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List of Transformers planets

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This is a list of planets appearing in the fictional Transformers universe.


Akalo (also known as Archa Nine) is the 9th planet in the Arca System. It is an organic forest planet that is populated by the Akalouthians (a technological primitive people).


Andellor is a library planet for a highly evolved society.


Antilla is an ancient ringed planet which was the site of an early Autobot colonization effort. This colony was wiped out by the deadly plague known as Cosmic Rust as seen in The Transformers episode "Cosmic Rust."

Antilla is also home to adorable creatures known as Antillan Bumble-Puppies.


Arkus is a planet that is a home to robotic creatures that first appeared in the 3H Comics.


Aquatron was a planet introduced in the novel Transformers: Retribution notable for being almost entirely covered in water. It was part of the Quintesson Empire and its inhabitants were enslaved as part of the illusion of the Quintesson "Co-Prosperity Sphere." Aquatron was a Cybertronian colony, and its native inhabitants-the Aquatronians and the Sharkticons-are of Cybertronian descent. The Autobots and Decepticons arrive here and quickly learn that the planet is under Quintesson control, after one of the planet's artificial rings-used to gather and fire energy-disables both their ships. A massive battle then ensues between the Cybertronians and the Sharkticons, with the Sharkticons later abandoning the Quintessons in temporary favor of Megatron. However, the awakening of a massive Quintesson jellyfish known as the Hydratron-which while dormant had served as a continent/city for the inhabitants of the planet-proved devastating, and the Autobots and the Decepticons eventually left the planet behind. One benefit of their visit was that Aquatron was freed from Quintesson rule and fell to the jurisdiction of a massive race of underwater Transformers, including one known as Leviacon. The planet was also inhabited by the Pirahnacons, a deadly race that fed upon Transformers.

Known inhabitants of Aquatron include:

  • Inquirata the Curator - A Quintesson better known by his title of Curator, Inquirata was stationed on Aquatron to lure the Autobots and Decepticons there. He did so through the use of a replica of the Matrix of Leadership, and hoped to earn the favor of his superiors and be returned to Quintessa. His aspirations were dashed when the Sharkticons rebelled, and he was later killed by Tyrannicon.
  • Doctor Xeros - A Quintesson physician who worked as the Curator's direct subordinate. He was later killed by the Sharkticons after Megatron took control of them.
  • Tyrannicon - A Sharkticon general created by the Quintessons to lead their enslaved army, and several sizes larger than many of his troops. Tyrannicon forced the Autobots and Decepticons on Aquatron to surrender to him, and was then dispatched to lead the invasion of Cybertron. His forces later rebelled against him under Megatron's command, and he returned to Aquatron, killing the Curator before engaging Megatron in battle. He succeeded in claiming the Matrix replica that had given Megatron control of the Sharkticons and had his own power increased by it, but was killed by the Hydratron.
  • Leviacon - A giant Transformer with a whale-like alternate form, Leviacon and his race were enslaved by the Quintessons. After Megatron disrupted the Quintessons' control of Aquatron's inhabitants, Leviacon came to Optimus Prime's aid, taking him to face the Curator and later saving him and Megatron from annihilation. He and his people then reclaimed their planet, bidding the Autobots farewell.
  • The Gamekeeper - A massive, cyborg creature resembling a lobster, the Gamekeeper resided in the bowels of the Hydratron, where he maintained the Quintessons' vicious aquatic pets. On rare occasions he would devour prisoners himself, such as the Sharkticons who dreamed of a future liberator. Unbeknownst to him, that liberator arrived in the form of Decepticon leader Megatron, who with Optimus Prime managed to destroy the Gamekeeper.


Athenia is a planet where the first Galactic Olympics take place in 2005. In 2011, it became another base of operations for the Autobots.


Beast (also known as Beest) is a distant planet that is inhabited by a race of anthropomorphic animals called Beastformers. There were few dissenters on this planet until the Decepticons arrived. Following this, the inhabitants have each sided with the Autobots or the Decepticons.

Beast is made up of five continents and an archipelago containing in total 38 counties. The continents (with their countries and natural features) that make up the planet Beast are:

