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How You Mean

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How You Mean
📅 Released17 September 2013
⏳ Length22:45
🏷️ LabelMint 400 Records
🤑 ProducerSink Tapes
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How You Mean
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How You Mean is the third studio album that is from the American rock group Sink Tapes.


The ten-track album was released digitally on 17 September 2013, with Mint 400 Records. It was produced by Sink Tapes, and mastered by Bryan Batiste. How You Mean is described as alternative and lo-fi, and the album draws comparison to the music of the indie rock band Yo La Tengo, the art rock band the Velvet Underground, and the alternative rock band Sonic Youth.[1][2]

The music video for the track "Famous Glitching Clan," as described by Speak Into My Good Eye, gives each band member "a stark but playful close up [that] at first glance seems like a still life, but a closer look reveals the band mates are blinking and breathing, swaying and nodding [and] the result is something like a living album cover."[3]


A column by Evan Cardin for Speak Into My Good Eye says the "lighthearted melodies and lo-fi grace that the Sink Tapes have carried with them since their 2010 debut is spiced up by a heavy dose of early '90s alt-rock, [and] the result is an easygoing sound that stays varied and interesting from riff to riff and track to track."[3] The Fire Note reviewer Scott Lade notes that although "their third album continues in much the same vein as the previous two, [there is] a renewed focus on songcraft [and] a mellow and dreamy nature to their songs." He compares them to the Jesus and Mary Chain and Guided by Voices and concludes "with all of that collected and spun together it's really hard not to pull for Sink Tapes[;] this is some outstanding come-down music that will probably be the soundtrack to more than one of my late night freak outs."[2]

Jersey Beat editor Jim Testa's review for How You Mean begins by saying "with elements of psychedelia and shoegaze interspersed with Nineties alternarock, Pavement-y slacker-pop, and Yo La Tengo-like whispery ballads[,] all these different puzzle pieces seem to be coming together and listeners can finally see the big picture." He finishes the review indicating that "if you're into lo-fi, droney, occasionally propulsive and sometimes Beatlesque psyche-rock with echoes of the Beatles, Feelies, and Ride and occasional forays into semi-acoustic mope-rock, then this is the band for you."[4] It was listed No. 25 in his Top NJ Releases of 2013.[5]

Track listing[edit]

1."Paper Crown"1:31
2."Super Happy"1:56
3."Famous Glitching Clan"2:53
4."Pornographic Railroad Station"1:35
5."Your Mouth is On My Mind"3:57
6."Little League World Series"0:40
7."When You Get These Miles"1:51
8."Please Touch"2:21
9."Now You've Got Nothing"3:23
10."Famous Glitching Clan (demo)"2:38
Total length:22:45


  • Gabe Chiarello – vocals and drums
  • Alex Kielmanski – guitar
  • Ricky Kuczynski – guitar and vocals
  • Thomas Dalzell – bass


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