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Transformers Classics

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Transformers Classics is a line of Transformers toys based on and resembling the first generation (G1) characters introduced in the 1980s. The toy line was created to fill the gap in Transformers product releases between the end of the Transformers: Cybertron series and the start of 2007 live-action movie; as well as tie-in to the release of the Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD edition, and later Transformers Animated, then in Transformers Universe Classics / Henkei.

The character designs were updated to appeal to a modern audience as well as fans of the original 1984 toyline. The face and body have more detail than the 1984 toys due to advancements in design technology. The line is notable for being the first Transformers toyline since the original to feature Decepticon leader Megatron as a transforming handgun. It is also the first line since 1998 (except for reissues) to include temperature sensitive insignias, a feature included among second and third year G1 toys.

The toys were announced to debut in November 2006,[1] but were found in large retail chains, such as Wal-Mart and Toys "R" Us, before the announced date.

This line continued in Transformers: Universe (2008–2009) and Transformers: Generations (2010–present).

Main toy line[edit]

The main Classics toy line consists of all-new molds designed to resemble updated versions of several 1984 Transformers characters.

Wave 1[edit]


Classic Megatron toy


Wave 2[edit]


Wave 3[edit]


  • Cliffjumper (Deluxe, Peugeot 206) - Red redeco of Bumblebee.


  • Ramjet (Deluxe, modified McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle) - Remold of Starscream with different wings and nosecone transformation.

Box Sets[edit]


Several Mini-Con teams originally intended for release in the Transformers: Cybertron toy line were released in the Classics line for expansion purposes. They do not resemble any G1 characters, even though some characters share the same names. Four of the Mini-Cons were released in the Cybertron line as pack tie-ins with Cybertron Primus.

Wave One[edit]

  • Night Rescue Team: Strongarm (police cruiser), Firebot (fire engine), Divebomb (Apache attack helicopter).
  • Demolition Team: Broadside (tank), Sledge (front-end loader), Wideload (dump truck).
  • Dinobots: Knockdown (Triceratops), Swoop (Pteranodon), Terrorsaur (Tyrannosaurus).

Wave Two[edit]

  • Dirt Digger Team: Dirt Rocket (dirtbike), Grindor (monster truck), Oil Slick (muscle car).
  • Predator Attack Team: Dreadwing (eagle), Overbite (tiger), Snarl (wolf).
  • Clear Skies Team: Nightscream (dragon), Steel Wind (A-10 attack jet), Thunderwing (jet fighter).

Classic Legends[edit]

Classic legends are repainted versions of the Micro class Legends of Cybertron subline from Transformers: Cybertron toy line. Similar to the Mini-Cons, they were repainted and released under the Classics heading to expand the toy line. While they were not designed as Generation One updates like the main line, their names and color schemes are homages to original characters.

  • Bumblebee (sports car) - repaint of LoC Hot Shot.
  • Fireflight (cargo jet) - repaint of LoC Jetfire. Originally intended to be Powerglide, but Hasbro couldn't obtain a trademark on that name.
  • Jetfire (jet fighter) - repaint of LoC Thundercracker.
  • Leo Prime (lion) - repaint of LoC Leo Breaker, a homage to Beast Wars II Lio Convoy.
  • Menasor (flatbed truck) - repaint of LoC Optimus Prime. Originally intended to be Motormaster, but Hasbro couldn't obtain a trademark on that name.
  • Perceptor (satellite rocket carrier) - repaint of LoC Cybertron Defense Red Alert.
  • Trypticon (three-headed dragon) - repaint of LoC Scourge.
  • Whirl (helicopter) - repaint of LoC Evac.

BotCon 2007[edit]

Exclusive toys at BotCon 2007, although sold under the Transformers: Timelines label, have been made as an extension to the Classics line.

Games of Deception convention boxed set:

  • Thundercracker (Deluxe, jet fighter) - repaint of Classics Starscream.
  • Dirge (Deluxe, jet fighter) - repaint of Classics Ramjet.
  • Thrust (Deluxe, jet fighter) - remold of Classics Ramjet with new wings.
  • Bugbite (Deluxe, compact car) - repaint of Classics Bumblebee. Based on the eHobby redeco of Bumblebee as a Decepticon.

Other toys:

  • Mirage (Deluxe, Formula One racer) - recast in transparent blue plastic. This was the special attendance toy given to convention goers who purchased the Games of Deception boxed set.
  • Springer (Deluxe, armored assault vehicle) and Huffer (Basic semi tractor) - repaints of Cybertron Defence Hotshot and Cybertron Armorhide.
  • Weirdwolf (Deluxe, wolf) - repaint of Cybertron Snarl. Weirdwolf was sold with Alpha Trion, a repaint of Vector Prime with a new head, featured in the previous Transformer Collectors Club story. While Weirdwolf was given a Classics bio card that matched those of Games of Deception figures and the other BotCon 2007 exclusives, Alpha Trion's bio card was instead in the pattern of earlier club exclusives such as Astrotrain.

Prospective toys[edit]

  • Seacons - It was stated, that if a store will accept them as an exclusive boxed set, they would be packaged as Classics, in the fashion of the Constructicon Devastator set.
  • Jazz - Name mentioned as one Hasbro would like to make.
  • Elita One - She is depicted on the Classic poster from BotCon 2007, and released later as a Transformers Collectors Club exclusive.


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