  • North Snarl - A continent on the planet Beast. To the north is the North Snarl Sea. Bodies of water include Lake Snarl and Shark Bay.
    • Historam - A country that is ruled by King White Leo and Emperor Flykick. It contains the Historam Plateau (where Flykick was born) and Lake City (where White Leo was born).
    • Sheepnia - A country that is ruled by King Bombsheep and Emperor Badshark.
    • Sunatoria - A country that is ruled by King Giader and Emperor Crabhit. It contains Crab City (where Crabhit is born) and Lake Sagan.
    • Bowdonia - A country that is ruled by King Bowdog and Emperor Violethorn.
    • Hogland - A forest-filled country that is ruled by King Hedgehog and Emperor Deaspider. It contains Hogstown (where Hedgehog was born)
    • Rabbihos - An island nation that is ruled by King Rabbit Kid and Emperor Bluehorse.
    • North Snarl Sea - An ocean that is to the north of North Snarl.
  • South Snarl - A continent on the planet Beast. Most of the continent is taken up by the savage region of Rockland on the western side. Bodies of water include the Wau River, the Bau River, and Lake Midi.
    • Lennonia - A country that is ruled by King Alligatron and Emperor Killer Fish.
    • Ringostan - A country that is ruled by King Beafox and Emperor Devilbat. It contains Starr City (where Beafox was born).
    • Harriso - A country that is ruled by King Platinum Tiger and Emperor Flyingattacker. It contains Platinum City (where Platinum Tiger is born) and Lake Midi (where Flyingattacker was born on its shores).
    • Lapaul - A country that is ruled by King Koala Gray and Emperor Duck Diver. It contains an unnamed northern beach where Duck Diver was born.
    • Johnston - A country that is ruled by King Zebra Ball and Emperor Penguinis. It contains an unnamed southern beach where Penguinis was born and the city of Zebra (where Zebra Ball is born).
    • Rockland - A vast and savage region where Pengol was born.
  • Yutoranta - A continent on the planet Beast. To the northeast is the Arxan Sea. Bordering Madra, Gamborudia, and Tamarahamu is Tamara Bay.
    • West Yutoranta - A country that is ruled by King Muskhorn and Emperor Pangol.
    • North Yutoranta - A country that is ruled by King Polar Battlebear and Emperor Cuttledeep. It contains Zemlya Island (where Polar Battlebear was born) and Bug Bay (where Cuttledeep is born)
    • East Yutoranta - A country that is ruled by King Strong Panda and Emperor Razorkukku. It contains the East Yutoranta Steppe (where Strong Panda was born).
    • Iriano - A country that is ruled by King Dog Hunter and Emperor Udan.
    • Nupal - A country that is ruled by King Black Jaguar and Emperor Crowmax. It contains the Nupal Mountains (where Black Jaguar was born).
    • Madra - A country that is ruled by King Bullorn and Emperor Darkraccoon.
    • Tamarahamu - A country that is ruled by King Powernozzle and Emperor Redocto.
    • Gamborudia - A country that is ruled by King Stronghippo and Emperor Scoutmouse. It contains the Gamborudia Prairie (where Scoutmouse was born).
    • Arxan - A country that is ruled by King Powerjaguar and Emperor Beavop. It contains the Arxan River (where Beavop was born).
    • Arxan Sea - An ocean that is located to the northeast of Yutoranta.
    • Tamara Bay - A bay that borders Madra, Gamborudia, and Tamarahamu. Darkraccoon and Redocto were born here.
  • Uorī archipelago - A fish-shaped archipelago on the planet Beast.
    • Agos - An island that is ruled by King Knightowl and Emperor Juniordragon. It contains Agos Bay (where Juniordragon was born).
    • Ellas - An island that is ruled by King Wavemoose and Emperor Browngyro.
    • Hilles - An island that is ruled by King Būpink and Emperor Mingo Kid
    • Rhodes - An island that is ruled by King Undergroun and Emperor Ultragas.
    • Halas - An island that is ruled by King Bonga and Emperor Black Turtle.
    • Onomis - An island nation that is ruled by King Iguanamonss and Emperor Greenchameles.
  • Kantonia - A continent on the planet Beast.
    • Chibara - A country that is ruled by King Jungaroo and Emperor Seairon. It contains the Name River (where Seairon is born).
    • Stoll - A country that is ruled by King Elephan and Emperor Wildthunder. It contains Stoll City (where Elephan and Wildthunder are born).
    • Barāki - A country that is ruled by King Drillfrog and Emperor Snakebomb. It contains an agricultural area (where Drillfrog was born) and cities (one of them is where Snakebomb was born).
    • Hamanan - A country that is ruled by King Slo and Emperor Earthhog. It contains the Müller Peninsula (where Slo was born).
    • Gun Marino - A country that is ruled by King Yellow Giraffe and Emperor Golder. The country takes its name from the Gun Marino Plateau (where Yellow Giraffe and Golder were born).
    • Saitan - A country that is ruled by King Big Serow and Emperor Battle Bear.
  • Muland - A continent on the planet Beast.
    • Zigrad - A country that is ruled by King Cobrander and Emperor Shield Dragon. It contains the Dragon Peninsula (where Shield Dragon was born).
    • Nirmud - A country that is ruled by King Eagle Killer and Emperor Baboon. It contains jungles (one of them is where Baboon was born) and Cape Mud (where Eagle Killer was born).
    • Palmyra - A country that is ruled by King Little Serow and Emperor Demonkey.
    • Uruk - A country that is ruled by King White Crow and Emperor Dreameater. It contains the Uruk Prairie (where White Crow and Dreameater are born).
    • Petra - A country that is ruled by King Graysharp and Emperor Grayox. It contains the Petra Peninsula (where Graysharp was born).
    • Tell es-Sawwan - A country that is ruled by King Yellowcamelus and Emperor Smileduck. It contains Camera Bay (where Smileduck was born), Tell es Desert (where Yellowcamelus is born), and Tell es-Sa Bay.


Bhul is a planet that has at least four moons. It is home to the Stellar Cartography Archive.

Blizzard Planet[edit]

In Transformers: Energon, Blizzard Planet was the name of a world created by Alpha Q using the power of his Energon sun. It was filled with many blizzards. Blizzard Planet was where Optimus Prime fought Shockblast until Megatron controlled Unicron's arm to crush Shockblast. Then Unicron destroyed Blizzard Planet.

Blue Planet[edit]

Blue Planet is a cold planet that supports Earth-like life, robotic wolves, giant robotic centipedes, and displaced humans that first appears in the "Classified" novels.


Caminus is a planet featured in IDW Publishing's Transformers: Generation 1 based comics and the Transformers: Combiner Wars web series, notable in these continuities for having naturally occurring female Transformers.

Centaris Seven[edit]

Centaris Seven is a planet that contains plants that can secrete a corrosive that is deadly to Cybertronians.

Ceti Alpha Seven[edit]

Ceti Alpha Seven is a planet that is filled with murky jungles and swamps.

NOTE: The planet may have been named in reference to the planets Ceti Alpha Five and Ceti Alpha Six of the Star Trek series, both being most well known for their story role in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.


Chaar (in Japan, Jarr) appeared in The Transformers television series, debuting in The Five Faces of Darkness (Part 1) in season three. It is a small, burned-out husk of a planet in distant space, easily mistaken for a smudge on a map. It apparently supported a civilization at one point, as abandoned structures are seen on the surface. The surface is desolate and lacks vegetation, but some native lifeforms still exist, including an enormous spider.

Following Unicron’s attack on Cybertron in 2005, the Autobots reclaimed Cybertron, and the surviving Decepticons (who were without their leader Galvatron at the time) were forced to withdraw to Chaar, where they struggled to eke out an existence, relying on the meager amounts of Energon that could be acquired from other worlds. Eventually, Cyclonus set out to find Galvatron but, in his absence, the Quintessons supplied the Decepticons with Energon in return for their assistance in launching an attack against the Autobots. With the return of Galvatron, the alliance was restructured, but the ensuing attack on Cybertron ended in failure, resulting in the Decepticons again returning to Chaar, which served as their base of operations for the remainder of the series.

After Earth and Cybertron, Chaar appeared in more episodes of the original television series than any other planet.

Chaar was also mentioned in Transformers: Cybertron, but as an asteroid belt, not a planet.

In Transformers Animated, Strika leads "Team Chaar" which consists of Spittor, Cyclonus, Oil Slick, and Blackout.


Cheyne is an arid desert world whose culture is similar to the Wild West of the late 19th century United States.

Circuit Planet[edit]

In Transformers: Energon, Circuit Planet was the name of a world created by Alpha Q using the power of his Energon sun. It is covered in roads and highways. Circuit Planet was used for a race between the Autobots and Kicker in the episode "Crash Course." It was won by Arcee and Misha Miramond. Circuit Planet was later destroyed by Megatron who was controlling Unicron's body.


Combatron is a planet that was established as colony world that by King Atlas until a war erupted that left it all but devoid of life.


Cybertron is a fictional planet, the homeworld of the Transformers in the various fictional incarnations of the metaseries and toyline by Hasbro.[1] In the Japanese series, the planet is referred to as "Cybertron" (first shown on Japanese Galaxy Force packaging, despite the fact that "Cybertron" is the Japanese name for "Autobot") pronounced as セイバートロン Seibātoron.[2] Cybertron is populated by mechanical life forms of variable size who can transform into all kinds of machinery. These are called Cybertronians, or Transformers.[3]

Daffodil II[edit]

Daffodil II is a luxurious all-natural planet.


