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Personal information
Born (1995-02-14) 14 February 1995 (age 27)
ResidenceAustin, TX
OccupationTwitch Streamer
RelativesEmily Rinaudo ("Sister") Pepelaugh
Twitch information
Also known asMizzy Wizzy
Years active2016-present
  • World of Warcraft Classic
  • Jump King: New Babe+
  • Super Mario 64
Total views14,741,316

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"Mizkif"[1], also know as Matthew Rinaudo and Mizzy Wizzy, is an American twitch streamer based out of Austin, Texas[2]. Primarily know from his stint as a cameraman for Iceposeidon, Matthew was able to break away and rapidly grow on his own by playing a small rotation of roughly 6 videos to his chat daily. He has continued from his early success to grow as a top reaction streamer, second only to fellow twitch reaction streamers Pokimane and Trainwreckstv. As of June 2019, Reddit is his primary source of content, which is commonly followed by low-caliber Jump King gameplay to farm the 4Head and LULW emotes.

Matthew has streamed since 2016, and recently peaked on June 10th, 2019 and will only go downhill from here. Matthew has a follower count over 160,000[3] however it is rumored many of them are botted, and he is actually less popular than his follower count suggests.

Early Life[edit]

Matthew grew up poor, and this was exasperated by the fact that he required medication for his ADHD. His "sister" (Pepelaugh), Emily, had to enter the Adult Film Industry[4] in order to help her family take care of her brother.

mizkifC Emote

Nothing more is known about his childhood, although it is rumored he may have had a gang affiliation in his youth.

Pre-Twitch Career[edit]

Mizkif's online presence is non-existent prior to meeting Iceposeidon, a streamer famous for saying "Hehe screw it dude" and playing loud music while streaming the most popular MMORPG, Runescape. As well as his online presence, he has kept his personal life private.

In his early online career, he was a cameraman for Iceposeidon.[5]


While Mizkif did stream on YouTube for a short time alongside Twitch, he gained a large amount of popularity from his "Who is..." series in which he would give very accurate histories of popular streamers[6] in the hopes that they would watch it and link his channel. Streamers he covered included Tyler1, Ninja, and Asmongold. This worked very well for Mizkif, and he slowly rose in relevancy. He continued this series until he amassed enough followers of his own to stop leeching. His total YouTube views sit at ~8 million.[6]

Twitch Streaming Career[edit]

Although Mizkif brought in a large following from Mixer, for most applications it is acceptable to say he started streaming on Twitch.tv. Matthew began his twitch streams sometime in 2016, but wasn't actually relevant until 2018.[1] In this time, he gained over 150k followers and began to average over 5,000 viewers per stream.[3]

His content was primarily a 360p video of an Alizee performance of J'en Ai Marre[7], which is arguably the most popular piece of content he has streamed. It even managed to help revive the Artifact gaming section which has since died[8]. With the addition of a cute seal and a classic Axion clip, he was able to propel himself into the mainstream of twitch.

In May of 2019, after being banned for talking to an attention seeking nobody who then got Mizkif banned and who was definitely not at fault and by no means should have been banned permanently after she was caught lying about it for attention,[9][10] Mizkif decided it was time to change. He did so by playing Jump King, a game in which the only goal is to just go up. Although Mizkif was terrible at this game, he was determined to beat streamers like Forsen to the top. He didn't beat Forsen.[11] In fact, it is believed that Mizkif was the last streamer to beat the game, even falling lower than fellow pepega streamer PVC. Mizkif wasn't discouraged by this, and continued to play more Alizee videos to keep his viewer count high.

In late May, 2019 He returned to a game he previously completed, Getting Over It, to show he can beat it again and to destroy fellow streamer Pokimane's ego. Neither of those were successful.[12]

For his gaming content he usually plays World of Warcraft Classic, but since no Alliance players queue for WSG[13] it has gotten stale and Mizkif has sought new games.

In June, 2019 Mizkif got lucky that a new Jump King expansion, New Babe+,[14] came out as his Maya streams were ending. This was just what he needed and he is on pace to beat the game in 1:12, skipping 1:13 entirely, which he will likely never see.

Popular forums like LiveStreamFail describe Mizkif as "fucking autistic"[15]

Twitchmetrics, a site that measures the statistics of twitch, shows Mizkif is currently in the top 50 most watched streamers on twitch. Twitchmetrics also says Mizkif's content is not mature, however that is disputable.[3]

Love Life[edit]

Matthew has not seen success in his love life in the past, aside from his sister Emily. In April of 2019, he met the incredibly wholesome "bird streamer" Maya Higa. It was love at first sight for Matthew, however he had competition in his friend Esfand, as well as multiple tier 3 subscribers who insisted they were better for her. Matt was never discouraged however, and always confidently spoke to Maya and impressed her. Unfortunately, he continually deteriorated his relationship with her by making poor remarks. His greatest failure was introducing Maya to political streamer Destiny. After a brief encounter on the popular Scuffed Podcast,[16] Matthew was no longer able to compete with Destiny and relegated himself to the discord-friendzone.

In a twist of fate, Maya decided to fly to Austin to 'hang out' with Matthew and his friends. This occurred after Matthew helped raise an incredible amount of money for a charity that Maya was especially close with.[17] These events are entirely exclusive from each other.

Matthew wanted to use this time to show Maya that he is better than Destiny, however things didn't go as planned when Matthew went to shake Maya's hand, but Maya had to look down to see Matthew's face. The rest of her visit went well, and he succeeded in shaking her hand at least 5 times during her visit. Matthew was even able to destroy Maya's ego on the basketball court in front of 16,000 viewers.[18]

The visit was ruined by drama streamer Mitch Jones, and Matthew was peer-pressured into kissing Maya on the head, which was incredible considering the height difference.

After her visit, Maya immediately began talking with Esfand.

Matthew has since stated his intentions of having sexual relations with video game speed-runner Clint Stevens, but their future is still undecided.


Mizkif is know for his high level networking abilities. He has had great success when reaching out to fellow influencers and streamers in the past. His popularity skyrocketed after reaching out to FaZe Banks during a low point in his life.[19] [20]By doing this, Mizkif was able to secure a sponsorship,[21] and possible future sponsorships. Afterwards, he used his own influence to stream alongside top streamer summit1g.

He has also reached out to Alizee[22] and Nickelodeon [23]for possible partnerships, but has yet to receive a response.

Charitable Work[edit]

Matthew has donated to the Five Cities Home Charity stream that bird streamer Maya Higa hosted.[17]

An old clip has resurfaced, showing Matthew promising his community a 24 hour wall-staring charity stream. He has claimed he will follow through with the stream during Maya's return sometime in July-August.[24]


During his Alizee video segments, members of Mizkif's community will type 'Kreygasm Clap' in his chat, which is a point of concern since she is 6.

Mizkif has been caught multiple times calling his entire community "Retards" which has sparked many capital D colon spams in his chat.

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