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James Wearing-Smith V

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James Wearing-Smith V
James Wearing-Smith V
James Wearing-Smith V
James Wearing-Smith V
BornJames Robert Wearing Smith
(1967-01-23) 23 January 1967 (age 56)
💼 Occupation
Actor, Musician, Producer, Writer
📆 Years active  1977–present
👩 Spouse(s)
Putri Smith (Undated.)

James Wearing-Smith V (born 23 January 1967) is an Australian, British-born actor, creator, entrepreneur, investor, musician, producer and writer. James is the founder and president of Stark Networks, a privately owned family office with headquarters in Hong Kong. He first came to the attention of audiences in the United States in the Sylvester Stallone film Rambo also known as Rambo IV and John Rambo. Wearing Smith appeared as a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot in the 1996 film Independence Day, in the movie he was holding a Browning Hi-Power[1] pistol in scenes set in Iraq during the early hours of July 4th[2] that were filmed at the Wendover Air Force Base[3]. Later in his career, Wearing-Smith was cast in the 2008 Hollywood film Bangkok Dangerous starring Nicolas Cage, a remake of an earlier independent film, written and directed by the Chinese Pang brothers.[4]

Family Background and Education[edit]

Wearing-Smith was born in a military hospital in St Pancras, London, the first son of two Australian doctors. He was born shortly after his parents had relocated from York, Pennsylvania, where he was conceived during a period when his parents were resident practitioners at the York General Hospital (Pennsylvania), one of Pennsylvania's largest military hospitals during the American Civil War. His early years were spent in Europe, traveling with his parents, until they returned to Australia. Wearing-Smith attended Kelmscott Primary School from 1973-1979. Wearing-Smith's grandfather, James Wearing Smith III[5], was born on the 15th February 1901 in Adelaide, South Australia, and enlisted into the Australian Army after World War I and fought in Libya during World War II, receiving The Rats of Tobruk medal of bravery for his services as one of the soldiers of the garrison that held the Libyan port of Tobruk against the Afrika Corps.

His early childhood years were spent growing up in Kelmscott, Western Australia, working at a local transportation company, loading and unloading trucks and later working at Lori’s Fuel Station as a bowser attendant and labourer. In 1984, the same year his father, James Alexander Wearing Smith, passed away, Wearing-Smith matriculated from Hollywood Senior High School, an inner-city public school in Perth, Western Australia. Thereafter he attended the University of Western Australia, studying Anthropology, Computer science and Music, arranging concerts and composing musical compositions[6] together with fellow UWA undergraduates, the ALEA Ensemble and Dr. Lindsay Vickery[7] as well as contributing his time as a radio programme presenter for "The Guitar in Perth"[8] on 6RTR, a not-for-profit, community radio station known now as RTRFM.

In 1991, he graduated from the Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Music majoring in performance, having attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) under the musical direction and leadership of conductor Richard Gill (conductor). Whilst studying at WAAPA, Wearing-Smith adopted the stage name James With.[9]


Early years and University[edit]

During his early primary school years Wearing-Smith was a member of the Kelmscott Primary School Choir, appearing regularly with the choir on Television in Australia, involved as a performer in broadcasts on television and over the radio, from many live recording sessions of the choir performing at the ABC Studios (Australia) in Perth. The choir recorded a number of folk songs and an LP record was published with selected songs. The LP record title is "My Heart is Like a Singing Bird". Choir members also travelled and performed at venues around the country, including at the Sydney Opera House. The Kelmscott Primary School choir master was John Christmas, who later appeared with the choir on Battle of the Choirs. Wearing-Smith was inspired to pursue acting further from his early childhood experiences with the choir and appearances on television, dating back to his regular attendance of and performances at the local community theatre, Roleystone Theatre Company.

Attending the University of Western Australia, Wearing-Smith worked and supported himself by performing and teaching classical guitar. He performed regularly at the UWA Conservatorium of Music as a member of the Perth Undergraduate Choral Society (PUCS) and the Collegium Musicum Choir. He also worked in production services Stage management for local events and music festivals, assisting with the York Jazz Festival[10], one of the longest running music festivals in Western Australia, listed in the List of festivals in Australia. Wearing-Smith auditioned for and was accepted to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts WAPPA, and prior to this, he worked for a short time for the Commonwealth Bank at a branch office in Armadale, Western Australia.

