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Legends (Transformers)

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Legends is a Transformers toy line introduced in 2005.

Legends of Cybertron[edit]

The Legends line began as the Legends of Cybertron, a sub-line of the Transformers: Cybertron line. It is made up of smaller, less detailed versions of the larger toys and were released in waves of 4 figures at a time.[1]

The Legends of Cybertron toy line follows the Heroes of Cybertron and is similar in price range, but has a few changes - Legends toys transform and are articulated, whereas Heroes toys are solid statues. Legends toys are based on Transformers: Cybertron characters, whereas Heroes toys are based on Generation One Transformers.

These figures were first announced by the toy seller in February 2005.[2] The first prototypes of these figures appeared online in March 2005.[3]

Although referred to as "Legends of Cybertron" by Hasbro, the packaging itself simply says Transformers: Cybertron on it and the toys are described as "Micro" class.

Series 1:

Series 2:

Series 3:

Series 4:

Classic Legends[edit]

The Legends line continued as Classic Legends for the Transformers: Classics line. This line was made up entirely up of redecoed Legends of Cybertron toys.

Series 5:

  • Fireflight (cargo jet) - redeco of LoC Jetfire. Originally intended to be Powerglide, but Hasbro couldn't obtain a trademark on that name.
  • Leo Prime (lion) - repaint of LoC Leo Breaker, a redeco to Beast Wars II Lio Convoy.
  • Perceptor (BTR-80 APC) - redeco of LoC Cybertron Defense Red Alert.
  • Trypticon (three-headed dragon) - redeco of LoC Scourge.

Series 6:

  • Bumblebee (sports car) - redeco of LoC Hot Shot.
  • Jetfire (jet fighter) - redeco of LoC Thundercracker.
  • Menasor (flatbed truck) - redeco of LoC Optimus Prime. Originally intended to be Motormaster, but Hasbro couldn't obtain a trademark on that name.
  • Whirl (helicopter) - redeco of LoC Evac.

Movie Legends[edit]

The Legends line went on as Movie Legends for the Transformers movie toys line. Now made up of new molds.

Series 7:[4]

  • Jazz - Modified Pontiac Solstice.
  • Barricade - Saleen Mustang S281 police car.
  • Bumblebee - 1977 Chevrolet Camaro.
  • Ratchet - Emergency Hummer H2 search and rescue vehicle.

Series 8:

  • Megatron - Decepticon 1/142 scale Cybertronian interstellar jet.
  • Optimus Prime - Peterbilt 379 semi truck.
  • Starscream - Decepticon F-22 Raptor jet.
  • Blackout - MH-53 m Pave-Low IV helicopter.

allspark battles single pack bonecrusher-(new mold) cliffjumper-(red redeco of Movie Legends Bumblebee) autobot jazz-(re-release of Movie Legends Jazz) recon barricade-(redeco of Movie Legends Barricade)

Allspark Battles 2-packs:

  • Cliffjumper (red redeco of Movie Legends Bumblebee) vs. Recon Barricade (redeco of Movie Legends Barricade)
  • (autobot jazz)(re-release of Movie Legends Jazz) vs. Bonecrushe (new mold)
  • Rescue Ratchet (white redeco of Movie Legends Autobot Ratchet) vs. Decepticon Brawl (a new mold)
  • Nightwatch Optimus Prime (redeco of Movie Legends Optimus Prime) vs. Stealth Starscream (redeco of Movie Legends Starscream)
  • Ironhide (new mold) vs. Desert Blackout (beige redeco of Movie Legends Blackout)
  • Battle Jazz ("battle damage" redeco of Movie Legends Autobot Jazz) vs. Ice Megatron (redeco of Movie Legends Megatron)
  • Bumblebee ("battle damage" redeco of Movie Legends Bumblebee) vs. Scorponok (new mold)

Transformers: Universe[edit]

Legends Warpath

The Legends size class continues with both repaints and new molds.

  • Onslaught - redeco of LoC Red Alert
  • Red Alert - redeco of LoC Hot Shot
  • Starscream - redeco of LoC Thundercracker
  • Autobot Hound - new mold based on G1 Hound
  • Autobot Jazz - new mold based on G1 Jazz
  • Megatron - new mold based on G2 Megatron tank
  • Bumblebee - new mold based on Transformers Animated Bumblebee
  • Optimus Prime - new mold based on Transformers Animated Optimus Prime
  • Prowl - new mold based on Transformers Animated Prowl
  • Beachcomber - new mold based on G1 minibot Beachcomber
  • Brawn - new mold based on G1 minibot Brawn
  • Bumblebee - new mold based on G1 minibot Bumblebee
  • Starscream - new mold based on Transformers Animated Starscream
  • Cosmos - new mold based on G1 minibot Cosmos
  • Rodimus - new mold based on G1 Hot Rod
  • Warpath - new mold based on G1 minibot Warpath
  • Wheelie - new mold based on G1 minibot Wheelie

Target Exclusive 5-packs[edit]

Two sets of 5-pack Universe Legends figures were released exclusively at Target stores in 4th quarter 2008. All the figures in these sets were redecos of Loc figures.

