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Mint 400 Records discography

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Mint 400 Records discography
Live albums2

As of 2019, Mint 400 Records has made over two-hundred releases.[1] Many bands have reissued works with the label, including the albums Drunk Uncle, Regional Community Theater and Cut You Out. In addition to artist releases, the label also makes promotional compilation albums, including tributes to Lou Reed, Link Wray and full album covers of In Utero and Pet Sounds.[2] In 2016, Mint 400 Records grew its catalog with audiobooks under Mint 400 Books. Commenting on the compilations in The Aquarian Weekly, columnist Bob Makin notes that Mint 400 Records "harkens back to the days when labels got their rosters involved in fun, interesting projects to generate creative new visions of classic songs."[3]

R denotes that an album was reissued by Mint 400 Records.



Year Artist Album Format Catalog No.
2008 Fairmont Pretending Greatness is Awaiting AlbumR M4R100
Fairmont 3 Way Split EPR M4R101
Fairmont Anomie AlbumR M4R200
Fairmont Hell is Other People AlbumR M4R300
Fairmont The Subtle Art Of Making Enemies EPR M4R301
Fairmont Wait & Hope AlbumR M4R400
Fairmont Transcendence Album M4R001
2009 Theodore Grimm We Toast To The Apocalypse Album M4R002
Theodore Grimm The Invisible Children Sessions Album M4R003
Theodore Grimm "Coma Politik" Single M4R004
Any Day Parade Broken Lamps EP M4R005
Any Day Parade Where We Fall EP M4R006
Fairmont The Meadow at Dusk EP M4R007
Bombs Bombs EP M4R008
Jesse Ian Dunn The Very Best of Jesse Ian Dunn 1984-2009 EP M4R009


Year Artist Album Format Catalog No.
2010 The Mai 68's "Froth on the Daydream" Single M4R0010
The Mai 68's Histoire du Guerrilla Urbain Album M4R0011
The Mai 68's Paper and Sticks EP M4R0012
Any Day Parade Honest Route EP M4R0013
Depression State Troopers The Reason For The Fall Album M4R0014
The Ashes Photoplay Music Album M4R0015
Fairmont Destruction Creation Album M4R0016
The Multi-Purpose Solution In Bed EPR M4R0017
The Multi-Purpose Solution the mps AlbumR M4R0018
The Multi-Purpose Solution How Can A Man Be Tougher Than The World? AlbumR M4R0019
2011 Bombs These Trains Run On Time EP M4R0020
The One & Nines The One & Nines EP M4R0021
Various artists Our First Compilation Compilation M4R0022
The Old Glorys Brunswick Street Demos EP M4R0023
Ladybirds Regional Community Theater AlbumR M4R0024
Mergers & Acquisitions Grape Soda EP M4R0025
The Mosquitos At Sun Over Beach AlbumR M4R0026
The Mosquitos Do That Again! EPR M4R0027
The Mosquitos Surfing Adventure EPR M4R0028
The Mosquitos All Day Long AlbumR M4R0029
The Trashpickers Pick Of The Litter Album M4R0030
The One & Nines "Tell Me" Single M4R0031
Fairmont A Retrospective (2001-2011) Album M4R0032
R.Y.E R.Y.E Album M4R0033
Theodore Grimm Sharp Teeth, Crooked Jaws Album M4R0034
The Ashes Sing! Album M4R0035
2012 Les Trois Chaud Songs Of Home: Volume 1 EP M4R0036
Cropduster Cropduster AlbumR M4R0037
Cropduster Drunk Uncle AlbumR M4R0038
Various artists A Very Merry Christmas Compilation Compilation M4R0039
2013 The Duke of Norfolk Le Monde Tourne Toujours EP M4R0040
Fairmont The Grand and Grandiose Album M4R0041
Sink Tapes "Super Happy" Single M4R0042
I, The Mountain Land & Sea EP M4R0043
Sink Tapes How You Mean Album M4R0044
Various artists Mint 400 Records Presents the Beach Boys Pet Sounds Compilation M4R0045
Fairmont Live & Acoustic from the Forest of Chaos Live M4R0046
The Shelters Penny Gaff EP M4R0047
The Duke of Norfolk Birds... Fly South! Album M4R0048
The Maravines The Maravines Album M4R0049
2014 Fawn & Rabbit Fawn & Rabbit EP M4R0050
Sink Tapes Touchdown Buffalo Album M4R0051
Sink Tapes Mattress Cowboys Album M4R0052
Sink Tapes Please Touch Album M4R0053
Jack Skuller "Tell Me Your Heart" Single M4R0054
Dave Charles "Lay You Down" Single M4R0055
Jack Skuller "Can You See Me? / Hard To Want" Single M4R0056
Various artists Patchwork Compilation M4R0057
The Maravines "Missing Parts" Single M4R0058
Sink Tapes "You Sulk When You Sleep" Single M4R0059
Netorare Fan Club "Go To Sleep" Single M4R0060
Various artists Transformed: A Tribute to Lou Reed Compilation M4R0061
Fairmont "Love & War" Single M4R0062
Dave Charles "Lay You Down" Single M4R0063
Yes Sunshine "Because Of You" Single M4R0064
Sink Tapes Creases Album M4R0065
The Maravines Distelfink Album M4R0067
2015 Zach Uncles The Very Best Of... Album M4R0066
Jamie Campbell Tell Me You're Proud of Me Comedy M4R0068
Shane Vidaurri The Cat Man Is Sad Album M4R0069
Fairmont Album M4R0070
Various artists 1967 Compilation M4R0071
Netorare Fan Club Make Believe Album M4R0072
Sink Tapes "Plastic Lover" Single M4R0073
Underlined Passages Underlined Passages Album M4R0074
Young Legs "Resolution" Single M4R0075
Young Legs Promise Of Winter Album M4R0076
Murzik A Cat Named Murzik AlbumR M4R0078
Zach Uncles Surf Carousel Album M4R0078
Yes Sunshine "No No No" Single M4R0078
stephaniesǐd "Did You Say" Single M4R0079
stephaniesǐd Excavator Album M4R0080
Sink Tapes In The Rug Album M4R0081
Worried Well "Two Parties" Single M4R0082
Worried Well Great Appetite, Poor Taste Album M4R0083
Sink Tapes "You Shouldn't Have" Single M4R0084
Sink Tapes Window Unit Blues Album M4R0085
Fawn And Rabbit Twin Universities Album M4R0086
Various artists In a Mellow Tone Compilation M4R0087
Young Legs The Fog And The Forest EP M4R0088
Tri-State "New Minuets" Single M4R0089
stephaniesǐd "Love Is The New Black" Single M4R0090
stephaniesǐd starfruit AlbumR M4R0091
stephaniesǐd Grus Americanus AlbumR M4R0092
stephaniesǐd Warm People AlbumR M4R0093
stephaniesǐd "they won't know what to do with us" SingleR M4R0094
Onward Chariots Take Me To Somewhere EP M4R0095
Jamie Campbell Stocking Stuffers Comedy M4R0097
etti/etta Refrains EP M4R0098
Chris Churchill The Lonesome Trials Of Johnny Riles Audiobook M4R0099
Nathan Charles New Jersey Band Audiobook M4R0100
Sam Carradori Pocket Dive & Other Stories Audiobook M4R0101


