List of fictional planets by medium

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This is a list of fictional planets organized by the medium in which they primarily appear.

Novels and short stories[edit]

Adams, Douglas[edit]

  • Brontitall – The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (radio series); planet of bird people who live in the ear of a statue after shoe shop disaster.
  • Krikkit – Douglas Adams' Life, the Universe and Everything (The planet is inside a massive dark cloud)
  • Magrathea – The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (planet of wealthy customised planet builders)
  • Traal – home of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Ursa Minor Beta – said to be nearly always Saturday afternoon in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Anthony, Piers[edit]

  • Chthon – Piers Anthony's Cdossssn (prison planet)
  • Nacre – Piers Anthony's Omnivore
  • Waterloo – Piers Anthony's On The Uses of Torture

Asher, Neal[edit]

  • Aster Colora - Where the Polity first encountered the entity called Dragon. Ian Cormac novels.
  • Cheyne III - A cold watery world, home to Dark Otters and violent criminal separatists. Ian Cormac novels.
  • Cull - A desert planet, home to a developing human civilization (thematically similar to the Wild West). Ian Cormac novels.
  • Masada - Outside Polity space, ruled by a brutal theocracy and home to a diverse and deadly ecology. Ian Cormac novels.
  • Samarkand - A cold world in the process of being terraformed, then devastated by a runsible accident. Ian Cormac novels.
  • Spatterjay - Planet with a highly chaotic, adaptive biology. Ian Cormac novels.
  • Viridian - An agricultural world. Ian Cormac novels.

Asimov, Isaac[edit]

  • Helicon – Home of Psychohistory founder, Hari Seldon in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series
  • Izz  – Isaac Asimov's Norby series, cowritten with Janet Asimov. A feudal world where gold is plentiful and copper is highly valuable.
  • Jamya  – Isaac Asimov's Norby series, cowritten with Janet Asimov. Homeworld of the dragons.
  • Lagash – Isaac Asimov's Nightfall (planet where each day lasts two thousand years)
  • Solaria – Isaac Asimov's Robot series. People grow up isolated, and eventually lead totally solitary lives, interacting only via telepresence.
  • Synnax – Isaac Asimov's Galactic Empire series and Foundation series – The birthplace of Gaal Dornick, it was in a stellar system orbiting a region called the 'blue drift'.
  • Terminus – Home of the Foundation in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series
  • Trantor – Isaac Asimov's Galactic Empire series and Foundation series – A planet-wide city

Banks, Iain[edit]

The Culture series[edit]

  • Chel – Home planet of the Chelgrians in Look to Windward
  • Eä – Capital of the Azad Empire in Player of Games
  • Echronedal (the Fire Planet) – Planet where the game of Azad in Player of Games is played
  • Schar's World – Setting for Consider Phlebas

Bear, Greg[edit]

  • Hegira – Greg Bear
  • Lamarckia – Greg Bear's Legacy (Lamarckian evolution)
  • Timbl – Home planet of the Frants in Greg Bear's Eon series

Brin, David[edit]

  • Calafia – Water world in David Brin's Uplift universe, inhabited by humans and neo-dolphins. Currently occupied by the Soro.
  • Deemi – World in David Brin's Uplift Universe leased to humans on the condition that they run the Galactic prison. Bathed in UV radiation. Most of biosphere is aquatic.
  • Garth – David Brin's Uplift War (weird biology)
  • Jijo – In the Uplift series of David Brin, a planet in Galaxy #4 where Humans and other sophont refugees have illegally hidden, in the case of the G'kek and the Humans to avoid extermination, potential for humanity, certain for G'kek.
  • Jophekka – In David Brin's Uplift Universe, the homeworld of the Jophur, sapient and ambitious sap ring stacks.
  • Kithrup – David Brin's Startide Rising (waterworld rich in heavy metals, which form part of the biochemical structure of its life. Mildly toxic to non-native life. also the "retirement" home of a neurotic race with enormous psi power)
  • Omnivarium – World in David Brin's Uplift Universe. Inhabited by birds that mimic any sound, a fact discovered when the birds started mimicking the sounds of explorers performing coitus.
  • Tanith – In David Brin's Uplift trilogies Tanith is the location of the nearest full Galactic Library branch near Terra.

Bujold, Lois McMaster[edit]

  • Athos – Lois McMaster Bujold's Ethan of Athos (male-only society)
  • Barrayar – Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series (feudal military culture)
  • Cetaganda – Bujold's Vorkosigan series (genetically engineered culture)
  • Komarr – Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series (domed cities; colony of Barrayar)

Clement, Hal[edit]

  • Abyormen – Hal Clement's Cycle of Fire (temperature extremes)
  • Dhrawn – Hal Clement's Star Light (high gravity)
  • Hekla – Hal Clement's Cold Front (ice age aliens)
  • Mesklin – Hal Clement's Mission of Gravity (supergiant planet)
  • Tenebra – Hal Clement's Close to Critical (high gravity and corrosive atmosphere)

Corey, James S. A.[edit]

Main Article: The Expanse

  • Freehold  – A stubborn and isolationist colony, founded on Libertarian ideals.
  • Illus  – The first extrasolar human colony, founded by Belters.
  • Laconia  – Colonized by renegades from the Martian navy, capital of humanity's first and only interstellar empire.

David, Peter[edit]

  • Thallon – Star Trek: New Frontier books 1-4 (geologically unstable, finally exploded as it was revealed to be the egg of a gigantic creature described as the Great Bird of the Galaxy)
  • Xenex – Star Trek: New Frontier Home world of main protagonist M,a,k,nzy of Calhoon (Mackenzy Calhoon)

De Camp, L. Sprague[edit]

  • Krishna – L. Sprague de Camp's Viagens Interplanetarias series (dry planet of pretechnological humanoids)
  • Kukulkan – L. Sprague de Camp's The Stones of Nomuru and The Venom Trees of Sunga (human-colonized world of pretechnological dinosauroids)
  • Ormazd – L. Sprague de Camp's Rogue Queen (humanoid hive-society world)
  • Osiris – L. Sprague de Camp's Viagens Interplanetarias series (dry planet of capitalistic dinosauroids)

Farmer, Philip Jose[edit]

  • Riverworld – Philip José Farmer's Riverworld series (all humans in history reincarnated along a spiral river)
  • World of Tiers – Philip José Farmer's book series of the same name (world-sized stepped pyramid with a different environment on each step)

Feist, Raymond E.[edit]

  • Kelewan – The Empire Trilogy
  • Midkemia – The Riftwar series and beyond

Forward, Robert L.[edit]

  • Dragon's Egg – Robert Forward (life on neutron star)
  • Rocheworld – Robert Forward (double planet that almost touches)

Hamilton, Peter F.[edit]

  • Atlantis – Peter F. Hamilton's The Night's Dawn Trilogy (waterworld)
  • Cressat – Peter F. Hamilton's Pandora's Star (Homeworld of the ultrawealthy Sheldon family)
  • Far Away – Peter F. Hamilton's Pandora's Star (triangle of stratospheric mountains, sterilized by solar flare, Starflyer alien)
  • Huxley's Haven  – Peter F. Hamilton's Pandora's Star (Planet colonized by genetic researches so they could avoid regulations)
  • Garissa – Planet in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy that is anti-matter bombed and rendered uninhabitable.
  • Jobis – A Kiint world with three artificial moons from Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy.
  • New Rio  – Peter F. Hamilton's Pandora's Star (Location of the Commonwealth's Presidential Palace)
  • Norfolk – British-ethnic world in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. Known for Norfolk Tears, a highly prized spirit distilled from the secretions of a flower native to the world and dependent on the star systems binary nature.
  • Nova Kong – Capital world of the Kingdom of Kulu in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. Ruled by the Saldana family.
  • Nyvan – First planet colonized by humanity in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. Considered backwards and stunted due to its not being unified into one nation
  • Querencia  – Peter F. Hamilton's Void trilogy. A planet in an artificial universe inside a black hole where intelligent life is imbued with extraordinary powers.
  • Silvergalde  – Peter F. Hamilton's Pandora's Star (A world of the Silfen)

Heinlein, Robert A.[edit]

  • Beulahland – Alternate timeline Earth considered civilized in Robert A. Heinlein novel Number of the Beast
  • Klendathu – bugs home planet in Robert A. Heinlein Starship Troopers
  • Sanctuary – Terran Colony world in the Robert A. Heinlein novel Starship Troopers
  • Tellus Secundus, also called Secundus – Howard Families' private planet, run by the Chairman Pro Tem, in Robert A. Heinlein novel Time Enough for Love
  • Tellus Tertius, also called Tertius – Colony planet for members of Howard Families outmigrating from Secundus in Robert A. Heinlein novel Time Enough for Love

Herbert, Frank[edit]

