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This is a list of the rolling stock featured in the UK children's television series Thomas & Friends.

Passenger Coaches[edit]

The actual Wisbech and Upwell Tramway bogie coach 8
Dexter's basis
  • Annie and Clarabel are the two coaches that work with Thomas the Tank Engine on his branch line. They are old-fashioned, and often offer advice to Thomas. They are based on London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LB&SCR) 4-wheel coaches designed by William Stroudley.
  • Henrietta is Toby's coach. Henrietta is based on the GER Wisbech and Upwell Tramway 4-wheel coach. From the beginning, the Wisbech & Upwell used its own special passenger stock. Initially, only four wheelers were used, but bogie coaches were introduced in 1884. The coaches had balconies at each end and a drawbridge type gangway between coaches. Each balcony had an emergency hand-brake wheel. The coaches looked squat and low-lying due to the need to handle raised track and the absence of platforms at some of the depots. All the four-wheeled coaches were scrapped by 1948, but the bogie coaches survived into BR. One of them, who is named "Irene", has been preserved by the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway Society.
  • Isabel and Dulcie are Oliver's coaches. Isabel came with Oliver when they escaped from the Other Railway, and Dulcie was later rescued by Sir Topham Hatt and given to Oliver to help run The Little Western.
  • Alice and Mirabel are two Great Western express coaches pulled by Duck. Occasionally they are taken by Donald or Stanley. They were rescued from scrap by the Fat Controller, along with Dulcie. (Since the eighteenth series episode, Duck and the Slip Coaches, the Slip Coaches have become Duck's standard coaches.)
  • Thomas' Special Coach is a coach pulled by Thomas on his branch line.

Every day, after Gordon arrived at Knapford at 3:30 PM with the express, engines have to shunt a coach from the train into the bay platform for passengers wanting to travel to destinations on Thomas' Branch Line. Thomas, Annie and Clarabel then come from Elsbridge to collect it.

  • The Slip Coaches are Duck's Great Western Railway Slip coaches, whom are nicknamed the Slippies. They can be uncoupled while the train they are part of is in motion.
  • Hannah is a vintage coach that helped Toby whilst Henrietta was at the Steamworks.
  • Gordon's Special Coaches are painted in a dark blue coat of paint with a red and gold stripe beneath the windows. The coaches' roofs are white with black vents and are Used By Gordon. (Despite only being seen in the tenth series, these models were originally created in the seventh series to be Spencer's Coaches. In the end, they were replaced by the maroon coaches That Were First Seen in Series 5.)
  • An An and Lin Yong are Chinese passenger coaches that Thomas pulls during his visit to China They are also based on London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LB&SCR) 4-wheel coaches designed by William Stroudley..
  • Dexter is a school coach based on an LB&SCR brake coach designed by Stroudley.
  • The Dining Coach, also known as the Buffet Coach, is often added to the express so that people can have something to eat and drink on their journey. It has a bar, serving area, pantry and tables. Henry once shunted this coach hard enough to make its contents fly everywhere.
  • The Red Branch Line Coaches in the television series are used on branch line passenger trains. These coaches were pulled by Duck, Oliver, Ryan, Stepney, Stanley, Percy, Henry, James and Edward. Thomas has also pulled these when Annie and Clarabel are being repaired.
  • The Green and Red Express Coaches in the television series form the fast and important passenger trains and are normally pulled by Edward, Gordon, James, Henry, Duck or Rebecca. Several of these coaches form the express, known as the "Wild Nor' Wester" that runs daliy between Tidmouth to Barrow-in-Furness, and onwards to London, via Crovan's Gate. It is usually pulled by Gordon, although Henry, James and Bear take the train when Gordon is busy. Other coaches form the "Limited", which was pulled by Bear in Enterprising Engines.

In the Railway Series, the coaches were based on BR MK1 coaches. In the Television Series, they were based upon the SR Maunsell Coaches.

Goods and Utility[edit]

An actual Toad brake van
A 20ton LMS brake, the basis of Bradford

  • The Troublesome Trucks (known as the "Foolish Freight Cars" in the U.S.) play tricks on the engines who haul them.
  • The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and merchandise throughout various railways. (These vans are based on Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Box Vans. In real life, the vans are narrow gauge, but have been resized to standard gauge in the television series.)
  • The LBSC Railway 8 Ton Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and merchandise throughout various railways.
  • The Tankers also known as Wagons, are round, cylindrical wagons designed for transporting liquids Like Fuel Milk Tar Cream and other gaseous commodities.
  • The China Clay Trucks are used for transporting China clay down from the Clay Pits. They are first loaded with China clay and are taken up to Brendam Docks by Bill and Ben. The clay is then loaded onto a ship and is taken to the Mainland.

(On the Wooden Railway toys, the number 3547 on the red china clay truck refers to Wooden Railway designer Roy Wilson's birthday, March 5, 1947. The number 5272 on the green china clay truck refers to his eldest son's birthday, May 2, 1972.)

  • The Utility Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and merchandise throughout various railways.
  • The Mail Train is a train that consists of rolling stock used to transport letters and parcels throughout the Island of Sodor and the Mainland. Pulling the Mail Train is noted as being one of Percy's favourite jobs. Hong-Mei pulls the mail train in China. The train commonly consists of special utility vans and a standard brake van. However, they are often accompanied by open wagons or conflats.
  • The Flatbeds, Conflats and Well Wagons are used for transporting large and heavy loads Like Logs Crates girder beams, rails, timber, pipes and scrap metal.
  • The Milk Van is an old-fashioned van used by Thomas or Daisy for transporting milk from Ffarquhar down to the dairy at Elsbridge.

