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Deji Olatunji
Personal information
BornDeji Olatunji
(1996-12-09) December 9, 1996 (age 25)
Hertfordshire, UK
YouTube information
Years active2011–present
Subscribers9.72 million
Total views3.43 billion
Associated actsKSI
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers
Updated 23 November 2018

Deji Olatunji, known online as Deji, is a British YouTube personality who runs a channel called ComedyShortsGamer[1] He was born on December 9, 1996, in Hertfordshire.[1] He has a elder brother Olajide ''JJ'' Olatunji, better known as KSI. KSI was a famous Youtuber which has big influence to Deji that made Deji become a Youtuber. Both Deji and KSI are making short funny game videos on YouTube. However, both of them were pointed out had similar topics and taste of videos while they were trying to build separate identities.[2] Amongst this Deji has created music videos of diss tracks; acted in a movie Laid in America alongside brother KSI; and written a book entitled Kung Fu Hero and the Forbidden City. He began his career in 2011and as of 30 October 2018 he is the 320th most subscribed YouTube page.[3]

Youtube career[edit]

Early YouTube career[edit]

Deji originally created his first YouTube channel under the username "TheAngelzKid" on 26 August 2011.[4] Upon this channel had Deji only posted one video with the title "Ninja Gaiden" but has since then been removed. This channel has since then been renamed to the username "Deji" and is a channel in which Deji uploads gaming and blog style videos.[4]This channel has more than 650,000 subscribers and more than 27 million total views.[4] Deji's main YouTube account was created on 1 December 2011 and has the username "ComedyShortsGamer".[4]This channel is the channel in which he has gained most of his success and recognition with the channel having more than 9.7 million subscribers and more than 3.4 billion total views.[5] This channel is where he began his YouTube career in which he started out posting a similar style of YouTube videos and content as his older brother, KSI.[6] This content included gaming videos largely featuring the official FIFA video game as well as videos including family members, such as his father and brother, and friends like short sketches, prank videos and other comedic content.[6]


Deji began his 2017 YouTube path with a video entitled "DRIVING MY BRO IN MY LAMBORGHINI" which was uploaded on 1 January 2017.[7] This video features Deji driving his brother KSI in Deji's car whilst they talk.[7] On 19 October 2017 this was Deji's second most viewed video fo 2017 with about 8.9 million views.[7] His most viewed video of 2017 was uploaded on 11 August 2017 and with the title "Sidemen Diss Track (Official Music Video) and on 19 October 2018 this video had about 16.1 million views.[8] This video is a song created to offend the YouTuber group the Sidemen and the reasoning behind the creation of the song is explained under Sidemen Fued in Personal Life. Another notable video uploaded by Deji is "AMERICAN CANDY NEARLY KILLED ME" which was uploaded on 12 November 2017 and on 19 October 2018 this video had about 8.5 million views.[9] This video features Deji trying snacks and candy from the United States of America and he shares his opinion on the various items.[9]


Deji began 2018 with a video upload on 1 January 2018. The video uploaded is called "I DARE YOU TO WATCH THIS TO THE END" and in this video he watches a series of videos sent to him and comments on them.[10] Deji's most viewed videos in 2018 were focused around the Paul brothers and the fight with Jake Paul.[11] His most viewed video of 2017 is "Wasteman (Jake Paul Diss Track) and as of 19 October 2018 it has 6.7 million views.[12] This video featured a music video where Deji made insults towards Jake Paul and this was uploaded on 20 August 2018.[12] His second most viewed video is another featuring Jake Paul where he confronts him about Jake not wanting to fight KSI and this video has amassed around 6.1 million views as of 19 October 2018.[13] This video is entitled "FACE TO FACE WITH LOGAN PAUL'S LITTLE BROTHER" and was uploaded on 13 February 2018.[13] Another notable video uploaded by Deji in 2018 was a video in which he addressed the criticism he received from Logan Paul fans which was uploaded on 3 Jan 2018.[14] "Logan Paul's Fans..." had about 4.2 million views as of 19 October 2018.[14]On August 25 2018, a pair of British YouTube siblings, Deji Olatunji and KSI had a boxing match to brothers Jake and Logan Paul.[15] More than 800,000 people were watching You-tubers boxing match on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.[15]

