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Please write errors message you see on any page and the name of the page and whether you are on mobile version.

Please write the name of the page and the date (YYYY-MM-DD) when the error has been seen. Example: An article (2019-01-23).

Blocking bugs[edit]

When trying to log in an error message appears[edit]

There seems to be a problem with your login session[edit]

There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Please resubmit the form.


Auto-creation of a local account failed[edit]

Appears on data.everybodywiki.com

Auto-creation of a local account failed: Username entered already in use. Please choose a different name.


When logging in without checking “☐ Keep me logged in”, the login session expires after only three minutes. It should be extended to 15 minutes to prevent encouraging users to enable “☑ Keep me logged in” when editing from public computers and risk forgetting to log off.

  • How to do that?
    • I will figure it out shortly. –– Handroid7  'discuss
      】 11:42, 26 September 2020 (CEST)

Key features status[edit]

Feature Thanks to Status Since Solution/Ticket/Workaround Error message
Log in on data.everybodywiki.com

or log in to another everybodywiki after creating an account with MW 1.35

$wgSharedDB creation of the wiki

or MediaWiki 1.35 update

Auto-creation of a local account failed: Username entered already in use. Please choose a different name.
Visual Editor Extension:Visual Editor ✔️❌ ? Switch to Wikicode and
(When saving your changes)

Something were wrong

⚠️Invalid response from server
Screenshot VE error when saving
Popups Extension:Popups ✔️ remover useless parameters in config file
Talk page Extension:Flow ✔️
Talk page with VE Extension:Visual Editor


When tryinh to edit your Own protected page with VE. Extension:Visual Editor


✔️ 2020-11-26

and maybe before

debug extension

Workaround : before saving the page switch to wikitext.

Ticket on mw.org

error message : "This page has been protected to prevent editing or other actions."
Icons Skin:Chameleon ✔️
Editing Extension:Visual Editor ✔️
Creating New pages Extension:PageForms ✔️
Comments Extension:CommentsStream 🟧 2020-10-27 Extension few used and thus abandonned





or FIX

in which EV ? in which

screen size ?

in Which page ? in Which skin ? Bug or featur description Solution Date of Implementation

on Common.(js|css) or fix

5 narrow screens Chameleon Preventing large tables from breaking the site layout on

2020-10-04 WikiMaster I need page example

BUG Don't display last columns on narrow screens

.mw-body { overflow-x: scroll; }

Better code:

.sidescroll { 
    display:    inline-block;
    max-width:  100%;
    overflow-x: scroll;
    overflow-y: hidden;
    overflow:   auto;
.wikitable { 
     background-color: unset; 
     border: unset;

.wikitable tbody  {
    background-color: #f8f9fa; 
    color: #202122;
    margin: 1em 0;
    border: 1px solid #a2a9b1; 
    border-collapse: collapse;
10 Special:


Avoid the legend covering watch list menu (screenshot):

2020-10-04 WikiMaster I cannot reproduce this BUG

/* To avoid being covered by .mw-changeslist-legend */
.mw-rcfilters-ui-overlay { z-index:10; }
50 Linzhi Ltd. Uncollapse button missing from collapsible navigation bars (Palette in french) See screnshot below

Uncollapse button properly displayed on WP.png

100 template:shortcut To avoid text into be ugly off-centered

2020-10-04 WikiMaster I need a screenshot

.module-shortcutboxplain > ul { padding-left:0; }
100 Chameleon and Timeless (but normal in other skins). Distance between lines in Template:Su too high in Example: Text1
.su-wrap>span {

  line-height: 0.4em!important;

  vertical-align: -0.1em!important;


FIX Templates infobox

Template:Infobox software

Infobox software Wikidata P property appears

Aria Maestosa (fix for SOftware Infobox)

remove call in infobox code (example)
FIX All <480 px All Chameleon User link "Log out" is not displayed at top Will be Ok on new vectorlike layout
FIX All <400 px All Chameleon User link "Contribution " is not displayed at top