James With, York Winter Jazz Festival, Western Australia, circa 1985

Whilst studying at Edith Cowan University, Wearing-Smith was employed by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and performed as a member of the West Australian Opera chorus. He appeared in seasonal operas, including La traviata, Armide (Lully) an opera by Jean-Baptiste Lully and various operas of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In 1988, Wearing-Smith sang in the inaugural premiere of “The Southland[11] an original composition by the Australian pianist and composer Roger Smalley, orchestrated for chorus, Didgeridoo, Gamelan ensemble, Folk music group and large Orchestra, thematically encapsulating Aboriginal Australians, Asia, the British invasion of Australia in 1788 and its aftermath. These experiences likely influenced and ignited Wearing-Smith’s fascination with Asia.


Immediately after graduating from university, Wearing-Smith moved to Tokyo, Japan, where he taught English language and Computer software courses to the Japanese. He later worked as a licensed stockbroker for a registered Tokyo Stock Exchange securities firm. In the early 1990s, he invested into property in Thailand, which spurred him to move from Japan to Southeast Asia, where he worked on his first Hollywood movie, The Quest (film) starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. In that movie Wearing-Smith played the double for the character of Maxie Divine James Remar, performing action sequences and stunts and he was a stand-in for Roger Moore. Moore introduced Wearing-Smith to cigars, and a life-long passion for premium hand-rolled cigars began. His work on The Quest drew him to move to Hollywood, California and pursue further acting roles.

In the 1990s Wearing-Smith spent a considerable amount of time working in independent films, television commercial advertising and other media productions. He worked as an actor for Major film studio films and travelled regularly between residences in Phuket Province, Thailand and North Hollywood, Los Angeles. During this period Wearing-Smith began to produce documentaries and television commercials, setting up his first production company in Phuket, Thailand. Through his production company, Wearing-Smith provided producing services and film production services to clients desiring to film in Thailand. He continued working as an actor and in various production roles on production and productions filmed around Asia and the world, including in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and in the United States. Scouting international filming locations for production companies and providing Digital media samples to producers formed part of the scope of services Wearing-Smith provided. The 1997 Asian financial crisis affected Thailand film production, and despite a sudden decline in the value of the Thai Baht, the number of foreign productions using Thailand fell.

In 1995, Wearing-Smith worked on locations in the Philippines playing the character of Brian Douglas in Robo Warriors[12], a Science fiction film and action film drama starring James Remar, with whom Wearing-Smith had worked earlier on 'The Quest'[13]. Robo Warriors was released in 1996 as a Paramount Pictures-Republic Pictures co-production.

In 1996, Wearing-Smith applied for and was accepted to a specialist acting course for film and television at the National Institute of Dramatic Art on the campus of the University of New South Wales, Australia. Shortly after completing acting studies at NIDA, Wearing Smith worked on a McCann (company) Singapore production with film director Oliver Stone, a series of scenes focused Asian Motorola advertising production that introduced the concept of Wireless network communications and 2G and 2.5G telecommunications technology.

In 1999 Wearing-Smith moved to Hong Kong, working for Australia's Macquarie Group under Asad Sultan, Macquarie Bank's Division Director and Head of Asian Equities.[14] He later moved to a private Asset management firm. In the aftermath of the terrible September 11 attacks in 2001, the financial industry and film industry went into free fall, along with many other businesses. Whilst living in Hong Kong, Wearing-Smith established TRI-US Entertainment , a company that focused on producing live and filmed entertainment. During this time, Wearing-Smith moved his focus towards an increasing awareness on international co-productions in Asia and raising funding for joint venture projects. He was able to grow his business operations, utilising a hybrid mix of hands-on producing experience and expertise gained from his experiences working in Investment banking, with Private equity funds and Asset management firms, as well as with Media and Entertainment companies and executives. Wearing-Smith continued working with Asian film directors and movie stars, including Jackie Chan in The Medallion[15] as well as assisting with production services for Hollywood movies filming in Asia, such as The Beach (film)[16] and Rescue Dawn[17]. Wearing-Smith worked often with Hong Kong film companies and in sound stages in the New Territories and Thailand. Wearing-Smith continued to work in recording studios for the Major film studios, being employed on motion picture productions produced by 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures.