  • Arrakis – Frank Herbert's Dune series (desert world, sole source of the spice melange)
  • Caladan – Dune (planet of mostly water, homeworld of House Atreides before they are sent to occupy Arrakis)
  • Dosadi – Setting for Frank Herbert's novel The Dosadi Experiment.
  • Giedi Prime – Dune (industrial planet, surface covered in upwelling oil, homeworld of House Harkonnen)
  • Ix – Frank Herbert's Dune (machine planet); Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's Prelude to Dune (subterranean civilization, the planet's surface is lush and untouched)
  • Kaitain – Dune (lavish homeworld of the Padishah Emperors)
  • Salusa Secundus – Dune (devastated "hell world" used as a prison planet and training environment for the Padishah Emperors' Sardaukar soldier-fanatics)
  • Tleilax – Dune (home of the Bene Tleilax)
  • Wallach IX – Dune (home of the Bene Gesserit)

Jennsen, G. S.[edit]

  • Akeso - A sentient world with healing powers and a peaceful, idyllic ecology. Originally from one of the pocket universes of the Mosaic. Later home of Alex Solovy and Caleb Morano.
  • Asterion Prime - Homeworld of the Asterions, a human / AI fusion race. Held by the Anadan empire.
  • Earth - The human homeworld in the Aurora Universe, later transported to the Amaranthe Universe, after the destruction of Solum.
  • Hirlas - A lush tropical world in the Pegasus Dwarf Galaxy in the Amaranthe Universe. Homeworld of the Naraida and Volucri. May have become sentient.
  • Ireltse - Homeworld of the Khokteh. Originally from one of the pocket universes of the Mosaic. Later transported to the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Katoikia - Now barren planet in the Triangulum Galaxy in the Amaranthe Universe. Original homeworld of the Katasketousya.
  • Katoikia Tairi - Recreated homeworld of the Katasketousya, located in the Cetus Dwarf Galaxy in the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Mirai - Capital planet of the Asterion Dominion in the Gennisi Galaxy, a government in exile of a human / AI fusion race in the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Namino - A heavily populated world, part of the Asterion Dominion in the Gennisi Galaxy in the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Nopreis - Homeworld of the Novoloume in the Pegasus Dwarf Galaxy in the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Pandora - A tropical water world, home to crime syndicates in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Aurora Universe. Later transported to the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Romane - An independent world with a strong capitalist streak in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Aurora Universe. Later transported to the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Rudan - Homeworld of the Ruda, a machine intelligence, in the Large Magellenic Cloud in one of the pocket universe of the Mosaic. Later transported to the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Savrak - Homeworld of the Savrakaths, a warlike reptilian species from one of the pocket universes of the Mosaic. Later transported to the Antila Galaxy in Amaranthe. Sealed in a Rift Bubble by the Katasketousya.
  • Seneca - A colony of Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, capital of the Federation, a separatist government in the Aurora Universe. Later transported to the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Solum - Earth in the Amarethe Universe, later replaced by Earth from Aurora after being destroyed during the Human / Anadan war. Homeworld of the Anadens.
  • Toki’taku - Homeworld of the Taiyoks, mothlike allies of the Asterion Dominion in the Gennisi Galaxy in the Amaranthe Universe.
  • Vrachnas - Originally from one of the pocket universes of the Mosaic, later transported to the Andromeda Galaxy in the Amaranthe Universe. Here there be dragons.

Le Guin, Ursula K.[edit]

  • Aka – Ursula K. Le Guin's The Telling (hyper scientific advancement)
  • Anarres – Ursula K. Le Guin's Dispossessed (anarchist)
  • Athshe – Ursula K. Le Guin's The Word for World is Forest
  • Gethen/Winter – Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness (hermaphrodites)
  • Hain – Central planet in Ursula K. Le Guin's Hainish series.

Lem, Stanisław[edit]

  • Regis III – Stanisław Lem's The Invincible (inorganic evolution)
  • Solaris – Stanisław Lem's Solaris (Mostly covered by living ocean)

L'Engle, Madeleine[edit]

  • Camazotz – A planet of extreme, enforced conformity, ruled by a disembodied brain called IT.
  • Ixchel – A planet of muted colors, inhabited by motherly, sightless creatures.
  • Uriel – A planet with extremely tall mountains, named after the Archangel Uriel.

McCaffrey, Anne[edit]

  • Botany – an Earth-like world portrayed in Anne McCaffrey's Freedom series.
  • Doona  – A pastoral world colonized by both humans and the catlike Harubans. Anne McCaffrey's Decision at Doona.
  • Ireta – Anne McCaffrey's Planet Pirate series. Inhabited by both people and dinosaurs.
  • Pern – Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Deadly spore capable of eating anything (except rock and metal) rains down on planet for fifty years every 200–400 years, people ride genetically-engineered dragons.
  • Red Star – Pern's companion planet from which the spores originate.
  • Petaybee – from the Petaybee Series (Powers series) by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Niven, Larry[edit]

  • Destiny  – A planet with a lost human colony. (Larry Niven's Destiny's Road)
  • Home – Larry Niven's Known Space universe (wiped out by disease in Protector)
  • Jinx – Larry Niven's Known Space universe (high gravity and extreme vertical scale)
  • Plateau/Mt. Lookitthat – Larry Niven's Known Space universe (Venus-like with only a small high plateau habitable; colonized by mistake)
  • The Smoke Ring – Larry Niven's Integral Trees & Smoke Ring (gas ring around a neutron star)
  • We Made It – Planet in Larry Niven's Known Space universe marked by intense winds. Inhabitants called Crashlanders, such as Beowulf Schaeffer from Neutron Star.

Niven and Pournelle[edit]

  • Mote Prime – The Mote in Murcheson's Eye, homeworld of the Motie race, mutant non-symmetric semi-vertebrates who have been locked in ten thousand year cycles of chaos due to being trapped in one star system and their reproductive drives. Appear in the Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.
  • New Chicago – World in revolt from the 2nd Empire of Man at the beginning of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's The Mote in God's Eye

Pournelle, Jerry[edit]

  • Covenant – Scottish-ethnic world in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History. Known for its mercenaries specializing in infantry.
  • Churchill – English-ethnic world in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History.
  • Dayan or Dyan – Israeli-ethnic world in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History.
  • Friedland – German-ethnic world in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History. Known for its mercenaries specializing in armored warfare.
  • Frystaat – Afrikaner-ethnic world in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History.
  • Meiji – Japanese-ethnic world in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History.
  • Nuliajuk – Inuit/Eskimo-ethnic world of Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History.
  • Sauron – Homeworld of the Sauron Supermen in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History. Known for high metal content and its denizens belief that war was the ultimate expression of humankind. Started the Secession Wars that ended the First Empire of Man.
  • Sparta – Capital world of the First and Second Empires of Man in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History, originally called Botany Bay. Generally North American in population.
  • St. Ekaterina – Russian-ethnic world in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History. First planet attacked by the Sauron Supermen in the Secession Wars.
  • Tanith – A jungle planet known for the drug borloi in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium Future History.

Reynolds, Alastair[edit]

  • Ararat  – Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space universe. Pattern Juggler world. Colonized by the Nostalgia for Infinity, the colonists adapt themselves to become aquatic.
  • Resurgam – Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space universe (desert with buried alien artifacts)
  • Sky's Edge – Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space universe (Earth-like planet in a perpetual state of war between settler families)[citation needed]
  • Yellowstone – Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space universe, the site of Chasm City and Glitter Band habitats
  • Crucible – Alastair Reynolds' Poseidon's Children trilogy. Earth's first extrasolar colony, hosting alien ruins. (On the Steel Breeze, Poseidon's Wake)

Ruocchio, Christopher[edit]

  • Avalon - One of the original human colonies and the birthplace of the Sollan Empire.
  • Delos - Hadrian's homeworld, the seat of House Marlowe and a major source of uranium.
  • Emesh - A warm, watery world where Hadrian spends time as a gladiator. Hosts ruins of the Quiet.
  • Eue - The Cielcin world, a place of pain and death and the worship of terrible, ancient gods.
  • Forum - Capital of the Sollan Empire.
  • Gododdin - A world of the Sollan Empire. Destined to have it's sun destroyed in the war against the Cielcin.
  • Jadd - Capital of the Jaddian Principalities, famous for it's swords and swordsmen.
  • Padmurak - A planet of the dystopian Lothrian Commonwealth, where people are forbidden names and language itself is carefully monitored for seditious words.
  • Tavros - The primary planet of the Tavros Demarchy, a polity that embraces cybernetic augmentation.
  • Vorgossos - The lost planet of the cybernetic post human Kharn Sagara.

