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List of Mensans

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This list of Mensans contains notable members of Mensa International, the high IQ society, both current and past.


  • Scott Adams – cartoonist, creator of Dilbert, former member[1][2]
  • Dimash Adilet – businessman, model
  • Simon Ambrose – winner of Britain's Apprentice television show[3]
  • Isaac Asimov – prolific author, former Vice-president of Mensa International[4]
  • Jean Auel – author of The Clan of the Cave Bear[5][6]
  • Yank Azman – actor, antiques expert[7]


  • Paul Bechly – American chemical engineer [8]
  • Jacques Bergier – chemical engineer, member of the French resistance, spy, journalist and writer[9]
  • Roland Berrill – lawyer, businessman and co-founder of Mensa[10]
  • Ben Best – former President of the Cryonics Institute[11]
  • Theodore Bikel – actor, musician[12]
  • Richard Bolles – self-help author[5]
  • T. Casey Brennan – American cartoonist[13][14]
  • Laurie Brokenshire – Royal Naval officer, magician and world-class puzzle solver[15]
  • Cyril Burt – educational psychologist, developer of factor analysis in psychological testing[16]
  • Eileen Rose Busby – antiques expert[17]


  • Mike Carona – former Sheriff-Coroner of Orange County, California[6]
  • Asia Carrera – former pornographic actress and blogger[6]
  • Leslie Charteris – writer and author of The Saint novels, featuring Simon Templar[18]
  • Chino XL – rapper (born Derek Keith Barbosa)[19]
  • Jack Cohen – reproductive biologist and popular science writer[20]
  • Martin Cooper – considered the inventor of the mobile phone[6]
  • Adrian Cronauer – real-life inspiration for the movie Good Morning, Vietnam[5]
  • Alexander Crutchfield – American businessman and financier, founder of Oasis Partners[6]
  • Bobby Czyz – boxer, former two-time World Boxing Association Cruiserweight Champion[5]


  • Aaron Dai – pianist, composer, architect[21]
  • Geena Davis – Academy Award-winning actress[5]
  • C.J. de Mooi – competitive chess player, quiz show champion, and Egghead[22]
  • Nelson DeMille – author of Night Fall[6]
  • Lucas di Grassi – Brazilian racing driver[23]
  • Viacheslav Dinerchtein – concert violist[24]
  • Doda – Polish pop singer (born Dorota Rabczewska)[25]
  • Emma Dumont – American actress, model and dancer[26]



  • Leon Feingold – athlete, pitcher for Cleveland Indians and Israel Baseball League[27]
  • Brian J. Ford – biologist[28][29]
  • Ernestine Fu – venture capitalist[30]
  • Buckminster Fuller – designer, architect, poet, author, inventor, second President of Mensa[12]


  • Antonella Gambotto-Burke – Australian author and journalist[31]
  • Rolf Gindorf – German sexologist and gay activist[32]
  • Tilman Goins – American politician, Tennessee House of Representatives[33][34]
  • Nolan Gould – American actor, Modern Family[35]


  • Jeremy Hanley – former Chairman of the Conservative Party in England[36]
  • Kara Hayward – actress, starred in the 2012 movie Moonrise Kingdom[37]
  • Glenne Headly – Emmy-nominated actress[38]
  • Tom Herman – Texas Longhorns Football head coach[39]
  • Alfred George Hinds – British criminal and prison escape artist who later used his legal knowledge to obtain a full pardon[16]


  • Charles Ingram – novelist and quiz show cheat[40]
  • Lucy Irvine – author of Castaway[16]
  • Tetsuya Iwanaga – Japanese model, actor and pharmacist



  • Maurice Kanbar – creator of SKYY vodka and inventor[38]
  • Peter Karmanos, Jr. – businessman, minority owner of the Carolina Hurricanes
  • William H. Keith Jr. – science fiction author, sci-fi games designer and illustrator[42]
  • Kotori Koiwai – Japanese voice actress, lyricist, composer[43]
  • Erik Kuselias – ESPN radio and television personality[44]


