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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (Classic)

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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Classic is a horror video game based on creepy and bad edutainment games from the 1990's. It originally came out on March 31, 2018 and was made by Micah McGonigal and Basically Games.


You play the role of an unidentified student at Baldi's Schoolhouse. Your 'friend' forgot his 7 notebooks at the schoolhouse and tasks you with collecting them, as they are unable to because they have to go to eating practice. The player enters the schoolhouse and is greeted by Baldi. The player quickly realizes that they can only get each notebook if they answer three simple math questions. After the player collects the first notebook, Baldi gives them a quarter. (This is assuming they get every question right.) After the first notebook, the third question has no possible answer. Baldi inevitably gets angry, and chases the player around the schoolhouse with a ruler while the player attempts to collect all the notebooks without being caught by Baldi, using various items and characters to aid their task.


Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Classic uses standard controls, with some variation:

  • WASD for movement
  • Mouse for looking
  • Shift for sprinting; limited by a meter (Unless the player has used a Energy Flavored Zesty Bar within 30 seconds.)
  • Left Mouse Button for interactions and picking up items.
  • Right Mouse Button for using items.
  • Scroll Wheel/Number Keys for selecting items in the hotbar.
  • Space to look behind you.

In Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Classic, the goal is to collect all 7 notebooks without being caught by Baldi. The player first starts in the starting area, and cannot open double-doors until they collect the first two notebooks. Baldi will pose three questions to the player before they can obtain the notebook. From the second book onward, the third question for each book will be impossible. (There is an Easter Egg, where if the player answers 31718 to the question, the game will teleport the player into the test room. There is no way to exit this room.) The player must collect all 7 notebooks, upon which the exits will be activated, the game will turn red, and music will play. When this happens, the player must beat Baldi to the exits, or else they will be caught. When the player reaches the exits, the game ends. (There is a secret ending if the player gets every question wrong.)


Baldi's AI is surprisingly complex for a simple game. Baldi's AI can be divided into 3 phases: Wander Phase, Chase Phase, and Listening Phase.

  • Wander Phase: If Baldi has not seen the player for two hallway turns or has not heard a player generated noise, then Baldi wanders. He does this by picking a random point in the hallway or a room, and travelling there. If he reaches his destination, then he picks a new one. This continues until Baldi hears a noise generated by the player or sees them, upon which he will change phases immediately, even if he hasn't reached his target.
  • Chase Phase: If Baldi sees the player, he will follow them no matter what (Note: The tape player forces Baldi into wander phase, the Baldi's Least Favorite Tape will actually make Baldi move away from the player, and the alarm clock forces Baldi to go to its location. These are the sole exceptions.) If the player moves out of sight, Baldi will continue to move to the last point he saw the player to see where they went. He will do this as long as he has seen the player in less then two hallway turns.
  • Listening Phase: What makes Baldi so dangerous is the listening phase. If Baldi hears a noise he thinks is from the player, he will follow it, unless he is in the Chase Phase or the exceptions detailed earlier. Baldi's hearing has a tier system, where certain noises are more important then others. This means if Baldi is following a noise and hears a noise with a higher tier, he will ignore the old noise and follow the new noise immediately. Similarly, if Baldi is following a noise, he will ignore all noises with lower tiers then the one he is following.

Baldi moves 10 frames toward his target when he slaps his ruler, which normally is 3 seconds per interval. But the intervals are shortened the more angry Baldi is. If you incorrectly answer an impossible question, Baldi's anger is increased permanently. If you incorrectly answer a possible question, Baldi adds a special type of anger that dissipates over time. The key to avoiding Baldi is knowing how to lose him and initiate phase changes to distract him.

The Principal of the Thing is the principal of the schoolhouse, who is serious about rules and enforcing them. His AI, similarly to Baldi's, has 3 phases:

  • Wander Phase: Works exactly like Baldi's.
  • Chase Phase: If the Principal of the Thing sees a player violate a rule for more then half a second, he will chase the player and put them into detention. There is no way to avoid this; the player may delay it by running away or using the BSoda, but will fail in stopping him. The Principal of the Thing's Rules are: No Running, No entering faculty rooms, No bullying, No drinking, No escaping detention, No fourth wall breaks. The first time a player gets caught breaking a rule, they will be given 15 seconds of detention; the second time 30; the third time 45; the fourth time 60; and every time after that 99 seconds. The player can either wait out detention or escape using the detention room key.
  • Bully-Busting Phase: Interestingly, if the Principal of the Thing sees a bully say something incriminating, he will go to where the bully is and deactivate him.