Silverberg, Robert[edit]

  • Belzagor – Robert Silverberg's Downward to the Earth
  • Hydros – Robert Silverberg's Face of the Waters (waterworld)
  • Majipoor – Robert Silverberg (large planet)

Simmons, Dan[edit]

  • Armaghast – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (prison planet)
  • Pacem – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (base of Catholic church)
  • Parvati – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (reformed Hindus)
  • God's Grove – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (forest world, Worldtree)
  • Hebron – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (Jewish ethnic)
  • Hyperion – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (one of 9 labyrinth planets, Time Tombs)
  • Mare Infinitus – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (waterworld)
  • Maui-Covenant – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (motile isles)
  • Qom-Riyadh – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (Moslem)
  • Sol Draconi Septem – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (glacier covered)
  • T'ien Shan – Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos (mountain world, toxic surface clouds)

Smith, E. E.[edit]

  • Arisia – E. E. Smith's Lensmen series. Source of the Lens.
  • Boskone – Smith's Lensmen series
  • Palain IX – E. E. Smith's Lensmen series. Frigid home of Nadreck, hydrogen breather and Second-Stage Lensman.
  • Rigel – E. E. Smith's Lensmen series. Noisy home of Tregonsee, Second-Stage Lensman, whose people's only sense is their "sense of perception".
  • Trenco – E. E. Smith's Lensman Series. A major fraction of the planet's atmosphere condenses each night and evaporates each day giving rise to exceptionally violent weather. The planet's plant life yields the illicit narcotic thionite.
  • Velantia – E. E. Smith's Lensmen series. Home of Worsel, master hypnotist and Second-Stage Lensman.

Strugatsky, Boris and Arkady[edit]

  • Ark – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • The Blue Sands Planet – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky
  • Garrota – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Giganda – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Gorgona – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky
  • Hope – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Leonida – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Pandora – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Pant – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Rainbow – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Ruzhena – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Saraksh – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Saula – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Tagora – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Tissa – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe
  • Vladislava – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe (extremely turbulent atmosphere)
  • Yaila – Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Noon Universe

Taylor, Dennis E.[edit]

  • Delta Eridani  – Homeworld of the Deltans, where Bob spends many years studying the local people and ecology.
  • Klown Kar Planet / Quilt  – A moon with a bizarre ecology orbiting the gas giant Big Top.
  • New Pav  – A world the Bobs resettled the Pav to after the destruction of Pav.
  • Pav  – Homeworld of the Pav. Destroyed by the Others.
  • Poseiden  – A planet with a global ocean and island sized floating algae mats. Colonized by the Bobs.
  • Quin  – Original homeworld of the Quinlans, who now inhabit the Topopolis Heavan's River. Now an uninhabitable, radioactive world.
  • Romulus  – One of two planets colonized by the Bobs in the Omicron-2 Eridani system. FAITH resurges here after several generations.
  • Vulcan  – One of two planets colonized by the Bobs in the Omicron-2 Eridani system.

Tchaikovsky, Adrian[edit]

  • Arc Pallator - A world of the Essiel Hegemony, attacked by Architects (Final Architecture Series)
  • Berlenhof - The capital planet of Hugh (the main government of the human diaspora) (Final Architecture Series)
  • Far Lux - The world where the first Architect War ended (Final Architecture Series)
  • Huei-Cavor - A world being annexed by the Essiel Hegemony (Final Architecture Series)
  • Jericho - A rural planet with Originator ruins (Final Architecture Series)
  • Kern's World - A planet terraformed as a home for uplifted spiders. Later, humans attempt to colonize it. (Children of Time, Children of Ruin)
  • Scintilla - A planet noted for it's legal scholars and dueling traditions. (Final Architecture Series)
  • Tarekuma - A lawless, criminal sanctuary world. (Final Architecture Series)

Tolkien, J. R. R.[edit]

  • Arda, "region", Ilu, Ambar, Imbar – the Earth
  • Alcarinquë, "the glorious", Alkarinquë – Jupiter
  • Carnil, "red star" – Mars
  • Elemmírë, "star jewel" – Mercury
  • Luinil, "blue star" – Neptune or Uranus
  • Lumbar – Saturn
  • Nenar, "water outside" – Neptune or Uranus
  • Star of Ëarendil, "evenstar (Undòmiel)" – actually a Silmaril, mistaken for Venus

Vance, Jack[edit]

  • The Dying Earth – fictionalized Earth of the 20 millionth century.
  • Dar Sai – home of the supercriminal Lens Larque from the novel The Face (Vance).
  • Interchange (Vance) – planet providing facilities for the exchange of kidnap victims, from the novel The Killing Machine
  • Big Planet – site of the novel of the same name, as well as Showboat World
  • Wyst, Marune and Trullion – three very different planets each given its own novel in the Alastor series by Jack Vance.
  • Durdane – a world divided into scores of culturally distinct regions; locale of three novels by Jack Vance, The Anome, The Brave Free Men and The Asutra
  • Tschai – home to enslaved humans, three warring alien races and one native sentient species, each given its own novel: City of the Chasch, Servants of the Wankh, The Dirdir, and The Pnume.
  • Cadwal – home of the Nature Conservancy, locked in struggle with the indigenous Yips
  • Maske – site of the novel Maske:Thaery
  • Nopalgarth – mother planet of supposedly malignant mental parasites infecting humans, and others, from the novel of the same name.
  • Smade's Planet – Visited by Kirth Gersen in the Demon Princes novels by Jack Vance; known for Smade's Tavern.

Vinge, Vernor[edit]

  • The Tine's World - A planet inhabited by sapient packs of wolfoids (NOT packs of sapient wolfoids). (A Fire Upon the Deep, Children of the Sky)
  • Arachna (The Spider's Planet) - A planet orbiting an unusually regular flair star. The sentient species hibernate through the "Dark Time" when the star is less active. (A Deepness in the Sky)

Weber, David[edit]

  • Beowulf – David Weber's Honorverse. Very liberal sexual mores.
  • Grayson – David Weber's Honorverse. Toxic, heavy metal environment.
  • Hades – David Weber's Honorverse. Prison planet where none of the native wildlife can be metabolized by humans.

Westerfeld, Scott[edit]

  • Homeworld – Scott Westerfeld's Succession Series (Risen Imperial capital)
  • Legis XV – location of Scott Westerfeld's Succession Series

Zahn, Timothy[edit]

  • Adirondack - A world in the Dominon of Man, invaded by the Trofts. (Cobra)
  • Astra - A world without metals that actually absorbs metals and uses them to build something. (Spinneret)
  • Aventine - The capital of the Cobra Worlds, on the far side of the Troft empire. (Cobra Strike, Cobra Bargain, Cobra War, Cobra Rebellion)
  • Caelian - One of the Cobra Worlds. Possesses a lethal, adaptive ecology. (Cobra Strike, Cobra Bargain, Cobra War, Cobra Rebellion)
  • Esquiline - One of the Cobra Worlds.
  • Oaccanv - Homeworld of the Zhirrzh, the so called "Conqueror's" (Conqueror's Heritage, Conqueror's Legacy)
  • Palatine - One of the Cobra Worlds.
  • Qasama - A lost colony settled by humans from the middle east. At first has an antagonistic relationship with the Cobra Worlds, later becomes an ally.
  • Sereph - A star orbiting near a black hole that can be mined for objects that have beneficent effects on the human mind. (Angelmass)

Other authors[edit]

  • Barsoom – Edgar Rice Burroughs, heroic fantasy version of Mars
  • Bas-Lag – China Miéville A world where both magic (referred to as 'thaumaturgy') and steampunk technology exist.
  • Cyteen – C. J. Cherryh's Cyteen series
  • Darkover – Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series (medieval culture and psi powers)
  • The Discworld – not quite a planet, as it is flat and supported by giant elephants
  • Dorsai – Gordon R. Dickson's Dorsai series (soldier culture)
  • Erna – C. S. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy (psychically malleable quasi-sentient natural forces)
  • Gor – John Norman's Gor series (men are warriors; women are often sex-slaves; all are generally happy in their appointed roles)
  • Halvmörk – Harry Harrison's agricultural planet in Wheelworld – where only the polar regions are habitable for a few months in turn.
  • Helliconia – Brian Aldiss (seasons last millennia)
  • Land/Overland – Bob Shaw's The Ragged Astronauts (and) The Wooden Spaceships (and) The Fugitive Worlds Trilogy (Twin Planets orbiting each other as well as a star, with no metals, sharing an atmosphere allowing travel between them by hot air balloon)
  • Lincoln  – Ryk Spoor and Erik Flint's Castaway Planet. A water world where the "land masses" are giant floating ecosystems.
  • Lusitania – Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead
  • New Amazonia – Elizabeth Bear's Carnival (warlike matriarchy)
  • Nihil – Latin word for 'nothing', additional planet of Earth's solar system in the novel Beyond the Spectrum by Martin Thomas. Due to a flaw in space, the planet is invisible except at close range, although it can see most of the other planets. The inhabitants attempt to conquer Earth during the 30th century.
  • Orthe – Mary Gentle's Golden Witchbreed (post-holocaust/medieval aliens)
  • Pyrrus – Harry Harrison's Deathworld (high gravity and psychic animals)
  • Ralph  – Stephen Senn's Spacebread. A planet of blue skinned natives, with the ruins of an ancient civilization, threatened by a basilisk and saved by a cat.
  • Reverie – Bruce Sterling's Artificial Kid
  • Sangre – Norman Spinrad's The Men in the Jungle (cannibalism)
  • Shaggai – From Ramsey Campbell's "Insects from Shaggai". Now-destroyed planet of fanatical sadists.
  • Shikasta – Doris Lessing's Shikasta (cosmic consciousness)
  • Tiamat – Joan D. Vinge’s The Snow Queen (matriarchy/monarchy)
  • Shora – Joan Slonczewski's A Door into Ocean (waterbound culture)
  • Soror in the Planet of the Apes – originally a book by Pierre Boulle
  • Spherus Magna – In Bionicle, the homeworld of the Agori, the Great Beings, and Mata Nui. Split apart in the Shattering event, it was eventually reformed by Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax.
  • Teixcalaan  – Arkady Martine, A Memory Called Empire / A Desolation Called Peace. The name of the city, the planet and the empire.
  • Thalassa – Arthur C. Clarke's Songs of Distant Earth (waterworld)
  • Tralfamadore – in the books by Kurt Vonnegut, home to the phlegmatic Tralfamadorians.
  • Well World – Jack L. Chalker's Well of Souls series (surface divided in thousands of different ecosystems, each one with a different sentient race)