Year Artist Album Format Catalog No.
2016 etti/etta "Autonomic" Single M4R0102
Youth Black Hearts / White Lights EP M4R0103
Young Legs The Petal And The Page Album M4R0104
Young Legs "Ring Of Salt" Single M4R0105
Underlined Passages The Fantastic Quest Album M4R0106
Underlined Passages "Everyone Was There" Single M4R0107
Underlined Passages "Calamine" Single M4R0108
Tri-State We Did What We Could EP M4R0109
Tom Preisler And The Black Sparrows "They're All Gonna Want You In The End" Single M4R0110
Pixl-Visionary "Before Tonight Disintegrates" Single M4R00110
Various artists A Very Merry Christmas Compilation M4R0111
The Maravines Sloan Album M4R0112
Pixl-Visionary Shatterskin Album M4R00112
The Maravines "Olive Gardens" Single M4R0113
The Limbos Eeny Meeny EP M4R0114
The Clydes Comeback Charlie EP M4R0115
The Bitter Chills "Why Not Us?" Single M4R0116
Sink Tapes ST EP 16 EP M4R0117
Sam Carradori Pocket Dive And Other Stories Audiobook M4R0118
Ancient Babies The Man From 1943 EP M4R0119
Chris Churchill Ballad Of The Small Talker Audiobook M4R0120
Defend the Rhino There's No Place Like Home Album M4R0121
Various artists Guitar Rebel: A Tribute to Link Wray Compilation M4R0122
The Bitter Chills Feel-Good Songs For Feel-Bad People Album M4R0123
2017 Son of the Velvet Rat "Blood Red Shoes" Single M4R0124
Various artists Mint 400 Records Presents Nirvana In Utero Compilation M4R0125
Son of the Velvet Rat Dorado AlbumR M4R0127
Don Kincaid & The Wait Whiskey & Women Album M4R0128
Fairmont "Bones" Single M4R0129
Guilty Giraffe A Time To Slime EP M4R0130
Fairmont A Spring Widow Album M4R0131
Mister Tom Party In Survival Shelter 37B Album M4R0132
Defend the Rhino Static Breeze Album M4R0133
Rosey Bengal "Junk Mail" Single M4R0134
The Limbos "June-Ish" Single M4R0135
The Limbos Ten Notifications Album M4R0136
Guilty Giraffe Server Error Album M4R0137
Chris Churchill Doomed Pilot, Volume 1 Audiobook M4R0138
Los Shut Up "Best Friends Club" Album M4R0139
Kult Of Mary Mighty Fine EP M4R0140
aBIRD "Polluto" Single M4R0141
Shane Vidaurri The Cat Man Returns Album M4R0142
R.Y.E Neighbors EP M4R0143
Underlined Passages Tandi My Dicafi Album M4R0144
Small Batch True Love Album M4R0145
Trim Tabs Soothe Album M4R0146
The Skullers "Meet Me In Memphis" Single M4R0147
The Skullers "Pressure Face" Single M4R0148
The Skullers Meet the Skullers EP M4R0149
Underlined Passages "Silverlake" Single M4R0150
Guilty Giraffe "Washed Out" Single M4R0151
The Clydes "Holly Speaks" Single M4R0152
The Brixton Riot Close Counts Album M4R0153
aBIRD "The Sun and the Moon" Single M4R0154
The Clydes So the Story Goes Album M4R0155
Paul Barile, Defend the Rhino Chasing Happy Audiobook M4R0156
Tiegan Friendly EP M4R0157
Tony Saxon "Black Hearted Gypsy Woman" Single M4R0158
Tom Preisler The Very Best of Album M4R0159
Yawn Mower Yawn Mower Ruins Christmas EPR M4R0160
2018 The Lampshades "Civilizations and Its Discontents" Single M4R0161
Tiegan Christmastime EPR M4R0162
The Clydes "Broken Boy" Single M4R0163
