television shows and plays. In 1999, he founded a production company known as Good Company.[5] He staged a lot of fashion shows and Spectacles for leading Israeli and international companies such as Coca-Cola, Osem, Discount Bank and more.[6]

Meiri led projects as a strategic political advisor, wrote and directed electioneering and served as a consultant to leading international companies such as JLL and the Euro-Asian division of Coca Cola.[7]

He also served as a strategic consultant, writer and a partner of directors team at Ehud Barak's election headquarters, advising various international companies, musically producing senior Israeli artists and producing performances various media.[8]

In 2002, Meiri joined Orpan Group, an Israeli company that designs and constructs museums, visitor centers and tourist attractions. Meiri later became the owner and CEO of the company.[9][10]

During his work in Orpan, Meiri was a partner in a number of international tourism ventures, including the foundation of the theme attractions such as TimeElevators (Rome, Jerusalem, Agra and more).[9]


As a choreographer, Meiri worked in Israel and overseas. He worked with various artists such as Yehoram Gaon, Dudu Dotan, Moti Giladi, and others. He has built many works of choreography for many artistic projects and televisions. These include: "Pre-Eurovision shows", dance works and more.[11]

Meiri has carried out several exhibitions for major international companies such as Teva, NDS, Local Government Economic Services in Ashdod and Barcelona.[12] He has staged shows for state and corporate events.[12]

Meiri has designed and conceptualized museums.[13] Among them include:

Meiri was chosen to be the chief artistic director of the Bible park in Israel.[14] He has designed and conceptualized several visitor centers. Among them include:

  • Center of Senses - Coca-Cola's Visitor center, Israel
  • Carlsberg's Beer Center, Ashkelon, Israel
  • ANA educational Modules – Interactive educational Center, Masada, Pki’in, Tel-Chai (Israel)
  • Portable educational modules of the Yad Vashem Museum
  • Innovation Center - Smart Cities - Tel Aviv MIC

As an artistic consultant and advisor, Meiri has worked for companies like Coca-Cola, Ferrari, as well as mass entertainment productions, musicals in Germany and Italy, commercials, show reels, musical manager for various groups and albums etc.[2]

In 2020. Meiri was elected as special adviser to the Prime Minister's Office and the Jerusalem City Development Authority for matters of national commemoration. In addition. Meiri is one of the planners of the virtual Jewish museum in Madrid.

Meiri serves as a consultant to the International consulting firm Deloitte and for the Israeli Governmental Tourism Company.

In 2022, Meiri was appointed an authorized representative of the Israeli Center for Local Government (known as Mashcal) for the distribution of the MiC concept (Municipal Innovation Center) to local municipal authorities around the world. The global distribution of the municipal innovation centers and the professional network accompanying the concept, are expected to develop under the name GMiC (Global Municipal Innovation Center).

Artistic style[edit]

Because of his experience combining many stage arts (music, dance, theater, television) - Meiri develops a unique work style that combines many disciplines and thus maximizes the artistic medium to other levels of practice. Within this framework - he has also developed unique work interfaces that include music programming, theater media combinations, etc.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Meiri is married to Dana, whom he knew during his military service and they have 3 children. In 2008, his youngest son had AVM: congenital malformation of the blood vessels of the brain. After the illness, Meiri wrote and published his book: Straight to the Brain.[15]


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