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David Revoy
David Revoy septembre 2017.jpg David Revoy septembre 2017.jpg
David Revoy in 2017
Born(1981-01-18)January 18, 1981
Reims, France.
💼 Occupation
Digital Painting
Notable workPepper&Carrot

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David Revoy, also known by the net handles Deevad and Kipitku, was born on (1981-06-18) June 18, 1981 (age 41) in Reims, France. He is an illustrator, comic book author, graphic designer and author of various tutorials around free software and free culture. He is a contributor, bughunter, and release tester for free soft projects like MyPaint, Blender and Krita.[1] He has also used the experimental painting software Alchemy to provide creative constraints to inspire his works,[2] and worked with researchers David Tschumperlé and Sébastien Fourey at the French National Center for Scientific Research) to add an auto-coloring module to G'MIC to assist in expediting the creation of comic strips.[3]


City concept for Sintel by David Revoy

David Revoy was influenced from a young age by video games such as Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VII, and by Dragon Ball mangaka Akira Toriyama. He dabbled in role-play in his youth.[4] He was awarded a baccalaureate in applied arts in school, then left to do painting on canvas and worked as a portrait street artist. He then quickly turns to illustration. The arrival of graphic art software, graphics tablets and affordable personal computers with which to use them impressed him and they quickly became his main tools.[4] Between 1999 and 2009, he used and taught Photoshop and Corel Painter.

Free culture[edit]

A 2009 attempt to update his computer hardware necessitated a corresponding update of the operating system from Windows XP to Windows Vista, and also ancillary software. This transition went badly and prompted him to investigate and ultimately migrate to free software replacements, to start with the painting programs MyPaint and the GIMP.[5] In 2009 and 2010, he participated as artistic director in the Durian project of the Blender Foundation, one of the goals of which was to test the libre animation suite Blender, and which resulted the short film Sintel , directed by Colin Levy.[6][7] He created a brush set for MyPaint, the second version of which is included with the software by default starting in September 2009; a color palette he selected is similarly added in July 2012. In October 2012, he led several workshops and a presentation at the 13th international digital imaging conference, VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy on the use of various free software: the GIMP, Krita, MyPaint and Alchemy. In April 2013, discussions took place between the development teams of GIMP, Krita and MyPaint, for a common brush pack format.[2] Subsequently, libMyaint is used in Krita, allowing the use of its brush system originally designed for MyPaint and the integration of brushes from David Revoy. In September 2013, he was published in the CG Society digital works album, Exposé 11, which collected select works by digital artists.[8] As of 2014, a suite of short stories under Creative Commons license known as Pepper&Carrot appears on his blog. In 2016, this series of short stories is gathered in chapters which are edited by the publisher Glénat. Glénat pays Revoy a monthly sum.[9] In return, Glénat publishes comic according to the terms of the Creative Commons CC-BY license.

Contract controversy[edit]

The freely-licensed publication of this comic, following an article by Calimaq[10] (Lionel Maurel, lawyer and librarian) provokes an outcry from certain authors, such as Béhé, joined by Boulet , react strongly in the comments of the article[11], not against the author's approach, but because the print editors, who are reluctant to pay the authors decently, agree to publish authors without paying for the work explicitly[10]. The SNAC BD publishes a message on its Facebook page in which it criticizes the approach with a monthly salary of €350, acknowledging that the payment is optional given the license, but that this one did not come from the publisher in a context of impoverishment of the profession.[11] Others take a dim view of the free distribution of works, which would devalue the profession, while they themselves find it difficult to make a living from it. Comic strip specialists (for example on the Du9 site), on the contrary, view David Revoy's original approach favorably,[12] as an alternative method to try to make a living, by asking for donations (a form of subscription) from readers to finance the work.[13]

Further developments[edit]

In 2015, he worked with David Tschumperlé and Sébastien Fourey on the addition in G'MIC of a coloring module for comics, developed by the laboratory GREYC (a public research unit located at the ENSICAEN, Caen, in France and affiliated to CNRS).[3] He redesigned the G'MIC tiger mascot, Gmicky.[14] In September 2017, he gave lessons in digital painting, more precisely digital restoration of works, under Krita, in the university of Cergy-Pontoise, near Paris. He assists Professor Nicolas Priniotakis, who has been teaching free software for several years such as Blender and more recently Krita on the Arch Linux and Manjaro Linux distributions.[15] In October 2017, David Revoy illustrated the Contributopia campaign of Framasoft.[16] Also in October 2017, he worked on the artistic direction of Spring , directed by Andy Goralczyk, a short film from the Blender Foundation, which is to test the new features of Blender 2.8.[17][18]



  • 2014: Pepper&Carrot
  • 2016: Revoy, David (2016). Potions d'envol. 1. Impr. Pollina). Grenoble: Glénat. ISBN 978-2-344-01725-8. OCLC 962274235. Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png
  • 2017: Revoy, David (2017). Les sorcières de Chaosah. 2. Grenoble. ISBN 978-2-344-02222-1. OCLC 1041428975. Search this book on Amazon.com Logo.png


Illustration for educational video Blend & Paint

Board games[edit]

Illustrations for[4]:

  • 2008: Bobby Sitter by Jean-Marc Courtil, at Asyncron Games
  • 2008: Les Faiseur d'Univers by Nicolas Maillet, at Pygmoo
  • 2009: Lutinfernal by Jérôme Mercadal, at Pygmoo


Illustration for:

  • 2007: Album Voyage en Féerie by Éolia Quartet.


Shaman for the Durian project (Sintel)


  • 2010: Sintel (Durian project) by Colin Levy, 3D animated short, as artistic director under license Creative Commons Attribution 3.03[6].
  • 2012: Tears of Steel by Ian Hubert, free short video using Blender -- concept art and storyboard
  • 2015: Cosmos Laundromat by Mathieu Auvray, co - artistic director with Sarah Feldlaufer.
  • 2018: Spring by Andy Goralczyk, artistic director



  • 2010: Chaos & Evolutions : Digital painting, Concept art (over 20 hours, license Creative Commons), Blender Foundation
  • 2011: Blend & Paint : Paint over Blender 3D models (2 hours, license Creative Commons 3 Attribution), Blender Foundation



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