Calvin and Hobbes[edit]

  • Ahnooie-4 – where Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) decides to put a repulsive blob out of its misery
  • Bog – where Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) avoids pools of toxic chemicals under a choking atmosphere of poisonous gases
  • Gloob – above which Spaceman Spiff, Calvin from the comic (Calvin and Hobbes), has a malfunction in his hyper freem drive and is blasted with a deadly frap ray by the aliens
  • Gork – a metropolitan planet that Spaceman Spiff crashes into when he runs out of fuel
  • Mok – where Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) undergoes water torture (his mother washes his hair)
  • Plootarg – where Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) crashes after being zorched by a Zarch spacecraft
  • Q-13 – where Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) faces despicable scum beings with his mertilizer beam and mordo blasters
  • X-13 – where Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) is captured and brought before the Zorg despot
  • Zark – where Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) has several adventures escaping sinister aliens
  • Zartron-9 – home of the awful bug beings who blast Spaceman Spiff while he reboots his saucer's computer and tries to recalibrate his weapons
  • Zog – where Spaceman Spiff makes a (very rare) perfect 3 point landing
  • Zok – where Spaceman Spiff is marooned
  • Zokk – where Spaceman Spiff bounds across the landscape given the low gravity
  • Zorg – where Spaceman Spiff sets his gun on deep-fat fry to blast aliens

DC Comics[edit]

  • Bismoll – Home world of Tenzil Kem, a.k.a. Matter-Eater Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Crisis) DC Universe. Everyone on Bismol has the power to digest anything.
  • Braal – Home world of Rokk Krin a.k.a. Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. (Pre and Post Crisis) DC Universe. Everyone on the planet has magnetic powers.
  • Oa – headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps
  • Mogo – from the Green Lantern Corps comic books, is not only alive, but also an appointed member of the corps.
  • Daxam – Natives of Daxam are not unlike those of Krypton, both planets circle a red gas giant, one notable inhabitant is Lar Gand a.k.a. Mon-El (Pre-Crisis) and Valor (Post-Crisis) who is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the far distant future. Lar has the same powers as Superman under the yellow sun, and the element lead is deadly to him, as Kryptonite is deadly to Superman. DC Universe.
  • Dryad – Is a planet inhabited by a race of sentient silicone creatures that resemble the shape of humans. Dryad is the home world of Blok a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the far distant future. DC Universe.
  • Krypton – Superman
  • Tamaran – Home of Starfire (Koriand'r) and Blackfire (Komand'r).
  • Wegthor – a moon that once encircled the planet Krypton, Superman's home world.

Marvel Comics[edit]

  • Astra – A Marvel Universe planet where humanoid aliens possess magnetic and molecule-controlling powers that enable them to have every power on metal
  • Ego the Living Planet – Marvel comics (living planet)
  • Hala - Homeworld of the Kree.
  • Kosmos – A planet in the Marvel Universe from which a criminal sludge-like alien escapes to hide on Earth where he kills The Wasp's father and fights Ant-Man
  • Krelar – Second homeworld of the (Blue Skinned) Kree Race. Marvel Comics Creation. Home world of "Captain Mar-Vel," "Colonel Yonn-Rog," "Captain Atlas," and "Una."
  • Homeworld of The Micronauts – actually a chain of worldlets connected which resembles the ball and stick molecular model.
  • Vormir  – Homeworld of the Vorms (Comics), hiding place of the Soul Stone (MCU)
  • Xandar - Homeworld of the Nova Corps.

Valérian and Laureline[edit]

  • Rubanis – Valérian and Laureline series (ultra-capitalist)
  • Zahir – Valérian and Laureline series (hollow planet)

Other comics[edit]

  • Mongo – Flash Gordon
  • Pandarve – from the Storm comic books, is not only alive, but also has the status of a goddess

Film and television[edit]

Alien (film)[edit]

  • Acheron – aka LV-426 the planet on which the derelict ship and its deadly cargo are found in the movies Alien and Aliens
  • Fiorina 'Fury' 161 – Mining station penal colony on which Alien 3 is set

Babylon 5[edit]

  • Centauri Prime – homeworld of the Centauri in the Babylon 5 universe
  • Epsilon 3 – orbited by Babylon 5
  • Minbar (planet) – homeworld of the Minbari in the Babylon 5 universe
  • Narn – homeworld of the Narn in the Babylon 5 universe
  • Z'ha'dum – Home of the Shadows in Babylon 5

Battlestar Galactica[edit]

  • Caprica – destroyed home planet in Battlestar Galactica, one of the Twelve Colonies
  • Kobol – Legendary planet in Battlestar Galactica

Blake's 7[edit]

  • Gauda Prime – appears in the last episode of Blake's 7, being where one of the characters originates, and where the series' eponymous character is residing. A planet overrun with bounty hunters and the scum of the galaxy - but some of whose inhabitants wish to return it to normality (and the Federation).
  • Star One – a star with a single planet holding the Federation's main computers in Blake's 7, situated between our galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. Planet destroyed in an intergalactic war.
  • Terminal – planet in the series Blake's 7. In the eponymous episode it is a bizarrely flattened planet that had been constructed several centuries before in the Solar System and moved, supposedly destroyed: in the next episode it reverted to a more conventional shape.
  • Cygnus Alpha – a Federation prison planet where the most prolific political dissidents and most dangerous criminals in Human space are marooned. The surface is mostly inhospitable, and what little arable there is on the world is governed by a violent cult that indoctrinates incoming convicts into their ranks. It is also the name of the third episode of the series. There is debate over whether Cygnus Alpha orbits Alpha Cygni, also known as Deneb.
  • Auron – this Earth-like world is inhabited by a race of isolationist humanoids with psychic powers, technically advanced but with a mystical past. It is the home world of one of Blake's crew, and is visited once in the third series.
  • Horizon – a rare habitable planet along the galactic rim, also notable for being mineral-rich. It was also a secret Federation colony that Blake and his crew liberated in the second series.

Challenge of the GoBots[edit]

  • Gobotron – Homeworld of the GoBots

Dragon Ball[edit]

  • Arlia – Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon World – the Earth from the anime Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dr. Slump, and Neko Majin Z.
  • Freeza Planet 79 – Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z
  • The Great Kai Planet – Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z
  • Kanassa – Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z
  • Namek and New Namek – Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball (temperate land where trees are scarce, but water and grass abundant)
  • Planet Vegeta and New Vegeta – Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z

Doctor Who[edit]

  • Clom  – The twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius.
  • Exxilon – Doctor Who serial Death to the Daleks
  • Gallifrey – Home planet of The Doctor and his race, the Time Lords, from Doctor Who.
  • Karn – A planet within a few billion miles of Gallifrey. It is inhabited by the Sisterhood of Karn. They guard the Flame of Eternal Life, which produces an elixir which brings life.
  • Mondas – home planet of the Cybermen from Doctor Who. Earth's twin planet, which long ago drifted out of the solar system before returning.
  • Peladon – Home of the Peladonians. It is a member of the Galactic Federation, ruled by a monarchy and one of the few places the mineral Trisilicate can be found.
  • Raxicoricofallapatorius – the planet from which the criminal Slitheen family originate in Doctor Who.
  • Skaro – Home planet of the Daleks and Thals from Doctor Who. It was apparently destroyed when the Seventh Doctor tricked the Daleks creator and Emperor Davros into making its sun go supernova.
  • Vortis – Home planet of the insect-like Menoptra and Zarbi. It was once ruled by the Animus.

