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Barrie Law York "is it really over"

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Barrie Law, Singer & Actor from York, now retired

How did it all begin?

Law at the age of ten didn't like playing school football, he has given 500 lines to write, I must bring my football kit, after the class had left to play he would go to the school church a few yards away, and practice his singing, where he was a member of the church choir, and later same evening he would write his 500 lines out at home, and hand them in the next day. At the age of 14 he started to sing at Church Weddings to earn extra pocket money, music was always part of his early life. In 1972 he worked with Karl Lazenby a renowned London voice coach from the London College of Music to study tenor opera parts in various opera's. His hard work training over several years payed off on his visit to USA

Law giving a demo of his tenor voice to a waiting press reporter while working on tour with the Royal Opera House. He later went on to sing in the USA on a ten days visit in 1987

Law acting in the TV film Crossfire in the 1980s about the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s he worked on the set for around two weeks

Law acting in the TV film Jenny's War, he took on two parts in the film, a British prisoner of War and a German Guard, he later said it was a pleasure to work with Dyan Cannon from Hollywood, the working day's required were very long hours to beat the winter weather that was closing in fast

Law with Stan Richards who played Seth in Emmerdale, both worked together many times over the years, Stan once said, we like a quiet day at Emmerdale, but we don't get that when Barrie starts singing or practising one of his songs

Photograph by Ann Bannerman

Law singing with two choir boys, these two boys bring memories back to me of the time when I joined the church choir at the age of ten, when I turned around and looked at them both, "I wondered where time has gone"

Law in the 1980's acting in the TV film Prisoner of Zenda for several months his acting work brought his singing engagements to a standstill and the Bannerman Agency wasn't pleased about having to turn singing offers down that Law had trained for at the expense of the Bannerman Agency

One of Law's last acting roles as a lucky sweep he felt he wanted to move on from singing and TV acting, and have more time to himself, in the little spare time he had, he was writing books on the history of York. He felt he had achieved all he wanted in showbusiness, Law was asked back several times by Yorkshire and Granada TV, But he declined the offers...