Playtime is a shy deaf girl who only wants friends. She wanders similarly to Baldi, but if she sees the player, she will chase them, and move faster then normal. If Playtime catches the player, they are forced to play jump rope with her. There are two ways to avoid playing jump rope with Playtime: To break her rope or to be somehow moved away from her. Whatever terminating condition is met, she will leave the player alone for 15 seconds.

It's a Bully is the schoolhouse bully. It's a Bully will wait 120-180 seconds, upon which he will spawn at a random hallway turn at least a certain amount of frames away from the player and block it. He will stay there until one of three conditions: He is caught by the Principal of the Thing, he is given an item, or 120-180 seconds have passed. He then repeats this process.

First Prize won the 1st Prize at the schoolhouse science fair, hence his name. He also loves hugging people. First Prize will rotate towards the player if he sees them, and if he is facing them, will push them until he reaches the hallway turn. He only pushes the player. He can also move the player away from Playtime, terminating the jump rope minigame. First Prize necessary to achieve the secret ending, as he allows the player to escape Baldi's ultra fast speeds.

Gotta Sweep is the janitor at the schoolhouse. Gotta Sweep will remain in his closet for 120-180 seconds, where he will go to 5 random locations and move there. Once he has reached all 5 destinations, and will return to his closet. He will repeat this process. Gotta Sweep pushes all other characters, unlike First Prize.

Arts and Crafters is a shy, jealous, and mysterious character. Arts and Crafters is invisible most of the time, but has various small 'trigger points' hidden around the schoolhouse. If you enter these points, he will become visible. Since he is usually far away, it is not obvious that Arts and Crafters is there. Arts and Crafters appears to be a friendly but mysterious face, but looks can be deceiving. Arts and Crafters hates people looking at him and is extremely jealous of people with lots of notebooks. If you have collected every single notebook and your crosshair points at Arts and Crafters for more then a second, he becomes angry and chases the player at maximum speed. Once he catches you, he teleports you and Baldi to the starting area. There is no way to avoid this if you anger Arts and Crafters. This only happens once per game, as Arts and Crafters despawns after this.


The Quarter can be obtained in a random point in the map or from Baldi. Can be used on vending machines to obtain other items and on the tape player. It frequently spawns randomly throughout the game.

The BSoda is a reference to the Blue Screen of Death. It is obtained from vending machines, and when used, temporarily spawns a blue cloud that moves where the player was pointing and pushes back all characters.

The Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is obtained from vending machines. When used, it fully restores the player's sprint meter and allows them to sprint infinitely for 30 seconds.

The Safety Scissors are used to cut Playtime's Rope. They are obtained in classrooms.

The Door Lock is obtained in faculty rooms. It can be used to lock yellow double doors for 30 seconds.

Baldi's Least Favorite Tape confuses Baldi and makes him move away from the player. It is obtained in faculty rooms. It is used by putting it in the cassete tape player.

Principal's Keys can be used to escape from detention, and are found in faculty rooms.

WD-NoSquee is found in Gotta Sweep's closet. It is used on doors to make them inaudible, meaning Baldi can't hear them.

The Alarm Clock is found in classrooms and when placed it will ring. Baldi is forced to move to the alarm clock.

Although it isn't technically an item, The Tape Player is here. When it has a quarter used on it, it forces Baldi into wander phase for 30 seconds.

All items are single-use.

Endless Mode[edit]

Endless Mode is like the regular story, except you are trying to get as many notebooks as possible, and can't leave the schoolhouse. The notebooks spawn in all the normal places, except they respawn after 120-180 seconds of getting them. Baldi also naturally gets exponentially angrier, and getting questions right will calm him down.

The Secret Ending[edit]

If you manage to beat the game while getting every question wrong, you will get to the secret ending. The secret ending involves the player going to Baldi's Office for tips. They are met by a humanoid figure with a distorted voice who tells them to 'destroy the game'.


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