See File:ScreenShot Chameleon 397 px width.png

Will be Ok on new vectorlike layout
FIX icons from the links and tool bars are missing. update to MW 1.35
FIX FR, DE, IT <360px

depends of the widht of the infobox

OK for FR, DE, IT, PT, FA, NL, ES (no infobox), JA

, HI, BG, PL, SV, RO

Chameleon Infobox float on right and thus is offset on the left on narrow screen

See File:Infobox is offset on the left.png

because float: right is hardcoded in table style...

@media (max-width: 700px) { 
	.infobox, .infobox_v2, .infobox_v3 { clear: both!important; float: none!important; margin-left: 0!important;}}
Done Align the content of table cells to the top, which improves the readability of larger tables.
td { vertical-align:top;}
Fix <450 px All Chameleon When clicking on bell or notifs a blank screen appears instead of content of notifications

See File:When clicking on bell of notifs a blank screen appears instead of content of notifications.png

update to MW 1.35
Put on MW:Ch.css >1140 px Chameleon The content width is limited to 1140px, which could cause tables to appear squished on larger screens.
@media (min-width: 1200px) { 
  .container { max-width: 100%; } /* Convenient for readers with large monitors */
  #p-logo { margin-left: 30px; } /* Aligning logo with page title */
Workaround on mobile phone screens. Chameleon Navigation boxes and the bottom option bar appear squished

2020-10-04 WikiMaster I need a screenshot

/* Navigation bar and navigation boxes narrower screens */
@media (max-width:1000px) {
    #hf-nsfooter { overflow-x: auto; }
    .navbox-inner {  min-width:600px; } /* Already fixed */
    .navbox { overflow-x:scroll; } /* Already fixed */

@media (max-width:1000px) { /* Making messageboxes (e.g. [[Template:Nutshell]]) and useable on narrow screens */
    table.ambox { margin:0; }
    .ambox-notice { width:100%; }
    .mbox-image { vertical-align:top; }
    .mbox-image div { width:30px!important; }
I put a "Tools" navbar that give access to all links
Fix action=raw URL parameter on CSS leads to error 403 (example) Fix with MW 1.35.0
done to make {{anchor highlight}} work:
 > .anchor-highlight-inner {
      display: inline;
      pointer-events: auto;
      background-color: gold;
      border-radius: 0.2em;
      color: black;
      line-height: 1em;    
      padding-top: 0;
done The cookie bar warning (displayed to first-time visitors) should be at the bottom of the page instead of the top, because it inconveniently blocks the Login button, which requires users to click twice to reach the login page. This code puts it at the bottom.
.mw-cookiewarning-container {
  top: unset;

2020-11-11 for top: unset;

done narrow screens: To avoid #toc squishing on
@media (max-width:960px) {
         #toc { max-width:50%; }
@media (max-width:640px) {
         #toc { float:none;max-width:100% }
done All page containing a TOC Highlight section titles when navigating to their anchor (clicking a section title inside the table of contents), to allow the user to find it again faster and orientation.
.mw-headline:target { 
done Module The 'stub templates read “Wikipedia” (examples). The word “Wikipedia” has been changed to “EverybodyWiki” in line 233 of Module:Asbox 2020-09-19.
done User pages In user sub pages (example), the sections show up: Creator of 0 articles, Last editor of 0 articles and Editor of 0 articles. These counts are only supposed to show up on user's main pages, not sub pages. Fix on MediaWiki:Hf-nsfooter-User


Too much white space on tablets and horizontal smartphones
/* Logo and content in same container to always align in future updates */
.container { padding: 0 2rem; max-width: none; }
#p-logo    { margin-left: 0 ;} /* Logo is in same container as page, so this margin is no longer needed. */
.content   { padding: 0; } /* .content is in same container, which automatically aligns it with logo. */
done all <500 px Benefits of user-replaceable batteries Chameleon Prevent image squishing text on narrow screens