Escape from Planet Earth[edit]

  • Baab
  • The Dark Planet – actually a fictional nickname for Earth
  • Gnarlach
  • Zedelbrock 473
  • Zedelbrock 475


  • Londinium – Co-capital world (Anglo-American) of the Alliance.
  • Miranda – Serenity (site where the Alliance accidentally spawned the Reavers).
  • Shadow – Homeworld of Malcolm Reynolds.
  • Sihnon – Co-capital (Chinese) of the Alliance.

Galaxy Express 999[edit]

  • Earth - The boy Tetsuro Hoshino leaves via a space train.
  • Maetel - Machine empire home world in Andromeda.
  • Pluto - Planet where mechanized people discard their former organic bodies by ice burial.
  • Titan - Terraformed paradise planet for humans with no rules.

Galaxy Quest[edit]

  • Thermia – The homeworld of the Thermians destroyed by Sarris.
  • An unnamed planet where the beryllium sphere is retrieved.
  • Sarris' unnamed homeworld.

Metal Hero Series[edit]

  • Planet Bird – The planet where the Galactic Union Patrol is based and Space Sheriffs are trained. Introduced in the first Metal Hero series, Space Sheriff Gavan.
  • Iga Planet – The home planet of Iga Warriors in the series Space Sheriff Sharivan.
  • Planet Mount – The home planet of Annie in the series Space Sheriff Shaider, located in Nebula M47. One of several planets annihilated by Fushigi World Fuuma.
  • Planet Beezee – The homeworld of Cosmic Beast Miya in the series Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion.
  • Planet Clin – The home planet of Spielban, Diana and Helen in the series Jikuu Senshi Spielban. Destroyed by The Waller Empire.
  • Dark Star – The home planet of Space Ninja Demost, a character from Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya.

Other Tokusatsu Series[edit]

  • Planet Ivy – Home planet of Ken Takase (Nick)/Machine Man from the series Nebula Mask Machine Man.
  • Planet Dada – Homeworld of the Robot Army Corps, an alien empire from the series Space Ironmen Kyodyne.
  • Planet Emerald – Homeworld of the Emerald Alien from the series Jumborg Ace.
  • Planet Groth – Home planet the alien Antigone, main enemy of Jumborg Ace.
  • Planet Nebula 71 – Home planet of Spectreman
  • Planet E – Homeworld of Dr.Gori and his assistant La in the series Spectreman.
  • Planet Spider – Home planet of Garia who is the last survivor of the destroyed planet and the Marvellor battleship which can be transformed into the giant robot Leopardon in Spider-Man (Toei TV series).

Red Dwarf[edit]

  • Htrae – Red Dwarf (a backwards version of Earth).
  • Rimmerworld – Arnold Rimmer of Red Dwarf spends 600 years alone on this planet, creating clones of himself in a failed attempt to create a girlfriend. The planet is eventually populated by millions of clones who imprison the original Rimmer.

Rick and Morty[edit]

  • Bird World  – Homeworld of Birdperson
  • Forbodulon Prime  – A nearly barren planet, known for it's valuable Death Crystals.
  • Gazorpazorp  – Homeworld of the Gazorpians.
  • Gromflom Prime  – A once nice planet who's economy and environment were wrecked when Rick caused the Blemflarck Crisis.
  • MWA739  – A planet with a diverse population and a culture like a deadly version of High School.
  • Tryonicon-5  – Homeworld of the AI Ava.


  • Crematoria – The Chronicles of Riddick movie (prison planet with alternating periods of intense heat and extreme cold)
  • Helion Prime – The Chronicles of Riddick movie (primary life-supporting planet of the Helion system)


  • Optera – homeworld of the Invid Robotech
  • Tirol – Homeworld of the Robotech Masters—Robotech

Space Battleship Yamato[edit]

  • Aquarius – Giant waterworld that caused the Biblical Great Flood. From Final Yamato of the Space Battleship Yamato series.
  • Gamilon/Gamilus – Polluted homeworld of Leader Desslock the Gamilon/Gamilus Empire—Space Battleship Yamato


  • Abydos – A desert world, the first world discovered by Earth / the Tau'ri. Daniel Jackson lived here for several years. Later, destroyed by the Goa'uld Anubis.
  • Asuras  – Homeworld of the Asurans, a race of replicators from the Pegasus galaxy.
  • Celestis  – Homeworld of the Alterans(Ancients) and the Ori in the Alteran home galaxy.
  • Chulak  – Teal'c's homeworld.
  • Dakara  – Homeworld of the Jaffa and eventual capital of the Free Jaffa. Ruins on the surface were built by the Ancients and concealed a devastating ancient weapon.
  • Langara  – Homeworld of Jonas Quinn and the original source of naqudria. The planet was ruled by three squabbling nations who were constantly on the verge of a three way world war.
  • Lantea  – A planet in the Pegasus Galaxy which became famous as the location of Atlantis.
  • New Lantea  – A planet in the Pegasus galaxy, to which Atlantis was relocated following its departure from Lantea in 2007.
  • Orilla  – A planet in the Othala galaxy, the Asgard relocated their civilization here. It was assaulted by the Replicators, but survived thanks to the actions of SG-1.
  • Sateda  – A planet in the Pegasus galaxy. Homeworld of Ronon Dex.

Star Trek[edit]

  • Andor  – A frozen world and the homeworld of the Andorians. A founding member of the United Federation of Planets.
  • Bajor – Star Trek A pastoral world with an ancient history and a religion based on the Prophets (called the Wormhole Aliens by non believers).
  • Betazed  – A highly developed world inhabited by the telepathic Betazoids. A member of the United Federation of Planets.
  • Cardassia  – The homeworld of the militaristic Cardassians.
  • Ferenginar  – A swampy planet inhabited by the hypercapitalist Ferengi.
  • Genesis Planet – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (artificially created planet).
  • Monea – Star Trek: Voyager (waterworld)
  • Qo'noS/Kronos – Klingon homeworld in the Star Trek universe
  • Remus – Twin planet of Romulus inhabited by Remans in the Star Trek universe.
  • Risa – A tropical resort world, with an artificially maintained climate. Part of the United Federation of Planets.
  • Romulus – Planet of the Romulans, an enemy of the Federation in the Star Trek universe.
  • Vulcan – Star Trek. A desert world inhabited by the Vulcans. One of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets.
  • Xindus – Star Trek: Enterprise (six distinct sentient species)

Star Wars[edit]

See also Category:Star Wars planets

  • Alderaan – Star Wars (Princess Leia's home planet, destroyed by the Death Star)
  • Bespin – The Empire Strikes Back (gas giant with habitable atmospheric layer)
  • Coruscant – The Star Wars prequel films (planet-wide city, seat of Galactic Republic and Empire)
  • Dagobah – The Empire Strikes Back (swamp, Yoda's hideout)
  • Endor – the forest-moon in Return of the Jedi
  • Hoth – The Empire Strikes Back (Arctic)
  • Kamino – Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (ocean)
  • Kashyyyk – Revenge of the Sith (Chewbacca's homeworld)
  • Mustafar – Revenge of the Sith
  • Naboo – Star Wars prequels (Padme Amidala's home planet)
  • Tatooine – Star Wars movies (desert world)
  • Yavin 4 – Fourth moon of the gas giant, Yavin; Rebel Alliance stronghold located in the ruins of an ancient Massassi temple (abandoned long ago) from Star Wars
Star Wars Expanded Universe[edit]
  • Bimmisaari - Homeworld of the Bimms, a world famous for it's markets and trade (Heir to the Empire)
  • Bonadan - Chief port planet of the Corporate Sector, a world ruined by centuries of strip mining (Han Solo's Revenge),
  • Bothawui - Homeworld of the Bothans.
  • Byss - The Resurrected Emperor's stronghold near the galactic core (Dark Empire)
  • Corellia - Homeworld of Han Solo and Corran Horn. A prosperous ship industrial world, part of an engineered solar system (Ambush at Corellia)
  • Dathomir - Home to the Witches of Dathomir. Homeworld of Darth Maul.
  • Honoghr - Homeworld of the Noghri. Devastated by a crashed ship during the Clone Wars. (Dark Force Rising)
  • Kuat - A wealthy world with an aristocratic ruling class and huge ship yards. (X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble, West End Games)
  • Kessel - A desolate penal colony where the "spice" Glitterstim is mined by hardened criminals. (Jedi Search)
  • Muunilinst - The homeworld of the Muuns and headquarters of Damask Holdings. Homeworld of Darth Plaguis. (Darth Plaguis)
  • Myrker - A rural, out of the way planet, homeworld of the Ysalamiri (creatures that push back the Force). Base of the smuggler Talon Karrde (Heir to the Empire)
  • Pantalomin - A tourist world, home of a luxury casino submarine called the Coral Vanda (Dark Force Rising)
  • Ryloth - Homeworld of the Twi'leks, gravitationally locked to it's sun (X-Wing: The Bacta War, West End Games)
  • Selonia - A planet in the Correllian system. Homeworld of the otter like Selonians (Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, X-Wing: The Krytos Trap)
  • Thyferra - A jungle planet, ruled by corporations, where the miracle medicine Bacta is produced (X-Wing: The Bacta War)
  • Wayland - The Emperor's secret storehouse, guarded by an insane Jedi clone (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command)