In 2001 Wearing-Smith played the character of Dominic Tonelli in the US-Sino co-production television series “Flatland[18] starring Dennis Hopper playing the character of Smith. The episodes Wearing-Smith appeared in were filmed on locations and in Chinese film studios located on the outskirts of Shanghai, China.

In 2002, Wearing-Smith established TRI-US Entertainment in Hong Kong[19], a company that focused on producing live and filmed entertainment. TRI-US Entertainment expanded and opened offices in Thailand (2005)[20] and a joint-venture partnership in India (2009). Wearing Smith (James With) and his firm appears to be a long-standing member of the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham)[21] in Thailand, a not-for-profit affiliate organisation of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, that published an article written by James With, receiving a cover page reference in the association's publication Advance.[22]

In 2004, Wearing Smith (credited in the book's acknowledgements as James With) edited, type set and published the 2004 edition of the epic novel titled "The Falcon of Siam"[23] written by Axel Aylwen.[24][25]. Wearing Smith appears to be developing a film project about the life of Constantine Phaulkon, the main real life historical figure of Aylwen's fictional account, titled Falcon of the East.[26]

In 2007, Wearing-Smith was cast in Rambo (also known as Rambo IV and John Rambo), as a preacher missionary character in the film, and his character is spectacularly blown up in a Mortar (weapon) strike whilst preaching to a group of villagers.

In 2008, Wearing Smith began producing a film in Australia titled "All the Tired Horses"[27], which features a classic Australian motor vehicle, a 1970 Holden Monaro[28], however the production was subjected to problems and delays with filming being impeded by a long-running civil court case[29][30] in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The case went to trial and the decision was in favour of Wearing Smith and the other defendants.[31] All the Tired Horses appears yet to be complete.


In 2010, James With (Wearing Smith) is listed as a TED (conference) speaker in the inaugural TEDxBKK[32] event held in Bangkok, Thailand.

During 2010-2011, filming on A Stranger in Paradise[33] took place, however it was affected by the 2011 Thailand floods; Benetone Films provided production services, Wearing-Smith was credited as a consulting producer for A Stranger in Paradise and also played the role of Agent Zane, an undercover US agent investigating a fraudulent hedge fund operator with family links to Thailand. "A Stranger in Paradise" had its world premiere on February 14, 2014.[34] Whilst the film was in production, Wearing Smith was interviewed by an Italian journalist about his acting and producing career in films, his cigar club and lifestyle in Bangkok, and his work on 3D film making, which was the subject of his TEDx talk.[35]

In 2012, "The Other World" was released, written and produced by the students of the film faculty at Assumption University (Thailand), housing the Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Wearing Smith played a leading role the short film.[36]

In 2015, Wearing Smith (James With) acted in, directed and produced S.A.D Sitting and Drinking[37], a Bangkok, Thailand based film focusing on the importance of human interaction and communication amongst people. Wearing Smith produced the project utilising crowdfunding as a means to finance elements of the production.[38]

In 2016, Wearing Smith was appointed Director of ASEAN Markets Business Development for the BlueMount Capital[39] markets group, and in the latter part of 2016 Wearing-Smith and his wife moved to Vienna, Austria to pursue business opportunities. Wearing-Smith spent the period from then until 2019 predominantly in Europe, taking occasional trips to Asia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic and travelling in Latin America developing a luxury cigar brand. [40]



Year Title Role Notes
1996 A Family Thing Stand-in (uncredited)
1996 The Quest (film) Stand-in, Double for Maxie Devine (as James Wearing Smith)
1996 The Phantom (1996 film) Double for Quill
1996 Independence Day (1996 film) British Pilot
1996 Robo Warriors Brian Douglas
1998 Knock Off (film) Mafia Thug
1999 Getting to Know You (1999 film) Stand-in
2000 The Beach (film) Local crew member
2003 The Medallion Stunts
2006 Rescue Dawn Special thanks
2008 Rambo (2008 film) Preacher Missionary (as James Wearing Smith)
2008 Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) Chicago
2012 The Other World General West, The Producers Wish To Thank
2013 A Stranger in Paradise Agent Zane, Consulting Producer
2016 S.A.D Sitting and Drinking Jim Boots, Camera Operator, Costumer (principals), Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Production Manager, Writer
2018 David Kannada Film The Producers Wish To Thank
2019 Luton to Leicester Development Executive, Executive Producer, Writer (screenplay) In development
2020 Falcon of the East Producer, Production Executive In development
2020 I Belong to the Shadows Duckworth, Producer, Production Executive, Writer In development