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/IWPfGu0

@media (max-width:500px) {

  /* 16:9 mobile phones usually use 640px browser width when held horizontally. */

  div.tleft, div.tright { float: none; }

  div.mt-4 > .row > .col  { flex-basis: unset; }

  .floatleft,.floatright { float:none; }





Long titles without space might break site layout #firstHeading { word-wrap: break-word; } 2020-11-21
<960px Chameleon The container padding is too large for mobile phones and tablets (screenshot)
@media (max-width:960px) {
 .container { padding: 0 0.5rem; }



or FIX

in which EV ? in which

screen size ?

in Which page ? in Which skin ? Bug or feature description Solution Date of Implementation

on (Common|Chameleon).(js|css) or fix



the notification are displayed at the top right and not below the bell

Echo notifications[edit]

Screen shot showing 2 bugs : User Menu has transparent background (except for 1st link) and Echo icons (bell and paper banette) are displayed 2.5 times

Site layout[edit]

Navigation bar breaks site layout on mobile. (screenshot)
.mb-3.p-navbar { overflow-x: auto; }

Not implemented because Hide the drop down menu after clicking a menu.

I will find a solution for the top drop down menu later. But I have an alternative solution for the bottom tool box for now:
/* Code currently not working as intended. Fix in progress.*/ /*
@media (max-width:640px) {
  .mb-2.p-navbar > .navbar-nav,
  .mb-2.p-navbar > .navbar-nav > .nav-item  { 
    display: inline-block;
    column-count: 3;
On mobile, the thanks button in the difference viewer appears outside of the screen (off-canvas), which might cause lesser experienced users to struggle finding it. (Screenshot)

User boxes[edit]

Error indication[edit]

  • If the scribunto errors and geographical errors are fixed, the .errorbox and .error classes should be unhidden (by removing display: none; for the error classes from MediaWiki:Common.css), because hiding these informative errors could confuse the user in case of a saving error (e.g. due to blacklisted domain).
    • WikiMaster agrees with this point, the hardest point is fix these errors. 🤯



Uncollapse button missing from collapsible navigation bars[edit]

uncollapse button properly displayed on WP

Check bad behavior on this wiki on this page : Linzhi Ltd.

Site appearance[edit]

  • Missing user links at the top on narrow screens. (Fix with "vector like" skin, see [1]
Missing user links at the top on narrow screens.
  • On the edit preview page, the → Go to editing area link at the top refreshes the page (after the browser shows the warning that the edit is unsaved) because the link encodes URL characters (example: : to %3A).
    • I cannot reproduce this bug on Café Dogenhof, please indicate version of MediaWiki when reporting a bug maybe it was fix with last version.
      • It no longer happens. It may have been fixed with MediaWiki 1.35. If it happens again, I will report back. --–– Handroid7  discuss
        14:10, 15 December 2020 (CET)
  • Facebook plugin in German language is wider than mobile phone screens, thus ruins page layout. Fix:
    • I have put this to MediaWiki:Chameleon.css but I cannot see any change, the Facebook sentence is still too wide WM
      • It worked for me when testing inside the browser developer tools. I am not sure what happened. I will examine this later. --–– Handroid7  discuss
        14:10, 15 December 2020 (CET)
@media (max-width:1000px) {
    .hf-nsfooter { overflow-x: auto !important; }




Murphy_Yukon (2019-05-05)

Ghosts topics of portal[edit]

Template loop[edit]

https://en.everybodywiki.com/Category:Pages_with_template_loops 2 pages 2019-05-08

References appear as blank[edit]

on Quantum_field_of_magnet ref # 3,4 and 5

Reason: lua errors has been hidden by Common.css.

Solution: fix error message.

Bad content model[edit]

Page Template:Nobold/styles.css must have content model "Sanitized CSS" for TemplateStyles (current model is "wikitext").