Super Sentai Series[edit]

  • Planet Denzi – The home planet of Denzi Dog IC and Princess Denzi from the series Denshi Sentai Denziman. Destroyed by the Vader Clan.
  • Planet Bio – The homeworld of Peebo and Joy from the series Choudenshi Bioman. The prosperous planet was destroyed through a world war erupted over the use of an advanced scientific discovery called Bio Particles.
  • Planet Heath – The home planet of Yui Ibuki/Commander Ibuki from the series Dengeki Sentai Changeman. Destroyed and conquered by Gozma.
  • Planet Girath – Homeworld of General Giluke, commander of Gozma.
  • Planet Amanga – Homeworld of Adjutant Shiima who was a former princess of Amanga.
  • Planet Amazo – Home planet of Queen Ahames, former princess of Amazo.
  • Planet Gyodai – Homeworld of the one-eye creature Gyodai.
  • Planet Merle – Home planet of Sakura who is one of the Merlian survivor. The planet was destroyed by Star King Bazoo.
  • Planet Navi – Homeworld of Gator who is the navigator of Gozma's main invasion ship, and his family.
  • Planet Rigel – Homeworld of Nana, an ally of Changeman. Shared the same name with Rigel.
  • Planet Flash – Also known as Red Star or Flash Star from the series Choushinsei Flashman. Main home planet of Flash Race and Hero Titan. Serves as the central planet of the Flash System.
  • Green Star – a planet in the Flash System with mountainous landscapes.
  • Blue Star – a planet in the Flash System with desert landscapes.
  • Yellow Star – a severely cold planet in the Flash system.
  • Pink Star – a planet in the Flash System with super gravity.
  • Planet Sedon – The planet where Doctor Hoshikawa and his family lived and conducted a research to grow plants on from the series Chikyu Sentai Fiveman. Attacked by the Zone Empire. Homeworld of Iya nad Toya.
  • Planet Nemesis – the planet where Witch Bandora and her minions were imprisoned in the series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.
  • Planet Hazard – Home planet of Dapp and his family from the series Gekisou Sentai Carranger. Destroyed by the Space Bosozoku Bowzock.
  • Planet Police – Homeworld of Signalman and his family.
  • Planet Fanbelt – Home planet of Beauty Zonnette/Vanity Mirror Fanbelt and her younger sister Radietta Fanbelt.
  • Planet Taurus – Home planet of Bullblack and his brother Krantz in the series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.
  • Planet Hummard – Home planet of Sion/Time Green in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.
  • Planet Anubis – Home planet of Anubian Chief Doggie Kruger/Deka Master from the series Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
  • Planet Signo – Home planet of Cignian Swan Shiratori/Deka Swan.
  • Planet Leslie – Home planet of Marie Gold/Deka Gold.
  • Planet Lumiere – Home planet of Lisa Teagle/Deka Bright.
  • Planet Rain – Home planet of Agent Abrella, the main antagonist of Dekaranger.
  • Planet Torto – Home planet of Tortorian Buntar. It is also where he trained Dekaranger to assume swat mode.
  • Planet Mons – Homeworld of The Great King Mons Drake, the leader of Universal Annihilation Army Warstar in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.
  • Planet Zutinma – Homeworld of Dereputa of the Meteor, a combat commander of Warstar.
  • Planet Famille – Homeworld of Ahim de Famille who is the princess of Famille from the series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Attacked by Space Empire Zangyack.

Titan A.E.[edit]

  • New Earth (aka Planet Bob)
  • Sesharrim (Gaul homeworld)
  • Vusstra (Tek's homeworld)
  • Solbrecht

Transformers series[1][edit]

  • Cybertron
  • Junk
  • Quintessa
  • Unicron

Ultra Series[edit]

  • Land of Light(光の国, Hikari no Kuni) – The home planet of most Ultramen in Ultra series. Located in the nebula M78.
  • Nebula L-77 – The home nebula of Ultraman Leo and his brother Astra. Destroyed by Alien Magma.
  • Nebula Z95 – The home nebula of Ultraman Zearth.
  • Planet U40 – The homeworld of Ultraman Joeneus in the animated series, The Ultraman.
  • Planet King – The planet where the legendary Ultraman King lives.
  • Planet Baltan – The home planet of the Baltan aliens. Destroyed by a faulty nuclear weapons test which lead to their search for a new home.
  • Planet Nackle – The Home planet of alien Nackle and Black King in The Return of Ultraman.
  • Planet Golgota – The planet in Ultraman Ace where the crucifixion of the Ultra Brothers by Ace Killer, planned by alien Yapool, occurred.
  • Planet Magma – The Home planet of alien Magma.
  • Black Star – The homeworld of Commander Black, the final antagonist in Ultraman Leo.
  • Plant Arb – The planet mentioned in Ultraman Mebius. Involved in a backstory of Ultraman Hikari.


  • Mejerr – Vandread (female-only society)
  • Talark – Vandread (male-only society)

War of the Worlds (TV series)[edit]

  • Qar'To – a planet established in the first season of War of the Worlds to be in the same system as that of the invading aliens (Mor-Tax) and has sent a synth to assassinate the Advocacy
  • Mor-Tax – the aliens' homeworld in the first season of War of the Worlds (described as a garden planet)
  • Morthrai – destroyed world of the aliens in the second season of War of the Worlds

Other Film and TV[edit]

  • Altair IV – Forbidden Planet formerly inhabited by mysteriously extinct race
  • Alwas – Ōban Star-Racers
  • Axturias (a pun on Asturias, a region of northern Spain) – A planet of miners in the Spanish movie Acción Mutante.
  • Chaos – Exosquad (the tenth planet of the Solar System, composed entirely of dark matter)
  • Demeter – An Earth-like world the crew of Earth*Star Voyager are traveling to.
  • Druidia – seemingly earth-like planet in Mel Brooks's Star Wars parody Spaceballs. Home planet of princess Vespa.
  • Duckworld – Howard's home planet from the comic and film Howard the Duck. The film version of Howard lives in "Marshington, D.C.", the capital of "The United States of Anatidae". In Marvel comic books, Duckworld is generally considered to be a separate dimension, an alternate earth which is more or less identical to Earth except that the dominant sentient species is ducks instead of humans, not a planet within the Earth dimension.
  • Etheria - – A fantastical world inhabited by magical princesses and threatened by the Evil Horde (She-Ra)
  • Eternia  – A fantastical "Pulp Science Fantasy" planet. Home to Castle Grayskull and He-Man (He-Man)
  • Fhloston  – A resort world. (The Fifth Element)
  • Irk – (Invader Zim)
  • Jurai – The seat of the powerful Juraian Empire in the anime Tenchi Muyo.
  • Koozebane – weird planet in The Muppet Show
  • Lumen – the Planet of Light in Space Patrol (1962).
  • La Maetelle – Planet which shifts location in space every 1,000 years. Homeworld of Queen Promethium, Maetel, and Emeraldas—Galaxy Express 999, Queen Millennia, Maetel Legend
  • LV-426 – Aliens
  • Marshmalia – Girly-looking home planet of Marshmallow, as is revealed in The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. It is stated that there is a city on the planet called Detroit.
  • Melmac – the birth planet of ALF.
  • Mer – Most aquatic planet with twenty seas from The Pirates of Dark Water.
  • Metaluna – This Island Earth
  • Ōban – Ōban Star-Racers; Planet larger than the Sun located at the centre of the Milky Way
  • Ork – homeworld of the humanoid alien Mork in the television situation comedy Mork & Mindy.
  • Omicron Persei 8 – Futurama; Homeworld of Lrrr The Planet Conqueror
  • Pandora – Avatar. A Homeworld of the Na'vi. A sentient jungle moon orbiting a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • Remulak – home planet of the Coneheads
  • Rigel 7 – The Simpsons; Home Planet of Kang & Kodos.
  • Rylos – The Last Starfighter
  • Spaceball – planet of the Spaceballs in Spaceballs the movie.
  • Tanis – Pandorum
  • Thel – Otherworld
  • Thra – the world of The Dark Crystal.
  • Transsexual – in the Galaxy of Transylvania from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Vega – Spaceballs, desert world, home of Yoghurt and the Dinks.
  • Vegandon – Home planet of Dark Vegan in Johnny Test
  • Velux – My Parents are Aliens
  • Volula in Pixels (2015 film)
  • "X" – (planet) source of Alludium Phosdex, the shaving cream atom, in Duck Dodgers
  • Yugopotamia – (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Zarkon – Home planet of Philo, TV-station engineer in the film UHF.
  • Zyrgon – an icebound planet in the television series "Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left"
  • The unnamed home planet of Megamind in Megamind

