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Genki Kawamura

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Genki Kawamura
Native name川村 元気
Pronunciationかわむら げんき
Born (1979-03-12) March 12, 1979 (age 44)
 JapanKanagawa PrefectureYokohama[1]
💼 Occupation

Genki Kawamura (Kawamura Genki (川村元気), born March 12, 1979 ) is a Japanese film producer, writer, screenwriter, film director and a picture book author.[2] He serves as the producer and board member for Story Inc.[3], as well as holding a position as the section chief at the film producing department at Toho Company, Limited.[4]


He was taught the world of cinema from his father who graduated from Nihon University College of the Arts and went on to work as an assistant director at Nikkatsu but failed mid-career.[5] At three years old, he watched his first film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial which then was newest title from Steven Spielberg.[6] From around this time, he started reading the Bible, both the New and the Old Testament, as was suggested by his Christian mother.[5] He was raised in a home with no television and did not join his peers until elementary school.[7] By that time, it was routine to watch classic films every weekend with his father.[8] During his high school and university years, he frequented rental video stores and at his peak year he saw 500 films.[9]

After graduating from City of Yokohama Kanazawa High School, he enrolled at his top-choice school, Sophia University and studied Journalism at the Faculty of Humanities.[10] Right out of university, he joined Toho Company, Limited. His first job was an usher at a movie theater in Osaka.[11] He became a producer after submitting his pitch for a film in an internal contest.[12]

In 2005, when 26, he developed and produced a motion picture, Densha Otoko, which garnered 3.7 billion yen in box office.[13] In 2008, he developed and produced Detroit Metal City, whose box office was 2.3 billion yen.[14]

In 2010, he oversaw the development and production of Confessions and Villain.[14] Confessions recorded 3.7 billion yen in box office and was awarded the Best Picture at the Japan Academy Film Prize.[15][16] It was Japan's official submission for the Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film category.[17] Villain raked 1.98 billion yen in box office and was ranked No. 1 in Kinema Junpo Top 10 in Japanese Cinema.[18] It received the Best Actress Award at the Montreal World Film Festival.[19]

In the same year, he was selected in The Hollywood Reporter's "Next Gen Asia: Class of 2010".[14]

In 2011, he became the youngest recipient in its history to be given the Fujimoto Award.[20]

In the same year, he developed and produced Moteki which grosses 2.22 billion yen in box office.[21]

In 2012, he debuted as a writer with his novel If Cats Disappeared from the World.[20]

In 2013, he wrote with Kenjiro Sano a picture book Fusen Inu Tini.[22] The book was adapted into an animated series Tinny & the Balloon by NHK.[23]

In 2014, his second novel Okuotoko in a serial format for the magazine Brutus[24], and his second picture book Mu-mu[25] were published. In the same year, he released Shigoto a collection of interviews with 12 various creators including Hayao Miyazaki and Ryuichi Sakamoto.[26]

In 2016, the adaptation to his debut novel If Cats Disappeared from the World was released and the book sales surpassed 1.4 million copies (as of 2018).[27] In the same year, his picture book Mu-mu was made into an animated feature film Moom by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi.[28] The two are creators behind the Academy Award nominated Dam Keeper.[29] The film went to garner 32 different awards from International film festivals.[30]

In the same year, it was announced that Okuotoko was going to be adapted for the big screens in China[31] and his third novel Shigatsu Ni Nareba Kanojo Ha originally serialized for Shukan Bunshun was published.[32]

Further, he developed and produced your name., Rage,[31] and Somebody. your name. grossed $358 million worldwide, including $235.3 million from Japan alone over the course of its 29-week run in theatres.[33] The film was awarded Best Animated Film from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association[34] and Best Animated Feature Length Film Award from Sitges Film Festival.[35]

In 2017, he received his second Fujimoto Award[36] as well as the Shin Watanabe Award.[37]

In the same year, he directed the music video "Something Just Like This" by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay.[38]

He was selected as one of the eight creators to produce the opening and closing ceremony for 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic in Tokyo.[39]

In 2018, he debuted as screenwriter for the 38th title in the theatrical animation franchise for Doraemon, Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island.[40] The film broke the previous record of 4.43 billion yen and grossed 4.8 billion yen in box office.[41]

In the same year, the short film Duality which he directed with Masahiko Sato was selected for short film competition in the 71st Cannes Film Festival.[42]

In 2019, he developed and produced Weathering with You.[43]

In 2020, he returned as the screenwriter for the 50th Anniversary title, Doraemon The Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur.[44]


Live action feature films[edit]

Animated feature film[edit]


  • 2014: Tinny & The Balloon (Original Author)[82]
  • 2015: Tinny & The Balloon Second Season (Original Author)[82]

Music video[edit]

Educational program[edit]

  • 2017- Present: Odomo TV / NHK (Showrunner)[84]