Year Title Role Notes
1998 The Baby Dance Stand-in TV film
2002 Flatland TV series, The Mists of Time (2002) Season 1, Episode 1 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, Aurora (2002) Season 1, Episode 2 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, Episode #1.3 (2002) Season 1, Episode 3 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, Shadow Warriors (2002) Season 1, Episode 4 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, A Gentle Rain (2002) Season 1, Episode 8 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, The Devil's Daughter (2002) Season 1, Episode 9 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, Episode #1.13 (2002) Season 1, Episode 13 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, Infection (2002) Season 1, Episode 15 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, Signs of Death (2002) Season 1, Episode 16 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2002 Flatland TV series, Episode #1.17 (2002) Season 1, Episode 17 Dominic Tonelli TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, Explore Health: A Son's Love (Jul 27, 2009) Season 1, Episode 1 Producer TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, Explore Health: The Killer (Aug 3, 2009) Season 1, Episode 2 Producer TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, Explore People: James With (Aug 10, 2009) Season 1, Episode 3 Producer, himself TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, Explore Health: Repair Stem Cells (Aug 17, 2009) Season 1, Episode 4 Producer, himself TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, All the Tired Horses - Behind the Scenes (Apr 30, 2015) Season 1, Episode 5 Producer, Writer, Actor TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, All the Tired Horses - Inception Aftermath Season 2, Episode 1 Producer, Writer, Series Director TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, All the Tired Horses - Inception Consequence Season 2, Episode 2 Producer, Writer, Series Director TV series
2009-2015 Explore TV, All the Tired Horses - Inception Endurance Season 2, Episode 3 Producer, Writer, Series Director TV series


James With (Wearing Smith) is known to have been an active member of SISHA[41], an anti human trafficking and exploitation organisation, sharing the expert advisory board with Gina Rinehart and is publicly known for visiting orphanages in Cambodia[42] Wearing Smith was a member of the expert advisory board of SISHA from 2009-2014. Wearing Smith was on the expert advisory board of SISHA at the same time as Rinehart, attending orphanages and observing investigations and raids carried out on illegal operations. The Cambodian non-profit organisation campaigned against human trafficking, in particular by rescuing and assisting sexually exploited women and children. Wearing Smith and Rinehart helped to raise funds for SISHA together through the Australian not for profit charity organisation, Dine for Life.[43]

Wearing Smith is listed as a sponsor for the Afrika[44] not-for-profit association focused on building a school in the reserve of Rwenzururu Kingdom in Uganda making donations that cite his film producing participation in a project, that offers education for 400 children.[45]

Mr. James With (Wearing Smith) Hollywood actor, is cited along with a former deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Mr. Korn Dabbaransi and other noteworthy members as a member of the advisory board of Lifeis World Enterprises Pvt. Ltd,[46] a multinational organisation with offices in Bangalore, India, Bangkok Thailand and Tanzania in Eastern Africa in the African Great Lakes, an area bordering Uganda; the corporate membership information can be verified through India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs.[47]

James With (Wearing Smith) is reported in a German language publication as being a Rambo celebrity invited guest attending a Charity-Gala event at the Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria on 31st January 2018.[48]

In 2019, Wearing Smith had the honour of meeting Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn[49] at the Grand Palace in Bangok, Thailand to present the collected donation from the sponsors of The St. Regis Bangkok Charity Gala & Auction 2018[50], which was officially presented to Her Royal Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on Tuesday, 2nd May 2019 for her Foundation for the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Chulalongkorn University, and broadcast across mainstream television and media stations in Thailand on the same day that King Maha Vajiralongkorn, Rama X of Thailand announced his marriage to Queen Suthida.[51]. A YouTube channel online สํานักข่าวไทย TNAMCOT, with the video name "ข่าวในพระราชสำนัก วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 2 พฤษภาคม 2562" (ref. 22 minutes, 18 seconds) presenting the news of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn greeting the distinguished guests including Wearing Smith at the Grand Palance in Bangkok, Thailand.


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