Role-playing games[edit]


  • Eylor – a living world said to be the source of the magical Eyes of Eylor, living disembodied eyes of great power.
  • Wormwood

Computer and video games[edit]

Unreal series[edit]

Total Annihilation[edit]

  • Empyrrean – The Earth-like home world of the Arm.
  • Thalassean – Archipelago world covered by oceans and dotted with scattered islands.
  • Rougpelt – Red Planet similar to Mars but covered with purple seas and sparse plant life. It also seems to harbor ancient ruins.
  • Tergiverse IV – A world covered in salt deserts from its oceans being drained.
  • Barathrum – Volcanic world.
  • Aegus – The lunar world that orbits Empyrrean.
  • Dump – Core Prime's only satellite that is in essence a giant landfill.
  • Hydross – An ocean world covered completely by seas.
  • Lusch – A swampy planet that possesses thick vegetation and bogs making hovercraft and amphibious units critical to success.
  • Temblor – A rocky planet where the lowlands are shrouded in a "vapor" that forms large impassible barriers. This world is also prone to earthquakes.
  • Gelidus – An icy planet that is prone to hailstorms.
  • Acid planet – A world possessing Corrosive oceans with forests of explosive gasbag plants.
  • Crystal Planet – A planet that has a crystalline surface with deep navy-colored oceans.
  • Core Prime – Metallic with a gigantic computer at its core and a landfill-covered satellite (Home world of the Core)
  • Urban World – Contains the shattered ruins of previous civilization.


  • Lave – The starting point of the game (in its original form). The dictatorship of Lave is most well known for its hoopy casinos.
  • Diso – is democratic but ravaged by occasional solar activity.
  • Leesti – a high tech corporate state where most available equipment can be purchased.
  • Riedquat – the most dangerous place that can easily be reached from the starting point of the game. One of the innovations of this game was that, unlike traditional arcade games which presented harder and harder levels as the game progressed, Elite allowed the player to go straight to Riedquat, even though it is a virtually unplayable location with the starting equipment. Riedquat is a poor agricultural anarchy cursed by deadly civil war and is a rodent planet.


  • Crete
  • Houston
  • Leeds – a heavily polluted planet
  • Manhattan, London, Tokyo and Berlin – Most places in this game are named after Earth places, such as the planet Stuttgart, the New York system, or the Detroit asteroid field.
  • Pittsburgh – Desert, populated with mining operations


  • Harvest – an agricultural human colony in the Epsilon Indi system. It was the first casualty of the Covenant War, rendered uninhabitable by focused orbit-to-surface plasma bombardment.
  • Onyx – a "shield world" composed out of billions of machines, in the Zeta Doradus system.
  • Reach – a military stronghold planet in the Epsilon Eridani system and the setting of Halo Reach. Lost to the Covenant.
  • Requiem – the first Forerunner "shield world" and the setting of Halo 4.
  • Sigma Octanus IV – a colony planet orbiting a binary star, significant because the Halo's "coordinates" were discovered there.
  • Tribute – a planet in the Epsilon Eridani system that serves as humanity's industrial capital.
  • Arcadia – A tourism world in the Procyon system. Attacked in Halo Wars.
  • Sanghelios – the Sangheili (Elites) homeworld orbiting a triple-star system, and one of the settings of Halo 5: Guardians.
  • Doisac – the Jiralhanae (Brutes) homeworld, with a tropical terrain dominated by magma & magnetism.
  • Balaho – the Unggoy (Grunts) homeworld, a hostile and frigid world with a methane atmosphere, orbiting a blue supergiant.
  • Janjur Qom – the San'Shyuum (Prophets) homeworld, though long abandoned by the San’Shyuum of the Covenant.
  • Te – a gas giant and home of the Lekgolo species.
    • Rentus – one of Te's moons, where the Mgalekgolo (Hunters) were discovered.
  • Eayn – the Kig-Yar (Jackals) homeworld, a habitable moon orbiting the gas giant HD 69830 d.
    • T'vao – an asteroid on the same solar system as Eayn, and home of the T'vaoan (Skirmishers) subspecies.
  • Palamok – the Yanme'e (Drones) homeworld, a large terrestrial world with a hot, jungle-like climate.
  • Genesis – a Forerunner artificial world and one of the settings of Halo 5: Guardians.
  • Meridian – a human colony with numerous Forerunner artifacts, and one of the settings of Halo 5: Guardians; glassed by the Covenant in 2551, by 2558 settlers are trying to re-terraform it.
  • Sedra – a human colony on the fringes of human-controlled space, and the setting of Halo: Nightfall.


  • Kharak – A desert planet destroyed by an enemy race after space travel is developed
  • Hiigara – The lost Kushan home planet

Little Big Adventure[edit]

  • Twinsun – A planet lit by two suns (which are fixed). It has three climates: the poles are hot and desert, the equator is cold and Arctic (in opposite to planet Earth), and between them lie temperate lands.
  • Zeelich – A planet in Little Big Adventure 2. It is covered by a thick layer of gas clouds and beneath lies a sea of lava. Vegetation and civilization occur only on mountains above the cloud layer.

LittleBigPlanet franchise[edit]

  • Carnivalia – Carnival planet featured in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
  • LittleBigPlanet or CraftWorld – Main setting of all the games (except LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet Karting)
  • The Garage at the End of the Universe (referred in-game in Hoard, Sweet Hoard) – Hidden location where the Hoard stash their stolen items
  • The Progress Emporium – Retro-style "futuristic" planet featured in LittleBigPlanet Karting

Mass Effect[edit]

  • Feros – A lush world covered in Prothean ruins.
  • Illium – A lush garden world, run by Asari corporations.
  • Noveria  – Ice world, barely habitable. Used for dangerous, sometimes illegal, scientific research.
  • Palaven – Homeworld of the Turians.
  • Sur'Kesh –  Homeworld of the Salarians.
  • Thessia – Homeworld of the Asari.
  • Tuchanka  – A harsh, desert world. Homeworld of the Krogan.
  • Virmire  – A lush world located on the frontier of the Attican Traverse. Largely unpopulated, lots of criminal activity.

Metroid series[edit]

  • Aether – A planet temporarily split into two parallel dimensions in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
  • Bryyo – A small planet in the game "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" It is home to the remaining members of the Reptilicus race.
  • Elysia – A stormy planet in "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption", where Samus Aran visits Skytown, a facility built by the Chozo that hovers high above the surface of the planet.
  • Norion – A planet in "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" that the Galactic Federation uses for the base of operations.
  • Phaaze – A planet that is the source of all phazon and phazon corruption throughout the galaxy, Samus Aran visits this planet at the end of "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption".
  • Tallon IV – A planet formerly inhabited by Chozo in Metroid Prime video game. All life on the planet was horribly mutated following the crash of a toxic asteroid. Later games mention the mutagen destroyed and the planet slowly recovering.
  • Space Pirate Homeworld (possibly named Urtraghus) – A planet in an unknown galaxy that all space pirates reside, is visited by Samus Aran in "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption"
  • SR-388 – A planet that serves as the original home of the titular Metroid species.
  • Zebes – A major planet of Space Pirate operations in Metroid and Super Metroid. The game's heroine, Samus Aran, was raised by the Chozo on this planet before the Space Pirates arrived.

Phantasy Star[edit]

  • Palma - A fertile agricultural world
  • Motavia - A world of desert
  • Dezoris - A world of ice
  • Rykros - A planet with an extremely elongated orbit

Star Fox[edit]

  • Aquas – Small waterworld in the Lylat System, setting of the video games in Nintendo's Star Fox series
  • Corneria – The home planet for the Star Fox Team in the series. It is also the most technologically advanced.
  • Fortuna – A small planet covered in forests and evergreens.
  • Fichina – A barren planet locked in an eternal blizzard.
  • Sauria – The "Dinosaur Planet", and main setting of Star Fox Adventures. As its name suggest, the planet is populated by dinosaurs of all types.
  • MacBeth – A planet that has been turned into a giant supply depot by Andross' forces.
  • Titania – A desert-like planet littered with stone ruins. Slippy Toad crashes on this planet in Star Fox 64 when he tries to engage the secret weapon in Sector X.
  • Venom – The largest and closest orbiting planet of the Lylat System, setting of the games in Nintendo's Star Fox series, bearing an extremely toxic atmosphere and therefore a highly desolate surface. Home of the evil Andross. In some versions of the backstory, Venom was previously called Edena because it was supposedly covered almost entirely with forest, possibly evergreen, before Andross was exiled there, suggesting it may have also been a prison planet.
  • Zoness – A planet that once was nearly all tropical in its climate, and home to many island resorts in Star Fox's Lylat System, the whole planet was turned into a toxic waste dump by the forces of Andross according to the storyline of Star Fox 64, turning its once beautiful oceans into seas of corrosive poison and its atmosphere into a caustic cloud of deadly vapors.
  • Katina – A desert like planet like Titania minus the intense heat. In Star Fox 64, there is a Cornerian defense base located there. In Star Fox Assault, it is destroyed by the Aparoids. Pigma sends a distress signal tricking the team into killing off the Aparoids for him.

