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Madea's Neighbors from Hell

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Madea's Neighbors from Hell
Directed byTyler Perry
Written byTyler Perry
StarringTyler Perry

Cassi Davis

Rhonda Jackson
Tyler Perry Studios
Release date
April 22, 2014
Running time
138 minutes
CountryUnited States

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Madea's Neighbors from Hell is a 2014 comedy-drama play created, written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry. It stars Tyler Perry as Mabel "Madea" Simmons, and Madea's neighborhood takes a turn for the worse when a foster mother moves in with her unruly kids.


  • Tyler Perry as Madea
  • Cassi Davis as Aunt Bam
  • Wess Morgan as Clay
  • Rhonda Davis as Ruth
  • Alexis Hollins as Patti
  • Kimani Jackson as Tay
  • Jayna Brown as Shannon
  • Chelsea Reynolds as Karen
  • Dathan Thigpen as Desi
  • David Stewart as Wally


Scene 1 ("Talk About A Child") The play starts out as Patti (Alexis Hollins) is checking out her house when she is dropping off Ruth's (Rhonda Davis) new foster children, Tay (Kimani Jackson), Karen (Chelsea Reynolds) and Shannon (Jayna Brown). Patti tries to talk Ruth into getting more foster children since she moved in a bigger house. Her supervisor Clay (Wess Morgan) stops by and checks on Patti. Tay comes in the living room and is introduced, and Clay questions Tay about how he loves the new house. He says it's okay. Patti and Clay leaves to go check out a place and Clay gives Ruth his card if she wants to call him.

Scene 2 Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) steps on her porch and tells Clay and Patti to get their boxes off her grass. They all get into a brief conversation and Clay gives Aunt Bam his card but she denies it saying she has 2 kids that are grown and they never come to see her. Clay and Patti leaves and Aunt Bam checks the boxes on her grass until Tay comes out of the house screaming at her. Ruth comes out of the house and tells him to not talk to her like that and he apologize to her and goes back in the house. Ruth introduce herself to Aunt Bam and they both have a conversation. Aunt Bam has been living in the neighborhood for 39 years. Wally (David Stewart) the mailman comes and give Aunt Bam her monthly bills but denies them and she tells him to take them back to the post office. Wally Introduces himself to Ruth, Aunt Bam tries to hook Ruth and Wally up since his wife left him for another woman. Wally leaves and Aunt Bam tells the story of the woman who lived in Ruth's house had died and was living there for 45 years prior to her moving. Ruth goes in the house so she can put her boxes down but Aunt Bam rings the doorbell. Aunt Bam tries to question Ruth about her husband disappearance but she says she has to put the boxes inside. Aunt Bam tells Ruth if one of her foster children can come and move the boxes.

Scene 3 Ruth decides to call Karen to come and move the boxes. Once Karen comes and moves the boxes, Aunt Bam makes fun of the short skirt she is wearing. Karen gets mad and makes a rude comment. Aunt Bam tries asking where her mother and father are, but Ruth doesn't know any of the information. Aunt Bam also tells Ruth that the woman who lived in her house before her (Helen) died in the house, she has been dead for 3 weeks until Aunt Bam notice that she smells a weird odor from her house. Aunt Bam is the neighborhood watch and tells her that her friend who lives on the left of Ruth's house is gone visiting her daughter Cora who is sick. Aunt Bam ask if she can see Shannon, so Ruth called her. Aunt Bam makes fun of her and Shannon gets mad and make a rude comment. Ruth says she doesn't take care of them for the money, she take care of them because it is her calling. Ruth also says she loves the lord. Aunt Bam says she can visit her church and tells her how to get to the church. Aunt Bam says more info about her church but Ruth goes in the house and ignores her. Ruth says that Aunt Bam gets on her nerves and ask Tay to get her cigarettes. Ruth says that Shannon will be stupid all her life because she put the box that says Kitchen in the living room. Shannon says something and Ruth gets more angry. Ruth told her to be quiet but Karen jumps and started to defend Shannon. Ruth thinks they are covering up each other's lies. She tells Karen and Shannon they are both going to hell. She tells Shannon if she says one more thing, she is going to the basement. Tay is surprised that the house has a basement. Karen tries to defend Shannon again and she is told to shut up. She tells Shannon to get out her face and she runs to the kitchen. Ruth thinks Karen is acting like the protector of Tay and Shannon. Ruth tells Karen she is nothing. She says she is going to be a crackhead like her mom and whoever her daddy is. She says she will threaten to break Karen's neck if she says something else. She tells them to take the boxes out the living room and calls her worthless. Ruth tells them that Karen, Tay and Shannon's parents don't want them because they are nothing. She says she don't want them but she gets all of this money for it. Tay says he wouldn't want her neither and she gets mad and pulls him towards her. Karen tries to stop it but Ruth tells her to shut up. Karen says sorry but Ruth thinks Karen wants to be hurt by her. Tay says he is sorry but she pulls him and tells him she saw the way he looked at the Child Protection Service man like he wanted to say something. She says she would break every bone in his body if he had open his mouth. They get the rest of the boxes and take it upstairs.