Darhos is a planet that was a veritable paradise. As time went on, certain groups began to monopolies control of the resources and money, leading to vast class split. Now Darhos’ decadent ruling class lives in the lap of luxury, eating, drinking and enjoying the pleasures of the flesh amidst architecture and fashion that seems a mad blend of many of Earth’s ancient cultures while the poverty-stricken citizens live in slums. Should the disenfranchised attempt to rise up against their self-proclaimed masters, they would be captured and thrown into labor camps in the barren northern hemisphere.

Delta Pavonis IV[edit]

Delta Pavonis IV is a planet where the inhabitants are anthropomorphic cats and anthropomorphic dogs. It was featured in The Transformers episode "The Big Broadcast of 2006."

Deneb IV[edit]

Deneb IV is a planet where Kup nearly lost all of his platoon when the Decepticons used a surprise acid shower on them. It was mentioned in the comic book issue called "The Desert Island of Space."


Devisiun is one of the thirteen Transformer worlds populated via Titan/Metrotitan. It orbits twin suns and the joint gravity supposedly causes the Transformers there to be born as twins with a joint alternate mode, though they are not considered combiners (if one dies it is impossible for the other to transform).


Dread is a rather unpleasant planet that is the home of the monster Chaos. It was featured in The Transformers episode "Chaos."


This is a version of the real-world planet Earth where humans have made contact with Transformers. Earth is the third planet from the Sun in the Solar System in the Milky Way galaxy. It is a world populated by a wide variety of native organic lifeforms, most notably, humans. Versions of this planet are known to exist in many dimensions within the multiverse, and it frequently becomes involved in the conflicts of the Transformers. Perhaps too frequently. Whenever something (or someone) leaves, escapes, or is otherwise ejected from Cybertron, there's a disproportionate chance it will eventually wind up on Earth.

In some universes, Earth becomes the post-apocalyptic planet Gaea. In other universes, Earth is the planet that formed around Unicron as seen in Transformers: Prime.


Edaps is a planet that supports mechanized life.


Eukaris is a world inhabited solely by Transformers with beast modes who sought refuge there due to persecution by the Functionalist Council. They arrived on the Metrotitan Chela and eventually broke into four factions based on their alternate modes: Scale Walkers, Fur Walkers, Cloud Walkers, and Wave Walkers. It is similar to (though not the same as) both Beast and Jungle Planet. Because of their persecution, natives are wary of Cybertronians.


Eurythma is a planet whose culture is based solely on music. Among their achievements is a three-part harmony of incredible destructive power.


Femax is a planet in the Marvel Comics series where feminism has been taken to the extreme: women rule all aspects of the planet and men are only used for labor. Femax first appeared in issue #53 in the U.S. series[4] and issue #218 in the UK series.[4] The Autobots Cloudburst and Landmine visited Femax during their encounter with the Mecannibals.


Feminia is a prosperous planet with the local sapient life being human colonists, Nebulos colonists, and Emusas (an animal that resembles a pink rabbit with a raccoon tail and small bird-like wings).

Floron 3[edit]

Floron 3 is a planet which is best known as a place to purchase large cans of Robot Insecticide.


Gaea (ガイア Gaia), or Gaia, is post-apocalyptic Earth in the distant future, tens of thousands of years away. Thanks to the millennia without humanity, most of mankind's structures have been completely destroyed and most of the planet has been grown-over with dense jungle.


Ganzvort is a planet. All that is known about it is that it has a region called New Jersey.


Ghennix is a planet. It was featured in Marvel Comics where it was devoured by Unicron.


Gigantion, or Giant Planet, is a fictional planet home to giant Transformers in the animated television program Transformers: Cybertron. It is referred to as Gigalonia in Transformers: Galaxy Force, the Japanese version of the show. Much like how Velocitron is referred to as both "Velocitron" and "Speed Planet", Gigantion has a similar dual name. Its actual name was revealed in the episode "Balance".

Gigantion is home to one of the four Cyber Planet Keys and is one of the four ancient Transformer colonies. The titanic Transformers of Gigantion are large and powerful where their size are compared the combined forms of the known Combiners on both the Autobots' side and the Decepticons' side. The Gigantion Transformers are fortunately not much given to violence and warfare. Most are gentle and peaceful, desiring only to hone their skills and build ever grander structures. They work closely with the small Mini-Con Transformers, who can tackle the delicate tasks too refined for the heavy manipulators of their bulk comrades.

Once part of a star system within the Milky Way galaxy, the planet fell into a spatial rift and was transported to a distant universe. The only Transformers to escape this fate were a quartet of Mini-Cons consisting of Jolt, Six-Speed, Reverb, and Safeguard. Vector Prime eventually discovered and saved them, and they became the Mini-Con Recon Team. Each Transformer on Giant Planet has a Mini-Con partner. The larger Transformers all become construction vehicles with the Mini-Cons integrated into both modes. Gigantion's de facto leader is Metroplex. The Transformers from this world have accents that sound Scottish or Irish.

The Giant Transformers have a habit of building giant cities and abandoning them, with older cities (the oldest of which are buried deep within the planet's crust) forbidden by planetary law by erasing their data so no one could come back. The planet was once the target of an attack from the mysterious Planet X, its inhabitants having eradicated most every other civilization in their universe and seeking to subjugate Gigantion's populace as their next conquest. Gigantion's people, however, retaliated, with its inhabitants modifying themselves including their planet with help from the Cyber Planet Key into becoming large enough to combat the invasion.

This eventually led Planet X's inhabitants to use their planet-busting weapon in a last-ditch effort to win the war, but the weapon overloaded and destroyed Planet X. Horrified and saddened by their part in the extinction of an entire race, Gigantion's inhabitants remodeled themselves into construction vehicles and took up their custom of building and then abandoning cities, perhaps as a form of self-punishment, focusing their energies solely on creation, not destruction. The Giant Transformers built cities underground and used holographic images of the sky on the top to make things nice. They started at the very center where they left the greenery. They have many mottoes like "Safety First" and "Always look forward, never back". Gigantion is mentioned in the first chapter of Transformers: Exodus.