Solution: change the content model thanks to the Special:ChangeContentModel.

Structured discussions[edit]

  • Unable to respond to this message.
  • Conversion between WikiText and visual editing fails. Error message: Unable to transfer content: Error contacting the server for conversion between wikitext and HTML. Please check your Internet connection or try again later if the problem persists. If you still get this error please file a bug.

Special pages[edit]


  • The MediaWiki page Special:Export does currently not work. More information about it here. This may be caused by a setting in LocalSettings.php.
Possible fix
  1. Open LocalSettings.php in a text editor such as Notepad++.
  2. Press CTRL+F to open the search feature.
  3. Enter this code in the search: $wgSpecialPages['Export'].
  4. Remove lines which contain $wgSpecialPages['Export'].
  5. Save changes.

Internal error[edit]

Feature suggestions[edit]

See Everybodywiki:ToDo#Feature_suggestions

Error messages[edit]

How to get Nb pages in error ? -> Search the error message on Special:Search, increase the limit to 5000, search error message with Control + F. the total or number of result is displayed at the top right. Example: "Results 1 – 612 of 612".

Ctrl F give the exact match for example 192. So you have to write 192/612 and the date (YYYY-MM-DD).

On Mobile Version ? Module or Template Error message Nb pages in error/5000or total
Page it has been seen and date (YYYY-MM-DD) Solution
Template:Portal Some use of "" in your query was not closed by a matching "".
Module:Coordinates 3372 page are using Fatal error: The format of the coordinate could not be determined. Parsing failed

and coord are displayed twice

module:Coord Overlook Park (El Dorado Hills, California) (2020-07-16) hide class="errorbox" in css...
Module:Wd see comment 249/613 (8-15)

390 20/535

NeuCoin (2019-05-08)
N/A Check date values in: |date= (help) 218/714 (8-15)


Module:WikidataIB Lua error in Module:WikidataIB at line 466 168 (8-15) Crime in Missouri
N/A Lua error: Internal error: The interpreter has terminated with signal "24". 22/29 (8-15)


List of YouTube personalities increase the value of $wgScribuntoEngineConf['luastandalone']['cpuLimit']7 by default
Module:WikidataIB Lua error in Module:WikidataIB at line 665: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). 17 (8-15) Age_of_Empires_III:_Wars

_of_Liberty_mod (2019-04-20) Omen_of_Sorrow (2019-04-20)

Module:Unicode_data Lua error in Module:Unicode_data at line 290: attempt to index local 'data_module' (a boolean value). 13/16 (8-15)


Betelgeuse#Etymology (2019-04-20)
Module:Video_game_wikidata Module:Video_game_wikidata at line 361: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value) 12 (8-15) Marooners (2019-05-08)
Module:EditAtWikidata Lua error in Module:EditAtWikidata at line 36: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). 0 (8-15)

160 140


NeuCoin (2019-04-)
N/A <strong_type:landmark class="error"> 0 (8-15) Heidelberg Historical Society (2019-05-30)
N/A Lua error: callParserFunction: function "#coordinates" was not found. 0 (8-15)



gue_Southern_Region (2019-05-08)

yes Module:Location map/data/customLocation Lua error in Module:Location_map at line 488: Unable to find the specified location map definition: "Module:Location map/data 0 (8-15)


Al Fulayyah (2019-05-08) copy the modules
yes Module:Authority_control Lua error in Module:Authority_control at line 797: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). 0 Post Malone(2019-04- )
Module:WikidataIB Lua error in Module:WikidataIB at line 640: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). 0 Age_of_Empires_III:_Wars_

of_Liberty_mod Omen_of_Sorrow (2019-0-23)

Solution :

