Liter of Light Bangladesh

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Liter of Light Bangladesh
লিটার অফ লাইট বাংলাদেশ
Founded4 February 2015
FounderShanjidul Alam Seban Shaan (Executive Director)
TypeSocial Enterprise
FocusProviding clean energy to communities and building plastic free world
OriginsManila, Philippines
Area served
ServicesFree-of-cost lighting & innovation research

Liter of Light Bangladesh (Bengali: লিটার অফ লাইট বাংলাদেশ) is a social enterprise established in February 2015 by Shanjidul Alam Seban Shaan under nonprofit organization Lights Foundation.[1][2][3] It provides free-of-cost eco-friendly lighting solutions to poor communities such as coastal area, hill tract area, island, slum and refugee camps in Bangladesh.[4][5] It researches and innovates easy-to-make lighting solutions out of easily available materials like plastic bottle, solar panel, bamboo, battery etc., which is originally invented by a Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser in 2002.[6] The organization also researches about bioplastic, plastic recycling, hydropower and plastic fuel. It implements the technology it innovates by giving it to community for free-of-cost.[7] They run livelihood projects helping poor communities to learn their technology and start micro-enterprise. Their projects served around 1000 entrepreneurs including rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar.[7] Liter of Light Bangladesh is working to achieve United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, precisely SDG7, SDG9, SDG11 & SDG17.

Liter of Light Bangladesh became independent organization in 2017 and became a part of international Liter of Light Alliance.[8][9][10][11][8]


Shanjidul Alam Seban Shaan, a digital professional got inspired by a video of inventor Alfredo Moser on YouTube and thought to improvise the idea of making solar lamp out of plastic bottle and implement that in Chittagong.[1] Along with some likeminded youths Shanjidul started implementing the idea under Lights Foundation and distributed some bottle lamps in 2015. Later turning the project into social enterprise he launched Liter of Light Bangladesh, brought different types of programs based on the idea. Liter of Light Bangladesh also established a training program that conducts workshops with youth, business companies, and other groups who are interested in volunteering their time to build lights in their communities.[12][13][2][3]

Globally Liter of Light provided eco-friendly lights to more than ten million households free-of-cost.[14][15]


In 2015 it started by providing free-of-cost water bottle light to poor communities. It has now turned into organization that researches, innovates and implements projects in partnership with corporates and International NGOs.[16][17]

Lighting up Lives[edit]

Since 2016 Liter of Light Bangladesh started a project called "Lighting up Lives", they bring volunteers to make solar lamp and streetlights out of plastic bottle, solar panel, bamboo & battery and then distribute the lamps and streetlights to different poor communities where electricity is not available.[1][5] Till 2020 they lit up around 10 communities including villages, slums and refugee camps.[18] All the activities are funded by corporate sponsorship or INGO partnerships.[19] Under the project they provide short trainings to the local people on making and repairing the lamps so that they can be self-dependent to fix the lamps afterwards. They partner up with clubs & voluntary organizations to implement the project.[7][20] This project is serving United Nation's SDG7.[21][16]

Micro-enterprise development program[edit]

This is another hallmark program of Liter of Light Bangladesh. Through this program they train underprivileged youth about making solar lamps and streetlights and give them advance training on micro-enterprise development. Then they facilitate the youths starting their own solar product business locally. At some interventions they award the promising youths trainees with seed fund to start their own business. Recently they started the project in largest rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, in partnership with some international NGOs.[7][20]

Research and innovation[edit]

As the principle goal of Liter of Light Bangladesh is finding innovative solutions to the issues faced by society by research & development, they continued to do different research around renewable energy, bioplastic, hydropower, plastic recycling, and plastic fuel. As soon as they innovate some solution which can be implemented, they partner up with corporates or INGOs to implement the technology for free-of-cost to the community.[16][22]

Rohingya project[edit]

Recently they have come up with a set of programs in largest refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh where around 1.1 Million rohingya people are sheltered after being forcibly pushed to Bangladesh from Myanmar after a military genocide.[23] Bangladesh government & international NGOs including UN organizations are giving all kind of facilities to them for a better life until they are in Bangladesh as refugee.[24][25] Liter of Light Bangladesh in partnership with International organization like Netherland's ICCO Cooperation & GIZ started a livelihood project where local host community youths and Rohingya youths got technical & business training on how to make the solar lamps and sell it to market. After the project they were awarded seed fund to start business. Recently Liter of Light Bangladesh is in discussion with UN organization's like IOM, WFP & UNHCR to implement similar kind of livelihood project in the refugee camp for a larger number of youth and make them self-dependent. They designed a project which falls under livelihood, clean energy access, climate action, youth entrepreneurship.[7][20]


  • Bhalobashar Bangladesh, best documentary[26]

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