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The following is a list of converts to Hinduism from other religions or a non-religious background.

From Abrahamic religions[edit]


  • Esther dhanraj converted to Christianity and then reverted back to Sanatan Dharma.


  • Jitendra narayan singh Tyagi (born Waseem Rizvi)- former member and chairman of the Shia Central Waqf Board.


  • Ram Dass (born Richard Alpert) (1931-2019) – syncretist, and follower of the Hindu deity Hanuman. Professor of psychology at Harvard University[1]
  • Tamal Krishna Goswami (born Thomas G. Herzig) (1946-2002) – governing body commissioner of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness[2]
  • Urmila Devi Dasi (born Edith E. Manischewitz) (b. 1955)– female ISKCON educator[3][4]
  • Radhanath Swami (born Richard Slavin) (b. 1950) – very prominent Bhakti yoga guru and a governing body commissioner of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness[5]

From other Indian-origin religions[edit]

This is list of converts from Indian-origin religions. All Indian religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainsim and Sikhism, are collective called "Sanatan Dharma" and "Dhamma", and all others are called mleccha. All Indian religions usually practice mutual religious syncretism among each other.


  • Mihirakula (rc. 502 – c. 530) – Huna ruler.[6]
  • Rajasinghe I (c. 1544–1593) – Sri Lankan king who conquered Kandy.[7]
  • Rishabhadatta (1st/2nd century CE) – Satrap viceroy.[8]
  • Rudradaman I (r. 130–150) – Satrap ruler and conqueror of the Satavahanas.[9]
  • Vasudeva I (rc. 191 – c. 232) – Kushan king and numismatist.[10]
  • Jayavarman III (rc. 835 – c. 877)


  • Mahendravarman I (r. 600–630) – Pallava King and patron of the arts.[11]
  • Vishnuvardhana (rc. 1108 – c. 1152) – King of Hoysala empire and prominent temple-builder.[12]
  • Tirunavukkarasar (c. 6th–7th century CE) – Saivite saint and one of the most prominent of the sixty-three Nayanars.[13]


Other theist converts[edit]

  • Mihirakula (r. c. 502-530) – Huna ruler.[6]
  • Heliodorus (c. 2nd century BCE) – Greek minister to King Bhagabhadra.[14]
  • Pamheiba (1690–1751) – Manipuri King[15]
  • Suhungmung (r. 1497–1539) – Ahom kingdom's ruler who extended Assam up to the Kamarupa Kingdom[16]
  • Supangmung (r. 1663–1670) – Ahom kingdom's ruler who recaptured Guwahati. Converted to Vaishnavism.[17]
  • Susenghphaa (r. 1603–1641) – Ahom king; during his rule the Ahom-Mughal conflicts began[18]

Non-theistic converts[edit]

  • Annie Besant – British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer, orator, and supporter of both Irish and Indian self-rule.[19]
  • John Dobson (former atheist who became a believer in Vedanta) – astronomer and telescope designer.[20][21]
  • Sita Ram Goel (former atheist) – Indian commentator, writer and Hindu activist.[22]

Converts from undetermined former religion[edit]

  • Agehananda Bharati (born Leopold Fischer) (1923-1991) – academic Sanskritist, a prolific author about religious subjects, and a Hindu monk in the Dasanami Sannyasi order.[23]
  • Alain Daniélou (convert to Shaivism) – French historian, intellectual, musicologist, and Indologist.[24]
  • Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker – Hare Krishna devotee. His initiated name is Krishna Kantha Dasa. He was initiated by Narayana Maharaja. He wrote a foreword to a book by Bhaktivinoda Thakur titled Sri Siksastaka.[25]
  • Geoffrey Giuliano – American biographer.[26]
  • Nina Hagen (follower of Haidakhan Babaji) – German singer.[27]
  • Joe Don Looney (follower of Swami Muktananda) – football player.[28]
  • J Mascis – lead vocalist, guitarist, and drummer for Dinosaur Jr.[29]
  • John McLaughlin (became a disciple of Sri Chinmoy) – jazz fusion guitar player.[30]
  • Lex Hixon (syncretist and disciple of Swami Nikhilananda) – poet, philosopher, spiritual practitioner and teacher.[31]
  • Savitri Devi (born Maximiani Portas) – Greek-French writer and Nazi-sympathiser.[33]
  • Savitri Khanolkar (born Eve Yvonne Maday de Maros) – designer of India's highest gallantry award, the Param Vir Chakra.[34]
  • Mathias Rust – German daredevil pilot.[35]
  • Kelli Williams – American actress who played Lindsay Dole Donnell on the ABC legal drama The Practice.[36]
  • Sherlyn Chopra - Indian actress.[37]

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