Known inhabitants of Gigantion include:

  • Metroplex - The acting leader of Gigantion. He transforms into an excavator.
  • Quickmix - The right-hand mech of Metroplex. He transforms into a cement mixer truck.
  • Menasor - An inhabitant of Gigantion who is displeased with the planet's laws. Menasor temporarily sided with the Decepticons. He transforms into an excavation machine.
  • Drill Bit - The Mini-Con partner of Metroplex. He transforms into a twin drill machine.
  • Stripmine - The Mini-Con partner of Quickmix. He transforms into a treaded vehicle with a cannon on top.
  • Heavy Load - The Mini-Con partner of Menasor. He transforms into a dump truck.
  • Overcast - The leader of the Gigantion Mini-Con Team. He transforms into a military cargo plane.
  • Longarm - Member of the Gigantion Mini-Con Team. He transforms into a double-crane truck.
  • Deepdive - Member of the Gigantion Mini-Con Team. He transforms into a submarine.
  • Repeater - Member of the Steel Reinforcement Team. He transforms into a Gepart Anti-Aircraft Truck.
  • Rock Krusher - Member of the Steel Reinforcement Team. He transforms into a tunneling machine.
  • Saw Boss - Member of the Steel Reinforcement Team. He transforms into a bucket-wheeled excavator.
  • Unnamed crane -
  • Unnamed dump truck -


Goo is the name of many garbage planets in the original Transformers television series, debuting in the season 3 miniseries The Five Faces of Darkness. Goo is filled with garbage and belongs to the Junkions, and takes its name from a powerful adhesive that clings to anything unless disabled. After the Quintessons blew up Quintessa in an attempt to destroy the Autobots, the Autobots were set adrift in space until they landed on Goo. The Autobots were attacked by a giant garbage truck that killed Springer before Rodimus Prime could disable it. Later the Quintessons found out that the Autobots were alive on Goo. They made an alliance with the Decepticons, who were without their leader, Galvatron, and attacked the Autobots on Goo. When Galvatron returned, he was furious that the Decepticons had abandoned him. He attacked the Decepticons and Quintessons with an army of Sweeps, before being placated by Quintesson manipulation. As the Autobots fled, Galvatron destroyed the planet of Goo. Later, the Junkions were able to repair and resuscitate Springer. Another Goo planet was featured in the episode "Chaos," where the Autobots discovered that the Decepticons had come into possession of crystals produced by the monstrous Chaos that could pierce any metal.

Gorlam Prime[edit]

Gorlam Prime is a planet that is in the same sector of space as the Benzuli Expanse cosmic anomaly. Originally inhabited by organic beings, they progressively undergo mechanization until they achieve full mechanical status.


Greengard is a paradise planet where its plants never turn brown and its flowers never wither.


Hive is a planet where its inhabitants are insectoids that live beneath the surface of the planet.


Hub is a powerful planet-spanning network of cyberformed structures. It housed the Decepticon progenitor known as the Liege Maximo. Hub was the seat of power for the Cybertronian Empire.

Hydrax Plateau[edit]

Hydrax Plateau is a planet where a younger Ratchet was dispatched to when looking for survivors of a chemical attack caused by Oil Slick. It was featured in the comic tie-ins to Transformers Animated.

The name has subsequently been assigned to a region of Cybertron in the Transformers: Prime continuity.

Hydrus Four[edit]

Hydrus Four is the only planet on which the miracle restorative Nucleon can be found. It was mentioned in Transformers: Rescue Bots episode "A New Hero," in which Blurr instructs E.R.V.I.S. to take the Sigma there.


Hyperion is a planet that is home to the mercenary Krakon.

Iron Planet[edit]

In Transformers: Energon, Iron Planet was the name of a world created by Alpha Q using the power of his Energon sun. It is metallic in nature and was filled with a lot of Energon. It was destroyed when the Terrorcons deprived it of its Energon.


Jhi is a green planet that is home to an ancient race of people with dog-like faces and elf-like ears. It was featured in Marvel Comics.

Jungle Planet[edit]

There had been different versions of Jungle Planet in the Transformers franchise:

Jungle Planet #1[edit]

In Transformers: Energon, Jungle Planet was the name of a world created by Alpha Q using the power of his Energon sun. It was a lush, jungle-like paradise.

Jungle Planet #2[edit]

Jungle Planet (also called Animatron and the Beast Planet on occasion) is a fictional planet home to Beast Transformers in the animated television program Transformers: Cybertron. It is referred to as Animatros in the Japanese version of the series Transformers: Galaxy Force.

The ship that transported the Cyber Planet Key to this world was called Hyperborea. Home of one of four Cyber Planet Keys (which exists in the form of a statue called the Beast Totem) and ancient Transformer colonies sent to reacquire them. The Beast Totem is in a temple where there are different wall carvings of Earth's animal life. All of Jungle Planet's inhabitants have animal alternate forms. Jungle Planet is a lush, green planet that contains dangerous volcanic activity, dangerous seismic activity, lightning storms, and monstrous sentient plant. The Jungle Planet Transformers took animal alternate modes.

For a time, the Jungle Planet Transformers were leaderless leaving their world torn by violence and poverty. Many were taken under the tutelage under Zen-master Backstop in the way of non-violence and self-defense. Eventually, Scourge, a student of Backstop, grew impatient with his people's suffering and forced a rebellion against those taking advantage of the chaos, strong-arming his way into leadership position in a series of battles to determine who would be strong enough to become leader. Corrupted by his new-found power and position, Scourge forced a "peace through tyranny" campaign, bringing his people the peace and prosperity he promised them, but only through a dictatorship ruled by the credo of "might makes right." However, Scourge couldn't totally rid himself of his old master's teachings and he enforced a strict series of laws regulating disputes being settled only through formal duels of strength with sabotage and especially unjustified death of a defeated foe as the planet's highest offense.

Overhaul was sent to acquire the Cyber Planet Key here while being told not to interact with its inhabitants. This ended up being the opposite when Overhaul was rescued from a seismic activity by Backstop. While protecting Snarl from Scourge and Megatron, Overhaul was transformed into Leobreaker as a result of a combination of tapping into the power of Jungle Planet's Cyber Planet Key and scanning a wall-carving of a lion. Eventually, Leobreaker, Backstop, and Snarl convinced Optimus Prime to rethink his credo of non-interaction with local customs in order to acquire the Key.

The Hyperborea ship would later carry the people of Jungle Planet to safety (along with another ship, Ogygia), after the planet was consumed by the Black Hole. However, when the Black Hole was destroyed, the planet was restored. When the Autobots attempted to use a gigantic rocket to move the Jungle Planet back into its orbit, Galvatron attacked and damaged the rocket. The Jungle Planet threatened to crash into Cybertron. The combined strength of Scourge, the Autobots, the former Decepticons (Dark Crumplezone, Ransack, Thunderblast, and Thundercracker), and their allies from the various planets were able to combine their strength and move the rocket back into place.

Known inhabitants of Jungle Planet include:

  • Scourge - The dictator of Jungle Planet, a former student of Backstop, and an old friend of Snarl. He transforms into a quadrupedal dragon.
  • Snarl - A student of Backstop and an old friend of Scourge. He transforms into a wolf.
  • Backstop - A wise elder on Jungle Planet and a Zen-master of Scourge, Snarl, and Undermine. He transforms into a black rhinoceros.
  • Undermine - An enforcer of Scourge and the brother of Repugnus. He transforms into a Spinosaurus.
  • Brimstone - An enforcer of Scourge. He transforms into a Pteranodon.
  • Wreckloose - An enforcer of Scourge who only appeared in the toyline. He transforms into a Komodo dragon.
  • Repugnus - An inhabitant of a swamp near the Steel Shard Mountains and the brother of Undermine. Unlike Undermine, Repugnus doesn't agree with Scourge's methods. He transforms into a Spinosaurus.
  • Shrapnel - He was referenced on Undermine's Cyber Key bio.

