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Independent Catholic Clergy

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Catholic clergy outside the mainstream Romman Catholic Church self-identify in a number of ways. Many have coalesced around the identity of Independent Catholic, though this term is problematic insofar as it defines clergy against those from whom they might be "independent." Some identify as "Old Catholic," though not to be confused with clergy of the Union of Utrecht of Old Catholic Churches. Others use such adjectives as Apostolic Catholic, Ecumenical Catholic, Free Catholic, Old Roman Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, Progressive Catholic, Reformed Catholic, American Catholic, Mexican Catholic, Polish Catholic, et cetera. More recent branding efforts have resulted in such monikers as Extraordinary Catholics and Inclusive Catholics.

For the sake of simplicity, Independent Catholic clergy might be divided into the three groups: those who are actively engaged in ministry (listed below), those who are not (e.g., due to retirement, leave of absence, or the suspension of their ministry), and those who have preceded us to eternal life.

This directory contains only active Independent Catholic clergy. You can also access the following directories:

A wiki of Independent Catholic eucharistic communities is found online here, and, for historical comparison, Archbshop Alan Kemp has shared a FICOB directory of bishops (1997), and directories of other clergy and eucharistic communities (1998-2000).

For clergy: All information below comes from publicly-available sites. Clergy of the Independent Sacramental Movement (ISM) believe in the indelible character of the sacrament of Holy Orders (Ps. 110:4) and in the importance of the apostolic succession they received. If you were ordained and/or consecrated in the ISM, we ask that you consider editing this wiki so that your entry is to your liking, or that you move your name to the list of inactive clergy, rather than delete your name--which is, of course, your prerogative. In this way, we will create together a comprehensive listing of all past and present clergy who were ordained and/or consecrated in the ISM. For assistance with editing, please message IndieCath. ISM clergy are notorious for being...independent. We encourage you to get to know and build relationships with the ISM clergy near you!

For laity: We have Independent Catholic clergy in all 50 U.S. states and in several countries throughout the world! To search by location, type Control+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac). This listing is created for informational purposes and is not an endorsement of any individual or organization. Many people find their spiritual thirst quenched by the life-giving waters of the various branches of the Independent Sacramental Movement, which flow outside of mainstream, big-box churches. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the active clergy below to inquire into receiving the sacraments of the Church and/or to build community with likeminded seekers!

The following Independent Catholic jurisdictions have removed their clergy from this directory: National Catholic Apostolic Church in the U.S.

Active Independent Catholic Clergy[edit]