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Libertarian nationalism is a subset of the political far-right and libertarian parties who are proud of their roots and of their heritage.[1][2] This political philosophy prioritizes liberty as its main idea, promoting free expression, freedom of choice and free market capitalism.[3][4] American libertarian nationalists believe in American exceptionalism and support interventionist policy as a way to maintain the United States' importance in foreign relations. They promote economic nationalism and a patriotic acceptance of a nation's ethnic, cultural and political history.[5] They are associated with right-wing populism, anti-globalization and resistance to global liberalism in order to remain competitive in international business while maintaining support for the military, veterans and border security.[6]


Libertarian nationalism began as an expression of individualism and the demand for personal freedom.[7] In 1990, the United States used economic and diplomatic weapons against a Nicaraguan Sandinistan government with Christian roots and various socialist aspects.[8] 20th century Italian literature frequently included motifs about an Italian nation using Greek, Roman and Italian traditions which developed into a movement of libertarian nationalism in Italy.[9] Libertarian nationalism came into prominence in the United States following the rise of alternative politics such as communism, fascism, Nazism and socialism among young Americans in 2017. Libertarian nationalist principles are defined as:

  • The policy should always be considerate of civil liberties
  • The policy should oppose government over regulation
  • The policy that provides rational, free market incentives is the best choice
  • A policy of diplomacy that promotes liberal democracy, individual liberty and opposes dictatorship
  • A policy of using the armed forces force at the sole discretion of the United States, which may sometimes include intervention in instances where national security is not directly at risk


Libertarian nationalism combines views of both libertarianism and conservatism, promoting individual freedom, free market capitalism and foreign interventionism.


Libertarian nationalism subscribes to the libertarian idea of free market capitalism, wanting little to no government interference in the market. However, libertarian nationalists favor Keynesian economics and are critical of fiat money. They support ideas like pay what you want cafes. Libertarian nationalists look for ways to privatize activities run by government, from airports to toll booths. They oppose free trade and would rather have fair trade.

Civil issues[edit]

Libertarian nationalists support the ideas of liberty, privacy and ending the war on marijuana.

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