Tony Saxon Old Souls and Long Term Goals Album M4R0164
The Components Continuum Album M4R0165
Yawn Mower Waffle House EP M4R0166
Ancient Babies Put Me Back in the Sunshine EP M400167
Shithead's Rainbow Ludlows Album M4R0168
Sink Tapes Secret Club Album M4R0169
aBIRD "A Cool Island Song" Single M4R0170
The Limbos Results! Album M4R0171
The French Goodbye Vroom Album M4R0172
The Lampshades Astrology Album M4R0173
Tiegan Reclaimed EPR M4R0174
Tiegan Gold AlbumR M4R0175
Tiegan Nothing AlbumR M4R0176
Tiegan All in me is Sound AlbumR M4R0177
Guilty Giraffe "Hungry Cats" Single M4R0178
Yawn Mower "Local Summer" Single M4R0179
Yawn Mower "Kickstand" Single M4R0180
Various artists At the Movies Compilation M4R0181
Son of the Velvet Rat The Late Show Live M4R0182
Guilty Giraffe "Off Ripped" Single M4R0183
Defend the Rhino Fabricated Album M4R0184
Feli and the Lemonshakers "Highlife" EP M4R0185
etti/etta Old Friends Album M4R0186
Sink Tapes Playground of Verses Album M4R0187
Feli and the Lemonshakers "Get Through This" Single M4R0188
The Vice Rags Hope the Neighbors are Lookin' EP M4R0189
Thoughts The Tide EP M4R0190
This Bliss "Believe" Single M4R0191
The Minus Scale Hotter Album M4R0192
Yawn Mower Could Eat, Would Sleep EP M4R0193
Ultra Major Ultra Major Album M4R0194
This Bliss Forensic Style Album M4R0195
Ultra Major "Face Like An Animal" Single M4R0196
Thoughts Sunshine Single M4R0197
Ruby Bones Laser EP M4R0198
Ruby Bones "Not Enough" Single M4R0198A
Fairmont We Will Burn That Bridge When We Get To It Album M4R0199
Cyclone Static From Scratch Album M4R00200
Cyclone Static "Walk This Line" Single M4R00200A
aBIRD Hard Times in Two Dimensions Album M4R00201
Kerchief "Rinse" Single M4R00202
Shane-Michael Vidaurri The Cat Man Is On His Own Again Album M4R00203
Guilty Giraffe "Filter" Single M4R00204
Various artists NJ / NY Mixtape Compilation M4R00205
Guilty Giraffe Filtered Album M4R00206
Cyclone Static "From Scratch" Single M4R00207
Tony Saxon Manic Depressive Idiot Savant Album M4R00208
Tom Preisler "Love Like a Thousand Guns" Single M4R00209
Thoughts "What If?" Single M4R00210
2019 Sink Tapes Enough To Flood The Cow Album M4R00211
Thoughts Beyond Belief EP M4R00212
Sink Tapes "Cut Flowers" Single M4R00213
Sink Tapes Playground Demos Album M4R00214
Kerchief Fluke Album M4R00215
The Clydes "Your Mother Should Know" Single M4R00216
Hero Pattern Cut You Out AlbumR M4R00217
Hero Pattern The Deception EPR M4R00218
The Furies Omens EPR M4R00219
Yawn Mower Why Work Harder Than You Have To Compilation M4R00220
Home is West The Moment Album M4R00221
Ancient Babies Under the Covers Compilation M4R00222
Rosey Bengal Silk City Lockdown Single M4R00223
Fairmont Demos & Lost EPs Compilation M4R00224
Tri-State Hey Pal Album M4R00225
R.Y.E "The Good and the Bad" Single M4R00226
The Limbos Freshly Squeezed Radio Album M4R00227
Thoughts "Tethered" Single M4R00228
Thoughts The Last Summer Album M4R00229


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