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Transformers character
Scorponok box art

Search Scorponok on Amazon. Search Scorponok on Amazon.

Scorponok is a name is shared by several fictional characters throughout the various Transformers universes. Characters with this name are usually Decepticon or Predacon antagonists that turn into robotic scorpions or have scorpion-shaped robot modes. Some versions of the character are also known as Megazarak or Black Zarak in Japan.

Transformers: Generation 1[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

Scorponok made an appearance in the U.K. comics. In a possible future (told from the perspective of an aged Rodimus Prime) Scorponok battled against Shockwave and Megatron for leadership of the Decepticons. Losing, and attacked by the Micromaster Air Strike Patrol, Scorponok surrendered to Hot Rod – only to manipulate him and his comrades into defending a human settlement from the Decepticons while he escaped. This would be his last appearance in the Marvel timeline.[2]


Scorponok appeared in the 1988 Ladybird Books story Decepticons at the Pole by John Grant. In this story he was the base for the Decepticons.[3]

Scorponok was among the Decepticons featured in the 1988 book and audio adventure Autobot Hostage by Ladybird Books.[4]


Scorponok appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "The Sting of Scorponok" by Josh "Richter" van Reyk.[5]

Beast Wars[edit]

Transformers character

Search Scorponok on Amazon. Search Scorponok on Amazon.

Scorponok was a recurring antagonist in the first season of the Beast Wars cartoon, as part of the Predacon crew who stole the Maximal relic known as Golden Disk before time-traveling and crash-landing on prehistoric Earth. He served as the Predacon criminal Megatron’s second-in-command, up until he fell into a lava pit at the start of the second season.


  • Beast Wars Scorponok (1996)
The Scorponok toy was repainted as Double Punch in Japan in 1998 and as Botcon Sandstorm in 1999.[6] The commercial for Scorponok referred to him as a "robot in disguise with a killer bee inside!"
  • Beast Wars Transmetal Scorponok
A transmetal toy of Scorponok was released as McDonald's happy meal toy.

Transformers Cinematic Universe[edit]

Transformers character

Search Scorponok on Amazon. Search Scorponok on Amazon.

Scorponok appears in the live-action Transformers film directed by Michael Bay. His machine form is a mechanized scorpion and is the only Decepticon in the film that does not transform into a humanoid robot (though a toy of him has a robot mode), but is able to dive under sand or other soft landforms and burrow under the surface to attack. Screenwriter Roberto Orci indicated that this Scorponok is conceptually closer to the Beast Wars character than the original; he does bear a noticeable resemblance to the McDonald's Transmetal Scorponok figure (see above). He is Blackout's partner, similar to the role that cassettes such as Ravage and Laserbeak served under Soundwave.[7]

Movie plot[edit]

In the film, he and his partner Blackout attack the SOCCENT Operations Base in Qatar. Scorponok chases eight Special Forces soldiers across the desert, eventually killing trooper Donnelly, wounding Figueroa, and killing several Qatari soldiers before being wounded in an attack by two A-10 Thunderbolt IIs and an AC-130 Spectre gunship. With the tip of his tail blown off, Scorponok burrows under the desert sands, and is not seen again for the rest of the film. However, the survivors take the damaged tail and bring it aboard a transport plane en route back to the U.S. While examining the tail, it suddenly goes wild, but Lennox and Epps manage to restrain it. The soldiers also discover through the damage on the tail that while robot armor is impervious to bullets, it can easily be weakened by anti-tank sabot rounds.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Scorponok appears briefly once in Egypt with his tail repaired and participates in the final battle. He bursts out of the sand and disembowels Jetfire, who in turn kills him by smashing his head with his fist, avenging Donnelly and the Qatari soldiers. However, Scorponok's short-lived presence is instrumental towards Jetfire's death. Jetfire, being the eldest Transformer in the film, had been malfunctioning since his reawakening, and Scorponok's actions severely weakened Jetfire, who then sacrifices himself for spare parts to give Optimus Prime the means to defeat The Fallen.

Scorponok has a toy in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toyline, but he does not appear in the film after his demise.


  • Transformers Voyager Blackout with Scorponok (2007)
A non-poseable Scorponok mini-figurine comes with the Blackout toy and stores in Blackout's rear compartment in helicopter mode.[8]
  • Transformers Deluxe Scorponok Screen Battle: Desert Attack (2008)
A redeco of Deluxe Scorponok comes packaged in this mini-diorama with figurines of Capt. Lennox, Epps and Figueroa.[9]
  • Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Blackout with Scorponok (2011)
A new type of Blackout and Scorponok which are Cyberverse molds. Scorponok can be placed into the back of the MH-53 Helicopter like the Voyager's from the previous movies.[10]


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