YouTube career[edit]

Deji currently uploads video that feature 'challenge' and 'prank' videos as well as 'vlog' videos where he talks about something/someone or reacts to something.[6] Deji is also known for uploading music videos and diss tracks.[6] Deji's signature video introduction is "Hey guys! It's ComedyShortsGamer here."[6][4] Deji's YouTube success is partly attributed to his brother, KSI, as he has featured in his videos and uploads a similar style of content.[16] Deji has been regarded as a YouTube success and The Sun estimates his earnings from YouTube and his clothing brand has given him an estimated net worth of £5 million.[1] Deji has received criticism for using 'clickbait' titiles for his videos which is a title that is used to draw in viewers however exaggerates the content of the video.[4]

Milestones and Achievements[edit]


Subscriber milestones[6]
Subscriber count Date achieved
1 million 18 November 2013
2 million 29 June 2014
3 million 22 December 2014
4 million 30 April 2015
5 million 28 August 2015
6 million 1 march 2016
7 million 7 August 2016
8 million 23 March 2017
9 million 21 February 2018
Total video view milestones[6]
View count Date achieved
1 billion 23 June 2015
2 billion 24 July 2016
3 billion 13 January 2018


Deji's YouTube career being founded on gaming videos increased his gaming exposure and allowed him to compete in the 2015 'Legends of Gaming' competition alongside YouTubers who also upload gaming content such as Calfreezy and Wroeteshaw.[17]At this competition he achieved the second to top spot.[17]

In 2015 Deji made second place on the list of UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators by Tubular Labs for BBC with his older brother claiming first.[16]

Other entertainment[edit]


Deji has created songs comprising of mostly of rap/hip-hop and diss tracks[18] Deji's most viewed music video is "Sidemen Diss Track" which was uploaded to YouTube on 11 August 2017 and has more than 16 million views.[19]This track was created after his brother, KSI, 'quit' the YouTube group known as the Sidemen which resulted in feuds between the Olatunji brothers and the other members.[20]


The Fun Group produced a production named "Laid In America" that premiered in the U.K. on 26 September 2006.[21]"Laid In America" is a movie about two exchange students foreign to the USA in high school and stars YouTube personalities KSI and Casper Lee with other roles being filled by Deji Olatunji and other online personalities such as Josh Leyva, Bart Baker and Timothy Delaghetto.[21] This film is achieved a 59% by users on Rotten Tomatoes[22] and 4.6/10 on IMDB.[23]


Deji has written a graphic novel named Kung Fu Hero and the Forbidden City.[24] The story is about ComedyShortsGamer being mistaken for a Kung Fu hero due to a prank video.[24] The story then progresses to him fighting off statues to brought to life and other ficitonal events.[24] The novel is published by Anna Valentine of Trapeze, Orion Publishing Group who is the sole owner to the rights of the novel.[24] Olatunji said: "To say I’m excited about splattering the crazy thoughts in my brain all over the page is an understatement."[24]

The novel has received a 4.5/5 star rating on[25]

Amateur boxing career[edit]

Deji vs Jake Paul[edit]

Deji's first ever white-collar fight was against Jake Paul on 25 August 2018 at the Manchester Arena.[26] This fight was an undercard fight during the YouTube boxing event that saw KSI fight Logan Paul as the main event. [26]This event was called the largest YouTube event in history with 20,000 fans at the Manchester Arena, 800,000 watching on paid-live-streams and a further 1.2 million watching on pirated streams.[26] The background to the Deji's and his brother's fights began with a disagreement between KSI and Jake Paul, with KSI saying he would fight any member of the Paul family.[27] This fight then progressed to Deji taking up the fight with Jake Paul with Deji posting a video about Jake Paul and finally a tweet that read "I hate @jakepaul".[27][28] The fight began with Deji getting ahead in the first round, leaving Jake Paul's face bloodied.[29] The match however ended in Jake Paul winning the match in round 5 by TKO.[29]