Scene 4[edit]

Later, Karen is robbing her neighbor's house with her boyfriend Desi (Dathan Thigpen). She says she needs to get the things back to her house. She takes her lunch meat, her mail and most importantly her TV. They hear somebody coming and runs back in her house and goes through the back door to her house. Madea arrives calling Aunt Bam. Aunt Bam says she has been looking out for her house while she was gone. Madea finds that her front door is open. Aunt Bam starts running and Madea starts laughing because of the way she is running. Aunt Bam says she was running for her life. Madea realize that the people next door (Ruth House) robbed her house because they are new to the neighborhood. She rings the doorbell and Tay comes out mocking Madea and goes back in and slams the door. Madea rings on the door again and Aunt Bam asks calmly where is Ruth. He askes rudely again and tells them leave him alone. Madea starts to burn Tay with her cigarette while Aunt Bam pushes him. Madea tells him about being respectful and he goes back in slamming the door. Madea and Aunt Bam goes up in the house angry at him. Shannon says they can't be in here. Madea ask where is their mother. They both says they don't know. Madea spots her lunch meat and mail on their table. Madea starts hitting both of them with her mail. Tay tells Karen to come downstairs. Madea goes up to Karen's room and throws Desi out of Ruth's She spots her flatscreen TV. Karen says that not her TV but it says Madea on back of it. They go downstairs and see that Aunt Bam is talking to Shannon. Madea says she is going to tell Ruth. Shannon begs her not to but she is still telling her. Shannon tries to tell her what she will do to them but Karen interrupts her. Madea stills says she is telling Ruth but Karen says she won't come back to her house. Before Madea leaves, she tells them about Helen, The woman who died in the house. Madea acts like she heard something which scares them. Wally arrives to say hi to Madea. Madea tells Wally to take the TV in her house and to be careful because it was a gift from (Oprah Winfrey) so that she can watch The Haves and Have Nots. Wally falls and breaks Madea's TV. He puts it in the house and runs away to the post office.

Scene 5[edit]

Tay complaints to Karen that he is hungry. He says Madea took the lunch meat. Karen gives Shannon and Tay some crackers. Shannon ask where did she gets the crackers but Karen tells her to be quiet and eat. Tay thinks it is from Desi. Tay don't like what she is doing for this food. Karen tells them to stay in the house so she can find more food. Madea stops her outside and tells her to get back in the house but Karen refuses to which she starts to cuss her out. Madea starts to choke her until Aunt Bam comes outside and tries to break it up. Madea tells Karen not to talk to her that way. Aunt Bam ask her where she is going and Karen says she is going to the store. Aunt Bam says to give her the money so she can go buy whatever she wants from the store. She says she is not giving Aunt Bam her money because she is on that stuff. Karen tries to get pass Madea until Ruth arrives. Ruth ask her what she is doing outside in the night. Karen tries to explain but Ruth tells her to go in the house. Karen runs in the house. Madea calls her friend Kara who works at the hospital Ruth works at and see if she works there. Her friend says she don't work at the hospital that Ruth works at. Madea ask where do she work at but Ruth changes the subject. Madea says she couldn't rest because she heard loud music so Ruth goes in the house. Madea forgot to tell Ruth about what the kids did. Madea tells Ruth that the kids robbed her house and she has to pay for the stuff they stole and about Desi being in the room with her. Ruth leaves and goes in the house. Madea says something is wrong with Ruth because she saw how fast Karen ran in the house. Aunt Bam realized that Wally dropped her TV and Madea ignored her. Ruth goes up to Karen's room and has a talk with them. She says she felt embarrassed at what they did making people seem that she is crazy. She says if 1 person gets in trouble, everyone is in trouble and will get ready for it. Tay says he didn't do anything. She says that she thinks that people will make her think something is wrong with her. She tells them to wipe the tears off the faces because when all of the neighbors fall asleep and all the lights are off, She will Whoop all of them. She leaves and slams the door. They sing (Answer My Question).