Module:WikidataIB has to be updated

Module:Unicode_data Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Unicode data' not found. 0 Betelgeuse#Etymology (2019-04-19) module imported
Module:WikidataIB Lua error in Module:WikidataIB at line 219: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). 0 Seen previously on Omen_of_Sorrow (2019-0-23) this error message has been replaced by Lua error in

Module:WikidataIB at line 640: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value)

Module:Citation/CS1/Identifiers Lua error in Module:Citation/CS1/Identifiers at line 47: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). 0 remove lines 47 to 51 on Module:Citation/CS1/Identifiers

See : Extension_talk:Wikibase_Client/Lua#Error_with_mw.wikibase

Module:Citation/CS1 Lua error in Module:Citation/CS1 at line 746: Argument map not defined for this variable. 0 DJ_Puffy




Blockquote formatting used on Wikipedia. Test in Sandbox#Quotes.
/* Excluding Minerva because it already has its own blockquote formatting implementation. */
body:not(.skin-minerva) dl {
    margin-left: 1em;

body:not(.skin-minerva) blockquote {
    border-left: 4px solid #eaecf0;
    padding: 8px 32px;
  • Done 2020-08-20 Table of content is not yet clear:right;, which cause it to produce to the left (see: Iran), if an image is inserted at the top.
  • Done 2020-08-22 165px tall logo,#p-logo a { height: 165px ;}
    • Because many people view pages at more than 100% browser zoom, the logo (File:Mon Logo.png) should be re-rendered as scaleable vector graphic (SVG) to provide indefinite scalability on higher resolution screens.
      • 2020-09-20 WikiMaster i'm designing a new logo and will make it in svg
  • Add this to MediaWiki:Common.css to allow linking to section anchors while still including the section title on screen:
    • 2020-09-27 WikiMaster: Where can I see this behaviour (screenshot or page) ?
      • Here: Sandbox#test4. The anchor is inside section, yet the title is on screen. The other parameters (updated code) are to prevent blocking the mouse 100px above the anchor. --–– Handroid7  discuss
        】 01:38, 28 September 2020 (CEST)
/* To include section title on screen when jumping to a section anchor created using Template:Anchor */
.anchor > span,
span.anchor { 
    padding-top: 100px; 
    pointer-events: none; 
.anchor-plain { z-index: -100; }

When clicking on bell of notifs a blank screen appears instead of content of notifications.

When clicking on bell of notifs a blank screen appears instead of content of notifications.


/* Watchlist responsive web design */
@media (max-width:800px) {
       .mw-changeslist-legend { float:none; max-width:40em; }
       .mw-changeslist td     { display: inline-block; }
  table.mw-changeslist-edit   { border-bottom: 1px solid #999; }
  table.mw-changeslist-edit:nth-child(2n)   { background-color: #0001; }
  table.mw-changeslist-edit:nth-child(2n+1) { background-color: #FFF1; }
  • style="vertical-align:top;" does not work for entire tables. Fix: This CSS code (→ MediaWiki:Common.css) allows vertical alignment of text in all table rows without having to mark each table row individually.
    • WikiMaster : do you have an example /screen shot ?
/* Vertical table cell alignment classes */
.va-top td { vertical-align: top; }
.va-bottom td { vertical-align: bottom; }
/* For table header, in case it is necessary. */
.va-top-h th { vertical-align: top; }
.va-bottom-h th { vertical-align: bottom; }


Option for small tables (→MediaWiki:Common.css)

Allows vertically aligning in the middle, which may look better for small tables. (For large tables, top is better, but it is default now.)

.va-middle td { vertical-align: middle ;}
.va-middle-h th { vertical-align: middle ;}

Already implemented into Template:CSS-suite.


  • Right border of user boxes covered by center area. Example on the right.
    Check-green.svgThis user appreciates constructive criticism
  • Please put this into MediaWiki:Chameleon.css to fix the border of user boxes appearing too short: .wikipediauserbox { width: 239.5px !important; }. The !important flag is necessary to override the inline CSS used by the template.