Before and after the match there was YouTube media posted by both Deji and Jake about events surrounding the fight. On 22 August Deji posted a video "JAKE PAUL HIT ME IN THE FACE" in which he talks about him going to Jake's training gym and the situation ends up in Jake hitting Deji in the face; video footage is also shown.[30] After the fight on 26 August Jake posted "My Response To The KSI vs. Logan Paul Fight.." in which he talks about both the fight against Deji and the Logan Paul vs KSI fight.[31] In this video Jake says that Deji impressed him and "you fought like a warrior, you have a ton of heart". Deji then responded to the fight with "im sorry i let you down" on August 27 in which he spoke about why he thinks he lost the fight and also expresses that he feels he could have continued the fight despite it being called by TKO.[32] In this video Deji says he would like a rematch in USA and that he is confident that he will win it.

Deji and Jake Paul during their fight

Professional Boxing Record[edit]

Professional record summary
1 fight 1 win 0 losses
By knockout 1 0
No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
1 Win 1–0 United States FouseyTube RTD 3 (4) 27 Aug 2022 United Kingdom O2 Arena, London First white-collar boxing match

Amateur Boxing Record[edit]

Professional record summary
3 fights 0 wins 3 losses
By knockout 0 2
By decision 0 1
No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
3 Loss 0–3 United States Alex Wassabi SD 5 3 Mar 2022 United Kingdom SSE Arena, London
2 Loss 0–2 United States Vinnie Hacker TKO 3 (6) 6 Jun 2021 United States Hard Rock Stadium, Miami
1 Loss 0–1 United States Jake Paul TKO 5 (6), 1:50 25 Aug 2018 United Kingdom Manchester Arena, Manchester, England First white-collar boxing match

Personal Life[edit]

Early life[edit]

Deji was born in Hertfordshire, the county immediately north of London, on 9 December 1996.[6] A common misconception is that Deji was born in Nigeria and that he moved to England at a very young age.[4] This misconception came about because both Deji's parents are Nigerian, however, he cleared this up in a video called "GOOGLING MYSELF".[33] Deji is the younger brother to popular YouTube star KSI who is about three and a half years older than him. [6] Deji's parents were very skeptical about his choice of career path after following in his brother's footsteps and looking towards YouTube for success, however, KSI's success convinced them otherwise and they are now supportive of his career and even feature in many of his videos.[17]

Recent events[edit]

Car crash[edit]

On 3 September 2016 Deji was involved in a car crash.[34] Deji released videos in which he showed pictures of the car and explained his injuries and what happened.[35][34] The accident happened when Deji lost control of his Audi TT and crashed with his friend Stephen in the car.[34][17] Doctors said this accident could have been fatal if the car were any less safe however Deji left the accident with only 9 stitches on his arm and leg and Stephen unharmed.[17][34]

Sidemen fued[edit]

During 2017 there was a disagreement between the YouTube group, the Sidemen, and the Olatunji brothers. This reportedly began after KSI 'quit' the Sidemen.[20]Deji's involvement began when he jokingly said he wanted to join the Sidemen and then Simon Minter tweeted "Join Team 10, we don't want you @ComedyGamer". [20][36]After this Deji announced that he will be creating a diss track on the Sidemen[37] and uploaded other YouTube videos in which he directly addressed members of the Sidemen such as Ethan Payne[38] and Harry Lewis[39].[20] Deji then uploaded the Sidemen Diss Track[8] only to be responded to a day later by Simon with his video "KSI'S LITTLE BROTHER - DEJI DISS TRACK (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO).[40] The final action in the fight was when Deji uploaded "Ungrateful (Official Music Video)" which was his final response to Simon.[41]

Deji accuses KSI[edit]

Deji made a nearly 46 minutes video to explain the reason why he cutting off with his brother KSI in May 25, 2019. [42] Deji accused that his sibling KSI manipulated his fans to leave abusive comments on Twitter and YouTube.[42] In the video, Deji gave some examples that KSI was making fun of him in front of his parents, not taking Deji's side over a diss track and just overall not having his back.[42] Deji did not feel that his brother supported him.[42] After this event, Deji's brother KSI loses about 100,000 subscribes. [43]


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