Also on Jungle Planet are generic Transformers that each resemble a different animal such as a Brontosaurus, an owl, a lobster, a deer, a giraffe, and a tropical bird.


Junkion, also known as the Planet of Junk is the home planet of the Junkions, a group of Transformers who transform into motorcycles. The planet and the Junkions first appeared in The Transformers: The Movie. It is not really a planet in the normal sense of the word, but rather, a landfill in space that has accumulated enough mass to be held together by gravity. Depending on the storyline, it has been depicted as either a traditional spherical planet or as an elongated slab. In the original movie art and storyboards, the Planet of Junk was intended to be a spherical planet, with several rounded slabs seeming to rise off of its surface. In the end, only the "northernmost" rounded section of the planetoid was retained on film. In the third volume of the Devil's due comics the android Serpentor downloaded information on the history of Cybertron from Soundwave. Mentioned among that information was the Quintessons, Alpha Trion, Megatron and Soundwave, the planet of Junk, a warrior named Optimus Primal and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. In Transformers: Exiles, the Autobots aboard the Ark come upon the planet Junkion where they meet Wreck-Gar and the other Junkions. It is later discovered that Junkion is made up of the wreckage of various ships drawn together by the gravity of the Requiem Blaster, and subsequently ripped apart when the blaster is stolen by the Decepticons.

Known inhabitants of Junkion are:

  • Wreck-Gar - Leader of the Junkions in most continuities, Wreck-Gar is a curious robot with a mustache and a beard. In the Generation 1 continuity, he–like most Junkions–turns into a motorcycle and is incredibly resilient, able to quickly put himself back together after being damaged. He and all the Junkions learned how to speak English from human television broadcasts received across space, and as such when they talk they typically do in quotations from television, such as "Offer expires while you wait-operators are standing by." In Transformers: Exiles, Wreck-Gar turns into a Cybertronian garbage truck and speaks by shouting, often necessary when operating near his planet's smelting furnaces. He forms an uneasy alliance with the Autobots when they arrived on the planet, but proves less accommodating when their conflict with Megatron rips the planet apart. He and several other Junkions are later captured by Thundertron and the Star Seekers, a band of pirates, and forced to build a space bridge into their vessel, the Tidal Wave. In Transformers: Retribution, Wreck-Gar is used to lure the Decepticons into a Star Seeker trap, but takes advantage of the confusion to escape and make his way back to Junkion.
  • Junkyard - Junkyard is unlike most junkions, and usually speaks quite normally using just plain English, without referencing TV shows or media. He is a very skilled in business and is a very skilled technician. Direct combat is not his forte. Junkyard is also known as Junkheap.
  • Scrapheap - Scrapheap is a rebellious junkion, whose average day is racing motorcycles in knock down rallies. Like most junkions he is usually quoting TV and media. He wants to start a career of his home planet, and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • Nancy - Nancy is a Junkion who appears to be the consort of the Junkion leader, Wreck-Gar, and seems to have some sort of relationship with a him as well. Nancy just like all Junkions can be blasted to pieces without taking any noticeable permanent damage, and is capable of repairing herself within seconds. Nancy is the only known female junkion, and the only transformer with a human name.
  • Pinion - A Junkion tasked with loaded junk into a furnace for recycling. He was later revealed to be one of the components of Nexus Prime.
  • Axer - Not a true Junkion, but rather a Decepticon bounty hunter stranded on the artificial planet by an accident with a wrecked ship. Axer professed loyalty to Megatron, but was reluctant to share all his information with his supposed leader. He was later captured by the Star Seekers near the end of Exiles, but helped Wreck-Gar escape in order to effect his own return to the Decepticons in Retribution. Unfortunately, Megatron had little use for the double-agent, and turned him over to Soundwave for torture.
  • Shearbolt - A Junkion who was found murdered by the Autobots after being impersonated by Makeshift, the Decepticon Shifter.
  • Detritus - A close advisor to Wreck-Gar.
  • Cannonspring - One of Nexus Prime's components, whose ship ended up on Junkion after a space bridge accident. Apparently killed, he was revived in the close proximity of Pinion, Chaindrive, Clocker, and Mainspring, and the five of them reunited into their true form.


Jörmungandr is a serpent-shaped planet. It was featured in the Beast Wars Neo manga where it was Cohrada's homeworld.


Kaiba-5 is a planet that was referenced in Transformers: The Game.


Klo appeared in the Marvel Comics Transformers comic book series, and is notable for being the location of the final battle of both the U.S. and UK versions of the series. Klo was introduced in issue #80 in the U.S. version,[4] and #331 in the UK version.[4] Klo is a beautiful, peaceful planet, rich in natural resources and inhabited by benign, harmless creatures called Klozians. The planet was invaded by Decepticons under Bludgeon's leadership, after the Transformers had won the war against Unicron. Following Unicron's death, Cybertron seemed to be in danger of being destroyed, so the Decepticons fled the planet in search of new worlds to conquer. They selected Klo, where they started mercilessly slaughtering the native Klozians. The Autobots tracked the Decepticons to Klo and attempted to rescue the Klozians, but weak leadership from Grimlock led to heavy casualties by the Autobots and their forces were nearly wiped out. Finally, a newly resurrected Optimus Prime and the Last Autobot arrived on Klo, and while Optimus Prime fought against Bludgeon, the Last Autobot resurrected the dead Autobots. Facing invincible opposition, Bludgeon and his Decepticons retreated back into space and Optimus Prime and his Autobots stayed to help the Klozians rebuild their planet.


Lanarq is a robotic planet who waged a centuries-long war with Xetaxxis.


Lithone was a planet populated by intelligent Transformer-like machine life. It was destroyed by Unicron in the Earth year 2005. The last known survivor of the planet, Kranix, was sentenced to death and executed by the Quintessons after being found "innocent" of an unspecified crime (It is rumored that the Quintessons often judge lifeforms with the crime of "stealing" Cybertron from them 12 million years prior, as seen in the Five Faces of Darkness miniseries, but Kranix was from Lithone, so the "jury reach a verdict" of innocent—yet Kup and Hot Rod, of Cybertron, were found innocent in the film as well).

In the script and in the Marvel Comics The Transformers: The Movie adaptation, the Lithonians could transform into spaceships. Lithone has also been referenced as "Glithos" or "Glinthos" due to the unclear articulation of its last surviving native, Kranix, before his execution.


Lucifer is a planet that is under the control of the Decepticons.


LV-117 is a planet in an unknown part of space that contains dangerous robot-eating animals.


Master is a planet that appeared in the Japanese continuity as the home planet of the Headmasters and Targetmasters.


Menonia is a planet that exists in an alternate dimension as seen in The Transformers episode "Madman's Paradise." Its technology is based on Earth's Middle Ages and magic is prominent here. Known inhabitants of Menonina include Bird People, Dragons, Humans, Reptile-Birds (a Dragon/Pterosaur creature), Tree-Centaurs (a race of centaur/ent creatures), and Wood Men. Menonia is ruled by a wizard known as the Golden One.