Aerial Rivals set

  • Air Raid - redeco of LoC Jetfire, loosely based on G1 Aerialbot Air Raid
  • Autobot Blades - redeco of LoC Evac, based on G1 Protectobot Blades
  • Ramjet - redeco of LoC Starscream, based on G1 Ramjet
  • Skydive - redeco of LoC Soundwave, loosely based on G1 Aerialbot Skydive
  • Thrust - redeco of Loc Starscream, based on G1 Thrust

Special Team Leaders set

  • Autobot Hot Zone - redeco of LoC Optimus Prime, base on G1 Protectobot Hot Spot
  • Hun-Gurrr - redeco of LoC Scourge, based on G1 Terrorcon Hun-Grrr
  • Razorclaw - redeco of LoC Leobreaker, based on G1 Predacon Razorclaw
  • Scattorshot - redeco of LoC Vector Prime, based og G1 Technobot Scattershot
  • Silverbolt - redeco of LoC Thundercracker, based on G1 Aerialbot Silverbolt

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen[edit]

The Legends size class will continue with the toys based on the second Transformers movie, titled "Revenge of the Fallen", in May 2009

Wave 1

  • Autobot Springer - new mold based on the V-22 Osprey helicopter
  • Bumblebee - new mold for Movie Bumblebee
  • Jetfire - new mold based on the SR-71 Blackbird jet
  • Optimus Prime - new mold for Movie Optimus Prime

Wave 2

  • Megatron - new mold for Movie Megatron
  • Ratchet - Beige redeco of Movie Legends Ratchet
  • Sideswipe -new mold
  • Starscream -repaint of Movie legends Starscream

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

Revenge of the Fallen Store Exclusive sets[edit]

War for the Skies set (K-Mart exclusive)

  • Jetfire - redeco of ROTF Legends Jetfire
  • Autobot Blades - redeco of ROTF Legends Springer
  • Thundercracker - redeco of Movie Legends Starscream
  • Spinister - redeco of Movie Legends Blackout

Straightaway Shootout set (Target exclusive)

  • Swerve - redeco of ROTF Legends Sideswipe
  • Runamuck - redeco of Movie Legends Jazz
  • Sparkcrusher - redeco of Universe Legends Warpath based on G1 Action Master Gutcruncher
  • Ironhide - rerelease of Movie Legends Ironhide
  • Mudflap - with painted "mud" on some parts

The Fury of Fearswoop 3-pack (Walmart exclusive)

  • Contains Battle-damaged Mudflap & Sideswipe

Hunt For The Decepticons series[edit]

The Legends size class will continue with the toys based on the second Transformers movie, titled "Revenge of the Fallen", in 2010.

Wave 1

  • Decepticon Ravage - new mold on a cyclop panter
  • Bumblebee - repaint of Legends class Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee
  • Rampage - new mold based on the bulldozer
  • Firebust Optimus Prime - repaint of Legends class Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime

Wave 2

  • Long Haul - new mold
  • Sandstorm - is a repaint of the Legends class G1 Beachcomber
  • Tracker Hound - is a repaint of G1 Hound in the previous Universe 2.0 line.
  • Override - is a repaint of ROTF Sideways

Promotional toys[edit]

A number of Legends class figures have been made as promotional items.

  • Skywarp - A
  • Ramjet - A redeco of Cybertron Starscream done in the colors of Universe Ramjet. A promotional item at Botcon 2006.
  • Scanning Bumblebee - A Hyper Hobby exclusive clear yellow redeco of movie Bumblebee.
  • Bumblebee, Metellic version, released as a free pack-in figure available with the Transformers movie DVD, exclusive to Tsutaya Records stores in Japan.
  • Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime), metallic version, released with Galaxy Force GC-23 Megalo Convoy (Cybertron Metroplex) and Micron (Mini-Con) partner Horri-Bull (Drill Bit) in Japan.
  • Tsutaya ROTF DVD Exclusive EZ/Legends clear Bumblebee
  • Tsutaya ROTF DVD Pre-order exclusive EZ/Legends Stealth (black) Bumblebee


Being a simple toy the Legends lines are subject to a great deal of copying by smaller toy companies, particularly coming out of China. Simple recolors made of cheap plastic of Legends Leobreaker and Scourge have been seen at dollar stores like Dollar General in 2007. Some Legends toys have even been modified into combiners or enlarged to represent their larger sized cousins on shelves. One of the most unusual knmockoff variants seen are sets that are combiners made of Legends toys that don't normally combine.

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