Every morning the van is coupled to Thomas' first train, the farmers send the milk to the stations and Thomas delivers the milk to the dairy. When Daisy was preparing for her first train, she refused to pull the van once it was coupled to her claiming it was "bad for her swerves", and she blew a fuse on purpose. Percy and Toby had to take the van in Thomas' absence and Daisy's refusal. However, now that Daisy has learnt sense, she sometimes takes the milk instead of Thomas and also The milk van has occasionally been added on Percy's Mail Train.

  • The LMS 12 Ton Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and merchandise throughout various railways and They have only appeared in the first series of the television series.
  • The LNER 12 Ton Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and merchandise on railways.
  • The Aquarium Tank Wagons are closed wagons with clear sides and are filled with water. They are rolling stock used for transporting live sea animals such as sharks, octopuses, fish, ect. They were only seen in the books Down at the Docks and Thomas and the Shark until the Series 22 episode Forever and Ever, their first appearance in the TV series.

They are also simply known as vans or trucks in the UK narration or cars in the US narration.

  • Toad the Brake Van, who was saved from scrap along with Oliver. He came from the Great Western Railway
  • Bradford is a Welsh brake van who works with Samson.
  • Elsie is a small luggage van who works with Toby, Henrietta and Victoria. (Elsie was created by the Rev. W. Awdry, but was not featured in any Railway Series story. A model of her, however, was part of Awdry's model layout of Thomas' Branch Line. She was mentioned in The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways, and also appeared in The Railway Series: Surprise Packet.)


  • Rocky is a large, brick red breakdown crane with yellow hazard stripes, used as a rescue and maintenance unit.
  • Judy and Jerome make up the Breakdown Train. They are used in emergencies lifting derailed engines back on track, as well as re-railing rolling stock
  • The Breakdown Train is composed of two cranes, flatbeds, and a coach for the workmen in the Railway Series, the Breakdown Train is sometimes seen with two vans, presumably loaded with crane equipment.


The Breakdown Train's model is currently on display at Drayton Manor, although the flatbed underneath the crane's hook is absent.

In the UK dub of the game Trouble on the Tracks, the Breakdown Train is referred to as the "Breakdown Truck" for unknown reasons.

Since the fourteenth series, many recoloured versions of the Works Unit Coach have been seen, mostly being used in goods trains.

The coach also gained front windows.

Other rolling stock[edit]

British Railways brake van 951166 at Bodmin Parkway
  • The Spiteful Brake Van was a troublesome brake van, who was subsequently crushed into pieces by Douglas, on the back of James' train.

(The Spiteful Brake Van's Ertl description card incorrectly refers to him as an engine and incorrectly says that "He does, however, work very hard with Donald & Douglas to keep the trucks in order", even though in the second series episode Break Van, he was causing trouble for the twins and was actually crushed to pieces by Douglas.)

  • S.C. Ruffey (also known as Scruffey) is a Private-Owner ballast truck.
  • Old Slow Coach is an elderly express coach From The Great Western Railway That Thomas and Percy Saved From Scrap.
  • Hector is a black hopper.
  • The Tram Car is a double-decker green coach Which is Pulled by Flora of The Sodor Tramways.
  • Victoria is a vintage four-wheeled coach originating from the Furness Railway. She was later restored to work on Thomas' Branch Line with Toby, Henrietta and Elsie.
  • The Anopha Quarry trucks are used for transporting stone down from the quarry. They are first loaded with stone and are shunted into the sidings by Mavis. Toby then arrives to take the trucks up to Ffarquhar for another engine to take away.
  • The Liverpool and Manchester Railway Coaches originate from the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. They have been seen on the Sodor and Mainland, Estate, and North Western Railways.(The Sodor and Mainland Railway owned a set of four-wheeled coaches, which were used on the line for passenger duties. After the Sodor and Mainland Railway went bankrupt and the North Western Railway was formed, it is unknown what happened to these coaches, but they were most likely scrapped.)
  • The Open-Topped Carriages are passenger coaches with no roofs. Toby used one of these when he was carrying out demonstrations during his time at The National Railway Museum.
  • The Circus Train is colourful rolling stock which is used by the circus when it comes to Sodor. The train has special cattle trucks used to transport horses and trucks, flatbeds and vans which are used to transport circus goods and equipment. Coaches and brake vans are used to carry the circus performers.
  • Toby's Museum Coach is a branch line brake coach that Toby once used to take some important visitors to the opening ceremony of the Sodor Museum. Percy later used this coach to take Alicia Botti to a party.
  • Slate Trucks are designed to transport slate and slabs, they have also been seen transporting crates. Two of these were a part of the train Thomas took to the Mainland.
  • The Old Tenders are six old tenders found on the North Western Railway. They are described as being very old, dirty and filled with boiler sludge but some time afterwards they were sent for scrap after the events of Tender Engines.
  • Fred Pelhay is an orange "Private Owner" truck which transports coal that is used on the Little Western.
  • The Livestock Wagons are rolling stock used for transporting pigs and sheep throughout various railways.
  • The Funfair Train is a train consisting of colourful rolling stock. It is popular among the engines. The train usually consist trucks carrying carousels, roller coasters, bumper cars, a ferris wheel, a helter skelter, a bandstand, tents, the Chinese Dragon and a fireworks display.
  • The Chinese Dragon is a paper dragon that Thomas used to scare Percy with and the next day Percy saw the dragon at Elsbridge, but was relieved that it was a fake.

(In some merchandise bios and on the Official Website, The Chinese Dragon is mistakenly referred to as being alive with male pronouns.)


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