Methuselah is an ancient dead planet.


Micro is a planet that is the home of the Micromasters.

Molryus Minor[edit]

Molryus Minor is a planet inhabited by carnivorous isopods that appears in the Classified novels.


Monacus is a gambling asteroid made famous in The Transformers episode "The Gambler." It was also known for being visited by bounty hunters like Devcon.


Moriturus is a planet that was consumed by the Unicron Singularity.


Mumu-Obscura was a militarily contested and strategically significant world in the Eigerson-48 star system, until a group of warriors called the Reapers exterminated its population and poisoned its resources. It was featured in IDW Comics.


Nebulos, sometimes known as Nebulon, is a planet in the fictional Transformers universes.

Nebulos is a somewhat Earth-like planet far away from both Earth and Cybertron, and is the home to a humanoid race known as the Nebulans. The planet and its inhabitants were first introduced as the back story for Hasbro's new Headmaster and Targetmaster toys, later expanded by the Powermaster toys. These toys are robots that transform into vehicles or animals, and include Nebulan sidekicks that transform into the robot's head, into a weapon, or into the vehicle's engine. The toys themselves never expanded on Nebulon or its inhabitants, but both the TV series (in its fourth and final season) and the Marvel Comics comic book did, with drastically different, mutually inconsistent versions. In the TV series, the Nebulons were shown to be green-skinned. The planet Nebulos does not exist in the Japanese continuation of the franchise. Thus, with no Nebulos and no Nebulons, a different origin was given for the Headmaster and Targetmaster Transformers.

In the Marvel comic book, Fortress Maximus had grown weary of the civil war on Cybertron, and led a group of Autobots in search of a new planet where they could live in peace. They settled on Nebulos, but the Decepticons followed them. The comic book version of Nebulos is an idyllic, peaceful world where war has long since been discontinued and all weapons have been locked away. It is governed by a council of peers. The arrival of the Transformers scared the Nebulans, and they were forced to hold an emergency council meeting to deal with these strange new creatures. The Autobots wanted to live in peace with the Nebulans, but the Decepticons wanted to conquer them and kill the Autobots, so the Autobot-Decepticon civil war restarted on Nebulon. Both sides allied themselves with Nebulans, the Autobots generally with common people who had become familiar with them and did not see them as a threat, and the Decepticons generally with criminals or corrupt politicians. The Nebulans, fearing the Transformers' civil war would plunge their own world back into war, finally banished the Transformers and their Nebulan sidekicks back into space, where they finally arrived on Earth.

In the TV series, the Transformers arrived on Nebulos in the three-part episode The Rebirth, which were the only episodes of the fourth season, and the last episode ever produced in the United States. The Autobots' spaceship was plunged to Nebulos accidentally by a gigantic power surge from the Plasma Energy Chamber, and the Decepticons followed them. The TV show version of Nebulos is a hostile, dying world, where a group of eleven rulers known as "The Hive" controls the entire world from an underground city, abusing their power for their personal pleasure and oppressing the workers with various mechanical devices controlled by their minds. Upon seeing the Autobots, the Nebulon workers mistook them for machines controlled by The Hive, and imprisoned them, later to destroy them. However, an attack by the Decepticons convinced the workers that the Autobots were good guys, and so they were released and allied themselves with the workers. The Decepticons did the same with the members of The Hive (after being co-erced).

In the Ladybird books continuity, the Nebulans were a race of small transforming robots. The Nebulans have appeared once more in IDW Publishing's new continuity, in The Transformers: Stormbringer. Their planet was attacked by Thunderwing as part of an unholy pact to rejuvenate Cybertron. Despite the best efforts of the local Decepticon cell (led by Dreadwind and Darkwing) much of the planet was devastated. It also appeared chronologically earlier in the Spotlight issue on Ultra Magnus, where Scorponok was already seen to be developing the Headmaster process. Nebulos was also mentioned by Swindle in the Transformers Animated episode, Decepticon Air.

Nebulos is also featured in several stories of the "Ask Vector Prime" Facebook feature. Among these were the Armada storyline, in which the Nebulans Hi-Q and Arcana were responsible for Overload and Rollout being merged into a Headmaster being in order to save them both from debilitating medical conditions,[5] and a split reality in which the monstrous Zarak Maximus was born from the fusion of Mo Zarak with the remains of Fortress Maximus and Scorponok.


  • Generation 1
    • The Resistance
      • Stylor
      • Arcana
      • Duros
      • Gort
    • The Hive
      • Zarak - The evil leader of the Hive and creator of the Decepticon Headmaster giant Scorponok.

New Kaon[edit]

New Kaon is a planet where all kinds of Decepticons that are fleeing from the Autobots take refuge. It was featured in the comic book tie-in to Transformers Animated.

Ocean Planet[edit]

In Transformers: Energon, Ocean Planet was the name of a world created by Alpha Q using the power of his Energon sun. It is mostly covered in an ocean.


Paradise is a planet that is a natural wonderland of vast jungles, roaring rivers and waterfalls, smoking volcanoes, and beasts of all shapes and sizes, all co-existing in harmony with the tribes of human-like beings living there. Although choosing to live a primitive existence dressing in robes made from animal skins and living in yurts, the people of the planet Paradise defy appearances by being intelligent, well-spoken creatures.

In the Transformers: Headmasters episode "Head Formation of Friendship," Paradise was targeted by Galvatron and the Decepticons who were on a quest to drain the energy from planets until they are driven away by the Autobots.


Paradron is a peaceful, Energon-rich planet, accessible only through a vortex. Several Autobots fled there when the war against the Decepticons began and set up a colony there. The Autobot Sandstorm was one of the inhabitants of this planet. It was featured in The Transformers episode "Fight or Flee" when the Decepticons discovered this planet and enslaved the pacifist Autobots. After the Autobots rescued the pacifist Autobots, Rodimus Prime had Paradron destroyed with most of its inhabitants being transferred to Cybertron.

In Fun Publications' Shattered Glass storyline, Paradron was a prison planet where Optimus Prime exiled some of his more dangerous Autobot enemies, including Ultra Magnus and Wreck-Gar.


Pequod is an oceanic planet that is home to large whale-like creatures called the Klud. It was featured in Marvel Comics.

Pirate Planet[edit]

Pirate Planet is a planet where space pirates of all kinds store their loot.

Plains Planet[edit]

In Transformers: Energon, Plains Planet (also called Grass Planet) was the name of a world created by Alpha Q using the power of his Energon sun. It is mostly filled with grasslands.

Planet Q[edit]

Planet Q is a desert planet that was featured in Transformers: Energon. It was home to Alpha Q, Scorponok, and the Terrorcons, and was consumed by Unicron prior to the start of the series. Alpha Q's desire to restore his home planet using Unicron's power served as his primary motivation throughout Energon, and was also the reason for Rodimus' willingness to work with him.