Scene 6[edit]

Aunt Bam is sitting on her porch when Wally approach to give her mail. She says she don't want anything with bills. She tells him the story about when Madea steal a water heater from somebody to heat some food. Aunt Bam is happy when her check comes in the mail. Desi arrives and sends Karen a voicemail on his phone. Desi knocks on the door. Aunt Bam, Wally and Desi has a brief conversation. Aunt Bam explains about how life was back in the day when she was young. Clay and Patti arrives; they talk about getting Desi a job since he is not treated fairly in his family. All of them started singing gospel songs until Madea interrupts them. The Child Protection Services ask if they want to see Ruth. They go in her house and Ruth goes upstairs and gets them. Clay ask if they are ok but Madea thinks they are lying. Tay says that he is Hungry and that they didn't eat in 2 days. Ruth says she is going to the supermarket but Aunt Bam and Madea heard her say she was going to work, church and the mall. Clay says he is staying to chat with the kids. Ruth tries to convince them that can she stay but Madea tells her to get her A..(ass) out the house. Ruth leaves and Aunt Bam ask if she can get some microwavable popcorn. Clay ask them to tell what happened. Karen denies it due to them getting split apart. Tay says that Ruth has been abusing them. Karen is mad that he told them and they cries. Clay says to them that they are not being split apart and tells them to get their bags because they are leaving. He also said he called the police on Ruth.

Scene 7[edit]

Ruth arrives home with breakfast and she is surprised when they told the Child Protection Services what happened. Ruth tries to abuse them, but Patti stops her from harming the children even further alongside Madea and Aunt Bam was also about to beat her up for the way she treated them; but instead, having punishment awaits for her, because she about to go to prison for her cruelty and also press charges against her about the money she received for the children. Ruth angrily denies it and said that she just try to help them; but, neither Madea, Bam, Clay and Patti didn't buy it. Madea chats with her about why she does this; and its reveal that Ruth was a foster child and her foster parents did the same thing to her; which affectedly destroyed her self-esteem and consequently, making her a colder person she is. But, Madea replies that whatever happened to her in her life does not give the right to pass her suffering and pain unto no one else; especially any child. Madea notes that this is what is called "the generational cycle." Madea informs that if Ruth doesn't cease it, then no one else will. At this moment, Ruth tell everyone including the children that she was beaten and rape on numerous occasions when she was young. Madea talks with her for a minute about how a parents or foster parents should raise a child in a positive way by giving them true love which develops a strong connection to what true family is; but in Ruth's case, she give them harsh treatments which cause them to turn against people that should have given them love; but instead, in a negative way. TRuth apologize to them; but they think she doesn't mean it. But, Ruth says she is really sorry; and only because she not going to prison on what she did; but, she has to take responsibility for her own action. And, Ruth says that she didn't really mean what she said to Karen, Tray, and Shannon started to sing a song. She feels really sorry afterwards and apologize to everyone for her behavior. The police arrives and arrest her. Ruth says she hope they could forgives her. Clay talks Madea into being a foster parent; however, Madea turns down the offer of being a foster parent. Madea tells Karen to always tell her what is going on and if she got a problem. She tells Karen, Shannon and Tay that they can come visit her anytime. They get ready to leave and go to their new home and the three will always be together as long as they stay connected; also, Aunt Bam welcomes them to come and stop by her house and visit her anytime if they want to go to church or any other place. Aunt Bam teaches the kids to not let people confuse them for who God is, because God will always be one God. Clay says he went through difficult times in his life too. Clay sings a song and the play ends.

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