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Reer Yusuf[edit]

The Reer Yusuf is a clan located in Gedo Region and part off lower Juba Region in Somalia. The clan is subdivided into Two different sub-clans. The sub-clans are Adan Yusuf, Haruun Yusuf, Reer Yusufsettled in Jubbaland[1] where Mareexaan[2] were the majority community.

Adan Yusuf Sub clans are;

  • Jabraail Adan
  • Base Adan
  • Abdi Adan
  • Qurax Adan

Haruun Yusuf

  • Mahamud  Haruun
  • Caadawe Haruun
  • Ahmed Haarun
  • Abtidon Haruun


Reer Yusuf leader Suldan Macalil Adan Abdi Ismeil Guuled Samatar[4] ruled for 69 years and died at 93 years old. He took over from his Uncle Suldan Ahmed Adanyare Adan Samatar[5] was Uncle of Suldan Macalin Adan. The Uncle succeeded Hirsi Dogow Ali Jibril and Suldan Adan Samatar Jibril[6]. The current leader of the lower Juba regeon for reer yusuf is Suldan Abdulahi Suldan Ali Suldan Isaaq also known as Ali durdur


The Reer Guri, also known as Marehan Conquerors, were grouped into subclans such as Reer Hassan[8] and Sub Clan Reer Yusuf. They revolted against the British in 1913-14 in Jubbaland. During this time Reer Yusuf sent out a plea for support of Northern Marehan in the Central regions and British Somaliland. Acting upon the request, the Northern Marehan[8] sent out a party of supporting forces to assist the Reer Guri against the British. Upon arriving in a, they were known as the second wave of Conquerors. The Marehan[2] was the one the first Somalis who had rifles within Jubbaland. Reer Yusuf brought the rifles to rise against the Colonialists. They started raiding against the friendly tribes within Somalia as punishments and warning for those who worked with the British.

Reer Yusuf clan[4][9][edit]

Reer Yusuf was the main clan who lives within Jubbaland alongside the Mareexan Clan. The Mareexan were the majority in the region. The subclans were,

  • Adan Yusuf
  • Haaruunun Yusuf

Adan Yusuf[edit]

Subclan Adan Yusuf was also sub divided into four other different clans.

Sub Clan Adan Yusuf[10][edit]

1 Reer Jabril  are divided four as follows

  • Reer Samatar
  • Reer Ali
  • Reer  Omar
  • Reer  Jirow

Jabraail Adan sub clans are;

  • Muhamed Jabraail
  • Abdi Jabraail
  • Ahmed Jabraail
  • Mohamed Jabraail are further divided into;
  1. Reer Jabril
  2. Reer Alinoor

Abdi Jabraail Are

  1. Reer  Roble
  2. Ahmed Jabraail Are ; Reer Farah warmooga

5 Abdi  Adan

6  Base Adan

7. Qura Adan

Sub Clan Haaruun Yusuf[11][edit]

Haaruun Yusuf as one of the Reer Yusuf Clan was also sub-divided into four other small clans. The clans are

  • Mahamud  Haruun
  • Caadawe Haruun
  • Ahmed Haruun
  • Abtidon Haruun


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