Planet X[edit]

Planet X is the name of two different planets in the Transformers Universe, the first of which was seen in Transformers: Victory.

The Planet X featured in Transformers: Cybertron was first seen in a recording found by the human Lori and the Velocitronian leader, Override, after the latter's battle with Scourge on Giant Planet. It was shown to be a highly advanced world like Cybertron, purple in color, with two golden rings around it forming an X pattern. Later, it would be revealed that Planet X was the dominant force in the alternate universe that Giant Planet had been drawn into. It was capable of non-orbital space travel and annihilating less advanced civilizations it came across. This, however, caused life in its universe to 'die' and, in an attempt to rectify the problem, its denizens sought out another life-rich planet to subjugate. The planet they found, Giant Planet, did not take kindly to being invaded, and its inhabitants reformatted themselves into larger forms with help of the Cyber Planet Key in order to combat the threat of the off-worlders.

Left with few options and little hope of victory, the inhabitants of Planet X powered up their ultimate weapon: a Death Star-like planetary cannon, in order to wipe out the transformers on Giant Planet. Unfortunately, the cannon was too powerful for them to control and the result destroyed their world. The survivors, including Soundwave and Sideways, were scattered all across their universe, and were eventually thrown into the Transformers' proper universe. Believing Giant Planet to be at fault for their home planet's destruction, the various Transformers plotted revenge against them. In addition, the Giant Planet Transformers also felt at least partially responsible for Planet X's annihilation. This created their custom of building cities and then abandoning them, which became a perpetual, planet-wide act of penance. Eventually, Sideways and Soundwave managed to return to Giant Planet, and sought the Cyber Planet Keys in order to exact their revenge.

"Ask Vector Prime" would later feature Planet X in additional storylines, often involving its origin. In one reality, it was the broken body of Unicron from The Transformers: The Movie, shunted into another dimension by the energies of the Matrix of Leadership. Arriving on the edge of the Earth solar system of that reality, Unicron set out to repair himself but was hindered by the actions of Megatron utilizing a Star Harvester. As in the Energon series, Unicron revived many of the Transformers he had previously consumed in an effort to expedite his recovery, and the new race renamed their home Planet X. They then traveled to the world of the Victory series and attacked it, but the efforts of the Autobots using Zone energy split the planet into two: the beautiful world seen in Victory and one virtually identical to the Cybertron version, which was later destroyed by the inhabitants of an alternate Gigantion known as Gigalonia.[6] Other versions included a Cybertron Planet X that was once part of the Liege Maximo's Cybertronian Empire, and another in which Planet X was once the home of a smaller scale Unicron who used a cyber key to unite himself with his former homeworld and domain.


Pz-zazz is a highly technological planet. Pz-zazz was hopelessly corrupted by crime until an ancient bird icon was returned to its place and purified the planet.


Quintessa is the home planet of the infamous Quintessons as seen in The Transformers: The Movie. Unlike most other planets, Quintessa was shown having a more spiral-like shape than a simple sphere. The Quintessons eventually destroyed their own home planet in the Generation 1 continuity. In the Prime continuity, Quintessa is the capital of the so-called "Quintesson Co-Prosperity Sphere," and its location is a closely guarded secret.

Regalis V[edit]

Regalis V is a planet filled with thick jungles and filled with ambulatory plants. It was featured in the Beast Machines episode "Home Soil" as the planet where the Cybertronian crew that Botanica was a part of landed.

Regulon Four[edit]

Regulon Four is a planet in the Regulon star system. It is home to the Regulon Metalmongers. It was referenced in The Transformers episode "The Rebirth" Pt. 2 where Kup and his platoon were once stranded on this planet and beset by the Regulon Metalmongers.

Rigel 6[edit]

Rigel 6 is a planet that was featured in Marvel Comics. It is known for its grease pits which features Turboworm Wrestling.

Rigel III[edit]

Rigel III is a planet that is home to Rorza, a rocket-cycle racer. It was featured in Marvel Comics.

Rock Planet[edit]

In Transformers: Energon, Rock Planet was the name of a world created by Alpha Q using the power of his Energon sun. It has a lot of rocky environments.


Scarvix is a planet that was once home to Death's Head. It was featured in the UK Marvel Comics.

Talos Four[edit]

Talos Four is a planet that was governed by a single monarchy.

Taros Four[edit]

Taros Four is a planet with advanced weaponry that is capable of downing a Transformer. It was featured in Transformers: Timelines


Tasmos is a planet that is featured in Beast Wars Neo.


Thrull is the planet that Galavatron ended up on after being thrown out of Unicron as seen in The Transformers episode "The Five Faces of Darkness" Pt. 1. An inhospitable world consisting of plasma lava and rock, its environment led to the degradation of Galvatron's logic circuits, making him even more unstable and dangerous than he had been previously. Upon being revived and escaping the planet, Galvatron fired an energy blast that caused Thrull to explode.


Torkulon is a planet whose main source of commerce is psychotherapy. Galvatron was brought there for treatment in The Transformers episode "Webworld", following his increasingly erratic behavior following the event of The Transformers: The Movie. The entire planet was a living computer whose circuitry was woven by arachnid-like beings known as the Alya, and manipulated by a furry humanoid race of size comparable to the Transformers themselves. Despite multiple methods used, the Torkulon were unable to cure Galvatron, who madness infected the planet and caused it to go out of control. Galvatron himself then destroyed the Torkulon computer core, leaving the planet devastated, though with the possibility of rebuilding.

Twin Star[edit]

Twin Star is a group of two diametrically opposed planets Sperity and Tourin. It was featured in Transformers: Headmasters.

  • Sperity is rich in energy and covered in glistening cities that are inhabited by small robots.
  • Tourin is a barren and lifeless planet with rocky deserts on its surface.


Unicron is a fictional character from the Transformers universe and toyline. Created by Floro Dery, he was introduced in the 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie.[7] and reprised that role in Atari's 2003 Transformers video game. Unicron is a prodigiously large robot whose scale reaches planetary proportions, and he is also able to transform into a mechanical planet. Unicron's origin has expanded over the years from simply being a large robot to being a God of chaos who devours realities. He often employs the help of Decepticons in his work. In some stories, he is considered part of the origin of the Decepticon forces.

Varas Centralus[edit]

Varas Centralus is a planet situated in the Kol star system. It is featured in IDW Comics.


For the Transformers group, see Vehicon.

Vehicon is a planet where Reverse Convoy is the leader of the Autobots.