Star Ocean[edit]

  • Aldeian – Star Ocean 3 : Till The End of Time
  • Ellicoore 2 – Star Ocean 3 : Till The End of Time
  • Expel – where much of the action of Star Ocean: The Second Story occurs
  • Fargett – Star Ocean
  • Hyaita 4 – Star Ocean 3 : Till The End of Time
  • Klaus – Star Ocean 3 : Till the End of Time
  • Milokeenia – Star Ocean: The Second Story
  • (Energy) Nede – Star Ocean: The Second Story
  • Roak – where the action of Star Ocean occurs
  • Styx – Star Ocean 3 : Till The End of Time
  • Vanguard 3 – Star Ocean 3 : Till The End of Time
  • Vindine – Star Ocean 3 : Till The End of Time

Commander Keen[edit]

  • Fribbulus Xax – Commander Keen 6
  • Gnosticus IV – Commander Keen 4
  • Korath III – Commander Keen 5
  • Vorticon VI – Commander Keen 3

Kerbal Space Program[edit]

  • Moho – a Mercury equivalent on a tight, inclined eccentric orbit
  • Eve – a Superearth with liquid oceans, thicker atmosphere and higher gravity. Purple in colour. Features a tiny non-spherical moon Gilly.
  • Kerbin – a down-scaled Earth equivalent, the home of the Kerbals. Has two moons - the inner rather Moon-like Mün (pronounced 'Moon' and notorious for its zero inclination and perfectly circular orbit) and the smaller, outer mint-green satellite called Minmus, which features sharp altitude gradients between its mountains and its "flats".
  • Duna – a Mars-like planet, distinguishable by larger ice caps. It features a rocky moon named Ike, which is very large compared to Duna (16% of parent's mass), resulting in a mutual tidal lock.
  • Dres – described in-game as a dwarf planet, mostly rocky with patches of ice. Recent updates have granted it with a population of nearby asteroids.
  • Jool – a green Jovian planet with a system currently encompassing five satellites, all of which are tidally locked to Jool and the inner three of which are in a Laplace resonance:
    • Laythe – an Earth-like moon with archipelagos dotting a vast ocean of liquid water - despite subzero temperatures - and an atmosphere unbreathable to Kerbals but usable by jet engines.
    • Vall – a non-decrepit icy moon
    • Tylo – the largest moon, a bright but airless planetoid with Kerbin-like gravity
    • Bop – a small, barely spherical moon
    • Pol – an even smaller moon, consistently being described as mistaken for pollen by astronomers due to its yellowish colour and ridged appearance
  • Eeloo – an outer planet with an orbit partially intersecting that of Jool, and subject to controversy over its classification among kerbal astronomers - like Pluto - but bearing a closer visual resemblance to Enceladus.


  • Azeroth – Main setting of the series, encapsulating the "world-soul" of a nascent Titan. Has two moons, the White Lady and the Blue Child.
  • Draenor – Homeworld of the orcs and ogres, former sanctuary of the draenei. First appears in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal; alternate versions appear in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and the Warcraft film. Has one moon, the Pale Lady.
    • Outland – The remnants of "prime" Draenor, floating in the Twisting Nether. First appeared in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, main setting of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.
  • Argus – Homeworld of the eredar, later capital of the Burning Legion. First appeared in World of Warcraft: Legion.
  • Dreadscar Rift – Broken world in the Twisting Nether, taken over by the warlocks of the Black Harvest. First appeared in World of Warcraft: Legion.
  • Niskara – Legion prison world. First appeared in World of Warcraft: Legion.
  • Mardum – Former Titan prison world corrupted by Sargeras, now home of the Illidari demon hunters. First appeared in World of Warcraft: Legion.
  • Telogrus Rift – Destroyed world floating in the Void, now home of the void elves. First appeared in World of Warcraft: Legion.


  • Agria – Jungle planet, human agricultural colony
  • Aiur – Jungle planet, homeworld of the protoss
  • Braxis – Ice planet, Dominion colony; formerly known by the protoss as Khyrador
  • Char – Volcanic planet, hive-world of the zerg Swarm
  • Korhal IV – Radioactive desert planet, capital of the Terran Dominion
  • Mar Sara – Desert planet, Confederate (later Dominion) colony
  • Moria – Industrial planet, capital of the Kel-Morian Combine
  • New Folsom – Volcanic planet, home to a Confederate (later Dominion) prison
  • Shakuras – Dark desert planet, homeworld of the Nerazim (Dark Templar) protoss
  • Slayn – Dark arid planet, home of the Tal'darim protoss
  • Tarsonis – Former capital of the Terran Confederacy, overrun by the zerg
  • Umoja – Temperate planet, capital of the Umojan Protectorate
  • Zerus – Jungle planet, original homeworld of the zerg

Other games[edit]

  • Baloris Prime – A planet from the PC game Descent II which was mostly desert (according to the writers of the game this was because its axis of rotation was exactly perpendicular to its plane of orbit, causing a total lack of seasons on the surface of the planet).
  • Bazoik – Planet in Chex Quest.
  • In the video game Galaxian 3, planet Alpha is located outside of the solar system that cut off space exploration communication; also, humanity was threatened by an alien species of live weaponry.
  • Incandescent – One of only three known planets with a biosphere in the game Transcendence. The orbiting arcology is the capital of the Commonwealth.
  • New Terra – In the computer game Outpost 2, New Terra is the world chosen by humanity as its last hope for survival, colonized by the last survivors of Earth in starship Conestoga.
  • Nirn – In planet that all of the events of the Video Game Series The Elder Scrolls takes place
  • Palshife – capital of the Rebellion in the computer game Escape Velocity
  • Pop Star – from the Kirby series of video games.
  • Second Miltia – home planet of Shion Uzuki, protagonist in the Xenosaga games.
  • Spira (Final Fantasy) – Setting of Final Fantasy X, contains a large world ocean surrounding one continent with many islands, has two moons.
  • Stroggos – Home of the hostile Strogg species in the Quake 2 and Quake 4 shooters.
  • Urth – Setting for Primal Rage and Primal Rage 2, though technically a future version of Earth with unrecognizable continents and oceans.
  • Xenon – Roger Wilco's home world in the Space Quest computer game series.


  • Kobaïa – Planet invented by Christian Vander, drummer and composer of Magma
  • Planet Claire – The subject of a song by the music group The B-52's. Claire is described as having pink air, and trees that are all red. The lifeforms do not have heads, and all live forever.

Interactive Art[edit]

Convergence Station[edit]

Meow Wolf's interactive art exhibit in Denver Colorado features four planets, or parts of planets, (in addition to Earth) that have "Converged." Visitors can find clues to begin to uncover the lore of what happened.

  • C-Street  – The former sanitation district of a greater city-planet that was pulled into The Convergence when one of the Forgotten Four stepped through the rift.
  • Eemia – A formerly lush planet in a trinary star system, Emia is now a frozen wasteland, it's ice concealing ancient, sleeping technology.
  • Ossuary  – An underground world, full of strange exhibits and ancient records.
  • Numina  – A six dimensional sentient planet. To three dimensional beings, it is perceived as a lush jungle, full of strange creatures.

Hoaxes, conspiracy theories and urban legends[edit]

No really. People believe this.

  • Alpha Draconis  – Home of the shapeshifting vampire reptoids who secretly control Earth. First popularized by David Icke.
  • Nibiru  – A planet believed to be orbiting in the outer solar system, Nibiru is home to the Anunnaki, who created humans as slaves to mine gold.
  • Serpo
  • Ummo
  • The unnamed home planet of the Grey aliens
  • The unnamed home planet of the Elohim, the creator aliens of the Raëlian cult / religion, led by a Frenchman who calls himself Raël.

Experimental planets[edit]

  • Aurelia – An attempt at theorising what a habitable planet orbiting a red dwarf star would actually be like.
  • Medea – Harlan Ellison's worldbuilding project

See also[edit]

  • Planets in science fiction
  • Stars and planetary systems in fiction


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