  • Bernie LaBarge – musician[45]
  • Mell Lazarus – cartoonist, creator of comic strips Miss Peach and Momma[46]
  • Richard Lederer – author of books on word play[47]
  • Ranan Lurie – editorial cartoonist and journalist[6]


  • Andrzej Majewski – writer, aphorist, and photographer[48]
  • John McAfee – computer programmer, founder of McAfee, Inc., one of the first people to design anti-virus software[49]
  • Janet McDonald – lawyer and author of African American young adult novels[50]
  • Alan McFarland – former MLA for North Down, United Kingdom[51]
  • Henry Milligan – boxer and scholar, 1983 US National Amateur Heavyweight champion[5]
  • Gert Mittring – mental calculator[52]
  • Regan Mizrahi – child actor, won 2011 Young Artist Award for the voice of Boots in Dora the Explorer[53]
  • Roger Moreira – Brazilian musician, member of Ultraje a Rigor[54]
  • Ellen Morphonios – Florida judge[5]
  • Michael Muhney – actor in Veronica Mars and The Young and the Restless[55][56]
  • Ellen Muth – actress in Dolores Claiborne and Dead Like Me[57]


  • Per Nilsson – Swedish guitar virtuoso, composer, producer and co-founder of band Scar Symmetry[58]
  • Barry Nolan – Says You! panelist[5]


  • Joyce Carol Oates – author of The Gravedigger's Daughter[59]
  • Brendan O'Carroll – Irish comedian[60]
  • Adam Osborne – computer designer, software publisher, creator of the Osborne 1[16]


  • Park Kyung – South Korean rapper[61]
  • Gareth Penn – author and private investigator[62]
  • Markus Persson – Creator and developer of Minecraft[63]
  • Annise Parker – 61st Mayor of Houston, Texas (2010-2016)
  • Donald Petersen – former CEO of the Ford Motor Company[5]
  • Julie Peterson – Playboy Playmate of the Month, February 1987[64]
  • Uroš Petrović – Serbian author, President of Serbian Mensa[65]
  • Nicky Piper – boxer[66]
  • Madsen Pirie – philosopher and economist[67]



  • Alan Rachins – actor on L.A. Law and Dharma & Greg[5][6]
  • Ashley Rickards – actress[68]
  • Raven – professional wrestler (born Scott Levy)[69][70]


  • Jimmy Savile – English DJ, television/radio personality and serial sex offender[71][72]
  • Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. – retired US Army General, planner of Operation Desert Storm[73]
  • Margot Seitelman – first executive director of American Mensa[74]
  • Victor Serebriakoff – author and former international president of Mensa[75]
  • Alexander Shulgin – medicinal chemist, biochemist, and rediscoverer of MDMA (ecstasy)[76]
  • Clive Sinclair – inventor of the Sinclair Executive pocket calculator, founder of Sinclair Research, member of British Mensa, and Chairman from 1980 to 1997[77]
  • Scott Sonnon – public speaker and celebrity fitness coach[78][79]
  • Conan Stevens – actor, author and wrestler
  • Katariina Souri – Finnish writer, singer and Playboy Playmate of the Month for December 1988[80]
  • E. Lee Spence – shipwreck expert, pioneer underwater archaeologist and discoverer of the H.L. Hunley submarine[81]
  • Owen Spencer-Thomas – television broadcaster and presenter, charity fundraiser and Anglican minister[82]
  • Peter A. Sturgeon – founder of American Mensa, medical writer, brother of Theodore Sturgeon




  • James von Brunn – white supremacist and Holocaust denier who perpetrated the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting[83]
  • Carol Vorderman – British television presenter[84]
  • Marilyn vos Savant – last person listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under "Highest IQ" (category has been withdrawn)[6]


  • David Warburton – MP, composer and entrepreneur[85]
  • Lancelot Ware – barrister, biochemist, and co-founder of Mensa[86]




  • Roger Zelazny – American writer[87]


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