  • 2012: Louis Vuitton -Beyond- / Louis Vuitton (Creative Director)[85]
  • 2016: Arigato / Meikou Gijyuku (Creative Director)[86]
  • 2016: Louis Vuitton -Dance with AI- with Mirai Moriyama, Daito Manabe, Mikiko / Louis Vuitton (Creative Director)[87]
  • 2017: Roppongi Academy Hills (Series Director)[88]
  • 2017-2019: Tiffany and Zexy collaboration Web series short films / Tiffany & Co., (Screenplay and Creative Director)
    • 2017 "Tiffany Blue"[89]
    • 2018 "Tiffany Blue"[90]
    • 2019 "Tiffany Blue"[91]
  • 2018-2020: Lotte
    • 2018: 70th Anniversary Special Animation Baby I Love You Daze (Development and Production)[92]
    • 2020: Ghana Pink Valentine (Development and Production)[93]



  • October 2012: Sekai Kara Neko Ga Kietanara / Magazine House[94]
  • September 2014: Sekai Kara Neko Ga Kietanara paperback edition / Shogakukan Bunko[95]
  • April 2016: Sekai Kara Neko Ga Kietanara paperback edition / Shogakukan Junior Bunko[96]
  • October 2014: Okuotoko / Magazine House[97]
  • March 2018: Okuotoko paperback edition / Bunshun Bunko[98]
  • November 2016: Shigatsu Ni Nareba Kanojo Ha / Bungeishunju[99]
  • July 2019: Shigatsu Ni Nareba Kanojo Ha paperback edition / Bunshun Bunko[100]
  • May 2020: Hyakka / Bungeishunju[101]

Collection of essays[edit]

  • April 2016: Chou Kikaku Kaigi / Eiga Walker
  • June 2019: Chou Kikaku Kaigi paperback edition with new title Buresuto / Kadokawa[102]

Collection of interviews[edit]

  • September 2014: Shigoto. / Shueisha[103]
  • September 2018: Shigoto. paperback edition / Bunshun Bunko[104]
  • April 2016: Rikei ni Manabu. / Diamond Inc.[105]

Picture books[edit]

  • Tinny & The Balloon series, illustrated by Kenjiro Sano
    • November 2013: Tini Fusen Inu no Monogatari / Magazine House[106]
    • December 2014: Fusen Inu Tini Hajimete no Baby / Magazine House[107]
    • October 2015: Fusen Inu Tini Sekai Isshuu! / Magazine House[108]
    • July 2017: Fusen Inu Tini Nandaka Fushigina Kouryu no Kuni / Magazine House[109]
  • June 2014: Mu-mu / Hakusensha, illustrated by Yuuki Mashiko[110]
  • May 2015: Patishie no Monsuta / Magazine House, illustrated by Ryo Sakamoto[111]
  • September 2018: Makaron no Kaikata / Shogakukan, illustrated by Ryo Sakamoto[112]



  • 2010: Next Gen Asia / Hollywood Reporter[113]
  • 2011: 30th Fujimoto Award for recognition on the production of Villains and Confessions[114]
  • 2016: 35th Fujimoto Award and Special Achievement Award for recognition on the production of Bakuman[114]
  • 2017: 12th Shin Watanabe Award and Special Achievement Award[115]
  • 2017: 36th Fujimoto Award for recognition on the production on "your name."[116]


Villain (2010)
    • Best Actress
    • Best Picture
    • Best Ten Film Winner
    • Best Japanese Film Director
    • Best Japanese Film Screenplay
    • Best Supporting Actor
    • Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
    • Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
    • Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
    • Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
    • Outstanding Achievement in Music
    • Best Actor
    • Best Actress
    • Best Picture
    • Best Actress
    • Best Supporting Actor
    • Best Japanese Film
    • Best Actor
Confessions (2010)
    • Best Picture
    • Best Director
    • Best Screenplay
    • Best Film Editing
    • Best Director
    • Best Picture
    • Best Supporting Actress
your name. (2016)
    • Best Animated Feature Length Film
    • Best Animated Film
  • 18th Bucheon International Animation Festival[128]
    • Best Animated Feature Special Distinction Prize
    • Best Animated Feature Audiences Prize
    • Screenplay of the Year
    • Outstanding Achievement in Music
    • Special Award
  • 40th Fumiko Yamaji Film Awards[130]
    • Fumiko Yamaji Award
Moom (2016)[131]
  • WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
    • Platinum Award
  • Canada International Film Festival
    • Best Animation Film
    • Honorable Mention
  • SENE Film Festival
    • Best Animated Short
  • USA Film Festival
    • Special Jury Award
  • Toronto Animation Arts Festival
    • Special Jury Award
  • Sunscreen Film Festival
    • Best Animated Film
  • Polish International Film Festival
    • Best Animation Film
  • NYC PictureStart Film Festival
    • Speacial Jury Award
    • Best Film
  • Atlanta Shortfest
    • Best Animated Short Award
  • Film Miami Fest
    • Best Animation Award
    • Best Animation Award
  • Illinois International Film Festival
    • Best Animated Short
    • Honorary Mention
Duality (2018)
    • Selected for official Short Films Competition


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