Velocitron (known as Speedia in Galaxy Force and Speed Planet in promotional materials) is a fictional planet featured in Transformers: Cybertron and is the location of one of four ancient Transformer colonies that lost contact with the home world of Cybertron long ago, along with Earth, Jungle Planet, and Gigantion. Each of these colonies possess a Cyber Planet Key, containing a fragment of the power of Primus. The name Velocitron is used infrequently. The planet is more commonly referred to as "the Speed Planet" or simply "Speed Planet." The planet's full, formal name appears to be "Velocitron, the Speed Planet."[8]

A variable desert planet, it was terraformed into a global race track with the pursuit of perfect speed and performance the primary motivating force in its society and culture. Disputes are settled in formal races with the winner claiming victory over the dispute as well. Automated repair machines maintain the race courses, which include tracks featuring various environments and obstacles as well as simpler straightforward courses. Characteristics of Velocitron's inhabitants include translucent wheels of unknown material, and double-barrelled long-range weaponry.

The planet's leader is Override as she is the fastest of all Velocitronian Transformers with no equal planetside. She holds semi-annual planetwide races to determine the next leader with the planet's Cyber Planet Key (which exists in the form of a trophy called the Planet Cup) awarded to the winner. The location of Velocitron was first re-discovered by Megatron using the map he had stolen from Vector Prime. Vector Prime himself later located the planet as well, by studying a copy of the Atlantis Pattern found at a museum in Mexico.

Hot Shot felt right at home on the planet and participated in the planet-wide race alongside a few of his Autobot comrades, despite reservations by Optimus Prime who advised them not to interact with any of the inhabitants. Despite quarreling with his companion Red Alert, Hot Shot managed to overcome the challenges of Speed Planet and won the great race. In addition to gaining Override's friendship, the Autobots also learned a valuable lesson about interacting with the inhabitants of the different planets.[9] The starship that carried the Cyber Planet Key to this world was named Ogygia.

In the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron the "Speedia 500" race is held to determine the leader of Velocitron, which Hot Shot wins. Dirt Boss comes in second, Ransack in third, Dark Crumplezone in fourth, Brakedown in fifth, and Clocker in sixth. Override didn't even compete, as she joins the new Space Bridge project led by Optimus Prime. The name of the race is a reference to the Japanese name of the planet, which is Speedia.

Velocitron is one of the planets mentioned in the first chapter of Transformers: Exodus in which many Cybertronians are populated. The sequel novel Transformers: Exiles features Optimus Prime and the other Autobots aboard the Ark coming to Velocitron where they meet Blurr and Override. Velocitronians are obsessed with speed, so that their lives are centered around going faster or helping others race. The Autobots soon discover a war brewing on Velocitron between Override and Ransack, the former sympathizing with the Autobots while the latter finds Decepticon philosophies more appealing. The two sides soon see conflict, and after the Ark's departure are visited not only by Megatron and the Decepticons but also by a group of pirates known as the Star Seekers under Thundertron. Velocitron in this continuity is also threatened by the instability of its sun, which is threatening to go supernova.

Transformers: Rescue Bots included a mention of Velocitron by that series' version of Blurr, who notes that it consists of "all roads, no speed limits."

Known inhabitants of Velocitron are:

  • Override - A female Transformer and the leader of Velocitron. In Cybertron Override refuses to turn over the Cyber Planet Key to anyone unless they can win the planet's biggest race. After the Autobots succeed, she joins their cause throughout the rest of the series. In Exiles, she and Ransack are the rival rulers of the planet and their disputes turn into armed conflict shortly after the arrival of the Autobots. Despite this, she fights bravely against Ransack's forces, an invading crew of pirates, and even the arrival of the Decepticons.
  • Brakedown - The oldest living inhabitant of Velocitron.
  • Clocker - A young inhabitant of Velocitron that is often seen with Brakedown in Cybertron. In Exiles, he quickly becomes attached to the Autobots and departs Velocitron with them along with Mainspring. He was later revealed to be one of the five components of Nexus Prime.
  • Crumplezone - An inhabitant of Velocitron who was recruited by Megatron.
  • Dirt Boss - An inhabitant of Velocitron who temporarily sided with the Decepticons.
  • Ransack - An inhabitant of Velocitron who was recruited by Megatron in Cybertron. In the novel Exiles, he is one of two leaders of Velocitron and quickly expresses Decepticon sympathies. When Megatron arrives he initially believes that the two of them will be equals, but Megatron quickly makes it clear that he is in command.
  • Skyfall -
  • Swerve -
  • Mainspring - A Velocitronian mechanic loyal to Override and part of Blurr's pit crew. He later left Velocitron with the Ark and was subsequently revealed to be one of Nexus Prime's components.
  • Hightail - One of Ransack's loyalists in Exiles, Hightail believes that he previously went by another name but forgot it after long ages.
  • Armco - A Velocitronian welder with no strong allegiance to either Ransack or Override. He was later contacted by the Autobot Prowl and asked to provide information in the event that Megatron's agent-not known at that time to be the Shifter Makeshitft-gave specifics on when Megatron would be arriving on the planet.
  • Backfire - Another of Ransack's flunkies, Backfire warmed to the Decepticon cause due to feeling oppressed by Velocitron's social order, where only the fastest competitors would receive sponsorship. He found work as a mechanic, but found it degrading since he received only a fraction of the glory he felt he deserved for making the victories of others possible. As such, he hoped that under Megatron's regime he would be treated as he deserved. His enthusiasm prompted Makeshift, Megatron's spy aboard the Ark, to make him Megatron's contact amongst Ransack's forces.
  • Blueshift - One of Override's engineers in Exiles.
  • Blurr - A racer native to Velocitron only in the Transformers: Prime continuity. One of Velocitron's fastest racers-not to mention talkers-he helps the Autobots by providing them with one of the fragments of the Blades of Time, previously built into the Speedia Trophy. When hostilities break out on Velocitron, he becomes a firm supporter of Override.
  • Syncol - A Velocitronian mechanic who had the misfortune of mistaking Starscream for Silverbolt when the former arrived on Velocitron. Fortunately, after being questioned by the Seeker and Megatron, he was allowed to go free.


Vs'Qs is actually a moon, not a planet. Vs'Qs is a barren, desolate place, devoid of any natural life. Vs'Qs was the place where the body of Optimus Prime happened to land on, having been blasted off into space randomly after his death. The Matrix of Leadership contained within the body was found during the Matrix Quest.


Wednesday is an ocean planet that is the home of Princess Rage, a Transformer who can turn into a jellyfish. It was featured in the Beast Wars Neo manga.


Xeptos is a planet in the Microverse.


Xetaxxis is a robotic planet that waged a centuries-long war with Lanark.


Yst is an Earth-like planet that existed 700 lightyears away from the Unicron Singularity.


Zamojin is a planet sealed by a quadrant lock by the Quintessons and was featured in The Transformers episode "The Face of Nijika." It is an advanced samurai culture with telepathic power generated by starlight.


Zarak is a planet that appeared in Transformers: Headmasters. It is located within a dark nebula and is where Scorponok used a slave labor force of Beastformers to construct his giant transtector MegaZarak.

Zel Samine[edit]

Zel Samine is a planet that was converted into an energy-producing planet by the Paradius United Government. It was featured in the video game Transformers: Call of the Future.


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